I have already published many articles in the Blog Cosmosociedad, but I think this is the most decisive and necessary for this humanity of "Homo sapiens". It is about showing it, not its relationship with the Sky that it sees and that amazes it, nor its self or its personality, but that it contemplates that its reality is to be Sky-Earth.

   It is not intended to see if the Solar System influences the self that it believes itself to be, but that the self that we have created is unreal. Our reality is the Consciousness of the Planetary System embodied in terrestrial material. We are not simply human, we are gods or celestial archetypes that mold from their consciousness and animate the mud of the Earth.

   That statement coincides with what is said in the Genesis of the Bible: (1-26) ..."Then say God, let us make man in our image and likeness"...; ... (2-7) "Yahweh God formed man from the mud of the earth and inspired it in the face breath of life"....

   We do not live from that state, but we are separated from Heaven and hooked to Earth. We suffer like this, but to remedy it we continue to apply the same system of thoughts that have destroyed us, so we become even more tied to the Earth and our evil grows.

   That was the belief of the ancient sages that we will now expand and qualify in the article. It will then be lived being terrestrial, but with cosmic identity. To do this, we must start from our current state of celestial uprooting to open ourselves to the true self that we are.

   That is the purpose pursued with this article, which is not scientific in nature, although I represent myself as such: Dr. Civil Engineer, Bachelor of Economic and Business Sciences and Professor of Polytechnic University (retired).

   I point out below some examples of Heaven-Earth relationship, whose data I have obtained in a book of planetary ephemeris in which the positions of the planets in the sky appear:

1) I was able to foresee the economic crisis of 2008.

2) Also the current bacteriological nature, which would be defined on January 10, 2020. Its consummation will be at the beginning of March 2023 reaching its limit and its globalization.

Possibility of a nuclear war, which will also be defined on that date. If it happens, its bottom is the control of the sea and its coast.

3) I discovered in 30 seconds the symbol of the fourth dimension, which will appear in the article, and which I called Persephone, like that of the goddess who is the partner of the god Pluto. It coincides with the worldview of the Physical Theory of Superstrings.

   I encourage you to read the article, as the beginning of something deeper that you will have to continue, but I warn you that good bibliography can be counted on the fingers of your hand. The link of the article is: 







I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English

We will follow the aspiration of the ancient sages

   Ancient wisdom related, with great intuition, the celestial becoming with the terrestrial event. Following its projection of thought, we will see that the planetary consciousnesses, manifested in Table 1, generate the script that we represent on the stage of our lives.

Table 1. Planetary consciousnesses "write" the script of a great work that we represent on Earth.

   A deeper insight into the Universe and Humanity is obtained with the Alphabet of Thought (AT), whose nature is universal, and which has scientific confirmation in the Physical Theory of Superstrings. It is developed in the book Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety (APyCS), of 510 pages, which has a free download on my website. In the link Blog Cosmosociedad is published this article, whose nature is, therefore, different from that of the book:

   Another book prior to the APyCS, "Human Chaos and the Alphabet of Thought. Save the Earth", served as a basic bibliography for the subject of the same name with 4.5 credits (45 hours). It was taught as a subject of Free Choice of University and I received a warm letter of congratulations from the Rector, as a result of the very favorable surveys of the students.

   I therefore deal with various topics concerning the human condition in the Universe, as is the case with books and all articles already published, whose topics are as follows: God, AP and Science; Essential Freedom is achieved when the Purified Mind listens to the Evolutionary Message of the Cosmos; What is the Alphabet of Thought; Expected Future of Sars-Cov-2; Money and Banks today and in the Cosmosociety; the Characters that “I” creates as their ideals, etc. All of them are motivated in the Alphabet of Thought.

Objectives and method of this article

   The initial objective of this article is to recover for the reader that Sky-Earth world of antiquity, now marginalized by existing customs and beliefs, but expanding and nuancing it with current knowledge; it is about unifying Heaven with Earth. We will also achieve the second objective, we will know: who you are and what you are. Both objectives will allow us to reorient and settle our lives.

   The expository method that will be followed is to initially show the reader various manifestations of the Sky-Earth relationship to bring him closer and closer to the proposed objectives, which will emerge at the end of the article. The editorial office maintains a chaotic expression, as well as Nature is. It can then be difficult to read, if it is done with rational linear logic or to accumulate information in the mind.



1.1. The Human Body in the Solar System

1.2. Celestial bodies are connected


2.1. Historical references to the incarnation of planetary consciousnesses in human life

2.2. Hominid expresses with his behavior the planetary consciousnesses that embody in him


3.1. Terrestrial Laws vs. Cosmic Laws

3.2. The opposition of the terrestrial wave to the celestial wave

3.3. The embodiment of Saturn's planetary consciousness on Earth, known as the Devil


4.1 The planets and their symbols

4.2. Their concretions in the human personal consciousness

4.3 Unique thought or quality with which each planetary consciousness is expressed


5.1. The Discovery of planet Pluto and its social impact

5.2. The Discovery of planet Neptune and its Social Impact

5.3. The Discovery of planet Uranus and its social impact

5.4. Prognosis founded on these planets


6.1. Interpretation of the Personal and Social Dimensions

6.2. Interpretation of the Cosmic Dimension


7.1. The Consummations of Liberalism, Communism and National Socialism

7.2. The awakening of the Moon


8.1. Planetary consciousnesses communicate directly with hominids

8.2. The Goals have been achieved



   What we have under our feet, and we step on with forgetfulness, is a planet that is integrated into the Cosmos; it's not ours! The Indians of the East Coast of the USA said, with great wisdom, that land is neither bought nor sold.

1.1. The Human Body in the Solar System

   Our body floats in space, on Earth, along with others that fill Sky and accompany us in our cosmic becoming.

The material body floats in an empty space

   We are used to seeing ourselves in a solid body; but this is physically an empty space. It is actually a system composed of the aggregation of the atomic systems of the different chemical elements that integrate it: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, etc. Our body is really vibratory. This explains why we like what vibrates, such as music and dance, love, beauty, etc. We seek, in fact, vibratory experiences.

   The body is then a corpuscular system extended in an almost empty space. It vibrates between two systems: the atomic one, which forms it, and the solar one, which contains it. According to the General Theory of Systems we can relatively transfer the phenomena of the Atomic System to those of the Solar System and in sum to the Human System. We depict it figuratively in Table 2.

Table 2. Link between the atomic, solar and human systems.

We are riders on land horseback

   The most surprising "empathy" of Systems is that between Carbon, number 6 of the Periodic Scale, and the planet Saturn, number 6 of the Solar System. Based on the structures generated by Carbon, the germ of life emerges and, according to ancient thought, Saturn's planetary consciousness structures terrestrial life.

   The correspondence between the solar and atomic systems is confirmed based on the two motions of the Earth. The spin of the Earth with respect to itself is related to that of the "spin" of the electron and its translation around the Sun has it with that of the electron around the nucleus, according to this theory. Since we are on Earth, what happens to the Earth is happening to us; we are riders on a land horse.

1.2. Celestial bodies are connected

   All the bodies and planets of the Solar System are not only attracted to the Sun, but also attract each other. The disturbing force is most significant when there is alignment between the Sun, Earth and a set of planets. As a more direct example we have that of the eclipses of the Sun and Moon. We are therefore not surprised that the ancient sages particularly considered the influences on terrestrial life of eclipses and great planetary conjunctions.

   The Earth also has the following two movements of its axis of rotation: precession and nutation. They are a consequence of the fact that the Earth is not spherical, since the gravitational influences of the Sun, the Moon and the planets act by flattening their mass by the Poles. All this tells us, in short, that the Earth is powerfully influenced by the Solar System, which generates life on it.


   Having previously seen the Sky-Earth integration, we will show some known manifestations of Sky on Earth:

2.1. Historical references to the incarnation of planetary consciousnesses in human life

   Ancient sages discovered how they embody planetary consciousnesses in hominids. Each of them corresponds to a specific area of human behavior, body and thought. In art they captured the communication between the gods or planetary archetypes, derived from them, and these same incarnated in the hominids, as a supposedly integrated union of Heaven with Earth.

   Michel de Nostradamus, PhD from the University of Montpellier, was visited by two Kings of France: Henry and Charles IX; the latter appointed him counsellor at his court. After publishing some of his famous centuries, he was received by Pope Paul IV. This Pope was an inquisitor in his youth, so he would hold Michel's work in high regard in deciding to receive him.

   Consultation with Sky for various subjects was very common in the courts of kings. This is the case in Spain of that of Alfonso X the Wise. It is also very unique that Miguel de Cervantes puts in the mouth of Don Quixote words of recognition towards celestial influences. J. Kepler, a key figure in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, transferred his astronomical discoveries to present and future human events.

2.2. Hominid expresses with its behavior the planetary consciousnesses that embody in him

The direct observation of embodied planetary consciousnesses

   I have met people, with great sensitivity, who can know by directly observing a hominid, the place of the Sun and even the situation of the Moon on the day of its birth, without knowing its date. They do it simply through physical traits, their behavior and how the native expresses himself, without any more. These coincide, according to tradition, with the manifestations attributed to the embodied planetary consciousnesses. What is thought to be is proven to be so!

   A long time ago I myself had that capacity with a lot of successes. If planetary archetypes are "visible" in us, this is an irrefutable proof that we are their incarnation, which is shown in Table 3, in which even the arms have a wave layout.

   Now there is uprooting between the original archetype and this one incarnated, which is the hominid, that is, us. It increases because the hominid creates an “I” with which it identifies, as when it says: “I” read, “I” sing, “I” go, “I” like it, etc. The hominid becomes this ”I”, indicated in Table 3, which is separate from the inner self I that actually we are.


Table 3. Embodiment of the cosmic message in the human species.


   The terrestrial planetary consciousness Gaia makes its way wanting to exist, but it does so immersed in a permanent dialogue with the Solar System, which it does not quite understand and to which it shows its opposition from the origin of life.

3.1. Terrestrial laws vs. cosmic laws

   The planets are continuously varying their positions throughout their orbits. They thus send their "messages of permanent change", which are received by terrestrial life impelling it to evolve according to cosmic laws, from which they are, however, deviated.

   There is thus a constant dialogue, of the deaf, between the planetary gods and the hominids, which the Greeks expressed so well in all the arts. This is also what happens between the cell and the viruses that are the carriers of the evolutionary cosmic message, as I explain in other articles.

   That dissenting communication in the Christian prayer of the Lord's Prayer is well expressed: "... Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven..." It is thus supposed to be a hominid, whose terrestrial life is separated from Heaven. If it prays, from that maintained separation, it will be in vain; it cannot be heard by God. It only talks to a false god that it has created in its mind.

   The following has been explained in greater detail in other articles, but is summarized in the following two points 3.2 and 3.3 according to the method we follow to achieve the objectives of this other article:

3.2. The opposition of the terrestrial wave to the celestial wave

   The internal table in Table 4 shows well what we are exposing. It expresses the supremacy of the celestial wave, manifested by the Sun god Apollo (Sun), over the terrestrial wave expressed by the earth god Pan.

Table 4. The supremacy of the celestial wave over the terrestrial one.

   There is a musical contest and it is won by Apollo (Sun god) with his lyre, or "angelic" musical instrument, which he carries in his hand. Pan god with the flute, phallic symbol, is the loser. As a result, Pan gives Apollo the ecliptic circular crown, which represents the generating power of the Sun over life on Earth and which is transmitted by planetary consciousnesses.

3.3. The embodiment of Saturn's planetary consciousness on Earth, known as the Devil

   Saturn's incarnate planetary consciousness is known as the Devil; reigns in all earthly societies and from that power tempts Jesus of Nazareth in the wilderness: "... I will give you all the kingdoms of the world and its glory if you worship me with fennel..." This idea has to do very clearly with the “I” that we think we are, which is the one with which we identify.

   The angel Iblis (Devil) says to Allah in the Qur'an: "Because you lost me I will embellish the evil deeds of the hominids on Earth and mislead them all, except for those among them, who are your devoted servants." If this were understood, the Islamic terrorist would come out of that deception.

   It is seen in Table 5, that the terrestrial wave, symbolically represented by the serpent coiled in the tree, which moves like a wave on the earth's soil, waits from the beginning, to "embrace" the celestial wave of the angel or planetary consciousness of Saturn, which descends uprooted from Heaven to contribute to the generation of terrestrial life.

Table 5. The incarnation of Iblis or Saturn as Devil on Earth.

   The Devil, as a derivative of Saturn, is one more archetype in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. His function consists, as regent of Earthly Good and Evil, in orienting the hominid towards the Cosmic Heaven of his Father Uranus, subjecting him to generally painful tests when the hominid deviates from the cosmic message of his Father.

   The Demon, on the other hand, has been created by the hominids in the Collective Mind. It has, therefore, all the information of Humanity, so it is fruitless and reckless to dialogue with it. Drag the hominid exclusively into terrestrial themes, even beautifying them, there is no Heaven! He is shown as Lucifer (“Good”) and Satan (“Evil”), embellishing the terrestrial theme he proposes to the hominids.

   Pope Francis refers with horror and fear to the temptations that the Demon submits to him. He describes them as very deceptive and constant, but what happens to him is extensive for all hominids; it can be said that Humanity is demonized.

   Whenever there are phenomena in which there is only "earth" to repair what the "earth" itself has caused, there is the Demon. The more beautiful the repairing phenomenon, the more beautiful his captivating presence is, giving solutions to what he himself has induced in hominids. In the example of the Pope, he has to concentrate on the Purification of Humanity and the Devil will turn away from him, even with a smile. There is only LOVE!

Why that original distortion exists

   It seems that terrestrial life is as it is and that it cannot be otherwise. The original distortion of the celestial wave in its connection with the terrestrial wave could be caused by the following causes: 1) Magnetism of the Earth; 2) That the Earth is not round, it is a spheroid; 3) By the simple principle of Action of Sky and Reaction of Earth; 4) Since the Earth occupies the third place in the Solar System receives in a deviated way the original planetary forces, which do communicate in equilibrium with respect to the Central Sun.

   Note also that, with respect to Earth, the planetary bodies Sun, Mercury and Venus are opposite respectively to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. In contrast, the planets Pluto, Neptune and Uranus have no opposite planets; they are thus projected beyond the Sun, where cosmic space prevails.

   Life, as it is now, disappears with the influence of those three cosmic planets, which transform the terrestrial hominid into Cosmic Man. It is no longer seen on planet Earth, exclusively as Earth, but on it as one more place in the Cosmos. This is the next evolutionary step of man, after those planets have been discovered, which we will see in more detail in Section 5.

Consciousness of the Solar System, Brahman, Atman and Man

   If we include the dwarf planet Xena (Eris) discovered in 2005, within the Solar System, it would then be assimilable to the atom of the noble gas Neon with 10 electrons. It manifests an atomic consciousness of its own, which is the same whatever the position of its electrons is and which characterizes it.

   We can then say that the Solar System of ten planets would then be assimilable to an invariable Solar Consciousness (Brahman or Universal Being) that always expresses itself in each of its positions in space (Atman or Individual Being) from which it incarnates in the native. In this sense it can be said that we are all created equally by the same Solar Consciousness, but not that we are the same since it does so from different positions in space.


   We continue with our method of bringing closer the understanding of planetary consciousnesses, so that the Planetary Sky relationship with the Earth can be lived freely and with the hope of integration. We can then experience that their luminous dots feel, love and think and that we must recover their message with their original nature, before incarnating deviantly.

4.1 The planets and their symbols

The planets are arranged in three triads

   We initially rely on Table 6, in which the triads of planets formed in relation to the Earth, are made to correspond to 3 Dimensions of Human Consciousness. There is also the Absolute Dimension, but it does not manifest itself with any planet, but with Persephone, which we will quote later.

Table 6. The three triads of planets in relation to Earth.

The symbols of the planets

   The symbols of the planets also appear in Table 6. These are not whimsical or improvised, but have a long historical tradition. All are composed of the following three figures: the Circle represents the Spirit; the Semicircle the Soul; the Cross to Earth or Matter. They are also the symbols respectively of the three biblical religions: Judaism (Circular Star of David), Islam (Semicircle) and Christianity (Cross).

   Let's look at an example with the symbol of the planet Pluto, which represents the integral man, who thus accesses the Cosmic Dimension. In fact, the Spirit illuminates the Soul, which diffuses it into Matter; it is also the Symbol of the Grail and that of the Eucharist. The symbol of the Sun is very simple, the inner point is man and the circle is that of the Sun; it is the representation that is created in the open space of the sea, because we are always the center of the horizon even if we move. Notice that in the sign of Venus the spirit is on matter, which represents a call for reflection for feminist movements that use it as a symbol. Persephone we represent her with two symbols: that of our Universe is Real and that of the Parallel Universe is Virtual.

4.2. Their concretions in the human personal consciousness

   Their concretions have been deduced and explored throughout history; they are therefore very proven and contrasted by experience, although with little scientific basis. We add, however, that the ancient and recent astronomers, until the Scientific Revolution, did delve into the Heaven-Earth relationship.

The vibratory nature of archetypes

   We also have the example of light in Quantum Mechanics with the phenomenon of the double slit. It is proven that light has a wave and corpuscular nature. We assimilate the wave to the vibration of the planetary archetypes they embody. The photon corpuscle is comparable to incarnate hominids.

   The tragedy is that those are neither human nor gods. Archetypes are neither corporeal nor human, although they are expressed in Mythology to transmit them to hominids in a simple way. They have a vibrational nature and propagate like waves.

Examples of the vibratory nature of archetypes

- SUN: You feel someone's warmth and personal protection.

- MOON: We are moved by maternal affection.

- MERCURY: Vibrates among the various alternatives that appear to choose one of them.

- VENUS: It agitates us in the sexual instinct.

- SATURN: We incubate in its welcome and in its social organization.

- MARS: It propels us towards the sexual act to perform it.

- JUPITER: Vibrates as a hierarchy in the development of social organization.

- PLUTO: When a mental substance bathed in an explosion of unlimited energy hatches in us, its Cosmic Energy propagates.

- NEPTUNE: If we detach ourselves from the earthly bonds and enter into communion with the Universe, we are enveloped by Cosmic Love.

- URANUS: When we overflow the social boundaries of Saturn and resurrect in individuality, which we really are, we are invaded by freedom that is free of conditioning, illuminated by its Cosmic Intelligence.

- PERSEPHONE: If you see that each sequence of the space-time fan is a projection of absolute space, she smiles at us with her face of 4 Moons. We see her with her mother Demeter in Table 7.

Table 7. Images of the Absolute Dimension.

4.3 Unique thought or quality with which each planetary consciousness is expressed

   There are multiple and varied interpretations to know the quality transmitted by the planets. So I set out to find an unique thought that would express them. This was achieved by its relationship with the AT and with the scientific contributions of Astrophysics and General Systems Theory, but supported by the direct look at the Sky. We then present the planets along with the quality that expresses them, which appears in italics with sign - and +.

Personal Dimension

Sun+: Ideal+. It is the center of the Solar System. Apollo (female) and especially Hercules (male) are his two human-divine archetypes. Its light on the Moon gives us, through its various faces, the Idea- of the Sun.

There is thus sunlight-solar (+) and moonlight (-).

Mercury: Link+ with the Sun and Verify- it to be transmitted; its bark is made of metallic materials. As a god, he is the messenger of the gods. He is the one who transmits divine inspiration to the prophet. In everything that has communication or alternatives to choose, there vibrates Mercury.

Venus: The idea- verified- by Mercury has Union+ with or without Stabilization- with the silence in Attention of the Earth. Their sexuality of attraction is especially welcomed by the Moon to finally reach procreation.

The planet has retrograde motion, as is the case with its mythological father Uranus; the goddess Venus thus opens herself to the Cosmic Love of her celestial Father, which finally manifests itself as human love in the Personal Dimension.

Social Dimension

Saturn: The view advances+ to its satellites and finds its vision limit- there. He cuts off the testicles generating "sons" on Earth from his father Uranus, according to his mother Gaia, who was tired of giving birth to the children of Uranus. Many of them were monsters because they were born without the necessary control and terrestrial order. Saturn puts precisely order and organization in the incarnation of Heaven on Earth.

A sky is thus formed with its limit in the rings of Saturn, which governs what happens on Earth. Beyond the rings is the sky of Uranus. He transmits the cosmic laws, but for them to reach Earth they have to be adapted by his son Saturn; usually in a diabolical way according to the existential game of earthly good and evil, in which he rules.

Jupiter: It is a protostar, because with only a mass 200 times greater it would have been a star; thus mark hierarchy with the Sun. Having banished his father Saturn (Devil) with chains, he is the creator of life forms. It collects: with Involution+ the cosmic creative (divine) law, which is what should inspire religions, and with Evolution- the emanation of the terrestrial laws generated, which are investigated by Science.

Religion is inspired and takes as God the planetary consciousness of Jupiter; it is hierarchized and organized (Saturn). The divine vision beyond the Jupiterian is acquired with the Cosmic Triad. Jupiter is equivalent to Yahweh-god and the Father or Creator God is equivalent to Uranus. Their equivalences in Hinduism are respectively with Saguna-Brahman and Nirguna-Brahman.

The relationship between Jupiter and Saturn, which are contiguous planets, is the one that in fact occurs between Parliament (Jupiter) and the Government (Saturn) with the society it governs. This also explains the supremacy of law in the rule of law.

Mars: It makes Retroaction+ with Venus joining its real images to the virtual ones of the other, because they are in the same relative opposite situation with respect to the Earth. Venus is not alone, but linked by feedback with the virtual image of Mars.

It was said on Olympus that those gods were enveloped by a net, from which they could not untangle. It looks with Disintegration- at the disintegrated Asteroid Belt, which by Retroaction applies it to what opposes it. It thus ruled the warrior, the offensive, the defense of Venus as peace and attraction, etc.

It is necessary the Purification of the terrestrial phenomena that have accumulated, as a result of living the Personal and Social Triads deviantly, to make the transition to the Cosmic Dimension.

Cosmic Dimension and Absolute Dimension

Pluto: It is not contained in the Ecliptic, as its orbit is very eccentric. "Uploaded" to the planet becomes eclosion+ to the Cosmos, which implies in man the Transubstantiation- of its consciousness.

He is the king of the deep, "beyond" the Earth. Together with her companion Persephone they reign in Hell or place of purification of the incarnate archetypes, who return to the original Heaven when the hominid dies.

Neptune: At its shore, as the last ecliptic planet, is the "beyond" the galactic Communion+ of solar systems. It is necessary then the Detachment- of what particularizes our solar system.

According to Mythology, all the children of the god Neptune are cruel; that is, Cosmic Love is cruel to the human-terrestrial personality, which the hominid does not want to understand. Yes, it adapts it badly to its fantasies and chains him in cults and drug addiction.

Uranus: It creates a singular gravitational sky because its axis of rotation is perpendicular to the Ecliptic and it and some of its moons have retrograde motion. There is therefore an Individuation+ that makes Resurrection-.

With the other two subsequent planets it forms a joint cycle of translation around the Sun which is the Consummation+ of the Solar System. "Beyond" are the other systems in the galaxy that you have to open up to see at all.

Persephone: I think Persephone is a small black hole, which, according to S.W. Hawking, occurred after the Big-bang. Its symbol has 4 Crescents, one for each Dimension of Human Consciousness. It thus represents the 4th Dimension, from which the 4 dimensions of the "Space-Time Universe" are born, in whose bosom we float.

According to Persephone Mythology, or virgin seed, it is kidnapped by Pluto, to reign with it deep and emerge as a spike. Her mother Ceres, Queen of Agriculture, witnesses the "consensual" abduction, because she does not intervene.

She then complains to Jupiter, Pluto's brother; but he replies by telling her that he does not rule in the kingdom of Pluto. This indicates that it is in vain the legislative way (Jupiter) to combat the rapist hominids, which are deviated from the pure and original nature of Pluto.

   I propose that its two derived symbols, in the Table 6, be displayed by women, pinned on the dress next to their heart. It could be then, when the rapist saw it, that his intentions vanished.


   We continue our exploration of Sky to see ourselves in it.

The evolutionary key is the feeling of species

   The evolutionary key in the past was that hominization was based on the generally lived principle of species of all its members, who feel the same needs projected in the Collective Mind. This universal common feeling has been lost in the historical present, which is illustrated in Table 8.

   That is mainly due to the social fracturing into groups, with the same interests that partitocratic democracy fosters; there is no overview of the needs of humanity when voting. The planetary consciousnesses of the Cosmic Dimension advocate precisely human evolution under the common feeling of species; there is thus a clear existential mismatch.

Table 8. Where does "Homo sapiens" walk?

5.1. The Discovery of planet Pluto and its social impact

   The qualities "Eclosion" and "Transubstantiation" or their synonyms will be constantly used, which are what characterize the embodiment of the planetary consciousness of the planet in our lives.

Pluto's Characteristics in the Sky-Earth Relationship

   After several years of searching, a small planet hidden in the far reaches of the solar system appeared in 1930, although it is not now considered a planet by Astronomy. Whatever its denomination, for us it is a planetary body, which has the following characteristics:

1) Its orbit is very eccentric with respect to the plane of the Ecliptic, so it seems that the planet emerges from that plane.

2) Since Pluto there is therefore a substantial change in the gaze, which goes from being ecliptic to being cosmic.

3) That it is marginal to the solar system is proven because Pluto does not comply with the law of planetary distances to the Sun, expressed by the value of "a" in the following formula:

a = 0.1( 3.2n + 4) AU

Being: "a", the position of the planet, n = 1 for the Earth and 1AU the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

4) Pluto fulfills well the 3-2-1 ratio that exists between the sidereal periods of its orbit in 247 years and those of Neptune (164) and Uranus (84):

Uranus Neptune Pluto ,,, Persephone
84/1 = 164/2 = 247/3 = … ¿336/4?

5) I call Persephone a supposed "body" of the Solar System, not yet discovered and of unknown nature, but which I know it exists. If it fulfill the previous relationship its translation would be 336 years. To locate it you have to take into account where Pluto was when it was discovered, because they are a mythological cosmic couple.

6) In certain periods Pluto emerges passing through the orbit of Neptune, as does the Pluto of myth.

Synchronicity of social facts with the discovery of Pluto

   The following events, which occurred around that time, are related to the characteristics of the planetary body Pluto.

1) National Socialism hatches in Germany pretending to create a new, but racial, substance. They did not understand, therefore, the true meaning of "Eclosion" and "Transubstantiation".

2) The Great Depression takes place as a result of the fall of the Stock Exchange, in which Pluto manifests itself with its constant and variable emergence from one stock market state to another.

3) The deep energy of the Microcosm emerges in Quantum Mechanics generating a substantial transformation of Science.

4) Psychoanalysis emerges from the depths, impregnating Psychology with a new substance.

5) The artist dives into the depths of the soul, so that a new artistic substance emerges.

5.2. The Discovery of planet Neptune and its social impact.

Characteristics of the discovery of Neptune

   The planet Neptune was discovered in 1846 thanks to mathematical calculation. Perturbations were observed in the orbit of Uranus, which were supposed to be caused by the influence of another planet, which allowed its location with a difference of 1 degree with respect to the calculation. Let us look once again in this case at the planetary interaction.

   The qualities "Communion" and "Detachment" or their synonyms, which are what characterize the embodiment of the planetary consciousness of the planet in our lives, will be used constantly in the future. The following most significant neptunian events coincided:

1) Around that time K.Marx and F.Engels were drafting the Communist Manifesto. Communion incarnates in Communism and Detachment in Collectivism. Their lived realities are, therefore, an embezzlement of "Communion" and "Detachment".

2) I transcribe what Edward N. Lorenz, famous scientist of Chaos Theory (Page 115) says:

"…What I want to do in this chapter is to present a few scenes of this drama that is our growing awareness of chaos, from the moment of the discovery of Neptune, at which point there was virtually no awareness of the matter."…

3) Classical Music (Communion) reaches a singular upswing, since 20 composers coexist in 1,850, while in 1,800 there were only 4. There is therefore a great musical explosion with detachment from the rest of the music; the mermaids come out of the sea to be inspired by this music.

5.3. The Discovery of planet Uranus and its social impact

   In 1781 W. Herschell discovered a new planet with the help of the telescope, which was called Uranus. This finding is very significant, because its characteristics, as a planet, resemble those of the mythological god Uranus and its qualities. The thoughts generated in the mind by the planetary consciousness of Uranus are: "Individuation" and Resurrection", which will appear with their synonyms below.

   Uranus has turned out to be a singular planet because of the following: its orbit runs in the opposite direction than the rest of the planets, except Venus, which is his "mythological daughter", and which does the same; the axis of rotation of the planet is contained in the ecliptic plane, while that of the others is practically perpendicular; the movement of some satellites is retrograde. It is clear, therefore, that the sky of Uranus is singular according to the General Theory of Relativity.

   The god Uranus, according to Mythology, represents the cosmic sky and its generating power. When Paul preaches the Gospel among the Athenians, he tells them that the god Uranus they worship corresponds to the Father or one God of Christianity.

Uranus' planetary consciousness takes man beyond the socially established

   The Archetype Uranus is therefore associated with being free from the forms crystallized by the social organization of the Saturnian archetype, which is reflected above all in being free from the forms of government. That is why revolutionaries easily find an answer to their promises of freedom. Let's see how all of the above has been interpreted by the rarefied mind of "Homo sapiens" since the date of the discovery of Uranus:

1) Liberalism explodes at the end of the eighteenth century, but as a degraded movement of the masses. The meaning of "Individuation" and "Resurrection" is thus lost, which impel the resurrection of original individuality.

2) The American Revolutionary War took place between 1,775 and 1,783, as the colonists wanted to be free from the unfair treatment they suffered depending on Britain, but they enslaved the natives.

3) The beginning of the French Revolution began in 1,789 with the constitution of the States General. The instrument for achieving freedom is the guillotine.

4) Liberalism goes beyond Rationalism and penetrates Neoclassicism.

5.4. Prognosis founded on these planets

Prognosis of the Pluto Cycle

   I have verified that the theoretical half-cycle of 124 years of the translation of the planet Pluto, counted from 1,930, has already been reached in January 2016. This has happened in just 86 years, when it should have been in 247/2 = 124 years, this is in 2,054; there has been an advance of 38 years.

   I am used to studying these phenomena and I can affirm that this "speeding" of the planet leads to a debauchery of totalitarian power and a greater tendency to genocide, rape and holocausts.

   In addition, when it will slow down to accommodate the 247-year cycle, very disturbing effects can occur in the deeper layers of the Collective Mind, which are transmitted to the human mind.

Neptune Cycle Prognosis

1) In 1928 the semicycle of 164/2 = 82 after 1846 is fulfilled. In China, civil war broke out in 1,927 between nationalists and communists.

2) Neptune's first cycle of 164 years, after its discovery in 1,846, is in 2,010. The most significant fact is Russia's communist aspiration, as the rebirth of the Soviet Union, which is initially manifested in the war with Ukraine.

Prognosis of the Uranus Cycle

   After two cycles of Uranus of 84 years, Neoliberalism is resurrected from the ashes of Liberalism: 1,781 + 84 + 84 = 1,949. The following creations are given: the Free Market is replaced by the Social Market Economy; ONU in 1945; UNESCO in 1.945; OTAN in 1.949.

   The next cycle is in 2033, in which answers can be expected in the following: 1) Space army and space exploration; 2) Revolution in new technologies; 3) Changes in the way of living human love and sexuality; 4) Diseases in the reproductive activity of women; 5) Cancer research and expansion; etc.


   We then see how planetary consciousnesses are interpreted, as they have been conceived throughout history.

6.1. Interpretation of the Personal and Social Dimensions

Personal and Social Planets: Quality and Incarnation

   In Table 9 we have represented the planetary triads of the Personal and Social Dimensions. For each planet are included its best-known incarnations according to its double positive and negative manifestation. There is also what we have called quality, which is a single thought, which expresses the planetary essence that is deduced from the AP.

Table 9. Quality and Incarnation of the personal and social planets.

Interpretation of the Catholic Church

   In addition, incarnations have an interpretation of their own and another that is considered deviant. Let's see it below according to the interpretation of the Catholic Church:

   Pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and laziness are the seven passions of the soul that ecclesiastical tradition has set as "deadly sins". They are generated from the 7 planets through the consideration in them of terrestrial Good and Evil, which we express below in each of them:

1. Sun: Humility and Pride.

2. Saturn: Generosity and Greed.

3. Venus: Chastity and Lust.

4. Mars: Patience and Anger.

5. Jupiter: Temperance and Gluttony.

6. Mercury: Charity and Envy.

7. Moon: Diligence and Laziness.

The Personal and Social Planetary Triads in the Generation of Cultural Stages

   At an initial stage hominids were sensitive to the Personal Dimension of Human Consciousness and manifested the following conceptions: fatherhood, relatives, family, teaching, sometimes stable unions, art, peace, etc. All of them are derived from the planets of the Personal Dimension.

   They also evolved socially and, due to the Planetary Triad of the Social Dimension of Consciousness, created the following social manifestations: governments, religious and social laws, war, courts and prisons, funeral, worship, etc.

Hominids were considered members of a given society

   However, the following contradictions arise in each hominid: on the one hand, it feels in its own way its personal dimension, which limits its relations with the other hominids in its environment; it also happens with its social dimension, which does not coincide with that of the other hominids in its social group.

   All of the above has historically led to the need for a joint social order, but also for it not to be assumed by all. Then Social Governments (Saturn) emerge with a large proportion of coercive elements (Mars and Jupiter) to impose order.

   The Interventionist State in all its degrees tries, therefore, to typify hominids to homogenize general demands, which ends up suffocating the feeling of the Personal Dimension.

Personal and Social Planets in cultural stages

   In Table 10 we express the correspondence between the Personal Planetary Triad and various cultural manifestations that embody them. Hestia is a lunar image of the Greek Mithology:

Table 10. Cultural expressions and personal planets.

   In Table 11 we express the correspondence between the Social Planetary Triad and various cultural manifestations that embody them:

Table 11. Cultural expressions and social planets.

6.2. Interpretation of the Cosmic Dimension

   We follow the same expository method above, so we represent in Table 12 the quality and embodiment of the planets of the Cosmic Triad. We have added, however, one more column, in which we reflect the correspondence with the three political ideologies, in accordance with what we saw in Paragraph 5. As abovee the Quality is deduced from the AP.

Table 12. Quality and Incarnation of the cosmic planets.

The Cosmic Planetary Triad in the Generation of Cultural Stages

   At present we are in a third stage of Humanity, as a consequence of the manifestation of the Cosmic Dimension. I no longer think only about what happens to me or what happens in my country, but the thought is open to all the inhabitants of all the terrestrial countries.

   That opening should have been wonderful for the human species; but that has not been the case. It has taken place on a sociopersonal mental basis diverted from the original creative and transforming forces of the Cosmos.

Cosmic Planets in cultural stages

   In Table 13 we express the correspondence between the Cosmic Planetary Triad and various political cultural manifestations that embody them:

Table 13. Cultural expressions and cosmic planets.

We have to react to the Global Collapse

   It is necessary to survive to essentially open oneself to the mental and somatic influences of the Cosmic Dimension. If this is not done, psychic disorders multiply and degenerative diseases proliferate. The evolution of life forces us: either it advances or it disappears.


   Finally, we will see how they are working effectively in some cases, observing and correcting their deviation from the cosmic message.

7.1. The Consummations of Liberalism, Communism and National Socialism

Relationship with the Cosmic Triad

   Those ideologies, as we have seen, are deviant incarnations of the planetary consciousnesses of the Cosmic Dimension: the French Liberalism of the Cosmic Intelligence of Uranus; the Soviet Communism of Neptune's Cosmic Love; German and Austrian Nazism and the Italian Fascism of Pluto's Cosmic Energy. Even if those countries were wrong, they proved themselves sensitive to be to the Cosmic Triad. 

   It was, therefore, a metaphysical absurdity the 2nd World War, since the three embodied components of the Cosmic Dimension were confronted. We figuratively express the unity of that planetary triad in Table 14.

Table 14. Image of the Cosmic Dimension: Volcano (Pluto), Ocean (Neptune) and Sky (Uranus). Iron Island in the Canary Islands.

The Europa project

   Europe must therefore be based initially on the following integrated union: the Cosmic Energy of Germany and Austria, the Cosmic Love of Russia and the Cosmic Intelligence of France; but all of them purified from their past. Later the rest of the European countries would join.

   The path that the so-called Europe has to travel is not the one that the European Union is charting for it. It does not lead to the necessary cosmic evolution, because it has the already embodied and obsolete nature of Saturn, which is the one that is governing it.

7.2. The awakening of the Moon

   Yes, the Moon has to awaken from the hidden enchantment to which it is being subjected in Western culture; but it is not any prince, but her inseparable companion Venus who has to revive her. To do this, it must first rebel against the degeneration to which that culture is subjecting her, which we observe in Table 15.

Table 15. Her cosmic message: "Why do you seek me in the forms of a woman if I am here in Heaven."

Interpretation of Sun-Moon

   The Sun emits light photons and heavy photons to the Earth; the reflection of the Moon is only light photons, because the heavy ones stay in it. Now, let's keep in mind that the Moon itself is then completely “male” charged.

   The anterior difference between Sun and Moon also appears in the chromosomes. The male has X and Y chromosomes, while the female has XX chromosomes. Everything that we are scientifically exposing can help us to understand the sexual behaviors of those.

   The male is male and female, while the female is exclusively female mole. Now, as the sky is unique for both, they embody equally the flows of the Sun and the Moon, which is producing a great sexual deterioration at present.

It has to resurrect individual sexuality (Uranus and Venus)

Interpretation of Venus-Mars

   Mars is located as opposite Venus with respect to Earth. Its quality of Retroaction makes it form a virtual unit with the attraction of Venus, but being really separated in Sky; each one in its own place. This is how it is understood when Helena (Venus) walks naked among the Greek contenderswithout addressing her.

She will, however, allow herself to be seduced by Paris, which is a deviation from her essence of independence, so that Venus badly incarnated in Helen influences the unleashing of the Trojan War.

   The Quality of Disintegration of Mars underpins War, to which the virtual peace of Venus is joined. It is how, therefore, the Peace (Venus) differently felt by the peoples confronted that originates the war (Mars), the warrior only executes it. Although it causes rejection, the death of civilians, who constitute the People, is therefore part of the war.

The importance of symbols

   According to C.G.Jung, symbols directly connect the Personal Unconscious with the Collective Unconscious, that is why they are so cared for in the organizations and in the countries. The Eagle (Jupiter) is adopted by many flags. The Spanish Legion has a ram (Mars) as its mascot, which is therefore a very representative symbol.

   It is not appropriate, therefore, to say "malist violence" because this generates an unconscious rejection of the Mars archetype. The one that is feminine, in our language, is the Moon-Earth, Venus is not. Precisely S. Botticelly covers her genital area in Table 15. The image of the Moon is above all the symbol of Islam.   The one that is feminine, in our language, is the Moon-Earth, Venus is not. Precisely S. Botticelly covers her genital area in Table 15. The feminine Moon is above all the symbol of Islam.


   We arrive in this section to the final objective of recovering for the reader that Earth-Sky world of antiquity, but that we have expanded and nuanced. This allows us to achieve the second objective of reorienting and settling our lives, because we will know: “who you are” and “what you are”.

8.1. Planetary consciousnesses communicate directly with hominids

The gods speak to men

   That happens in Greek and Roman mythology with the sibyl, sometimes inspired by Apollo (Sun), who is able to know the future. The great painters Raphael and Michelangelo represented them in their works. In the Old Testament there are prophets who communicate the divine messages or Yahweh-god does it directly to the Jewish people through angels, who are planetary consciousnesses, especially that of Mercury.

   In the baptism of Jesus of Nazareth a dove appears in the sky, which is a symbol of Venus, as a daughter of Uranus or God the Father; then He speaks to the crowd. Jesus also tells us: "... I speak to the world what I hear from Him (Father)...", John, 8-26. According to Muhammad, God communicates the Divine Qur'an to him in pieces through the Spirit or the angels.

The gods communicate with us 

Mi personal experience 

   The above statement that the “gods communicate with us” does not come from having read or heard it, but is confirmed by my own personal experience. On several occasions in my life I have experienced such communication, of which I present some examples below. My discussion of the following point on "the underlying reason for this article" is also linked and understood as well.

   - I was leaving home to go to the Superior Revalidation exam, at the age of 15, and a male voice (Saturn) told me to pick up the Art History book. I stopped on the way to the Institute and entered to pray, without asking for anything, in the Church of the Virgin of Charity (Derivation of Persephone) and outside a voice came out in my mind saying: "Look at the time of Goya".

   - As the writing test was to write about a period of Spanish art, the result was a 10 points and in total Honors with the number 1 of the Region. This made me proud (Jupiter), but soon a painful test of Saturn brought me back to humility.

   - When I was preparing in the University the opposition to the chair I noticed that I had 16 books open on the table consulting bibliography, which left me perplexed. Then a voice slipped imperiously and firmly (Jupiter + Saturn) saying: "what you are doing is just a test because you will have to write a book in the future for the Evolution of Humanity", which has turned out to be the APyCS.

   I discovered then what Chaotic Intelligence is, present since then in all my writings, which surely motivates that it costs to read them with rational intelligence. That is due to my communication with Persephone since I was conceived, as detailed on pages 142-9 of the book APyCS. My life is therefore full of Heaven-Earth facts like the previous ones.

   To achieve that goal I had to abandon my representation of Spain in the International Commission of my academic speciality of Construction Economics, where I also enjoyed great prestige among my colleagues, but Heaven wanted it on my will as a specialist in terrestrial issues.

- Many years ago I watched the sunset, from a distant mountain related to the Grail, and suddenly a soft woman's voice sounded with great clarity in my mind saying, "Why do you look for me in the forms of a woman if I am here in Sky?" I looked up and it was Venus.

   - Some years afterwards I walked up the curves of the road in the same mountain and suddenly a welcoming woman's voice sounded in my mind with singular clarity saying: "It is me who you are looking for!" and the light of the Moon illuminated the path making its way through the pines rocked by the strong wind.

8.2. The Goals have been achieved

The initial goals

   Surely the reader will have been approaching the reality of planetary consciousnesses and their incarnation in human life.

   The incarnate gods, we, feel, think and love with their peculiar vibration. Even more so then, the planetary consciousnesses from which we come feel us, think of us, and love us as a human species from their original vibration. Let us look with special purification at those luminous dots that shine in Sky.

   We can therefore also answer our essential questions:

Who you are: Consciousness of the Solar System expressed as vibration of Energy-Love-Intelligence.

What you are: Consciousness of the Solar System, made man, through planetary consciousnesses and terrestrial material.

The underlying reason for this article

   I am not the author of all my writings, I just write them listening to a leading voice that sounds in my mind, even sometimes dictating whole sentences and unknowable ideas to me. The writing of this article is a direct request of the planetary gods, who have constantly asked me to do so.

   Their message is that they want to maintain unity with their incarnation; that, as we express in Table 3, those two index fingers align, because they want to be with the total presence of pure love. This is achieved by opening Humanity to the Cosmic Triad with the Purification of the Personal and Social Triads lived so far.

   What they ask for is necessary for the continuity of the human species, whose openness does not end here. It extends into the future "beyond..."; so with ellipsis, without saying from what or to what.

The Cosmic Message is that "who" and "what" have to be unified and integrated for the survival of the human species.

Biblic Analogy

   This message coincides with the creation of man in Genesis according to the Bible: Yahweh-God (Consciousness of the Solar System) created man in his image and likeness (Incarnation of the Consciousness of the Solar System) with dust from the Earth (terrestrial material) and inspired him breath of life (Energy-Love-Intelligence).

Sincerely yours, José Jesús.

Thanks to my sister Manuela Luz Lidón Campillo for her collaboration to make the writing of the article easier.