(I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English).




   To understand well this article you should read before these previous two ones: "What is the Alphabet of Thought" (WA) and "The 4 Universes of the Consciousness in the Human Sexuality” (CS), whose abbreviations will serve us to quote them. They were precisely written so that you could understand better this one. A single article containing all the three would be confusing and too long. More information is, however, in the book that I edited "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety", whose detail appears at my website: www.cosmosociedad.es.

   I clarify that the Cosmosociety is not a renewed society of the today one, but is the experience to which we aspire from the depths of ourselves, as an expression of the deep feelings of our humankind. It is what we are aiming really, it is what you are looking for. We reject it too, because we believe that it cannot be reached. This is the historical moment to achieve this and thus satisfy our desires to a different life. In this society does not exist the Gender Violence (GV).

  Currently the GV is fought using the following actions: legislation, trial, disparagingly called "malist violence", with manifestations of rejection, etc. All of these actions, although are necessary are not enough, because they act on the effects and not on it roots; thus they cannot solve the GV. So we are going to deepen here in circumstances that accompany it and to understand its nature, to put us on the path of its eradication.

   All my articles and in general everything I write is not directed to specific topics such as this. To talk about the GV is complicated, because there is already heavy load and painful poured into society and any sector involved may feel alluded. I try to communicate what I know, because it could be useful to effectively alleviate that social scourge. If there is any content that would negatively affect the sensibility of the reader, I apologize because that has not been my intention.

This article will have 3 Parts and some General Considerations at the end.

1) In the first, we briefly remember articles WA and CS, which will facilitate the understanding of what will be said later. Its reading will also serve to gather ideas, whose knowledge will allow us to mitigate the GV.

2) In the second, we will relate a set of circumstances and factors that influence in different ways the GV. If they are understood without prejudices, measures can arbitrate to really alleviate the GV.

3) The third is where already is properly understood the GV using the Alphabet of Thought (AT) or Original Word. Actually, the AT is heard by this decadent society although its original message is perverted.

   Now, as society thinks and works from the AT embodied in its Collective Mind, even if it is perverted, it is believed then to be connected even improperly with the Original Word. What society really gets is demonizing increasingly from the perverted incarnation of the AT.

   Therefore, we will see the GV without prejudices and behaviors which now accompany it. It doesn´t matters if they are personal and social feelings already rooted, which the reader should deflect to understand this article.

   A set of General Considerations are also finally offered to relieve as far as possible the GV.

Characteristics of this article

   The writing is sometimes rather dense and contains in addition a language that it is not used when reading, but we must not abandon it. More specifically this occurs in point 1.1 where I try to explain the AT in 9 pages, when the original book contains 508, all of them dedicated to the AT. Ideally at least is catching the essential that is said here. This will really be clear with the reading of its dense parts and the simple ones.

   We are too used to always think the same from the same and what is coming from the media and the Statei, but it is necessary to open up to the unknown, which is where lies to be found what is true, being motivated by the desire of being free.

   We will have to change our present demands from life, and this will need a Revolution of Consciousness. We cannot go on feeling and thinking as we have been doing up to now, because this is the reason why we are going astray. If things go on as they are or if we try to make changes with our present way of thinking we will continue to go astray even faster, and this is in fact happening. Our acts are the result of the way we think.

   We cannot therefore use for this article our past experience of systems of thought, which have been eroded by time or have disappeared. We must open ourselves up to the purest and most original possible springs; we must now lay the foundations of the original thought that will make it possible. We need to purify our minds to reach the Cosmosociety and so will disappear decadency and with it the VG.


   Domestic violence is a social scourge that is necessary to eradicate. This scourge is also a serious obstacle for humanity to evolve towards the Cosmosociety, which is the ultimate goal of everything I write, and that is generated with the pure embodiment of the AT.


Alphabet of Thought and human decadency

   The Alphabet of Thought is the Verb, Logos or Original Word, whose 22 essential vibrations embody how 22 alphabetic thoughts (at) on human intelligence. These constitute the core of our thinking, manifesting all of them in the behavior of hominids.

   If the incarnation of the AT is in pure minds, harmony would reign, but as it is on humanity in decline, the result is aberrant. Even worse, as we have already said, as it incarnates on deviant minds, they deviate more and even the hominids believe themselves divine; but really they are demonic.

   In Table 1 you can check such decadence with the Revolution in Consciousness needed to get out of it and to link purely with the original creative forces. This is really what would eradicate the GV. From this part and the following steps, nevertheless, man can alleviate it.


Table 1. Evolutionary deviation from mankind's creative forces.

(It is not necessary to have a high scientific level to understand what follows at this point, where we show the scientific basis of the AT. It is convenient, however, to read it because some ideas will appear which serve to decrease the GV).

Scientific confirmation of the AT

   The paradigm presented in the book has a different conception to the one of the recent Physics Theory of Superstrings, but it presents with it basic coincidences. It is stated in this theory that the worlds we know come from the waves emitted by the vibrating strings of an Original Circle. Their vibrations generate all the particles and the existing bodies. So that this theory is verified 11dimensions are needed, which correspond to each of the vibrant arcs. See the most original representation in Table 2.

   In short, we can say that it is as if there is comparatively a "Great Musical Circular Instrument ", which we call here the Alphabet of Thought. This emit, through the arcs or musical ropes that compose it, 22 essential vibrations that generate all the existing things.

   Such conception is found in the book of a direct and independent way of the Superstring Theory. We will also say that the 22 essential vibrations, which those arcs-chords emit, are also expressed in Human Consciousness through 22 alphabetic thoughts (at), or common basic thoughts that generate what we think.


Table 2. Original Images that create all the existing.

   In that original figure appear 4 arcs, which determine the dimensions of the Human Consciousness: Objectal or of the objects, Social, Cosmic and Absolute. They are derived from them those 22 essential vibrations, as it can be seen in Table 3. These correspond to the 11 dimensions of Superstring Theory, also considering to their opposite, then it results: 2 x 11 = 22. The "number π is the composer" of the music that is "heard" in those 22 essential vibrations of the Alphabet Thought that appears in Table 3.


Table 3. The Alphabet of Thought.

Some direct consequences

   An image of AT is the brain; this has two hemispheres connected by the Corpus Callosum. Similarly the AT with 22 at has a central axis that links the at 11-22, shown in table 3 as a blue rectangle with a double arrow at the ends. It corresponds to the Corpus Callosum, and 2 hemispheres. one which goes from 1 up to 10 and from 12 up to 21.

   The first 21 arcs of AT are equal to 1/7 of the value of the diameter and the 22 one is slightly lower to them and equal to the irrational part of the number π. There is not, therefore, an exact symmetry between each two opposed arcs which have each other a difference 11, as it would happen if all the arcs were of the same length. We can then deduce the two following issues:

1. Do not us endeavor so to the mere existence of rational thought, because the original reality is rational-irrational. Any claim or theories exclusively rational are, therefore, subtly misleading. Irrational is not the opposite of rational, because both are with their own identity. Rational means that it is attainable by current human intelligence and irrationality that it is not.

2. Note also that figure formed by the arches is irregular, since they are not all equal. If we were on touring the arches from 1 to 21, all of the steps would be the same, but there is an imbalance to be smaller the step 22 from 21 to 22. This tells us that the imbalance is the one in the original reality. Do not us thus endeavor to be looking for balance, because it only exists metaphysically imbalance. The balance is only a relative location in the physical world, but lacks of existence and of own identity.

   We will only try the alphabetic thoughts of the AT which we will use to understand the GV. We, therefore, reproduce the AT in the Table 3 as we saw it in QA, but adapted to the prosecution of the subject which concerns us. That will be treated from the at and from their derived thoughts that will directly influence the Gender-based Violence.

   Although the at are the original creator thoughts, throughout human evolution have appeared thoughts derived from them, which have a similar treatment. You can then replace the originals in the arches of the circle; it is as if they also were on it. They are shown all those that we will use to understand the GV, which are cited in the left side of the Table 4, and that they will be explained later.

   There are among the at many relationships, but we will only set in which appear with differences 11 and 7 between their respective numbers. The first correspond to thoughts in arcs opposite, such as the 2 and 13, and the second to arcs as the 6 and 13.


Table 4. Alphabetic thoughts specially influencing the GV.

The initial alphabetical thought is Ideal.1

   Although all the at are universal, in its original manifestation for the Earth, which is our case, Ideal 1 would be the Sun that is the center and the origin of the system. This manifests itself as Father, Masculine and many derivatives such as the followings: principle, preeminent, centric, generator, dynamic, feeling, family housing, etc.

   Subsequent arising thoughts are shown to the left of the Table 4. They are therefore derivatives of Ideal 1 and we can use them to understand the GV. To explain then what follows, it is supposed that they replace Ideal.1 in its position in the circle, which also occurs, as we have said, with the other at and their derivatives thoughts.

The following at is Idea.2

   Purely it manifests as the ideas that are generated from the Ideal.1. In the example of the Sun would be for us the different faces of the Moon, because they are all reflected ideas of the Ideal Sun. They are derivatives Mother, Feminine and the followings: subordinate, peripheral, receiver, vitalized, emotion, home, etc.

   The Moon we see is really a virtual image of the Sun. There is direct sunlight or Solar-sun and its reflected light or Lunar-sun, with the particularity that the latter contains only light photons; the heavy ones are left on the Moon. All this certainly generates terrestrial influences of the Masculine and the Feminine natures; an example can be that the male has chromosomes XY, which correspond with light and heavy photons respectively, and the female only XX, corresponding to light photons.

We also show various images of the derived thoughts to understand them better, which are in the succesive Tables from 5 up to 10.


Table 5. Some examples of Ideal.1 and Idea.2.

El at 12, opposite to the 1 with difference 11, is Retroactioción.12

   As it is the first after the axis 11-21 it represents, in its original interpretation, that the initial Ideal.1 experiments a feedback. It is reconsidered the action that is taking place in the incarnation from Ideal1 up to 10 at. This is similar to when we say in Physics that action has against it a reaction.

   In terms of the human relationships, the foregoing means that at Retroaction.12 allows when relating an hominid with another that there is a mutual feedback, which can be confrontation or approach. As Humanity and the couple are in decline, the normal is that feedback be confrontation. Derivatives of Retroaction.12 are: defense, army, police, relationship, attraction, impulse, sex, etc.

The at 13, opposite to the 2 with difference 11, is Disintegration.13

   As a result of having feedback, ideas and behaviors that are already manifested in the existing thoughts generated from Ideal.1 up to 10 at, as a consequence of evolution, are or integrated in the culture either disintegrated from it.

   In human reality they did acting on ideas already held. They are derivative thoughts as follows: war, separation, approach, devitalization, death, etc. We collect some examples of the at 5 and 6 in the Table 6.


Table 6. Some exemples of Retroaction.12 and of Disintegration.13.

Purification.14 is the following at to Disintegration.13.

   This means that, after the disintegration of ideas and behaviors, initially manifested, those that are disintegrated have to be purified. It results from this at, for example, that we feel that the garbage that we disintegrate from this Consumer Society have to be removed to make the environment pure.

   The 1 and 2 alphabetic thoughts are manifested in the Personal Dimension of the Human Consciousness; they are thus different in each hominid, which would lead to social conflict. With the appearance of the Social Dimension from 7 up to 14, to which belongs the at 12, 13 and 14 a social order is imposed.

   The last at of the Social Dimension is Purification.14, owing to it are created: courts, jails, and even the maximum sentences because this at is the immediate to 13, one of whose manifestations is death.

   It is not easy to assimilate the ramifications of this at 14 that we have generated in our decadent society. Let us see the most brutal: ethnic cleaning, genocide, nuclear or bacteriological war, to kill the enemy that is behind the advance of the army, the idea of hell, etc. You can see more simple examples in Table 7.

   It's why it is necessary the purification of all the decadent accumulated in the incarnated Personal and Social Dimensions of the hominids, but it is usually interpreted pretending only to purify the contrary, instead ourselves. This was the case with the peasants and nobility during the French Revolution, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie with the Soviet Revolution and Jews during the Nazi regime. It is always reached the situation of genocide.

   Purification.14 is necessary to make emerge a man with a different mental substance, that should be reached in the at Eclosion.15, which initiates the Cosmic Dimension. It is because of the Ideologies Liberalism, Communism and National Socialism wanted creating a new man. All of them were an aberrant incarnation of that dimension which they did not understand, creating therefore beautiful monsters.


Table 7. Some derivative examples of Purification.14.

The at Union.5 and Stabilization.6 are situated in the Personal Dimension

   They respectively are in the same situation in the Personal Dimension that the at Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13 in the Social Dimension, because the difference between them is 7.

   In its original interpretation the at Union.5 is the capacity, which has all that is manifested to verify unions between them. It is the case of the Oxygen that keeps that property with the Hydrogen, generating the stable union water H2O. They also maintain union Oxygen and Carbon in CO2, but the chlorophyll function makes it unstable.

  In human reality wedding is an union, but divorce makes it unstable. They are thus derived from Union.5: wedding, aggregation, sum, molecule, member, sex, etc. They are derived from Stabilization.6: love that must be stable, correspondence, oath is stable and miss it is unstable, consent is stable and renunciation is unstable, subtracts, uranium is unstable and a noble gas is stable, corporation, sedimentation, etc.

  Peace can also be a stable union, but it disintegrates with the war; it is the version that each people has of peace which brings the war, not the warrior that runs only it. Peace is different for a Palestinian and an Israeli; that is why their countries make war, coming from the at 12 and 13, which have difference 7 with 5 and 6. Although it seems unacceptable it is thought "peace" which originated the war.

 * Also the Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, but let us see what said Jesús of Nazareth, who preached love:... "I have come to cast fire on the Earth and what I want is that its ignition?... do you think that I have come to bring peace to the Earth?" I say no, but dissension. Because henceforth will be in a House five divided... and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law... "; (Lucas 12-49). Also now we are in an evolutionary transit passing from the "Society of High Mass Consumption (1920-)" into the one which I call Cosmosociety. So that we are violating the peace and moving dissent at home with the VG.

   * In Mythologie it is Helena, as a version of Venus or Aphrodite, who finally triggered the Trojan war, losing it the Trojans. This is the “right result” because they have embraced her as their own by the desire of possession of Paris. That was an aberrant decision since it is metaphysically impossible, because she is the daughter of Uranus or Cosmic Freedom.

   Beauty is securely attached to the Natural Chaos: cloud, mountain, sea, etc. Our inner beauty perceived the one of thenature and it is reflected in art, although this varies with fashion and time.

   Sex as instinct seeks union with the other, but is sex as impulse in the feedback which originates the courtship and if applicable the intercourse, with the eventual disintegration of the I, which we believe to be. That is manifested in the Male  and the Female original essential vibrations of the at 5-6-12-13, which are thus transmitted to the native. Pay attention then with artificial insemination!

(I clarify the underlined I, which is the one that we believe to be, with some examples: 1) If anybody ask you if you are reading this article, you would say “I am reading it”; 2) When you say “I like running”; 3) “I am cold”; etc. (Our I is the cage that obscures the self or I.).

   Let's look at what is attributed to the goddess Venus, as the Greek mythological interpretation, is derived, in the above examples, of Union.5 and Stabilization.6, and that the god Mars is derived from Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13.

   It is wonderful to see the fine Greco-Roman intuition of our Collective Unconscious, that were reflected in their mythologies, which are not well understood, since their language is symbolic and chaotic, which agrees with what it is transmitting. Without knowing the original universality of the AT they caught some of its manifestations in the human society, although calling them gods, which is a “misinterpretation” now for us, because we scientifically call them archetypes.


Table 8. Some examples of derivatives thoughts of Union.5 and Stabilization.6.

The at Individuation.19 and Resurrection.20 are in the Cosmic Dimension

   Those two at have their own language of knowledge that cannot be properly collected here, but that it is clear in the book. Despite this, it is possible to guess them from their own name.

    Resurrects the individuality, that is released from all the ties and linkages to which has subjected it the I that we believe to be. Pay attention! because it is not the hominid that is released, but the individuality embodied in all the deviations that cover the self or I.

   These two at are those that inspire to Liberalism, which is a misguided interpretation of those at. Hominids cannot be free, because its reality is the mental chain. Some examples of derived thoughts are in Table 9.

   When they win a revolution, as the hominids call it, saying that they do it to be free, what truly happens is that they replace some linkages with others more subtle. It is the reason why that Lenin said that, after winning a revolution, has to be prepared the following one.

  With Technology it also resurrects a new mind, which is beyond its natural mind and body. Quite different are new technologies, whose abuse is similar to the worship of the golden calf, that captivated Israelis when Moses was absent on Mount Sinai.

   Those at are carriers of Cosmic Intelligence, which manifests itself in the archetype Uranus in the Greek mythology. When Paul preached Christianity in Athens, said that God Father was equivalent to who the Greeks called the god Uranus, whose realm was the infinite cosmic. This stretched "beyond" his son Saturn, also known as Chronos or the Devil, who reigned in the "nearer land". It is why he tempts Jesus of Nazareth to check he is "beyond" the terrestrial matters.


Table 9. Some examples of Individuation.19 and of Resurrection.20.

Persephone.22 is the Absolute or Irrational Dimensión

   For us it is fourth dimension and again it is not possible to describe it here, but it is broadly treated in the book. Anyway they serve not only rational considerations, but also we should be open more than ever to the irrational knowledge in its mythological version already known, which is the nearest vision to the Absolute Dimension. Some thoughts derived from Persephone.22 are in Table 10.

   Genuine derived artistic expression is the relief of Persephone-Demeter. They represent the eternal and infinite sequence virginity-fecundation. They are respectively the virgin wheat seed and stem mated, full of new virgin seeds.

   According to the myth, was Persephone with several virgins in a meadow and Pluto, which represents the deep power, kidnapped her "without her consent" and they enter in the bottom of the Earth, to reign both in hell and "beyond the deep". In other words, this is the fate of Persephone; for that was just being virgin in the meadow.

   It means the obligation that has the seed to die in order to germinate. Her mythological mother Demeter watches the rape without opposition, although later complains to Jupiter, but this says that can do nothing, since Pluto is the King of the depths.

   All this makes Eclosion.15 in the aberrant mind of the hominid with the meaning of brutal rape. Note that, according to Mythology, that the social laws represented by Jupiter or God of Olympus, where dwell the gods, can do nothing. There may also be “consent”, unconscious we would say now, of the woman that is going to be raped.

   Reminds us the myth in addition to the example of the prepared ovule to be fertilized in the ovary and nearby surrounded by others also virgin. Remember that the ovary is the biological altar where transubstantiates (16) life, through the "death" of the ovule and of the zoosperm to generate a higher life.

   We cannot move all of the above to the current conceptions, but they should enable us to reflect, that also is what we have to do, to get out of the aberrant cultural situations in which we have fallen.

   Keep in mind, that this myth, not only describes our Collective Unconscious, but that by extension manifests itself in the universal creator process virginity-fecundation. Consider even how a Galaxy "devours dying" to another also "dying" to make eclosion (15) other substances (16) with a new dimension (22 = 15 + 7), which also takes place similarly, as we said, in the ovary.


Table 10. Some examples of Persephone and of the Absolute Dimension.


   At this point there are many contents, and most all of them are from previous articles, where you can see a lot of constraints that are related, nourish or motivate the GV, which allows us to extract ideas to retrieve it.

Considerations that are known by other articles.

   As we have seen in the CS article, all hominids, whatever their sex is, keep together their ideas of male and female, predominating one or the other according to the gender that corresponds. The male, for example, contains the idea of male real and the idea of female virtual, what happens in women inversely.

   We have also differentiated there the following notions: Masculine and Feminine, which are intangible ideas substantially equal; Man and Woman are their expressions and behaviors in the members of a given society, since an African woman and other Asian are culturally different; Male and Female manifest them through the different forms of the physical body. We express the above in Table 11.

   A native Female goes up to Man in the Intuitional Universe following the real way Female-Woman-Feminine and being virtual the way Man-Masculine; it happens inversely for the Male. I clarify that Man has no sex but it contains the sexual duality and is different of what is called androgyne


Table 11. Sexual duality owing to AT.

   We have also qualified in CS the effective meaning of the feminist movements, which are really "womenist", because they only move in the sociomental plan by changing the roles of men and women. Nevertheless, it is not mobilized the authentic idea of Feminine in women. If it is mobilized, life would be beautiful and substantially different, due to the permanent affection that would have between all the humans.

   In other articles referred to the dual function of the mind, as the one referred to the ego and non-ego, which we recommend you to read, we have also laid ideas that allow understanding the GV. (Ego is very similar to I).

   Indeed, in the mind it is represented our I and the I of the other, we feel it as an ego that is not ours. That is why we call it non-ego. Now ego and non-ego are the same mind in the hominid. It is why it is said that we must love others as well as to ourselves, since thus are unified the contents of the single mind.

   That also occurs in the couple and influences the GV, motivating that both see the other different from itself, when in fact each one of them is in the mind of the other. If men hate women it is as if an area of their mind or ego hate the other area non-ego. This can degenerate into a disintegrating schizophrenia.

The couple relationship

   When getting in touch the couple, in both members their real ideas are stimulated and the virtual are activated. This is experienced as a flow of rewarding internal emotions, which generates the attraction. If this becomes mutual devotion, both will feel that common fluids are uniting them, which is interpreted as love between them. Now, all of the above can be disturbed for various reasons.

   Really as we don't see the self or I of the other, but the representation of I in our mind, join to it the image all the vices and linkages that already exist in the other. Male does not therefore truly see his partner but to its representation in his mind, usually diverted from what it effectively is.

   In the mind of the man besides is projected his idea of virtual feminine when being stimulated by the real feminine that contains his partner, which does not usually coincide. He will then try to force her to behave like he feels his virtual woman with all the deviations accumulated during his lifetime, which can finish into a deeply disintegration for both of them.

The generation of characters in the mind

   As we are going to grow they are created characters in the mind with which identifies the I that we believe to be. We say to ourselves: I am smart, I am a great runner, I feel a little thing, nobody loves me, etc. All of them are crystallized in the mind and react if they are stimulated then supplanting the I. (There is also an article devoted to the subject of the characters).

   Thus, for example: 1) If someone asks us why are you happy, the I will reply "because I have been told that I am very intelligent"; 2) On the other hand, if anybody ask us why are you sad, the answer is that "a person does not already love me"; etc. The I that we believe to be always is identified with the corresponding character, thus losing the hominid its freedom.

  This is poured in a very complicated way in the couple. On the one hand, they are attracted due to the pure essential vibrations that are compatible manifested in each one of them, thus feeling attraction and falling sometimes in love. On the other hand, the characters have been formed on the basis of the corresponding at to those essential vibration, receiving the energy-love-intelligence available on the subject.

   Each one of them has differently generated its characters depending on its life before they met. They have compatibility, for example, in the at Union.5 and Stabilization.6, but he gives expression to them in an artistic need that generates the corresponding character and she does it in peace movements that give rise to a different character. Each one of them, despite its potential affinity, will want imposing on the other his character generally causing the breakup of the couple.

The treatment of the characters in the couple

   What happens in the background? Essential vibrations "want to" purely embody, for which characters have to disappear. These instead want to stay because they have been required to live and it is the same I, who has created them. They provoke then clashes between the couple, growing with the energy that they receive and settling thus more solidly.

   But what do really want life that cares for us and preserves us? What life wants is that both members of the couple release of their characters, so that individuality resurrects in them, based on mutual love.

   What is what people have to do then? When the confrontation begins they should stop and see which characters are being manifested, for it has to be agreement and mutual love. From there, the discussion goes on, but in another way, because the characters are not nourished. At the end there will be a rewarding smile on both. It is necessary to do so, to use Discernment.


   We will then expose a set of circumstances and factors which are present in the culture and that are connected with the GV. Possibly the reader will not agree with something of what will be said here or will see it differently. No matter, the essential is the reflection and deepening on the GV we are going to do. From here, however, lines of action can be deducted to mitigate it.

   It will be in the next part where we will see in detail the alphabetic thoughts that they motivate the existence of the GV, but in this one it will also be presented simple references to them. Those who do not remember the AT can continue reading ignoring the numbers in parentheses that will appear to remember them.

Feminine is dually expressed in women

   The idea of Feminine is manifested as a duality, which is expressed in the Moon and the Venus archetypes that we all manage with simplicity, so it will help to better understand us. Venusian attraction is one thing and another is the Lunar receptivity.

• The integration of both is simply appreciated in the body of the woman with the following examples: the hip is receptive of life, but also has an appealing way, and so do moms. We can watch the differences between them in Table 13.

Table 13. Sexual duality in the woman.

• It is Venus (5.6) which is "virtually comparable" to Mars (12,13) and conversely, even the corresponding planets are in different immediate sides with respect to the Earth. Venus looks at the Sun and Mars is looking straight at the cosmos. In Mythology, they are represented in a network and the other gods laugh when they see them like that.

On the other hand, (2) Lunar-feminine is idea (2) of the ideal Sun (1). There is thus "lunar-dependence" of woman to man, provided that this is solar and she feels it as well. An example is the gift that the man receives when the woman relaxes her head with oblivion on his shoulder.

• Now, the Venus-Mars relationship is not of equality, as it is generally believed. The first is sexual attraction (5-6), while the second is sex drive (12-13). Both can even operate independently, because there is attraction without having impulse. Besides, the at 5 and 6, which are the existential foundation of Venus, are in the Personal Dimension of the Human Consciousness and the at 12 and 13, in which underlie the martial manifestation, are in the Social Dimension.

• Then when saying with scorn "malist violence", we should pay attention because we are also referring implicitly to the archetype Mars degrading it. This can also move unconsciously in other circumstances in which characteristics considered "good" of this archetype are necessary, which shreds the situation. Besides the man who executes the GV is surely a little male; if he really is male he would protect his female.

• When Western woman says that "wants to flirt" is expressing venusianly and when she says that she wants to have a home with children, it is doing it lunarly, but in the attraction is helped on her venusian part. When one says "I've pulled the guy that" she is using her virtual male idea, transformed into real. Lunarly can she expresses when saying "even though my husband and I make it, I'm not pregnant". The reality of Venus or Greek Aphrodite is shown in Table 13.


Table 13. The birth of Venus.

Differences between the Western and the Muslim woman

• The dual female manifestation is also culturally expressed. Western feminist movements have chosen as a symbol to represent them the one of Venus and Islam have adopted the Moon, representing their forms in the sky with the Islamic veil in the face of the women.

   The most extreme expression is the burka, which resembles the hemisphere of the Moon that cannot be seen from Earth and that looks so, not to Earth, but directly to the firmament. In addition, taliban means "seeker of truth". You must know well which support receives and in what is based the alleged enemy.

• The Muslim woman, in general, covers his body of the venusian attraction and is expressed lunarly highlighting her face with the veil. She primarily concentrates in the home and procreation. It is not strange that Gaddafi said that the war between the West and Islam would win our women, due to the lunar influence on the difference of births between the two cultures.

As an example of that, is the stadistic proof. In 30 years, the 40% of the French population will be muslim. There is, nevertheless, the following question: ¿do the muslims want loosing the French culture that has give them a grear part of what they really are?

• This situation presents similarities with the one of 60,000 years ago, when the African "Homo sapiens" settled in Europe, appearing evolutionarily us and finally disappearing the "Homo neardenthalensis", which was established there.

   Now, our relatives "Homo sapiens", which evolved in Africa, are maintaining a similar behavior. It would be useful to investigate how disappeared the "Homo neardenthalensis", to deduce our current attitudes about African migration phenomena.

• Through deeper connections of the Collective Unconscious, the above is transmitted subconsciously to European "Homo sapiens", affecting the reproductive behavior of the couple.

   The European male "sees", without being aware of it, how are being altered his functions in the defense of the territory. That is united to his natural impulse to perpetuate his genes, which is depleted in the same society he lives due to the fall in the birth rate. All this influences on male his behavior and ultimately on the VG.

 * The concealment of the venusian influence in Muslim women unconsciously excites the martial idea of the jihadist warrior. One of the answers from the Israelis to the terrorist is lunar, destroying her home; they attack thus something that hurts it deeply.

On the other hand the sex and the naked body of Western women are growing and makes decrease the pugnacity of her warrior, which cannot be substituted for technology in the direct urban future struggle, which willbe based mostly on the personal courage.

• It is represented Venus being born in the sea directly from creator power of the sky, manifested in her archetypal father Uranus or Cosmic Intelligence, when his semen is poured over the sea.

   We note, therefore, that in the present there is a growing influx of Western women to the University. They are enhancing thus their venusian-feminine pretending to reach, probably without knowing it, wisdom and freedom of father Uranus. On the other hand, Talibans restrict their women learning in order to hide in them their venusian-feminine and to promote in this way lunar-feminine development, because thus it is appropriate to their culture.

I know very well that all these things that I am saying surely collide with thoughts that are already rooted in Western culture. Although it would be rejected what I´m saying, at least we are again reflecting on circumstances affecting the embodiment of Feminine and Masculine, which is related to the GV.

All this has impact, not only on the GV, but also in the possible understanding between cultures and their respective developments.

We emphasize that in the Cosmosociety have social priority maternity and childhood.

Underestimation of the Western man-warrior

• From the First World War overall the towns were destroyed due to the influence of the contest, so the families looked at how their houses and their homes were destroyed on a massive scale. This is new for the woman, who is also forced to work in factories. The household role of the woman is thus undermined by the action of the man-warrior enemy, but this happens on all sides. 

• With the Second World War the conflict is already of planetary scale, increasing even more the uprooting of the women to their home. Even in Germany they protested by going to factories, arguing that they had been educated to be mothers. For more derision, a large number of them were systematically raped by the Soviet warriors, while theirs were on the Russian front and could not defend them.

   It is thus increasingly shaping up in women that the world ruled by men was driving them to wars that destroy the cradle of the family that they represent. This fear reached its maximum with the Third Cold World War and the aggravation persists today.

• The underestimation of the military warrior also extends to the repressive action of the Police that is forced on many occasions to defend themselves against the aggressiveness of the protesters. It is very often overestimate the damage to civilians and, on the other hand, briefly cited what protesters have caused to the Police.

   Who is sitting at home, away from what is happening, when hearing the news, specially receives the police repression message. It forgets that, so that it is calmly watching TV, warriors have to ensure that its easy stance is possible. It doesn't want also understanding that the warrior function implies death and violence, whose limits can get out of control.

• Generally we receive arrogant information of the three accepted powers: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. However, it doesn´t transcend that such powers would not be operative without the warriors. The effective power of a judge is in the judicial police and the one of the prisons.

• It is not surprising that has even appeared as a new hero in cinema the technician in computer science, who with two clicks on the console of the computer stops a nuclear war, supplementing thus the warrior. I have to add, for those who know the AT, that this new situation is understood through the AT, since the at 19 and 20 are those that give rise to computer science, that are "over" the at 12 and 13 with 7 difference, which are those that give rise to war.

• As final auction for the man-warrior, women are joining the Army and the Police, so the esteem and consideration of the man-warrior is compromised.

It is clear therefore, with everything has been said, that the man-male doesn't feel needed too much and it overwhelms him.

Biblical Considerations

• In Genesis there is a first Adam and a first Eve who is substantially equal to Adam, because they are created in the image of God Creator; Genesis 1-27. In this creative phase Adam and Eve are the ideas of Masculine and Feminine respectively; to understand this well you should read CS.

• The same result doesn´t happen with the creation by Yahweh-God of the second Eve, who was born from Adam's rib, when he sleeps; Genesis 2-21. Rib shape seems a lunar image in declining phase and proceed from Adam is a solar image. The Sun precisely sleeps at night, which is when the Moon shines.

   The faces of the Moon are born of their receptivity to the sunlight. This idea of Feminine is not, therefore, equal with the Masculine, but of dependency and even submission, as we have already said. In this creative phase Adam and Eve have mind, since they dialogue, so Man and Woman already exist.

• In Genesis is the Eve of paradise who, to be like Yahweh-God, agrees with the Devil. This passage is sometimes distorted because Adam and Eve from paradise have to incarnate as Male and Female in order to replenish the Earth, by what Yahweh then covers their naked bodies. It is needed for this the participation of the Devil, who reigns in the Earth. His power in all the kingdoms of the Earth is seen in the temptations that he presents to Jesus of Nazareth in his purification in the desert.

We have again highlighted the feelings of Masculine-Man-Male and of Feminine-Woman-Female and their roles. Over this should again reflect the reader and compare them with trends and beliefs that we have on those currently.

Labour and social circumstances

• As it is the Western procreative couple today, we see that it is imperative that women have to work, both for being a single-parent and for maintaining independently. This raises the competitiveness between women and men, which moves to the home.

• Venusian West orientation encourages women to make them as men, even to reach senior executives positions, which by nature are extremely dry and governed really, as we have already said many times, by the Devil.

• The current Liberals (19,20) drive, for more than two centuries, to individual development (20), what motivates in women the need for a space of government (8.9) through their personalized (2) work (6) in society (8-14), without dependence on the man.

• Advances in medicine during the last centuries and the use of vaccines have lowered infant mortality. Women went from having 6-8 children to have less, allowing them to have free time, which could be devoted to other issues. Similar support is currently experienced to day with energy, appliances, etc.

• Working life is linear, dry and governed by the time (Chronos = Devil)), which limits (9) the idea of Feminine (2), that is smooth, and leads to the advance (8) of the idea of Masculine (1), that it is dry. His inhibiting effect in the woman can therefore be considerable. It is less in the man, since he is more dry and because he keeps the idea of Feminine virtually.

• In women thus tends to decrease feminine and to increase masculine, what by polar feedback (12) affects man sexual definition. Then will grow the idea of feminine in the Man and will decrease that of masculine, what existentially disturbs him.

There is thus a great conflict in the social and professional reality whereby woman feels practically forced to decrease in what has been her traditional domestic activity and instead empower in working life. Although the solution is necessarily helping the man in the household tasks, this cannot be place without not being recognized and corrected possible deviations woman-man that are originated and which have an impact on the GV.

The influences of Male and Female

• Let us also note that the Male has XY chromosomes, while the Female has XX. The chromosomal duality of Male should provide some uncertainty towards its genuine manifestation of male, which deepens the feeling of already being more feminine by other circumstances, as we have already mentioned above. It is easier for women to behave manfully, since they must give them stability as a female that their two chromosomes are equal XX.

• Venusian attraction is permanent, even if there would not be males, women would make them beautiful just to feel the satisfying projection of Venus in themselves. In reality, however, Venus has no sex; she is a collaborator in procreation. Besides she cannot be possessed by man with a perturbed socio-personal mind, because of her origin in the cosmic freedom. There is a similar case with Helena and Paris, as we said.

   Our intuition of Feminine is actually the Lunar-feminine. Although attraction and openness seem to us that there is a duality that are independent of the Feminine manifestation, the essentially Feminine is the Lunar-feminine.

• The Male also has the Venusian component, although it is virtual. Therefore when he feels the venusian attraction of the woman wakes up empathically in him his feminine and by correlation the martial sex drive, so he wants to copulate with the female. This also has his martial component which is then screwed with the venusian one, thereby opening their lunar receptivity naturally oriented to lunar procreation, although pregnancy can be avoided.

Therefore, we note the sexual biological insecurity of the man as a male augmented by his lack of knowledge of the venusian component both in himself and in the women.

Interrelation between the feminine of the male and the one of the female

• We have said that we must learn to discern between the following: the I, which I believe to be, the representation of the I of the other in my mind and also the I that the other really is. This discernment is difficult in any area, but it is even more in the couple.

• Male awkwardly identifies the idea of feminine in her partner with his own, hiding more this then. From there the woman dominates in the unconscious feminine of the man through her own feminine behavior. When she talks, thinks or behaves in a natural way, without forcing it, she is motivating on the same line to the man.

• That he does not detect it; what he feels is that if she “approaches” him is happy and if she "separates" from him is unfortunate. He will want then to "immobilize" the woman next to him, even against her will. This takes place even regardless of what she actually feels or does

We emphasize again the ignorance of the male regarding the behavior of women. This does not solve educating him in childhood with the Venusian-feminine and the Lunar-feminine components such as it is lived currently, which besides are also completely deviated from the archetypes Venus and Luna, but promoting his capacity of discernment.

Some actions to mitigate the GV

   I have previously submitted a set of ideas and circumstances related to the GV, from which its influence, within the detailed context that we have exposed, can be alleviated. Therefore, I´m not going to expose a set of conclusions for their treatment, what is a personal competence of who reads this writing, although it may receive help from specialized entities that are based on the content of this article, whose existence it is necessary to spread.


   We will now reach the roots that feeds Gender Violence presenting a set of ideas, deduced from the Alphabet of Thought. For this reason I have extended a lot all of the above. Thus this Part 3 will be easier to understand, in which we will examine how act the at in the human mind promoting GV. This will allow us to arbitrate very definite reactions to discourage it. To understand this point should keep well clear the relations in 11 and 7 of the at 1-2, 12-13, 14-15 and 19-20.

Relations in 11 between 1-2 and 12-13

   What is called Gender-Based Violence is a response of the couple to their mutual disappointment. It is not an exclusive problem of the male, but that is incubated in the two members of the couple. There are then two kinds of violence, as it can be deduced from Table 4: what the woman makes the man and what he directs to her. The first has a lively (2) and disintegrator (13 = 2 + 11) background and the second is manifested more preeminent (1) and retroactive (12 = 1 + 11), which then kills (13 by contiguity of 12).

   The GV has, therefore, no definitive solution, is a consequence of the manifestation of the creative 22 essential vibrations in the at, which are perverted in the human impure mind. Nevertheless, the at are there always present and active trying to embody purely on the man, but this has deviated from the original creative forces its intelligence and its mind, as we saw in the Table 1.

   We cannot eradicate with our single initiative that deviation, because it is an issue of the entire human species. To do so is needed Revolution in Consciousness, as we have said, but coming off of what is often thought about this topic.

Relations in 7 between 5-6, 12-13 y 19-20

   We go again to the contents of Table 3, but once again simplifying the already known language: we call Venus to the archetype of the known manifestation of 5-6, Mars to 12-13 and Uranus to 19-20, without forgetting that the at are universal while the previous archetypes dwell in our Collective Unconscious, although this also comes from the AT.

   We observe in Table 3 the great almost-equilateral triangle, forming couples of those at. We already know that the triangle has not 3 equal sides, because the arch 22 is smaller than the rest of the 21 that they are. I have painted the arrow ranging from 4-5 to 12-13 with tip at both ends because they influence each other. Instead what comes from 19-20 have no one in the origin because it's going from cosmic sky toward Earth and not vice versa.

   We are aware that in all the hominids AT manifests in all of them alike. What makes them different is that each of them receives it according to its personal characteristics. Then all men are essentially equal, although different personally.

   So if he is a male as if she is a female, everybody has incarnated to Venus, Mars and Uranus. No hominid can go from its personal venus or its mars to the freedom of Uranus, because it is from this that comes everything. They are only illuminated by the at 19-20 the humans who receive the cosmic sky light. So their eyes have to look upwards and be open to Freedom, by tipping what hominids awkwardly call their freedoms, because they tend to be an aggrandizement of I that we believe to be.

   The only access to the Cosmic Dimension is from Eclosion.15 once it is passed Purification.14. The same Jesús of Nazareth, after his death (13) descends to hell (14) and makes eclosion (15) with transubstantiation (16). He has gone through 3 at like the 3 days that he employed as the Evangel says.

   It is then an error for the gender women extend their freedoms by enhancing them with its martial archetype stabilizing it with his own venusian archetype, although she was archetypically born from Uranus. We know that hominids cannot be free because the nature of their I is precisely the opposite, because they are always chained, although it is with characters that they call “good”. Everything to which we give ourselves intentionally and with loss of identity, distances us from the Freedom of the Cosmic Intelligence.

   When the female gender is situated in the martial archetype manifested by the at 12-13 also enters in an existential trap. In fact, in the Table 3 can man check that these at are opposed by difference 11 to the at 1-2 through which life manifests itself originally.

   Further they do to at 2, which manifests as feminine. That´s to say, with such behavior they affect their Lunar- feminine declining, therefore, her femininity, who moves into her home and to society.

   Due to the mind-body relationship, such distortion is moved above all to their genetic health. Life ankyloses and degenerative diseases of the female gender are stimulated. You can check at the Conference that appears at my website and more clearly in the book, that the bad experience of the Freedom of Uranus generates cancer. It is thus not surprising their proliferation in the female reproductive system.

          Archetypal dialogue between Feminine-Masculine:

(I believe it would be better that you translate the song from Spanish into your own language).



     En ella sonreía: ¿quién eres?
     Él se miraba: ¡yo soy!
     Y dijo él: ¿quién eres tú?
     En ella calló: ¡yo-soy-tú!

     Y soñaron:
     Soy en ti sin mi.

     El silencio se acurrucó en el aire,
     cuando otra voz repetía:
     Sí, y, siempre;

Some reactions of the man

• The foregoing is projected onto the gender male, losing his existential perspective. Men are disoriented and helpless to a phenomenon that arose collaterally and whose roots escape to their understanding. They believe, however, that they understand it joining, as Adam, to the behavior of the female gender.

It has to be clear that the most sublime and determinant exponent of life is the female. She is who incubates it for its reproduction, which is what mainly characterizes life. If all of that is unknown for the male, his life is disoriented.

• We have said that the male does not understand the feminine of the woman, because he sees it through his own, which is virtual and is distorted. The overall result for him is the devitalization and the uprooting of the life.

• The next step is the development of a latent aggression, which may overflow. Not only he is not already the warrior who protects the woman, but that his capacity of struggle is directed against her.


   As I've said before, I will not establish a set of conclusions, what is a personal task of the reader depending on the previous content that best suit its case or its opinion. Organizations, aside from the State, must be created grouping social actions based on this article.

I offer, nevertheless, a set of considerations to be taken into account by men and women:

• The female gender must integrate in her thinking and in her behavior the sexual duality of Venusian-feminine and Lunar-feminine, as life does it. The Lunar-feminine is, however, which determines the integration.

• Besides, the female gender has to see, assimilate and stimulate in the man to Masculine in his two aspects: martial with his impulse and solar with its welcoming energy. However, it must be Masculine incarnated as virtual in her consciousness and Feminine as real.

• The male gender has to understand, assesse and honor to Feminine with these two aspects: viewing in himself her virtual image and in order to understand her real embodiment in the female gender.

• They have both to see that Feminine and Masculine are ideas of the Universe of Ideas. Then they are really in themselves: inalterable, universal and timeless. They cannot be personalized for a particular use.

• All of this must be conducive in the boy and in the girl both by their parents and in school education.

• Although there may be various family associations, family par excellence is the procreative of male and female. The procreating family is what nourishes society of members and where the child finds embodied in their parents, as a necessary reference for its orientation and sexual development, Feminine and Masculine.

*   The purification of the human couple transforms gender violence in mutual understanding. To do so they have to discern that what faces are the characters of each one. In addition to procreation, get rid of them is the foundation of the formation of the couple.

 • The most normal is that your I, such it is now, is who has read this article. You can now watch the Table 13 and read it again.


Table 13. The right reading of the book.

It is very neccessary the Purificaion of the Mankind, as we can see from Table 14.


Table 14. Nature of Human Decay.

In the Cosmosociety have social priority maternity and childhood. Here there is not Gender Violence.





(I believe it would be better that you translate the song from Spanish into your own language).

Creo que mi vida nace en ti,
¡más allá! en la entraña del cielo,
que encubre virginal el velo
de tu sueño sideral de mí.

Me mueves sin limitación.
Me miras en mi mirada.
Sé que siente tu corazón,
mi vida de ti desviada.

Si de mí, tu semilla germina,
yo de la tierra me desprendo.
Resucita así mi alma en divina,
su fuego en tu seno consumiendo.

Eres tú Virgen de mí,
Madre de todo en ti.



• RECOGNITION to my only sister Manuela Luz Lidón Campillo, who helps with care and enthusiasm to review all my writings to facilitate their reading.