I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.   

   We receive too much distorted and tendentious information. We have to react and to discern all what we listen to, on the basis of our own ability to think freely.


   We have not to confuse the Discernment with the Analysis, because in this what is searched it is previously known. A compound is analyzed to separate a certain element, as it occurs with ores from the mines.

   Discernment discovers what is true separating it from what is not, but without having a predetermined knowledge of what is looked for. The truth finally found is free from constraints; it is so because it is so. Discernment is experienced with genuine happiness, while we are discovering what is true.

   Discernment separates as much what is human love as it is not human love and then by the open channel free and eternal love-in-iself or cosmic love flows. This has no references to objectified feelings; it is simply love without subject who loves or object which is loved to. You will see that in this writing I do not use the word love to this or that, because the whole of it is love.

No more deceptions, we must discern for getting out as human species of the wilderness in which we are entering!


   I have discerned that some religions in their initial principles coincide; but those differ in their appearance, expansion, rituals, organization and follow-up. Differences between believers of different religions, that generate sources of conflicts, are created then unduly. I offer some of those coincident principles to exercise Discernment:

1.Come to us your Kingdom... divine will has to be done as well on Earth as in Heaven... (Christian prayer):

   It means that we are a deviated humanity that has to reconnect with the original creative forces, which made it to birth. This is the basis of the existence of religions. Something similar exists in Eastern religions, because they say we are subject to the power of Maya or Ignorance.

2.... Here is the handmaid of the Lord, make it in me according to your Word... (Mary says it in the Gospel in the conception of Jesus):

   Purification is needed to walk by the road that leads to the Original Light; but each religion traces his own path, which is different from the others only in appearance. Here is a dangerous source of conflict!

3. If it is not exercised Discernment it is confused the snake with the rope that saves us (Sri Sankaracharya). Also in the Koran it is written: "to distinguish what is true from what is false" (Azora 49, verse 6).

   Nevertheless some religions keep lack of Discernment in their believers in order to distinguish by themselves the rope from the snake. Then the religious authority that arises in most of those cases, dictates what is true, thus abandoning the believer in its original ignorance.

4.That is Brahman and that it is you... (The Master-guru says it to his disciple at the end of the initiation):

   Pay attention to Discernment because "that" is the Atman, individual being or I and "you" is not I-ego that you believe you are, but self that is, which manifests itself in you. Atman contains three qualities that will be manifested in human consciousness: Energy-Love-Intelligence.

   All religions express in a different way the same matter; the human realization is turning off external I-ego, which is believed to be, from the things of this earthly world and that shines I that has celestial nature.

5. The heavens, the paradises and the hells after death are illusions created by the yo-ego that we believe we are:

   The death of the body drag the one of the mind, which was used to relate the I or ego that we believe to be with himself and wih the world that surrounds it. What is what remains then? The Atman, individual being or I; but it always was within us trying to give light to our lives.

   That light is what the hominid improperly calls "my spirit" and its reflexing on the mind "my soul". His voice is the Inner Master or Sad-Guru, who we don't usually listen to, except when the ego is in trouble. Besides, it has been discovered that when it thinks that has taken a decision, 6 seconds before its brain has made it.

   I said improperly because that possessiveness "my" is an absurdity of the I or ego. It is on the contrary, it is the spirit which manifests itself in an incarnate body. It is not "my spirit" or "my soul" which are "saved" on the death of the body; all that is an illusion of the ego believing that it also will be "saved". The I is illusory and what it imagines are illusions to “solve” in a heaven the kind of terrestrial life, which overwhelms it; but it is itself who has created its life.

   It is during life when you must liberate the spirit or I who is in the darkness due to the terrestrial linkages of the I and to its identification with them. The objective then of Religion is to help the believer so that during its life shines I within itself. We have to understand that I is always safe, because as individual being remains purely in Universal Being.

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Saturn (Chronos) devouring all of his children: "goodies" and "baddies". We appear in this space-time universe and disappear in the time from this space.

Adam and Eve are painted, to be able to be represented by the painter, with naked bodies because they are in paradise and don't really have them yet; they are still celestial before incarnation. When they embody leaving paradise they will cover them because then they have bodies really. In the painting of more down their incarnated bodies (to the left) are covered when feeling them naked on the Land outside of paradise.        

6. The birth of Jesus of Nazareth is similar to the one of the mythological Hercules:

   Being absent Anfitrion, husband of Alcmene, (Joseph husband of Mary, the parents of Jesus) and Alcmene being still Virgin (as Mary), she is "visited" by Zeus or Roman Jupiter or celestial spirit, (Christian Holy Spirit) and conceived to Heracles or Roman Hercules (as Jesus). Let us note in this discernment, that the mite was conceived much before the birth of Jesus.

   When returning the next morning Anfitrion finds out what happened, but Zeus reconciles the husband with his wife. According to the Gospel, Jose wants to divorce Mary, but the Holy Spirit tells him it is God's work. Also conceived Alcmene to Iphicles, but this time with Anfitrion; he is brother of Hercules and "rival" of him (it is stated that Jesus also had a brother-disciple, who also was his "rival"; perhaps Judas Iscariot).

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Human finger is deviated from Creator Finger (Sistine Chapel).                Conception by the Original Light.

I think therefore that we must put a “small red light on the mind” so that it remembers to us that we have to discern our conclusions and decisions very well for not increasing even more our deviation from the Creator Finger.

7. Can Man be God? This is obviously an antithesis, because God is for us " Presence of God manifested in my personal intuition-I trust Him" or Intuition God; but the antithesis can be reconciled through Discernment:

   It was very common in ancient times to say that Kings, Emperors or great men were gods; but not God Himself. Hercules, for example, was the son of the god Zeus and a mortal; therefore semi-divine. To be manifested, Hercules has to do the 12 works or 12 zodiac signs, as the Sun does. Jesus manifests himself through 12 Apostles and his mother was mortal. So that his situation is fully divine is reassembled his birth, it is declared that Maria rises in body and soul into Heaven and that reigns in it. "She is so declared divine and immortal".

   The Koran maintains respect for the person of Mary and her son; but Jesus of Nazareth is only considered a Master or a Prophet. It is the same that the Jews of his time and the later ones say.

   The previous matters are easier to understand with the preceding statement about the Master-Guru. Everyone is an embodiment of the Creator who has originally been diverted by the Earth resistance to be embodied. That is why, after the initiation of the disciple with detachment of the terrestrial chains, it can be said that it manifests purely to Brahman, who is

   That could be the case of Jesus, but as we see the “divinization” is not exclusive of him. Besides when he was a child went with his family to Egypt that was an initiation land, where pharaoh Akhenaton had established the belief in an unique God.

8. We must discern Intuition God:

   Both believers and non-believers experience that there is something beyond the limitations of earhly matters; this is an universal reality. No one has knowledge of God because to us God is manifested as presence of God; but not Himself. What remains in human consciousness is then Intuition God.

   Finally we will offer another example of discernment; but this time very subtle. We must discern that Intuition God projects our personal intuition beyond the terrestrial matters. Let us see that God Himself (Father God) is conceived in Religion in a dual manifestation: Far God and Near God:

   In Genesis is initially discovered Far God, manifesting His creative ability as God; but He rests the seventh day. He will stay "away" from what potentially will be created.

   In paradise appears Yahweh-God or Near God, who with his celestial power in conjunction with the devil or power of the Earth, creates Man. It is why Adam and Eve, initially celestial in paradise, discern that they should cover their terrestrial bodies, which have been finally created on Earth outside of paradise.

   Let us remember that in Genesis believe Jews, Christians and Muslims. Muhammad adds that besides the revealed Koran (Near God) that he writes, there is a non-revealed Koran (Far God).

   Eastern philosophy speaks about: Nirguna-Brahman (Far God) as inconceivable, not born and that will be never born, etc. On the other hand, Sagunah-Brahman behaves as Near God. Christianity says that God is immanent (Far God) and transcendent (Near God).

   Also in Greek mythology is distinguished the god Uranus, who reigns in the far Sky, from the god Saturn who reigns from the Near Sky the terrestrial issues (It is who tempts Jesus of Nazareth in the desert). Therefore, when Paul preaches to the Athenians, he says that Uranus is analogous to Father God in Christianism. The function of Near God is exercised by Zeus, who is the King of Olympus or realm of the gods.

9. The exercise of discernment has led us to understand that there is an original common trunk of thought of Far God in all religions and mythologies, although He is differently expressed.

   Why are there then so many conflicts between believers of some religions? Because all religions interpret Near God in accordance with the image and with the likeness they have of the history of their own culture. They are created thus many conflicts between believers, because of the cultural differences transmitted to religion.

   It is "Homo sapiens" finally who creates to Creator to its image and likeness attributing improperly to Him the qualities that it does not reach: big, omnipotent, almighty, etc. This is absurd because Creator is who created us to His image and likeness. This "divine" human behavior is also used in Artificial Intelligence. It is very big the "divine" pride of the obscure ego-I!

   Why do we also have military conflicts as a result of religious beliefs! It is because Discernment also is a determinant condition of life that is looking for itself the kind of cosmic evolution that is true, by separating it from which it isn't true. Although we probably do not like it, life works thus really.

   We do not nowadays see over the Earth to any "Homo erectus" or "Homo faber", etc. All of them have disappeared and now human life is exclusively expressed in the "Homo sapiens". In a similar way imitating improperly earthly life, any present human group that believes that it is deified, can then "feel the call" of the extermination of the other groups that it thinks they are outside the divine-terrestrial law.

   Besides all of that, human life wants to be expressed in the future in "Homo intelligentia", whose seed nests within all of us. But is there only a human group in which that seed will grow inside out and that has to extermine then the others? It is clear that people will have to feel a pure religious sentiment of the human species evolution, but of a cosmic nature. Let us trust in life animated by the sky that have formerly created us!

10. The Cosmosociety maintains the belief in Intuition God transmitted in primary education, but without confining it within any determined religion. We are staying in this world, but we are not of this world.

A lot of blood that is shed would be avoided if in the religious field believers exercise Discernment!