I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve translated myself the article from Spanish into English.




   We have to live some very unique times not previously known in our history. The apocalyptic risk time of the human species, in which we were already living, has been increased by the effects of the Sars-Cov-2 virus. Something as tiny as a virus has put our apparent social achievements and also ourselves in something more profound than a crisis.

   The breakage of some links in the production chain, which supports us, has left the Economy unpinned. In the short period of a few months, from 03-09-2.020, it is claimed that 70% of the Spanish population has affected their psyquism.

Some questions that emerge

   In the face of this situation there are many questions, such as the followings: Why and how has all this happened now? How long is it going to last? How can we emerge from these times we are experiencing? Will economic collapse be overcome? Will we find a vaccine really effective, with no side effects? Will we all finally be infected by SARs-Cov-2? etc.

   The first previous question I answered in the first article (1 C 19) of the Cosmosociety Blog of my website www.cosmosocidad.es : "What is the existential basis of Covid 19 (C 19) and how to assimilate its message of mutation of the human species?". The second has been in article (2 C 19) "Expected future of Covid 19". Now it will be answered in this other (3 C 19) to the question: How do we survive this. apocalyptic time, to which the influences of C 19 has been added?

The relationship cell-virus

   We said in the original basis of previous articles that viruses are scientifically considered beneficial to terrestrial life, as they drive their evolution. If it weren't for its action, life would stagnate and disappear. If so, why the cell translates its message into a genocidal transmission, which ultimately destroys being alive and extensively to humanity. Something has therefore to be failing in ourselves so that our cells cannot properly pick up the evolutionary message of C19.

   There is also a question of whether the virus self-generates on the basis of cellular principles to properly convey its message to the healthy cell or is an antagonistic response of the decaying cell to reject it, so it dies genocidally. An answer is needed, with scientific rigor, which would greatly help research.

Original basis of this article

   I point out that what I am communicating is not an improvisation of the moment, because in 1,986 I knew, thanks to my research in the economic field, that these times would come in the first half of the S.XXI. Later, at the beginning of this century, I knew that it would take place at the beginning of the year 2,020.

   Being so, for more than 30 years I have intended to develop a new thought, which would allow Humanity to emerge after its collapse since the year 2,020. I have been transmitting this through books, lectures, my website of the year 2.006 and with its teaching at the University. Its original foundation is the "Alphabet of Thought" (AT), which we will see.

Reader collaboration is important.

   As I now find myself in retirement from the University, I have more free time to devote myself to the global dissemination of that thought. It was taught at the University during my last years of teaching, as a subject of Free Choice of University with 4.5 credits (45 h.), which deserved a warm letter of congratulations from the Rector, motivated by the very favorable surveys of the students.

   My classmates and students told me I had to bring knowledge of the AT as close as possible. Between my first writings and this one there is already a big difference, which has cost me a great deal of effort. I must say, however, that I find its wording very rewarding. It flows alone and I'm writing it for its best dissemination.

   Now it's your turn to collaborate: If you get tired, rest, take a deep breath and continue! I am sure that the discovery of the AT, so sought after and that inspires this article, will be a historic milestone with your help.

   If you are increasingly opening up to the chaotic intelligence of the book, also maintained in the article, the reading will then be simple and stimulating. In fact, the elaboration of our thinking has a chaotic origin, as seen in Table 1. Also before a decision is made, six seconds before the brain has done it.

Table 1. Chaotic origin of human thought.

   It is not necessary to read according to the rational procedure of accumulation of information. It must flow and if something concrete is not understood must continue the reading, because the essential thing is the globality of the article. Its full original foundation, however, is in the 510-page book APyCS which appears with free download on the previous website.

   As that new thought is universal, I have applied it to various areas of knowledge in many previous blog articles. Now it is done to C 19 and the current apocalyptic time in this one, which we call 3 C 19 and that we will develop it with the following Index:



1.1. Present state of today's society

1.2. The heavenly message of viruses

1.3. Starting points to survive


2.1. Existence of the Alphabet of Thought

2.2. Intuition of the Alphabet of Thought

2.3. Some simple examples confirming the existence of the AP

2.4. We have to refer to the archetypal entity Devil, to overcome the apocalyptic nature of these times

   2. 4.1. Terrestrial good and terrestrial evil

   2. 4. 2. The Devil appears from the deviated incarnation of the Alphabet of Thought

   2. 4. 3. The Devil in Mythology and Religion

2. 5. Number 666 of the Beast and the Sky of C 19


3. 2. Consciousness and regard

3. 3. The seed of the new man who dwells in the "Homo sapiens"


4.1. The need of purification

4.2. Personal purification

4.3. The way of liberation

4.4. True freedom: "I am who I am"


5.1. General Ideals

   5.1.1. Personal Dimension

   5.1.2. Social Dimension

   5.1.3. Cosmic Dimension

   5.1.4. Absolute Dimension

5.2. General Ideas

   5.2.1. The quest for original freedom

   5.2.2. The ideas that lead from the Consumer Society to Cosmosociety

   5.2.3. The social and political organization of Cosmosociety (CS)



1.1 Present state of today's society

   Whenever we try to project a desired situation in the future, as is our case, it is necessary to know well the present state; you have to know where it's from. We, therefore, set out below the general state in which our society of the "Homo sapiens" is found.

Human survival in the face of great catastrophes

   Human life has survived throughout its history in the face of these great catastrophes: glaciations, floods, epidemics, wars, etc. It is currently in a different situation than those experienced so far: climate change, viruses, great wars, mass exterminations, atomic arsenals, bacteriological warfare, pollution, etc.

   There is, however, a big difference between past and present; catastrophes are now man-made and are of a magnitude of extermination. At present we are experiencing the catastrophe caused by Covid 19 in both health and economics. Shall we succumb? Or will we get ahead like we did it in the past? If we go out, how are we going to do it this time?

Global socio-economic and war situation added to that caused by C 19

   Economically, we are immersed in a process of Socio-Economic Collapse of the Society of High Mass Consumption, considered by W.W. Rostow (41) as the 5th Historical Economic Stage of Humanity.

   This collapse is predicted in 1,986 in my book of Macroeconomics (28), so it may be thought that the crisis of 2,008 has not been casual, but surely provoked to avoid a greater evil. We are also seeing that we do not know how to deal with the situation currently created with the added influence of C 19 and that the overall consequences are unknown.

(28) 358: "... There is, however, the following general coincidence: if the current guidelines are maintained, the existing global economic structure would collapse in the mid-S.XXI...".

   On the other hand, the situation of global war confrontation is a threat to the survival of the human species. Too many fronts are open for hope for a global disaster. Already, almost without any scruples, world leaders refer to nuclear and biological wars; although the worst part is that the populations of antagonistic countries assume it as natural and inevitable.

Consequences on human life

   All of the above provokes in man hopelessness, fear and helplessness, for those it finds no refuge. Politicians are overwhelmed and powerless, religions only give apparent shelter to their believers, social organizations serve only their followers, and religious sects deceive their followers.

   Everything is confused in the current situation: the drug trafficker is pursued when the problem is in the demand for drugs, the weaponry of mass destruction is increased more and more because the alleged enemy does it, the policy that is mired in corruption is not trusted, the relationship in the couple is subverted and torn, the causes of the depressions are not corrected, self-centered isolation is used by denying the social dimension of existence and by supporting it on the Internet, etc.

Decadent state and evolutionary stagnation of the "Homo sapiens"

   Table 2 expresses the evolutionary decline of "Homo sapiens". It is normal then that the same thing happen with its cells, which are its most elementary life of its own. As a result, they cannot collect the evolutionary message emanating from Cosmos, which transmits the virus.

Table 2. Expression of the deterioration of the "Homo sapiens".

   We must straighten the human finger of Michelangelo's fresco from the Sistine Chapel, as can be seen in Table 2, so that it receives the liberating message of the power of the Universe, which is firmly expressed in the creative index finger. All of this is independent of whether or not the reader believes in God; that's why we say Creator Finger and not divine finger.

We are living apocaliptic times

   There is a lot of apocalyptic filmography in which the film is screened in future times of consummation of today's culture. Sometimes with mass extermination, from which some "hero" saves the world, and sometimes when the final time actually arrives.

   This tells us that an eclosion of extermination is raging in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. The added problem is that it is already assumed as going to happen, which feeds it back. Many people think that "this already has no solution" and that "everything is getting worse and worse." This is thus collectively projected into the future as apocalyptic time.

1.2. The heavenly message of viruses

   In the past there were prophets who foresasured future evils to their contemporaries, if they did not abandon their degenerative practices, being punished in various ways by the power of Heaven. Apocalyptic writers add more and talk about almost inexorable final exterminations. Who is now carrying out especially those messages? One answer is significant viruses like the C 19, but less those that are designed.

The relationship between Earth and Sky

   We are made of stellar dust from extinct stars, which is being animated by the very halite of Cosmos to generate life. In us is, therefore, the material of Sky with its Cosmic Energy, Intelligence and Love.

   Gravitational interaction between the planets of the solar system is known as planetary precession. A well-known example is that of the tides caused on Earth by the Sun and Moon. Another with scientific nature was the discovery of Neptune because of deviations were observed in the orbit of Uranus, supposedly caused by another planet. This allowed it to be discovered in the firmament with the single difference of 1 degree from its calculation. Since we are on Earth, we experience what happens to this!

The celestial origin of the virus message

   It is Sky which has generated us and the one that continues guiding us. Our body is a system, composed of atomic systems from Cosmos and within a Solar System. According to the General Theory of Systems, all systems have analogies between them.

   It can then be inferred that the human system is a consequence of the solar and the atomic ones. The relationship and communication between them is exercised by viruses that collect the celestial message and deliver it to the cell so that life is oriented for cosmic purpose. If this is not done, it is because human life is deviated from the original creative forces, so its permanent action on it deflects it further. Here's the existential problem that we intend to solve in this article!

1. 3. Starting points to survive

   We must emerge from the current situation by abandoning what is knew as past "normality"

   We must emerge from that widespread destructive situation. It was already done in the other four previous Historical Stages. To achieve this, it is essential to generate a new perspective of thought that guides us in the transit and establishment of the next 6th Historical Economic Stage of Humanity, which I call Cosmosociety.

   Cosmosociety is not a renewed society of the present, but is to live the experience to which we aspire from the bottom of ourselves, as an expression of the deep feelings of our human species. It's what we're really aiming for, that's what we're looking for.

   We reject it too, because we believe it cannot be achieved. This is the historic moment fr it; the Revolution in Consciousness is needed to emerge and achieve it and thus fulfill our aspirations for a new life.

   There can, therefore, be no return to "normality"; this is a self-deception that politicians constantly send to the population to try to hide their ignorance from a future horizon and also to soothe growing social distrust. It is an absurd message because it is that "normality" that has thrown us into the current situation (2,020).

The Revolution in Consciousness is needed to emerge

   Our current demands will have to be renewed, forcing the necessary Revolution in Consciousness (RC). We can't keep feeling and thinking like we've been thinking so far. It is the current kind of thinking that is leading us to decline. If everything continues to be the same or if we introduce changes with the same system of thought present, that decadent deviation increases exponentially, as is actually happening. What is worked is usually based on how we feel, think and love.

   We cannot, therefore, resort to the historical experiences of thought systems, which time has been eroding or making them disappear. Then we have to open ourselves to the purest and more original as possible. To emerge from the current situation, after its collapse, it is already necessary to sow the original thought, which makes it possible. It is, therefore, necessary that there be Purification of the Mind (PM) in order to attain Cosmosociety (CS).

   We will then base our purpose on the most original conceivable source of knowledge, which is the Alphabet of Thought (AP). This has been discovered and offered in the book APyCS. So we will follow its path, as shown in Table 3, to achieve our goal: How can we emerge from the times manifested by Covid 19? Thus we can collect as a human species the cosmic message of viruses. Let us also remember, said by the Spanish poet A. Machado: "Walker, there is no way, you make your way when you walk".

Table 3. The way forward to emerge from the current situation manifested with the C19.


   The reading of the book "Alfabeto del Pensamiento y Cosmosociedad" invites us to live the AT. It has also been discussed in many blog articles and especially in 1 C 19. We need to remember that in order to achieve the proposed objective, we will make a brief explanatory summary of it, which will suffice.

2.1. Existence of the Alphabet of Thought

Its universal manifestation

   There is something universal that is “there” and that originates common manifestations in different cultures in different places and throughout history. It is necessary to discover it, because if we do, we will have found what we are seeking for to harmonize life on Earth.

   There is, therefore, an Alphabet of Thought, which manifests itself as the source of everything we think, which is expressed in Table 4. It is necessary to know the AT, because it will serve to understand how can we emerge from the presumably apocalyptic times today.

Table 4. The Alphabet of Thought exists.

Scientific confirmation of the Alphabet of Thought

   According to the Physical Theory of Super Strings there is an original source formed by tiny strings, which when vibrate they create everything that exists. To that same worldview I arrived independently, as shown in Table 5, when I tried to represent the space of 4 Absolute Dimensions, which are projected relatively as Universe Space-Time, in which we believe that we live. This worldview is represented in the figure of 4 peaks.

   That coincidence reaffirms to me that there is something original, which is the source of all that is manifested. The figure of 4 peaks is then adopted to represent the 4th Dimension or Absolute Dimension, which I will later call Persephone.

Table 5. Circular image of the Alphabet of Thought.

2.2 Intuition of the Alphabet of Thought

We try to understand the AT

   It is now the matter of understanding the Original Circle to see what the AT is. All the circles generated in the Universe have as a common principle the number π. This number, by the generating and transformative principle of image and likeness, must have been transmitted to all the circles of the universe by the number π in the Original Circle. Let's then investigate the created circles, to understand the AT, as it is seen in Table 6.

Table 6. The Original Círcle of the AT and the number π.

   We afterwards move the 22 parts, in which the 3 diameters have been divided, to the circumference of the Original Circle. This is then composed of 21 arcs of rational 1/7 length and an irrational arc, slightly smaller, corresponding to the irrational part of π, which is 0.141592....

   When I drew the circumference with its 22 arcs I intuited that they were vibrating and transmitting 22 essential vibrations (ev), which originate all the waves and all the particles of the Universe. The next step was to notice that those ev then embodied in 22 alphabetic thoughts (at), which generate human thought, being expressed by 22 sonorous words, as it is seen in Tables 7 and 8.

Table 7. The generation of the human thought from the AT.

The encounter with the ev and the at

   The next step is to find those 22 alphabetical thoughts, for which we repair in the natures of music and thought. When it is written the "do" note, these two letters are not the “do” note. The true note “do” is the vibration in the mind of the note emitted by an instrument. Moreover, the original note “do” is the ideal to which it refers approximately "do" in any instrument.

   This is the case with the 22 sound words that appear in the arcs of the circle in Table 8. By pronouncing them for each human, they cause 22 mental vibrations, which will be different in each one, but which refer to the 22 universal at.

   We have also corresponded to the 22 arcs with the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness. That they are precisely those 22 sound words is explained in the book, but they correspond to the nature of our solar system, which has also been generated by the 22 ve, as well as all its circular forms by the number π.

Table 8. The mental vibrations of the 22 words are the 22 at.

   The 22 at produce all the synonymous and derived thoughts in the different cultures. Words also are different in each language, but express the same thoughts. For example, the at “Enlace.3” in Spanish is equivalent to the at “Link.3” in English.

   When the words are pronounced, the sound vibrations are different, but both Hispanic and British will experience the same vibration in their mind. This is the case with all words in all languages, such as home, Haus, maison, dom, etc. In this English version of the article, the at in English will next appear:


Ideal.1 and Idea.2

Link.3 and Verification.4

Union.5 and Stabilization.6



Advance.8 and Limit.9

Involution.10 and Evolution.11

Retroaction.12 and Disintegración.13



Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16

Communion.17 and Detachment.18

Individuation.19 and Resurrection.20




2.3 Some simple examples confirming the existence of the AP

   Throughout the 510-page book the AT is being lived; what we are doing now is to show a few simple explanations to achieve the goal of our study, which is the approach to the knowledge of the C19 with the help of the AT. Tables 9 and 10 show how our thinking comes from the AT, adding an example of the at “Purification.14”.

   Approach to the AT by using different examples

Tables 9 and 10 show how our way of thinking comes from the AT. An example of the Purification.14 is also added through the koan.


Table 9. The AT demonstration in human thought.

Table 10. It continues the preceding table and Purification.14 in the Koan.

Table 11 describes the sequential steps of human partner generation; even if some of them are not verified, they're there as we see:


Table 11. Generation of the human couple.

Table 12 shows the different cultural stages, with characteristics that come from the at of the Personal, Social and Cosmic Dimensions:


Table 12.Cultural stages.

2.4. We have to refer to the archetypal entity Devil to overcome the apocalyptic nature of these times

   To know the apocalyptic nature of today's times it is more necessary than ever to assume the existence of the archetypal entity Devil, which dwells, like other archetypes, in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity and that governs terrestrial good and evil. It is not, therefore, someone with tails and horns, as is often represented in symbology. I add that all the steps we are taking to reach our goal are necessary.

   2. 4.1. The terrestrial good and evil

Good-satisfaction and Evil-insatisfaction

   The “I” that represent us calls good what allows it to eliminate its needs, because it reaches so satisfaction, even if it is ephemeral. “I” calls evil, on the contrary, to everything that prevents it to satisfy its needs, experiencing dissatisfaction for that; which also remains unpleasantly. Therefore there is this basic terrestrial duality: good-satisfaction, which is completed with evil-dissatisfaction.

Good and evil are linked and also stably attached

   Good and evil are linked because they are dual elements, as it is shown in the following examples: 1) The group of subjects A from a country call their good, to satisfy their need of consuming the product v, but this is the evil of the group of subjects B, that cannot consume it because it is scarce; 2) The good of eagle is to hunt the rabbit, but for this it is evil or vice versa.

   Good and evil are also stably attached: the more advanced the good the more evil does it as well and this can produce good or vice versa. The first case is the example of the police and the organized crime, because the more scientific is the first the more is the second. The other case is the example of a serious illness; as it initially appears as evil, but once the health is recovered, the new vital perspective appears then as good.

   2. 4. 2. The Devil appears from the deviated incarnation of the Alphabet of Thought

The Devil appears by the alphabetical thoughts (at) 8 and 9 of the AP

   With “Advance.82 and “Limit.9” the Social Dimension (SD) is initiated on the AP. What was personal in the Personal Dimension (PD) expands socially in the relationships with others; consciousness is now sociopersonal.

   Borders (7) are generated as limits (9) of relations between members of the same society, as well as between different ones. These at are essential to understand the existential basis of viruses, as we have seen in 1 C 19.

   Personal and social good and evil also appear, because the personal chaos of the PD has to submit to the social order and the Government (8-9) that keeps it in the SD. This results in acceptances and rejections in hominids that are part of the same society, experiencing terrestrial good and evil. It is therefore with the at (8-9) where the archetypal entity Devil appears, which is the one that governs in terrestrial good and evil, as well as in all social organizations.

   The Demon, on the other hand, is a human creation in the Collective Mind, when society enthrones the Devil exclusively on terrestrial issues without celestial motivation. Our culture is demonized because it lives according to the terrestrial demands of hominids; there is "no beyond...", so precisely with ellipsis, without saying "of what" and "to what".

The demonization of culture

   Demonization is the key to the deviation from human evolution, which then rejects the message of regeneration of the sky contained in the mutation that viruses drive, thus provoking, as we saw in 1C 19, cell deterioration.

   The images in Table 13 are precisely from Cronus (Devil). Time is one of the great bonds of hominids at groundfall or to the goals they plan themselves; we end up living with slavery time, which we know is unreal.

   It is depicted in the advance (8) of the sand until it reaches its limit (9) at the base of the watch. It also happens with the grape, which over time is transformed into wine. The bridge is built by successive advances (8) to its limit (9).

Time is a great bond in which we roll up more and more. It exists only in our Space-Time Universe, but it lacks reality in the Absolute Dimension, where there is only Silence.

Table 13. Chronus (Devil) generated from pa 8 and 9.

    2. 4. 3. The Devil in Mythology and Religion

The permanent Sky-Earth dialogue in man

   The god Saturn, who represents the Devil in Mythology, united with his mother Earth, or goddess Gea, cut off the testicles his cosmic father the god Uranus. Those two gods Saturn and Gea, therefore, maintain power over the terrestrial matters, but orienting what is purely heavenly towards Cosmos, which is the kingdom of Uranus. The generator power of this one is then separated from Gea.

   There is therefore a permanent dialogue in us: the one that diverts us to the terrestrial matters and the one that guides us towards the celestial ones, governed by the Devil as an archetypal entity in the Collective Unconscious.

   With the help of Discernment, man can direct its life towards the cosmic message that nests in it. There is, therefore, a permanent dialogue in us: the one that diverts us to the terrestrial and the one that guides us towards the celestial, governed by the Devil as an archetypal entity in the Collective Unconscious. With the help of Discernment, man can direct his life towards the cosmic message that nests in it.

   Also the planet Saturn is the limit (9) of our own gaze as it advances (8) in the solar system, which it maintains from the beautiful platform of the rings, which limit it (9). The bodily sense of sight cannot advance (8) beyond that. In order to reach the sky of Uranus with its cosmic message, it is therefore to advance after the limit of Saturn. Its social demonstrations are shown in Table 14.

Table 14. Saturn or Devil that governs Earth Good and Evil.

   Saturn will therefore be considered the Devil who rules in The Earth's Good and Evil, to which the Persian philosopher Zarathustra will call them Ormuz and Ahriman. This conception had a great influence on Judaism, which transmitted it to later Christianity and Islam. In these religions the Devil together with Yahweh-god originate human creation.

The White Magician and the Black Magician. Lucifer and Satan

   We will call those two Persian principles White Magician and Black Magician respectively. The 2 Magicians are not characters with robes and cones on their heads, but archetypal principles by which the Devil manifests himself. The White Magician will encourage us to realize the Earthly Good and the Black Magician to Earth Evil by deceiting us for it with false promises of happiness and realization in life. The White Magician will tell us, for example, be honest; while the Black Magician will say that it doesn't matter to be dishonest if that's how we succeed. In both cases it is the same: Initially as a deception Earth with orientation towards Heaven.

   They pretend that man sees that deception with the help of Discernment and is oriented then towards the Cosmic Good. Very different is the function of the Demon, when he binds for ever us without cosmic orientation exclusively to the terrestrial matters through the corresponding figure of Lucifer, or exclusively terrestrial good, and Satan or exclusively terrestrial evil.

   We have already said that the Humanity of the "Homo sapiens" is demonized, for it lives only according to the Earth in the absence of Heaven. Even those who believe in it they live bound to Heaven making it earth with the rites, religious precepts, and images they worship.

The Devil in the Koran

   In the Koan, Ashura xv, between ayahs 30 to 42 says the following Iblis (Devil) to Allah before the creation of man:

... For you lost me, I will beautify their evil deeds on Earth and misplace them all, except for those among them who are your devoted servants....

   There are so many then who believe that they are doing good, when what they really do is to serve the Devil. We always take this into account, as a starting situation, so that we can understand Humanity and then achieve its evolution. We must "overcome" the Devil, which is expressed in Table 15.

Table 15. The Devil is overcome with Love, Beauty and Hope.

The incarnation of the celestial wave on Earth

   Table 16 expresses the incarnation on Earth of the celestial vibration called Devil, which comes from the at 8 and 9. The Earth wave, symbolically represented by the snake screwed into the tree, which moves like a wave on Earth's ground, awaits him to "embrace" him.

   That image, therefore, shows us that the Earth is delivered to the Devil, from the beginning of all, due to Saturn's permanent influence. It is then necessary for the "Homo sapiens" to have a feeling of species to "go beyond" the exclusively terrestrial and that its evolution be cosmic. Only thus will the human species remain on Earth and will understand the message of viruses.

Table 16. The incarnation on Earth of the angel known as Devil, who proceeds from essential vibrations 8 and 9.

2. 5. Number 666 of the Beast and the Sky of C 19

Calculate the number of the beast 666

   The Apocalypses of John (36) is an eschatological book, which describes the end times, precisely in 22 sections as essentials vibrations has the AT, and with them the appearance of the “Beast”. Such books should not be understood literally, for its language is metaphorical and mythological; they are applicable in their general principles at any time. At 13-18 it reads as follows:

   "... Here's the wisdom. Whoever has intelligence calculates the number of the beast, because it's man's number. Its number is 666...."

   As man is an incarnation of the 22 alphabetic thoughts in the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness, we express the following:

Number 6 of the units of 666 is the 6th of the Personal Dimension "Stabilization.6", which represents everything already sedimented, which is kept in.

Number 6 of the tens of 666 is the 6th of the Social Dimension "Disintegration.13", which is all that must be detached to be resurrected in the Cosmic Dimension.

Number 6 of the hundreds is, therefore, in the Cosmic Dimension "Resurrection.20". Then we ask ourselves, what is resurrected?

⃰ The original individuality (19) is resurrected (20) from its death (13= 20-7) in the mind of the "Homo sapiens", due to the influence of the demonic entities (9-20-11), which have been created by himself through its evolutionary diversion (12).

⃰ The opposite in 11 to 20 is 9, that is, the Devil is also resurrected (9).

   For there to be a new humanity, we must throw out the beast inside us first. We are in an apocalyptic time when everything decadent of this humanity is coming afloat. What happens is that the “I” is frightened by these things, although it provokes them with its deviant evolution. We have to expel the beast that lives in us to receive purely the cosmic message and thus assimilate the viruses!

The symbolism of the collapse of the Twin Towers

   In Table 17 (04-1.996) in New-york it can be seen from St. Patrick's Cathedral the building of 666; it seemed to us that this fact was like tempting the Devil. We kept walking and a pub appeared, on whose facade Dr. Jekill was as a beast. We were then shaken by that coincidence between the number of beast 666 above and the beast symbolized in the pub.

   The Twin Towers are also shown in Table 17. Like the masculine and feminine columns of the symbology of Mercury, god who governed commerce and communications. They pretended to be those a link in the infinite between Earth and Heaven.

Table 17. Apocalyptic relationship.

   I understand that the above relates to the fire attack on the Twin Towers and their uncontrolled collapse of their own in 0:45h, to which is added the human sacrifice of the victims. To interpret it I have consulted John's Apocalypsis, taking into account as we said the nature of this kind of book: there is no temporal sequence, the facts can manifest themselves isolated or in groups linked and the real is intermingled with the virtual:

"... I saw another angel coming down from sky with great power, to whose clarity the Earth was illuminated. He cried with a mighty voice, saying: it fell, the Great Babylon fell.... They will weep, and for it shall the kings of the Earth who fornicated and surrendered to luxury with it will be hurt when they see the smoke of their fire. Saying:... because in an hour its judgment has come... All the merchants of the Earth will weep and mourn...".

   There's a coincidence even with previous 0-45h. It is very clear then that we are in a phase of cultural consummation (21). It's not just one more crisis we're experiencing right now, we're in an apocalyptic period.

(You can translate this poetry into your own language).


Di Doncella del Valle, ¿quién es Cristo?

Nadie conoce a Creador,

solo Amor en Cristo.

Siendo así Doncella del Valle:

Yo no amo a Cristo,

soy amor en Cristo.

Dime Diablo, ¿qué es Cristo?

El Cristo no es Judas y Jesús.

El Cristo no es Anás y Nicodemo.

El Cristo no es espinas y bálsamos,

el Cristo es el Anticristo.

Y tú Diablo, ¿qué eres?

Yo soy la Cruz que se rechaza,

cuando se busca a el Cristo.

Siendo así Diablo:

En el eje horizontal está el Cristo,

en el eje vertical está el Anticristo.



Centro es Mirada en Cristo.

Appearance of the Devil in the sky of C 19

   We said in 1 C 19, that C19 is formed as a definitive virus on 10-01-2.020, due to the cyclical nature of planetary movements, as seen in Table 18. A large conjunction is observed in Capricorn composed of: Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Mercury and North Nodule.

   We explain in 1 C 19 that the regency means, for example, that being Saturn the regent of Capricorn and Aquarius, as shown in Table 18, any planet that in its movement is placed in such signs has its manifestations conditioned by Saturn.

   This tells us that they are ruled by Saturn: Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, and North Nodule. Its dominance takes place very strongly because Saturn is also in Capricorn, where it manifests its power singularly. Due to other planetary relationships, which we explained in 1 C19, it also turns out that it also governs the influences of the rest of the planets.

Table 18. Saturn rules all planets in the sky at 10-01-2.020.

   In short, the entire Sky of 10-01-2.020, in which the C19 was formed as significate virus, is ruled by Saturn. Since the Devil is a manifestation of Saturn, all sky from 10-01-2.020 is ruled by the Devil. As this appears attached to the number of beast 666, as we have seen above, it is confirmed once again that we are in an apocalyptic period of cultural consummation (21).

The culture of "Homo sapiens" is in apocalyptic time.


   In this Third Part, some ideas already set out above will be repeated; but it is done with different nuances and adapted to the Revolution in Consciousness.

3. 1. Alphabet of Thought and Revolution in Consciousness

The Alphabet of Thought generates the Revolution in Consciousness (RC)

   We are now continuing with the Revolution in Consciousness generated by the AT, which you have already known. Our adventure will not stop here; we will go "beyond" and shape Cosmosociety (CS) achieved with Purification of the Mind. In the CS, man is truly free, without ties that overshadow its thinking. It then receives the cosmic message of viruses.

RC Features

   The Revolution in Consciousness proposed in this writing is neither intended to modify nor improve the rejectable norms of this society, which is what some "naive reformers" do, because they absurdly apply to them the same system of thought that has led them precisely to be rejectable. The result, in this case, is that the old standards are reproduced in the new ones, which are the same, but with another style. Nothing changes then substantially and happens as in the kaleidoscope, ".in which all its different figures go round and round, but they are always made of the same crystals."

   What is intended with the Revolution in Consciousness is to change the focus and light of your inner gaze, which are what generate your thinking. It will be your new thought that subsequently transforms the world, for it is seen and built according to the thought that looks at it; that new thought of yours will be the one that will transform your life. Do not want to "take the Bastille", which changed the social subjects, but maintaining their differences: the peasant was replaced by the proletarian and the noble by the bourgeois.

3. 2. Consciousness and Gaze

The Discernment

   Discernment discovers what-is true with disunity from what-it-is-not, but without having default knowledge of what is sought. The truth found is finally free of conditionings; it's like that because it is. Discernment is lived with genuine happiness, as what is true is discovered; but the truth is shown only to those who love it.

   Discernment separates both human love and non-human love. Then through the open channels flows free and eternal love itself. It lacks references to specific feelings, such as those that are kept to people, that have become objective. It is simply love without a subject that loves and without an object that is loved.

   Analysis should not be confused with Discernment. Through the first, you look for what you want to find by separating it from what you don't want, but it is previously known what you are looking for. We analyze a compound to separate a certain element, as is the case with minerals from mines.

Central look and peripheral look

   The biggest difference between the present and the past is that the ancients lived according to both Earth and Sky, who felt in their eyes. For us the celestial variety is now only the mental experience read in a book, the one we see domesticated in a Planetarium and the one seen among the buildings.

   Everything is being learned by the mind, without feeling personal experience of what is being talked about and without intelligence having looked at it even once.

   The center of the circumference is an ideal position, from which you see any point of it as a peripheral idea. This ideal gaze will characterize precisely the "Homo intelligentia", which is within you; it is then Earth, but with Central Solar Gaze. Dialogues between today's hominids are, by their very nature, virtually sterile. Each has a relative vision of the world, which will always be different from that of any other.

Internal look and external gaze

   The outer eye look is linked to everything that exists in its environment. If it is specifically fixed in "this river being looked at", the thought corresponding "to the river seen with the eyes" finally appears in the mind. When you say "this river I'm seeing," you're actually looking, as we said, at the "river seen in the mind" at the back of the brain.

   The above process is possible because there is previously in the intelligence the "river idea", which is seen as a previous image and that is linked to any "river object", which is seen by the eyes in the outer gaze. Thanks to this comparison it is known precisely that it is a river and not a mountain. In addition, the "river object seen with the eyes verifies its resemblance to the "river idea" in intelligence.

   We are, therefore, seeing 2 rivers: the "river-object" with the external eye look and "the thought-river" with the inner gaze in the mind. The outer gaze has an eye base and allows to see the objects of the outside world, but is linked to the inner gaze, in which the object is then transformed into thought. We represent all this in Table 17, in which you can see the two glances. We usually don't feel the inner gaze when we think about it.

Table 19. External and internal looks.

The 4 Universes

   As that is repeated over and over again with all the objects that populate the Universe of Objects, another "contiguous" Mental Universe is created within us, which is viewed internally. The created Mental Universe is full of the same contents that populate the Universe of Objects. Even at any time it is possible to represent any mental content, such as "that concrete idea of river that was seen with the eyes", without having to see at the same time the corresponding object, thanks also to the help of memory.

 "Next" is the Universe of Ideas, in which they are "found": the ideals and ideas of all objects, mathematical principles, etc. Finally the Intuitional Universe is peculiarly accessible through enlightenment in Intelligence. It has manifested itself in many humans: mystics, artists, scientists, etc. It is intuited in Table 20 "beyond" the three-dimensional gaze of the characters included within the sphere.

Table 20. Intuitional Universe.

   The first three universes are considered in the Philosophy of Science by K.R.Popper. The scientific researcher observes the Universe of Objects and, from its own mind, establishes rational relationships of the objects, with which the Human Mental Universe is populated. From there, it elaborates thesis and principles that "nourish" the Universe of Human Ideas.

The human love

   Each native of both sexes is attached to Man through the two chains of ascending dualities, seen in Table 21: Female-Woman-Feminine and Male-Man-Masculine. Those elements are scrambled in the existing social language, but we need to distinguish them.

Table 21. The sexual duality.

   Man is in the Intuitional Universe, it is not representable, only intuible. Masculine and Feminine belong to the Universe of Ideas; are intangible and universal ideas, oblivious to any valuation. Man and Woman appear in the Mental Universe; are a consequence of the social roles played. Male and Female are shown in the Universe of Objects and are recognizable by their physical features.

   Love flows through those dualities, as do Intelligence and Energy, whose triplicity is unitary in Man. Because we are Energy, we create; because we are Love, we love; because we're Intelligence, we think. We are, however, unity in Man. The love of wisdom contains the peculiarity that distinguishes and nourishes from energy to what is specifically human.

3. 3. The seed of the new man who dwells in the "Homo sapiens"

   It dwells in you the seed of the evolutionary new man, known as "Homo intelligentia", who hopes to be released as the princess of the tale, who lies bewitched in her castle. That seed contains all your aspirations for a better and different life.

   You have to take care of it and in that endeavor you will find the happiness you crave. You will thus believe in yourself and in your life, that you will feel it in cosmic communion with everything around you. The new man, who is yourself, must be born of you. Only in this way will we be able to receive the cosmic message transmitted by viruses, since our consciousness and that which now originates viruses will be a single consciousness.

(You can translate this poetry into your language)


Mujer, es tan encantador tu femenino,

que un dragón lo custodia, fiel cancerbero,

en una cueva con puerta en velo fino.

Si tu luz ve, que el sin par y armado caballero

lucha sin miedo a la muerte negra del dragón fiero,

pon las siete cabezas de su cuerpo antidivino

bajo la espada redentora, amor masculino,

y tu alma de alada princesa, a la que venero,

volará libre, sin límite y sin saber el camino,

que trazó el eterno destino.

Yo princesa, te quiero.

This tale beats in the Revolution of Consciousness


   Everything we are saying is necessary in human existence. To be transcendent men, who look "beyond..." it is for what Cosmos in conjunction with Earth has created us for. In this way, the cells collect and assimilate the purifying message that the generated viruses in themselves now transmit to them.

4.1. The need of purification

Appearance of transgressive movements

   Social life is increasingly eroded and in an automated way almost everything is entrusted to the enactment of more and more laws, which do not solve the substance of the issues. There is therefore destruction, but without its own initiative of purification, so that a new society may be possible when this current one reaches its consummation.

   Considering what life cycles are like, transgressive messages of purification to Save the Earth must necessarily arise before consummation, as is the case with the APyCS book and the blog articles. Precisely the C19 is taking out almost afloat the apocalyptic beast that must be purified, so that Cosmosociety may hatch.

The periodic renewal of the world

   In the ancient cultures was widespread the myth of the periodic renewal of the world, which was in charge of the various mythologies; thus maintaining the purity (14) of present existence within the cycle of life. Every beginning brings its end implicitly, returning to Natural Chaos; there's always a "New Year" that's been opening since the "Old Year".

   That camouflaged and denatured myth persists in today's cultures, when in the celebration of the "New Year's Eve", everyone wants a happy new year. Another example is the celebration of the birthday, in which the Sun returns to the initial position it had at birth and then opens a new cycle. Both, however, are celebrated without the due celestial ritual.

   However, in order for renewal to be effective, the destruction of the existing had to take place, allowing the existence of a new purified order. Life was conceived as cycles of destruction-construction; it is as if God renewed himself as a god already manifested.

4.2. The personal purification

Initial situation

   The “I” we believe to be expresses like this: "I am a student", but warning that that “I” identifies with being a student and that this identity grows more, when it also likes to be it. We also say: "I read a book" with a particularly stable union between “I”, "read" and "book", but also the three mental contents can be integrated: ”I”, "read" and "book". This is how the “I” with which our existence is identified and which has abducted the body on which it is based.

   There is also a large web of characters in the mind, created by the “I” and with which it identifies. If the subject identifies, for example, with being fat, but this bothers it, as long as there is a stimulus that awakens the character of "being fat", it will feel displeased.

   If someone tells it, for example, "I'm sure you won't be carried away by the wind," it'll feel upset, because it is identified with "being fat" and this displeases it. Whenever someone insinuates it, it can respond even aggressively, if the character nests this connotation from alphabetical thoughts (12) and (13). They are shown in Table 22 “I” and I that really is.

Table 22. Images of “I” and I.

   We behave like a superstructure “I”, which generates similar structures or characters, forming the same joint tree. We have the example of acacia, in which its leaves are similar to the branches in which they are forming a fractal set. Another example is the fractal figure of the Mandelbrot Set.

Distinction between “I” that is believed to be and I that is

   Note that I do not say “I” it is, but that it is, for the reader's “I” might believe that I is of it, that it belongs to him, as when it says possessively and improperly "my body". “I” really is darkness and I is luminous, as explained abbreviated in Table 22, which will also be nuanced later.

   All of the above can happen in the relationship between the hominid and God. Initially it experiences that there is more "beyond" terrestrial matter and has God's Intuition. This is mentalized as a non-“I”, for it looks like something other than ”I”, and finally crystallizes Him giving rise to God being just an image in the mind, unrelated to God's Intuition.

   The hominid thinks it believes in God, but it is false, because it only believes in his crystallized image in the mind. It is in vain then that it prays to Him, because it is as if “I” speak to a part of the mind that is that of the non-“I”, that corresponds to the external reality that is God Himself.

The absence of paradises

   It is very expanded in the religious sphere that those who have complied with the laws that dictate them in their religion go to a paradise when they die. This is thus what the “I” thinks and hopes to go to a wonderful paradise, which is absurd. When the body dies, so does the mind and the “I” it thinks it is. What remains is the I that it is, that it is really a paradise.

   It happens that the “I” receives the light emanating from I and feels it as a paradise, which evidently cannot reach on Earth, because it is in another dimension. Body, mind and “I” die together because they are unreal; only I is real, which is identical to the Universal Being or Brahman.

   If we assume an empty vase, inside and out there is air separated by the clay. If the vase (“I”) breaks (death) the inner air (Atman) is then universal air (Brahman). The immortality to which the “I” aspires can only be attained if the man lives in I.

Ultimate goal

   It means in a full way, as a pure and conditionless broadcast: I. This is an implosion of Energy-Love-Intelligence triplicity, which is free by its very essence and the internal engine on which the necessary transformation of society is based. That I or Atman, is substantially the same in every man and its expression of unique human species is Brahman.

    If the man lives from I it can then say, "I am," but separating I from am. The subject has to express itself like this: "I am a writer", but without identifying with being a writer. When it says instead, "I read a book" it separates from "read" and does not integrate into the mind with "book".

   That I doesn't identify with any characters. It's neither fat nor skinny and neither bothers nor likes either attribute, because it is free. Even if the body is effectively fat or skin, I it is not.

   The subject regains its lost identity and lives in true freedom, when the “I” de-identifies from the characters which have been locking the I in a dark prison. These characters are created from the Personal Dimension; but are structured and expanded in the Social Dimension, also incorporating defense mechanisms. Let's look at this situation in a global way and how it is debugged.

Looking at the mind

   All the characters we have to look at them in attention in the mind, like the one who sees something that is alien to him. You have to look at it like this: without getting involved and seeing how it works. The most normal thing is that, after a few seconds, the look in attention disappears and the “I” will identify with the character it was looking at.

   As identification ceases, “I” loses the underline and say, "I read the book." In this case "I" proves that does not read the book, but something through it looks like "the book is read". It is thus passed with purity to another new thought and there is therefore no residue left in the mind. When de-identification is already lived as something stable, “I” become I, which is the axis of the gaze.

   Love to the Truth is what enlightens us to want to be free and regain lost identity. Discernment is the one that allows to distinguish in the mind and the one that separates in it the chains with which the “I” is identified.

Absence of personal intentionality

   The “I” is characterized by its intentionality in action; always acts for some reason, which leads to another and so on. Therefore, we must not have any mentalized intention in the search for truth; just feel the need for liberation like a flame in the heart.

   It is the truth that wants to manifest itself and presses us from its confinement. We must look at it, open the way to ourselves by living its vibration and listening to its word in the mind that is being purified. Patiently, it's allowed to operate over and over again.

4.3. The way of liberation

   Stages of performance

   It is the “I” which has created its shadows and its characters, especially as self-defense, with the energy-love-intelligence that it has available. It's not going to let go of those, which are itself. It knows it has to reorient its life, but it will try all kinds of subterfuges to stay as it basically is; it won't hesitate to deceive itself as it usually does. We have to start that there is an internal call that tells us: enough is enough!

   It is not to be attempted that the “I” represses its characters with mental effort, religious rites or spiritual techniques, because the characters use self-defense and become more rooted. Here are two well-known ways for those who begin in spiritual life, with which you can begin in the separation of your shadows:

First way

   The first way is to look, in a state of meditation and with the absence of the ”I”, the characters and all the mental contents that appear, from the light of your inner gaze, and see that they are only representations in the mind. Then de-identification occurs spontaneously, without the “I” forces anything.

   That posture in which the gaze sees as different from itself all the mental representations it looks at, you have to keep it in daily life. At first it requires attention, but then it becomes natural. If you lose, reader friend, this posture, you restore it without contradicting yourself, because "Purification.14" of the Alphabet of Thought helps you to purify the “I”.

Second way

   A second way is to look live at the characters, when they impersonate the “I” in any circumstance, such as when you are: scared, choleric, pious, "goodist", careful, etc. This requires full attention and discernment, because you have to continue to behave like this: "dominated" by the character, but simultaneously seeing from the inner gaze as mere mental content to the “I”, the character and the non-“I” corresponding to that circumstance lived.

⃰ Zen method

   I have verified that the previous path is very effective, which is completed with that of looking at the breathing of the Zen method. You have to be relaxed in a comfortable situation and looking at inspiration and aspiration, watching the air entering the lungs and how it goes outside. At first it is the mind that looks at inspiration and aspiration as its contents, but at a later stage it is the inner gaze that sees them de-identifying, therefore, from them.

Pay attention so that the “I” does not seize the nascent reality by dyeing it

   You have to take special care, as you know, so that the “I” does not take over the light, that it appears, and coats with it its characters, turning them into demons. This is the case for those who beautify "evil" and thus misplace those who listen to them, which is how Iblis (Diablo) behaves according to the Koran. An example is the false beautiful gaze of "goodists", which needs to be recognized in order not to be deceived.

Release of all characters

   There are characters that we like them and others that are refused. Not only do we have to de-identify from the latter, but you also have to make the release of the characters that we think are good, even if it produces disenchantment. All characters have the same nature; everyone obscures the I and closes the way to freedom.

   If someone identifies with anger and dislikes being seen like this, it will put a lot of will to de-identify from the irascible character. It is usually not doing it as is being said here, but by forcing the ”I”, so it is re-increased with the mental energy that is applied to it.

   If after much effort, however, someone achieves a social goal with which it is identified, it will hardly want to be free of them. It will resist and say the following: “I” will do it later, because “I” has had a hard time getting it and now that “I” is savoring it! It is in the latter case, as in all, more of the same in the mind. This is also another character that needs to be de-identified, even if it is more difficult.

Love to the characters

   The characters have been created by the ”I”, with all its personal love for itself. They are crystallized affectivity and love, which by retroaction become defensive.

   They must be understood and accepted as if they were poorly bred children, even though they can indeed become very cruel to ourselves and to others.

Contribution of the 2 Magicians

   The White Magician becomes director of the good characters and the Black Magician of the bad characters. The White Magician will say that the good character is good and that you have to persevere and continue like this and much more even if you can. The Black Magician will tell that the evil character is there for our good or our pleasure, which is also entitled, and that it takes us to defend ourselves from this world, from which we must be suspicious.

   The characters are the fruit of a lifetime of personal dedication to them and also collect many accepted experiences of Humanity; they will not vanish, therefore, by a simple desire. It takes time and perseverance, but the fruit is the Freedom of I that comes from the chains of ”I”, which manifests itself with increasing luminosity.

The transformation of the gaze

   The inner gaze changes, it becomes cleaner and the vision is more fan-free. Everything is still in the world that we observe seemingly the same, but the optics of our gaze is substantially different. We understand the whole without just doing analysis and others look at us without understanding us and without being able to typecast us as they would like, in order to reassure their minds. Possibly we can be rejected, like the ugly duckling, and also even with aggression.

   This new personal mind is reflected in that of the "other", if it is also seeking liberation, and then dialogue with sound words is not so necessary. These are now sterile, like a lie that was doubly accepted. Without being it scarcely perceived, the Collective Mind is also different.

4.4. True freedom: "I am who I am"

Silence and being

   Thus the inner gaze appears sharply, which is silence that looks away what appears in the mind, which is experienced as unreal. This gaze is not implied in what is seen in it; it is multidirectional and mental contents are seen as points outsider.

   The inner gaze is the observer that observes the observed, which is shown as Trinitarian. Finally, with a burning desire for liberation and discernment, the unreal trinity of observer, observation and observed disappears, leaving only the being itself or Atman, who is manifested by the human that is free from all that it was chained to.


   Everything that is being said cannot be directed by the ”I”, because sometimes it will feel upset or in danger, and will even try to deceive or deter. Besides, we know that the “I” is intentional, whenever it does something it is for something; being free is not what the “I” wants, because it is made on the basis of its own chains, which it creates itself.

   Neither can it be truly directed by "anyone else", since in fact it will be its “I” that does it and will try to attract. Care must be taken for the spiritual voracity of many guides; but especially with our character of the child, who is always willing to give itself to those who care for it, even if it is a deceit.

   It looks great who is the one who leads the process, when the experience is told to someone. If the words "I" or "my guide or guru" are pronounced in the dialogue, it is normal that we are deceiving ourselves and that even the initial state is worsening. It is repeated once again that true guides are Love of Truth and Discernment.

How do I and “I” vibrate

   You can observe, in a pure awareness, how change your internal vibrations when pronouncing the successive following sentences:

- “I” am an inhabitant of this planet Earth (There is identification of “I”)

- “I” am an inhabitant of this planet (The desidentification begins)

-“I” am an inhabitant (The desidentification is going on).

- I am (It appears freedom).

- I (An inconditionated net vibration arises).


- I am (It is watched in freedom).

- I am an inhabitant of this planet Earth (Free manifestation of I).

The shades hide to I and it is transformed into “I” chained.

The truth is: I am I. Yahweh says to Moses: I am the one that I am.

   If you deepen in yourself you can verify that I is pure Energy-Love- Intelligence, like the radiating Sun. It is free and is not united to the circumstance, but contemplates it like something external to itself. You can see Table 23.


   The end result is Freedom, although it can appear with various issues in the mind. Some characters may disappear because they are no longer needed, such as those nourished by fears; others will remain refitted, as they can be useful for survival, as is the case with certain skills that have been learned to stay in this world of objects.

   Identification always ceases, however, and the “I” becomes more and more reassured and the characters become friends for the "I", when the underline is removed. The same goes for the 2 Magicians, who discover their true face as protectors and caregivers, always handling good and evil, but in a different way.

Purification of the mind through Q&A

   For the Purification of the Mind is also used the Q&A route, which appears in APyCS. Each question is overridden by its answer and there is the inner reality it is. The essential thing is not the information shown in the question and its answer, but the state of attention and release with which it is asked and answered. It is also possible, with the many examples, to better understand the Alphabet of Thought.

Table 23. You have to purify the chains of the “I” that you think you are to assimilate the message of viruses.

5. The Cosmosociety

   If one wants to walk towards a longed-for future because the present is no longer longed for, it must be taken care that this does not project on that; we are therefore going to divide this section into two parts. In the first will appear general ideals, whose belief motivates us to "go beyond" what we are living. In the second we will show some ideas that will help us to make the transit of this Mass Consumption Society (CS) to Cosmosociety (CS).

5.1. General Ideals

   For the cell to receive the cosmic message well, the Collective Mind must be purified of all personal and social cultural wastes that have been accumulated during the decadent evolution of the "Homo sapiens". Thus will be pure the mind of the hominid for its psychic balance and its cells for viruses.

   5.1.1 The Personal Dimension

We have to start by purifying the “I” that we think we are

   In the Consumer Society (CS) the illusory “I”(ego), which we believe to be and which represents us, is vitally repressed, because it does not manifest the essential triplicity of energy-love-intelligence that it is.

   In the CS the ideal of man is Man, without sexism, which can say I with its fullness of energy, love and intelligence. (Try to say thus: I, how does it come out when you say it? Look at it from your bottom!

   The man of the CS manifests himself as follows: "I am ......... (this or that)...". It says it freely, without chaining itself up with anything "what it believes to be", whether it is this or that; with everything.

   Really: I am I. That's all!

The true integration of feminine

   To do this, women have to integrate their feminine duality into their behavior as life does in their own body. We express this duality in its lunar-feminine and Venusian-feminine components in Table 24.

   That will facilitate the integration into the man of its feminine with his masculine, thus having a virtual-real behavior with the woman, who gratify both, for which his capacity for discernment must be fostered in him. The feminine integration of women and their understanding for the men are therefore two human ideals.

Table 24. The integration of sexual duality into women.

Purification in the couple

   The relationship in couple allows the purification of the 2 members, but there is a basic contradiction in that relationship, which leads to the disintegration of it. Initially, the most manifest ev in both are those that have led to attraction.

   This is expressed colloquially by saying that "there is chemistry between them". Each has lived, however, before knowing each other the ev in its own way, generating on the basis of them also the corresponding characters, which can generate confrontations.

   The characters tend to permanence and if possible to expansion, so they will provoke in the couple the necessary conflicts to do so. In turn, the ev have to manifest themselves purely to express the truth contained in them, although for this the characters have to disappear; that´s an ideal for the couple.

   So here is a basic vital contradiction that can lead to the disintegration of the couple. One relationship must also be purified very well to enter with hope in the next. If this is not done, the couple and man enter into a phase of decrepitude and conformism.

Gender-based violence (it is widely treated in another specific article)

   Liberal currents (19,20) have been driving, for more than two centuries, individual development (20), which motivates to women the need to have a space of government (8.9) through their personalized work (6) in society (8-14) without dependence on man. This is something he has to accept.

   What is called gender-based violence is a couple's response to mutual disappointment. There are two kinds of violence: the one that makes the woman to the man and the one who directs him to her. The first has a vitalistic background (2) disintegrator (13= 2 + 11) and the second is more pre-eminent (1) and retroactive (12= 1+11), which then kills (13 = 1+12). This confrontation, in addition to the pain it causes, diverts Humanity from its evolution to Cosmosociety.

   We emphasize the influence of men ignorance of women's female behavior. This is not solved by educating him in childhood with the female component as it is currently lived, which is also completely deviated from the Archetypes Moon and Venus, but by fostering in him the capacity of Discernment. Let's listen to the following dialogue as an ideal for the couple:

Dialogue Venus-Mars: (I don´t know how to translate it)

En ella sonreía: ¿quién eres?

Él se miraba: ¡yo soy!

Y dijo él: ¿quién eres tú?

En ella calló: ¡yo-soy-tú!

Y soñaron:

Soy en ti sin mí.

El silencio se acurrucó en el aire,

cuando otra voz repetía:

Sí, y, siempre;


Purity and virginity

   These two notions can be understood from the following religious visions: 1) Karma, according to the conception of some Eastern religions, is explained how the cause-and-effect relationships (8,9) that exist in the mind must be purified during the existences of the various incarnations; 2) In biblical trunk religions they are assimilated with the notion of original sin and with that of successive deviations that are made, being able to reach Heaven through purification in life.

   The virginity state in Western women is now depreciated. The assimilation of this existential reality does not have to drag with it the pure notion of virginity, for the essential creativity of Chaos acts on an original virginity.

   Good evidence of the independent existence of virginal reality are various manifestations that refer to it, such as the followings: when it is argued as an added value “brand new flat”; or also "this dress is freshly purchased"; even more so when it is exclaimed that "it is a desert island"; or that "this book is still unopened"; etc.

Deceptive spirituality

   It is the ”I”, the one that has led the hominid to decay and what it seeks is only to be taken out of it, but without changing the substance of its thinking, which allows it to be as it believes, which is what it really wants to preserve and expand.

   The “I” then becomes super-“I” with pseudo-spiritual experience and “I” feels so superior to what it initially thought it was. Everything then becomes more subtle, but it is getting further and further away from the real identity, which is the I it is.

   When the disciple finishes his initiation, his master tells him, "That is Brahman and that is you." Now, when this is heard as usual in the West, the “I”of the hominid believes that it is its “I” that can become Brahman. Really "that" and "you" are the Atman or Individual Being or I. Spirituality is a profound ideal, but to which the “I” doesn´t have any access.

   5.1.2. Social Dimension

Communication and learning

   Communication (3) is verified (4) by sound languages (3,4). They do not convey the essential and are dividing, by their variety and rooting, Humanity. We will create in the CS a common language for all, which will come from the AT. As this is based on the number π and the essential vibrations of the Universe, the language will have a numerical basis and will be cosmic.

   Learning (3) is verified (4): in the family, from the environment and at school. Life learning (3,1,2) receives special attention in the CS. We have to live and think from the original life (1,2)!

   The media (3,4) faithfully express (14 = 3 + 11) the ideals (1) and ideas (2) of the CS. The information (3) transmitted (4) is a source of knowledge (10) for evolution (11) to the communion (17) of the Cosmic Dimension. Essential communication and learning have as ideal the orientation of man to its openness to the Cosmic Dimension.

The creation of knowledge

   It is in the creation of knowledge that the larvaes are introduced, which will subsequently grow polluting the application of initially developed knowledge. You have to ask yourself what scientists and technicians believe in and what underpins their researches. You can't answer what society is, because we know it's contaminated. The results can be seen in Table 25. The ideal of knowledge is knowledge in itself.

Table 25. Cosmic pollution and university thinking.

The same life as Religion

   Religion (10), as God's pure intuition, is linked (3) to the Personal Dimension by relapse on 3 = 10 - 7, resulting in its teaching (3,4) being necessary in the personal education of the CS. So man is thus linked at the beginning generator and transformer principle of life, which it is manifested from (10).

   In the CS God is not kept in a personalized character, since customizing God is a mental product deviated from the”I”. This “I” is a limitation of I, which it conceives without limits by calling Him God. It then assigns Him multiple qualities that it cannot achieve because of its own ignorance and limitation.

   In CS humans manifest with their lives what is now called God; organized religions are not necessary. The ideal of religious teaching is to guide the student to God's Intuition as a reference, to evolve beyond what is known.

Political activity

   Political activity would have to contribute to the diminishing and purifying the Collective Mind (CM), but what it does is to further contaminate it with its continuous propaganda of what is good and what is bad.

   The innumerable labels of good and evil that introduces that activity into the CM and into popular sentiment are already disturbing everything. Table 26 states that Partitocracy has to be replaced by Cosmosociety. The ideal of democracy is lived in the CS.

Table 26. Partitocracy has to be replaced by Cosmosociety.

La verdadera ayuda a los inmigrantes

   Immigrants in their own countries must be helped and those who want to emigrate selectively must be received. They must be regularly trained and returned to their countries of origin, but provided with financial assistance so that they can boost the development of their original homeland. They are thus linked to the countries that assisted them in the common search of the CS. Immigration has an ideal horizon for a Land Without Borders.

   5.1.3. The Cosmic Dimension

The World Peace

   We want peace without a victorious war to achieve it. When a country seeks "its peace", which is the opposite of the population of the enemy country, what it finds is war. If the two versions of peace are opposed, that's when the warriors face off. These are not responsible for countries making war, but for their countries' sense of peace.

   World Peace is needed for Earth to fertilize outer space, which is what we are humanly called as a species; this and aid in the face of great catastrophes will be the future missions of the warrior. We express the cosmic feeling of Peace in Table 23 through Venus. To live the ideal of Peace, the feelings of peace of all nations has to disappear.

Table 27. Since Peace is not understood, war is made.

The Cosmic Good

   It is a manifestation of Cosmic Good that all that brings hominized life out of its lethargy and drives it "beyond" what is generally known on Earth. The Cosmic Good is what Humanity senses as a source of life "beyond" the terrestrial, even if religions deify it by calling it: God, Yahweh-God, Brahman, etc.

   It can happen then, that something had as a socially good feeling, is actually Cosmic Evil, because it moves away from the Cosmic Good or the other way around. Good and Evil, as we now know them, disappear as humanity aims at the ideal of Cosmic Good.

The Consummation of Liberalism, Communism and Nazism

   These ideologies are deviant incarnations of alphabetical thoughts of the Cosmic Dimension: French Liberalism (19,20) of Cosmic Intelligence; Soviet Communism (17,18) of Cosmic Love; German and Austrian Nazism and Italian Fascism (15.16) of Cosmic Energy. We express those alphabetical thoughts in Table 28.

Table 28. Image of the Cosmic Dimension: Volcano (15.16), Ocean (17.18) and Sky (20.21). (Iron Island in the Canary Islands).

   The ashes of those ideologies must be scattered into the air so that they cannot be reproduced, for from the purified liberation of their Energy-Love-Intelligence Cosmosociety must be nourished. You don't have to keep their ashes, but scatter them so there's no phoenix. For the cosmic ideal to emerge, one must become aware of its usurpation for Liberalism, Communism and National Socialism.

The Europa project

   Europe must build on the following integrated union: the Cosmic Energy of Germany and Austria, the Cosmic Love of Russia and the Cosmic Intelligence of France. It is not the path that the European Union is going down to the intended Europe, because it does not lead to the necessary cosmic developments.

   We must walk the new path in communion (17) and detach themselves (18) from believing to be German, Austrian, Russian and French. The corresponding States have to be sublimated and disappeared in order for the institutions of Cosmosociety to be generated.

   After becoming all in Cosmosociety, as the book says, the rest of European countries will join. This is the way forward and not the one the European Union is on. We reach Europe, as an ideal, starting initially from Germany, Austria, Russia and France.

   5.1.4. The Absolute Dimension

   Table 29 lists an ideal of the Absolute Dimension expressed by the symbol of Persephone, which tile the floor of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. It represents a test for cardinals when they are choosing Pope. As these come down to the ground, the gaze to concentrate humility meet the Absolute Dimension. If truth nests in them, it will be absolute; but if deception does, this will also be absolute.

Table 29. The Absolute Dimension represented on the floor of the Sistine Chapel.

5.2. General Ideas

   Now we are going to look at the ideas that lead us to society, not renewed neither different, but new and unknown that we call Cosmosociety. It is within us and it has to hatch so that human life does not become extinct and reaches the cosmic flow, which envelops the Earth, because we are Earth-Cosmos. Table 30 shows the human Hercules, as a child like an archetype of Earth-Cosmos, son of the god Jupiter and the terrestrial woman Alcmena.

Table 30. The hero Hercules as Earth-Cosmos.

   5.2.1. The quest for Original Freedom

Freedom and Revolution

   False revolutionaries are not genuine liberators, because they are reactive to what already exists, but not creative, which is what is needed. They empathize the hominid's deep need to be free of the characters it has.That distortion is not understood by the “I” that we believe to be and misappropriates the false liberating message, thus deviating from its true liberation, which is to detach itself from the chains that the “I” has generated.

   The hominid thus falls into a huge deflection of its existence, for which it is even willing to die. Fake revolutionaries bring really evil! Table 31 expresses the idea of the true transgressive freedom that leads to Cosmosociety.

Table 31. The true transgressive freedom of Cosmosociety.

The power of the Masses

   We have said that we are in the 5th Historical Stage of Humanity, known as the "High Mass Consumption Society". The Masses dominate the becoming of the Earth, despite the control exercised by plutocratic groups. They are made up of all those who neither feel nor think nor love "beyond" the alienating information they receive. They just want land and only land.

   One thing is the necessary social integration and something very different is the constitution of the Social Mass and even more so when it is primitively violent and disordered. The masses have made almost all the revolutions so far which have failed. Authentically revolutionary ideas are expressed by the Humans who feel, think and love, whose revolution is to be made.

   5.2.2. The ideas that lead from the Consumer Society to Cosmosociety

The transit from the Consumer Society to Cosmosociety

   We reflect the ideas that need to be maintained to generate the transit from the Consumer Society to the Cosmosociety as seen in the following tables:


Table 32. Transit from the DP to the CS.

Table 33. Transit from DS to CS.

Table 34. Transit from DC to CS.

   5.2.3. You can't say yes to SC and yes to CS

   The ideas that will keep new society spring from the destruction of existing ones in ths society that must be abandoned, as the phoenix does.

The consummation of SC so that CS is born

   The return to the origin of time, when still only "existed" the Original Chaos, is the purifying pathway known to the various cultures. In this purification (14 = 21 - 7) absolute destruction of existing society is necessary, What we will say next in the political order is represented in Table 35, so that a new one can be built.

   We can't say yes to Cs and yes to CS. The ideas that will keep new society spring from the destruction of existing ones in decadent society that must be abandoned, as the phoenix does.

Milestones in transit to the CS

   What we will say next in the political order is represented in Table 35:


Table 35. Democracy in Cosmosociety.

▼ Partitocratic politicians have to abandon their power, without compromising the police and the Army by promoting transit to the CS.

▼ Banks do not access stock markets, because this external credit figure does not exist in its constitution.

▼Commercial Banks remain custodians of the money deposited by their clients. Those that are primary deposit lenders in current accounts in sight and on time are actually the genuine owners of the banks. The General Assembly and the Governing Board are constituted with them in a weighted role.

▼ Banks are financial intermediaries in the relationships between their lending clients and their borrowing clients. The existence of means of payment, which are substitutes for legal and banking money, will be promoted. Bank levies will be moderated to stimulate the opening of current accounts and profit-making.

▼ Publicly-ticking companies have to report the real value of the stock, obtained from their effective assets subject to rigorous control by the CS. The speculative profits obtained on the Stock Exchange will be charged high.

The speculation of banks is also put on brakes, but without tying their function!

▲ The system of Meritocracy must be created (etymologically: government by people of merit). Meritocrats must now be independent people who freely use their intelligence and who possess a social sense of solidarity. The more the better!

▲ The choice and revocability of the meritocrats is made by Popular Juries. They have to be the middle class of exemplary people, whose lives genuinely express the ideals and beliefs of society. Their genuine quality is natural humility, not faked.

▲ In the COSMOSOCIAL ASSEMBLY, those ideals and beliefs are forged, which it embodies in bills. It is made up of democratically meritocrats elected by themselves. It represents the maximum power of Cosmosociety and its President and its Vice-Chairmen are elected through weighted, free and independent universal suffrage, involving all accredited members of the CS.

▲ Within the Cosmosocial Assembly there are committees of different nature. The most peculiar are those that govern the State through its various Ministerial Departments. These are different from today's ministries.

▲All Departmental Commissions maintain a Delegated Meritocrat, on which the Departmental Technical Director, who is a new figure of the CS, depends. The latter also belongs to the Meritocracy and is proposed within a ternary by the commission. It is elected by free, independent and weighted vote from all bureaucrats of the Ministerial Department. Territorial Addresses depend functionally and administratively on these.

▲In each territory there is a political organization through Territorial Councils, whose members are meritocrats elected in their territories in a manner similar to those of the Cosmosocial Assembly. It approves the projects and laws emanating from the Territorial Councils, which are implemented by the Territorial Directions of the Global State.

▲ All the functions of research and techniques are integrated into the CS. For this purpose there are national-territorial commissions unified in a State Technical Directorate.

▲ Ministerial Departments correspond to the contents of alphabetical thoughts. All technical and administrative staff of the Global State organization are also functionally integrated.

▲ Departmental coordination is carried out in the Cosmosocial Assembly by the respective departmental commissions with their President and its Delegated Meritocrat.

▲The suprasocial themes (15-21) are over the State (1-14) and are carried by commissions of a cosmosocial nature, with these competences: Space Exploration, Foreign Relations, Computer Science, International Organizations, Biogenetics, Intelligence Centers, etc.

▲ The Cosmosocial State deals with human personal, social and cosmic needs. It has supremacy over that:

The Revolutionary Council of humans who feel, think and love

▲ Maternity and Children take precedence over any other need.

▲ Poverty as an Office does not exist in Cosmsociety.

All of the above ideas maintain the transit from CS to CS.

   5.2.4. The femenine-cosmic

The different ideas of feminine, expressed by women, will manifest in the CS to the feminine-cosmic ideal, expressed in Table 36.

Table 36. The Advent of the Feminine-Cosmic.


En uno de los Principios, la Masa existía sola,

muy sola, sin la Energía.

En su mar de esfera flotaba,

y el viento, si así se llamaba,

a la Masa acompasaben un compás tranquilo, tan sin olas,

que el futuro presente parecía.

Dentro de la Masa, en cada sitio,

batía sus alas la melancolía.

Los antiguos recuerdos quedaban

como tallos de junco, en el río.

¡La Energía viva otra vez la fecundaría!

Y otra vez se posó el Momento;

con él, tu momento y el mío.

La Masa abrió sus bocas, por necesidad,

y por los canales abiertos

corrió, como loca, la Energía,

llenando, con ansiedad.

Desde fuera y desde dentro aguardaban

desde su siempre otro primer día.

Novio y novia estallaron en materia viva

y hubo cielo, planetas, soles y estrellas.

El tiempo era blanco y redondo

en aquellas bodas de alegría.

Viajaron tan lejos, llegaron tan hondo,

que olvidaron que era ya el octavo día.

Allí estaban los espacios curvos,

escudos que rechazan la Energía.

Hasta el Tiempo se hizo cóncavo, y

la dimensión ya no era positiva.

Poco a poco regresaba a su mundo,

inexorable, por gravedad, la Energía.

La Materia suspendida, recordaba

su pasado de Masa,

esa otra existencia, tan tranquila.

Y apareció el vértigo, la angustia.

La Materia gira loca y regresa.

Quiere ser como antes, Masa,

cuando se le haya huido la Energía.







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