I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.

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   We marvel at star-striking skies on a clear night and without the influence of city noise and light pollution, as happens in the high oceanic sea and in the skies covering extensively uninhabited lands. Everything shines there with ardor, there are numerous luminous points; they almost cover the celestial horizon without leaving a gap. We thus feel seized in that infinity by an Essential Liberty, which takes us beyond earthly limitations.

   The Essential Liberty is not what revolutionary leaders count on to seduce the masses, since what they intend is to achieve their personal goals of power. Nor is it the one repeated to us again and again by the politicians, already established. They will to silence the People with the false mirage of a kind of conditioned freedom, which they themselves legislate, together with coercion of those who violate them, but which thus allows them to remain in power.

   Almost all hominids exchange freedom for stability, security is better, although everything is always more and more of the same. The People are also tired; too many revolutions have already been made that the time has sterilized. It prefers to take refuge within borderline circles of accepted customs, even if freedoms are lost. We need a new thinking, which is transgressive of the existing, to achieve Essential Liberty!

The Feet resting on the Earth...

The Arms raised to the Sky...

The search for a New Thinking

   I point out that what I communicate is not an improvisation of my own adapted to the current moments of Socioeconomic Collapse and pandemic of the Sars-cov-2 virus, because in 1.986 I knew, thanks to my research in the economic field, that economically difficult times would come in the first half of the XXI century, which could be associated to a nuclear and bacteriological world war. It was only a preamble to the economic and social crisis of 2,008.

   That being the case, for more than 35 years I have tried to develop a new thought that would allow humanity to emerge after its collapse. I have been transmitting this thought through books, conferences, my website since 2.006 and with its teaching at the University. Its original foundation is the "Alphabet of Thought" (AT), which we will quote later.

   I suggest you read neither the article nor the book in Table 1 according to the rational procedure of accumulating information. You have to flow and if something concrete is not understood you keep reading, because the essential thing is the globality of it. The complete original foundation of the AT, however, is in the 510-page book "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety" (APyCS), the cover of which appears in Table 1 and which appears with free download on the website: www.cosmosociedad.es . Here you can also find this article by clicking on Blog Cosmosociedad.



   If you are then increasingly opening up to the chaotic intelligence underlying in the article, the reading will then be simple and stimulating. In fact, the elaboration of our thinking has a chaotic origin, as seen in Table 2. In addition, before a decision is made, 6 seconds before the brain has done so.

Table 2. Chaotic origin of human thought.

The evolutionary path

   We know that prior to us, "Homo sapiens", there have been other previous hominids, which have disappeared giving rise to the next ones in evolution. Different ethnic groups appear in various places on Earth and disappear with apparent synchronicity. In Table 3 we represent human evolution, but do we know where "Homo sapiens" is headed?


Table 3. The evolutionary path.

   We are made of stellar dust from extinct stars, which has been animated by the same halite of Cosmos to generate life. In us is thus the material of sky with Cosmic Energy, Love and Intelligence. We have to recover our true nature. To do this, we will follow the contents of the following Index:

(The translation from yo in Spanish into “I” in English is grammatically correct, but I don´t know if it is the appropriate. We say, for instance, in Spanish, yo escribo or I write, but in this writing, perhaps the correspondence between yo an I is not the adequate. I think, nevertheless, that you´ll catch it with the following explanations. It is the same between yo and ego or self).




2.1. The "I" that I believe myself to be and with which I identify

2.2. Everything else that is not "I" is non-"I" to me

2.3. The I that we really are

2.4. How do "I" and I vibrate?

2.5. The characters "I" creates


3.1. Brief and simple presentation of the Alphabet of Thought

3.2. The set of the 22 alphabetic thoughts

3.3. Some manifestations of the AT



5.1. The lie of the revolutionary leader

5.2. Promise and failure of the transgressor


6.1. Love to the Truth and Discernment in Purification

6.2. The way of liberation

6.3. True personal freedom: "I am I"

6.4. The viruses and the Purification of the Mind



   The encounter with Essential Liberty is not reached from the current situation of the Collective Mind of this humanity. Purification of the Mind (PM), which is generated by the Revolution in Consciousness (RC) from the new thought emanating from the Alphabet of Thought (AP), as seen in Table 4, is needed.

Table 4. Essential Liberty is reached in the Cosmosociety.

The human decadence

   It is a generally accepted phenomenon that this humanity is in a phase of exponential decline today; it is practically committing suicide in many areas. "Homo sapiens" walks without knowing where it is going; it is disconnected from Heaven and Earth.

   The most significant image of the human evolutionary deviation, which is not from now, is pointed out by Michelangelo, who paints the human finger deflected from the creative finger. We cannot walk side by side; we must look straight at Sky to correct our destiny as a human species. We have all represented all of this in Table 5.

Table 5 . Human decline is growing exponentially today.

We must emerge from this Consumer Society to Cosmosociety (CS)

   According to W.W.Rostow we are in the 5th Historical Economic Stage of Humanity, known as the "High Mass Consumption Society", which has reached a widespread destructive situation. To emerge it is essential to generate a new perspective of thought that guides us in the transition to the next 6th historical stage, which I call Cosmosociety.

   Cosmosociety is not a new or a renewed society of the current one, but it is to live the experience to which we aspire from the bottom of ourselves, as an expression of the deep feelings of our human species. It's what we're really aiming for, it's what we're looking for.

   We reject it too, because we believe that it cannot be reached. This is the historic moment to achieve this and thus fulfil our aspirations for a different life.


   In order to be transcendent humans, who look "beyond..." it is what Cosmos in conjunction with Earth has created us. This message is being misrepresented by this humanity, above all, because throughout its deviant evolution it has generated a “I” in its hominids that is falsification of its cosmic identity. The celestial generating forces, always present, thus act on that “I”, already deviant, pushing it even further, therefore, along its divergent path.

   “I” uses the celestial message in its own way, corrupting human evolution. Even worse is the hominid "divinized", for it feels the cosmic influence, though deviant, and then mistakenly believes that its path is the true one. This prides it by "scaring away" thus its great complex of existential inferiority; but also generating its vital decadence.

   To achieve Essential Liberty it is needed to know the chains from which we have to get rid of. You have to be yourself, unshackles. Let's look at the chains of the “I” we believe we are and identify with:

2.1. The “I” that I believe myself to be and with which I identify

   If I ask you: “are you reading this message”? You will say yes, but take in account that, in a very subtle way, you feel in addition a personal reference in your mind, to which you call “I”. Then you can say: “I” am the reader”. Repeat it and watch that “I” always appears as identification!

   If I now ask you: do you speak English? you will say again yes, being manifested the same “I”. You yourself also can say: “I” am English” or “I” am French”, etc. In all these cases the relative “I” appears which is identified with the relations you live. It is immaterial “I”, although absurdly it says to itself: “this is my body”. (Is it “I” which is reading now?).

   It is also possible to say: “I am young”, “I have a book”, “I do this work”, etc. In all those cases it appears “I”, on which your perception of being, having or doing is reflected. “I” only serves for your relationships; only for that reason the life has created it and not to be the abductor of the body.

   You have to see very well this “I”, so that the revolution of your consciousness can become. You can make sentences: “I........”, look well that “I” time and time again, until it is totally outstanding in your internal glance as it is seen in Table 6. I insist to you so much, because the nature of this “I” and the thoughts that it elaborates are causing the human deviation.

Table 6 . The “I” we believe we are and the I that is.

2.2. Everything else that is not “I” is non-"I" to me

   We must distinguish now “I” from the circumstances that it lives, and that it sees them like something external that it is not “I”. You can say now: “I” have a book, “I” am in my room, “I” want water, etc. In all these cases you think that it is exterior to “I”: book, room and water. They are all for you different to ”I” and for that reason we call them non-“I”.

   In the Universe of Objects your body, with which “I” identifies when saying “my body”, is indeed separated of “book”, “water” and “room”. However, in your internal glance, where really you see them, all of them are contents of your unique mind: “I”, “body”, “book”, “room”, etc.

   Although your body and the objects are in different positions in the Universe of Objects, they really are in your own mind for you. You are used to see all of them nevertheless as non-“I”.

   When you say then to a person “I love you”, the mental representations of “I” and the “I” of the person or non-“I” are united in your mind and in your brain, and you experience happiness. If you say on the contrary “I hate you” you will feel bad, due to the disintegration in your own mind of your “I” and the “I” of the other person. Love of neighbor is thus also a recommendation of psychic balance.

2.3. The I that we really are

   “I” that you think you are is providing the materials to construct all the mental networks with acceptances, rejections, valuations, etc. It identifies itself in addition with all its experiences and you feel then chained.

   You want to be free, but it has been “I” that you have created the one that has been produced the chains. Its nature is the linking, for that reason “I” could never be free, do not make useless revolutions! Who I am really? It's I, which we saw in Table 6 and which is born luminous when “I” disappears.

   If “I” that you have created want to cross a torrent jumping between its stones, the most normal is that you fall dawn. What will you do then? You will think about nothing, being pure awareness and jumping. In this case “I” has disappeared and has emerged internal hidden I free of agreements, that is the one that really made the jumps. If you tell it to anybody maybe you will say this lie: “…”I” crossed a torrent jumping between stones without falling down into the river…”.

2.4. ¿How do “I” and I vibrate?

   You can observe, in a pure awareness, how changes your internal vibrations when pronouncing the successive following sentences:

- “I” am an inhabitant of this planet Earth (There is identification of “I”)

- “I” am an inhabitant of this planet (The desidentification begins).

-“I” am an inhabitant (The desidentification is going on).

- I am (It appears freedom).

- I (An inconditionated net vibration arises).
- I am (It is watched in freedom).

- I am an inhabitant of this planet Earth (Free manifestation of I).

   The shades hide to I and it is transformed into “I” chained.

   The truth is: I am I. Yahweh says to Moses: I am the one that I am.

   If you deepen in yourself you can verify that I is pure Energy-Love- Intelligence, like the radiating Sun. It is free and is not united to the circumstance, but contemplates it like something external to itself.

2.5. The characters “I” creates

   Just as the novelist fuses in a plot the characters in its work, who are only psychological versions of itself, the “I”, which we have seen earlier at the other point, does something similar. It turns its life into a theatre, in which the “I” generates characters of itself, with which it also identifies. Thus begins its personal dimension to deviate from its own life.

How do “I” generate its characters?

   If, for example, I have the idea of being "a little thing" and my ideal is " to be very important", causing this to me unease, much of my objective thoughts and relationship activities will be aimed at being very important in order to be "happy", thus eliminating my unease.

   All this is lived compulsively and even aggressively, if someone's attitude reminds us that we are "a little thing". This creates within us an effective character, different from “I”, but to which “I” dedicate its life and with which it also identifies itself by saying, "I am a little thing".

   Look very well at the character generation for your “I”, because I'm sure it's a source of great misery. In this way we fill the mind with multiple staggered contents, which we call characters, that prevent us from feeling, thinking and loving independently of them; we become a theatrical script, the author of which is the “I”.

   If the idea of a circumstance is chained with a cholera reaction, when such a circumstance arises, “I” will identify with being choleric. Later the “I” will create the following character: "I am choleric".

   All characters are similarly generated and function as a shadow, which obscures what it really is. In addition, the “I” identifies with the character and leaves it "freeway" when the circumstance appears, as in the case of cholera that is not possible to "hold on" because it is choleric.

   The influence of the characters is very diverse, as they are usually related to each other, so that if one is activated so does the other. In addition, feelings of variable valuation, union or acceptance nest in the characters. The framework is, therefore, very complex and is very structured, so it thinks and acts independently of the “I”.

   That structure is like a great fractal ruled by self-similarity, in which all the characters are “I” and in “I” are all the characters. Its appearance would be analogous to the fractal of the Mandelbrot Mathematical Set. One is infinitesimally free! May the "I" not strive to be so because it is impossible without disidentifying from its characters!

The child´s character

   The child's character determines everyone else very especially. When the child is very young, its educators accept it as it is; but when it begins to want to manifest its I, the educator does not correspond it with its I, because it does not live it, but imposing on it the structure of behavior of its own “I”, with which it does live. This is also transmitted generationally as an original deviation.

   The child then begins to disconnect from its vital background, through which flows its potential of energy-love-intelligence, staying in a situation of lavish distress. Finally it adapts, in a false way, to the conditions of its educator’s “I”.

   It can thus survive and escape from anguish and abandonment in those it feels it lives. Thus the character of the child is created, which will very much condition the “I” of the native adult. An illustrative example on the screen is the relationship between the "Rosebud" sled and the "Citizen Kane".

   When the child fully opens up to the Social Dimension, the admitted social characters are imposed on it. To falsely hide the child's character its unsatisfied smallness, it will want to reach the adult hominid the highest social heights, such as: artist, politician, etc.

   The popularity and recognition of the public then compensate it for the unconditional affection and the power it did not have as a child. Otherwise, it can become extremely cruel when it is an adult with it and with the others.

   It is clear that the affectivity of its fathers and the worldview they offer influence the ideals that nurture all the characters who grow up with the child. More than mental recipes, which the child proves to be fake, educators have to pass on the search for the true, exercising discernment with it by examples.

   There is somatic parallelism between the characters and the myelination of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. It takes place from childhood to late adolescence, because that part of the brain is "rigidized", thus becoming something structural in life.

The real crisis of this humanity is the one of affectivity.


   What we are aiming for is not yet another change, but a substantially new humanity. To do this, we leave aside the known doctrines and ideologies and find the most original source possible.

3.1. Brief and simple presentation of the Alphabet of Thought

   We ask ourselves, therefore, initially: "Can the Alphabet of Thought exist?" which we answer in the affirmative way in Table 7.

Table 7. The AP can exist.

Generation of the AT (who does not have mathematical ease can skip it)

   If the AT exists it has to be manifested in a unique way everywhere and in everything that exists. This happens with the circular figure present in the shapes and movements of celestial bodies. They all have in common something magical that is hidden, which is the number π. In Table 8 we represent the abstract figure that is the circle and extract the number π that animates it.

Table 8 . The circumference, its division into 22 arches and the number π.

   We afterwards move the 22 parts, in which the 3 diameters have been divided, to the circumference of the Original Circle. This is then composed of 21 arcs of rational 1/7 length and an irrational arc, slightly smaller, corresponding to the irrational part of π, which is 0.141592....

   The 22 arcs vibrate and transmitting 22 essential vibrations (ev), which originate all the waves and all the particles of the Universe. The next step is to notice that those ev then embodied in 22 alphabetic thoughts (at), which generate human thought, being expressed by 22 sonorous words, as it is seen in Tables 9 and 10.

Analogies presented by the AP

   To get an idea of the Alphabet of Thought, it is compared to Music, taking into account that the reality of musical notes is the vibrations in the mind generated by the instruments when trying to sing them. This comparison is shown in Table 9.

   It is also equivalent to what John in his Gospel calls Verb or Word: John 1-1, "In the beginning it was the Verb, and the Verb was in God, and the Verb was God. All things were made by Him...; 1-14... And the Verb became flesh and dwelt among us...; then it refers exclusively to Jesus of Nazareth.

   Well, as we have said, AT is equivalent to Verb or Word, "became flesh" is to the essential vibrations and "dwelt among us" is to alphabetic thoughts. So what we're doing in a way is going "beyond" John's speech.

Table 9. The 22 vibrant arches of the AP.

The reality that is the AP

   We thus create a comparative image of the Alphabet of Thought saying that it is like a "Circular Musical Instrument", whose 22 essential vibrations are finally manifested in the mental vibrations when pronouncing the 22 sound words of Ideal 1 to Persephone 22, which is the appropriate name for the irrational circular arc 22. They are grouped into 4 Dimensions: Personal (1-7), Social (8-14), Cosmic (15-21) and Absolute (22), as shown in Table 10.

Table 10. The mental vibrations of the 22 words are the 22 at.

   As explained in Table 11, all this presents an analogy with the Physical Theory of Superstrings, which also assumes the existence of strings, which when vibrate generate everything existing. I was able to see this in a scientific documentary, which is quoted at the bottom of Table 11.


Table 11. The theory of Superstrings and the AT.

3.2. The set of the 22 alphabetic thoughts

   The Alphabet of Thought is thus analogous to a Circular Musical Instrument that "emits" 22 "notes" or 22 essential vibrations that embody in 22 alphabetic thoughts (at). Thus everything existing and human thought is generated; they are manifested in 22 sound words: Ideal.1, ... Persephone 22.

   When, for example, the word "Ideal" is uttered, a mental vibration springs up that corresponds to the alphabetic thought "Ideal.1". This is analogous to singing the note "Fa", because the musical vibration "Fa" also springs up in the mind. This is the true musical note, not the written word fa.

   Remember that the 22 sound words, analogous to music, are not the 22 alphabetic thoughts; these are the mental vibrations when pronouncing them, which come from the 22 essential vibrations of the AT.

   The 22 at produce all the synonymous and derived thoughts in the different cultures. Words also are different in each language, but express the same thoughts. For example, the ap “Enlace.3” in Spanish is equivalent to the at “Link.3” in English.

   When the words are pronounced, the sound vibrations are different, but both Hispanic and British will experience the same vibration in their mind. This is the case with all words in all languages, such as home, Haus, maison, dom, etc. In this English version of the article, the at in English will next appear:


Ideal.1 and Idea.2

Link.3 and Verification.4

Union.5 and Stabilization.6



Advance.8 and Limit.9

Involution.10 and Evolution.11

Retroaction.12 and Disintegración.13



Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16

Communion.17 and Detachment.18

Individuation.19 and Resurrection.20




3.3. Some manifestations of the AT

   Throughout the 510-page book the AT is being lived; what we are doing now is to show a few simple explanations so that the reader can understand better the article.

   Tables 12 and 13 show how our way of thinking comes from the AT. An example of the Purification.14 is also added through the koan.


   Table 12. The AT demonstration in human thought.

   Table 13. It continues the preceding table and Purification.14 in the Koan.

   Table 14 describes the sequential steps of human partner generation; even if some of them are not verified, they're there as we see:

Table 14. Generation of the human couple.

   Table 15 shows the different cultural stages, with characteristics that come from the at of the Personal, Social and Cosmic Dimensions:

Table 15.Cultural stages.


The supremacy of the celestial wave against the terrestrial one

   We continue to refer once again to the chains to which we are subject and from which we must free ourselves in order to attain Essential Liberty. We see now that there are "clashes" between the Original Cosmos and this one once embodied in earthly life.

   That is the background to the existential tragedy of man, in which its incarnate celestial origin remains, but detached from the constant flow of the Original Cosmos. It emits messages of evolution, which are almost ignored by human life. This confrontation is referred to the near sky of the Solar System, which is a better known part of the Cosmos.

Earth's resistance to the influences of the Solar System

   In Table 16 we express that the Sun, as a preeminent cosmic body, is accepted, not without struggle, by the earthly wave. The god Apollo (Sun) wins with the lyre, celestial instrument, the contest of music to Pan with the flute, phallic symbol generator. He gives Apollo the ecliptic crown, as acceptance of the message imposed by Heaven, which will bring life to Earth through the Solar System.

Table 16. The celestial wave prevails over the terrestrial one.

   Now, it is well expressed in the terrestrial characters, that the result is accepted, but not assumed. There is thus a resistance, on principle, of what is terrestrial to celestial penetration; physically an action is opposed by a reaction. This enlivens that we feel very attached to the Earth Link themes and leave aside the cosmic ones.

   Once the celestial archetype incarnates it wants to live independently of the original god, so it is tied to terrestrial life ignoring the celestial relationship; if the terrestrial becomes decisive the hominids become demons. They hardly notice it and believe that its life and behavior are normal; they are like that.

   The hominid believes that it is guided by the gods, but they are not the pure originals, but these incarnates full of deviant terrestrial connotations; the hominid can thus live according to the demons, which it itself creates, believing that they are the celestial gods. All this can be seen in ancient Greek wisdom. Our tragedy is that we are neither gods nor humans.

   We show in Table 17 the deviations of the incarnated archetype Venus with respect to celestial Venus, which emerges from the waters fertilized by the god Uranus. Paul said in his preaching to the Athenians that this god is equivalent to God the Father of Christianity.


Table 17. Original Venus and incarnated Venus.

   Living only on Earth without looking at the Sky the Mind becomes impure. The Evolutionary Message of Cosmos is thus embezzled, blinding the horizon of Essential Liberty.


5.1. The lie of the revolutionary leader

   When there are fundamental social problems, such as Political Dictatorships, then the figure of the revolutionary leader appears as a solution, which many expect. It promises profound changes in the social system that will generally benefit some group of the same; preferably that of poverty. The other groups, which will lose with the change, react being able to arrive at the armed struggle.

   If the revolution triumphs, as an outcome to the confrontation, it can finally lead to some changes, generating a seemingly different cultural society. There seems to have been progress, but nothing has changed substantially! Revolutionaries are only reagents of the existing system; they are not creative.

   Revolutionary leaders often adopt the previous social formulas, becoming new dictators. They believed they were fighting the oppressors, but what they did was create in their mind a non-“I” of the image of the enemy. When it disappears, that no-“I” in the mind of the revolutionary thus manifests itself with the same or worse characteristics of the old oppressor. Revolutionaries are just that, they do not serve to rule; surely that is why Lenin said that after a triumphant revolution, we must prepare the next one.

5.2. Promise and fail of the transgressor.

Transgression in the same life

   The same life is the one that wants a new order with an hominid resurrected from the previous one (at 19,20), when the limited order threatens the chaotic order of that one. The same evolutionary survival then generates the transgressor, which in genetic terms is a mutation (15,16).

Transgression as an alternative to revolution

   Not everyone is satisfied after the changes made by the so-called revolution. It can be heard in them a deep voice that says, "Go beyond...". Life thus remains monotonous; but something substantially new begins to take shape, until one day the figure of the transgressor appears.This does not want to make changes to the existing order (8,9), but rather to disintegrate the one that already exists, to create a new one.

   The human social system, however, wants to oppose the transgressor in principle, because too many lies have already been experienced. If it is then discovered that the transgressor is a simple clown, they laugh at it and abandon it to its fate. If it disturbs the order too much, it is imprisoned and if it insists it is killed.

Characteristics of the transgressor

   We see one more example of the AT in the figure of the transgressor. The e.v are expressed in it as follows:

   It believes itself to be an ideal (1) who communicates (3,4) through ideas (2) united (5) stably (6), so he tries to attract attention (7).
Está sobre él (1) el orden social (8,9) al que tiene que vencer (12,13). Para ello se ve precisamente en los suplementarios (12,13).

   Above it is (1) the social order (8.9) that it has to overcome (12.13). For this it is precisely seen in the supplementarys (12,13).

   If it destroys (13) the established order (8,9) it can resurrect (20) a new one from the opposite at 11 (19.20). It needs, however, the communion (17,18) of others.

The transgressor and the Social Government

   What happens if what the transgressor says is carried inside covert? Now it is no longer the same, peace disappears; but there is still the possibility that the transgressor is a phony. We must try to destroy it in some way! All men have their weak points!

   Someday, however, someone comes out of its soliloquy, moves ahead and wants to get away from the bound social circle. At first everyone looks at it in horror, but they are also confused. On another occasion it is decided another and then another and they see that nothing happens and that true freedom is beautiful.

   The same is not true for those who govern the established order; their life is based on the collective fear of crossing the border, which limits society. When this happens they subvert the defense, which is for the People, and send it against them. They try to cut off the movement anyway, trumpeting the great misfortunes that will be upon those who alter the established order.

   Those who govern know their work, while the People have lost their traditional wisdom. Finally they deceive it by promising some changes, that nothing changes, and ally themselves if necessary with the transgressor, making it appear that everything has been, as always, just another lie.

Triumph and failure of the transgressors

   What has happened so far to the transgressors who have apparently triumphed? They repeat the same patterns of conduct as their former opponents, because what they had inside was only a reaction against the existing, analogous to what happened with the revolutionary. There was no human evolution towards a higher reality!

   False transgressors are not true liberators, because they are reactive to what already exists, but not creative, which is what is needed. They empathize the hominid's deep need to be free from their characters, so that it illuminates the I that it is.

   That misrepresentation is not understood by the “I” that we believe to be and misappropriates that false liberating message, thus deviating itself from its true liberation, which is to detach itself from the chains that the “I” has generated.

   The hominid then directs its impetus to the liberation of that which prevents it from being as it wants to be and follows the transgressor. It thus falls into a huge deviation from its existence, for which it is even willing to die. False transgressors really do a lot of harm!

   The need to know also disappears and to comfort it is left in the hands of the media. The joy of living also leaves and is replaced by its partner the vital depression. It is necessary to live based on our own thinking!

Some historical transgressors that have existed

   Throughout recent human history the societies of "Homo sapiens" have been influenced by various transgressors. Many of them have, however, once again limited social dynamics. Around them are clumsily enclosed, as always happens, the chaotic personal movements of almost all hominids.

   Christianity was initially a great transgressor, but it has been enclosed throughout its history in borderline circles within the existing social system. It is now treating global problems of all kinds, relegating its universal religious function.

   They were historical transgressors: Liberalism (19-20), Communism (17-18) and National Socialism (15-16). All of them were finally within the limits of the State without listening to the true cosmic message of the alphabetic thoughts that inspired them. They also did not understand the purifying message of the at “Purification.14”, by which the Cosmic Dimension is accessed, and instead of purifying themselves they were genocides with their enemies. by "purifying" them.

The Islamic transgressor

   It is analogous to what National Socialism did; "both transgressors" seek something cosmically new, which also destroys the existing order. It is, as always, a new transgressor, which the Islamic State wants to consolidate. Cosmosociety, which is reached from the Cosmic Dimension, will thus not be established.

My writings are transgresives

   Great voluntary understanding must be promoted among all the States of the Earth or the evilly incarnated Cosmic Energy will destroy us massively. To this end my writings are dedicated, which are transgressives of the existing social order.

   Cosmosociety is neither a new society nor a renewed society of the existing one. It emerges from the depths of the human being, where it is now veiled. I am sure that this is the only way that Humanity has to walk in order to prolong its existence on Earth.


   Everything we are going to say below is explained in more detail and breadth in Part Three of the APyCS book.

6.1. Love to the Truth and Discernment in Purification

Looking at the mind

   All the characters we have to look at them in attention in the mind, like the one who sees something that is alien to it. You have to look at them like this: without getting involved and seeing how they work. The most normal thing is that, after a few seconds, the look in attention disappears and the “I” will identify with the character it was looking at.

   As identification ceases, “I” loses the underline and say, "I read the book." In this case "I" proves that does not read the book, but something through it looks like "the book is read". It is thus passed with purity to another new thought and there is, therefore, no residue left in the mind. When de-identification is already lived as something stable, “I” become I, which is the axis of the gaze.

   Love to the Truth is what enlightens us to want to be free and regain lost identity. Discernment is the one that allows to distinguish in the mind and the one that separates in it the chains with which the “I” is identified.

Absence of personal intentionality

   The “I” is characterized by its intentionality in action; always acts for some reason, which leads to another and so on. Therefore, we must not have any mentalized intention in the search for truth; just feel the need for liberation like a flame in the heart.

   It is the truth that wants to manifest itself and presses us from its confinement. We must look at it, open the way to ourselves by living its vibration and listening to its word in the mind that is being purified. Patiently, it's allowed to operate over and over again.

6.2. The way of liberation

Stages of performance

   It is the “I” which has created its shadows and its characters, especially as self-defense, with the energy-love-intelligence that it has available. It's not going to let go of those, which are itself. It knows it has to reorient its life, but it will try all kinds of subterfuges to stay as it basically is; it won't hesitate to deceive itself as it usually does. We have to start that there is an internal call that tells us: enough is enough!

   It is not to be attempted that the “I” represses its characters with mental effort, religious rites or spiritual techniques, because the characters use self-defense and become more rooted. Here are two well-known ways for those who begin in spiritual life, with which you can begin in the separation of your shadows:

First way

   The first way is to look, in a state of meditation and with the absence of the ”I”, the characters and all the mental contents that appear, from the light of your inner gaze, and see that they are only representations in the mind. Then de-identification occurs spontaneously, without the “I” forces anything.

   That posture in which the gaze sees as different from itself all the mental representations it looks at, you have to keep it in daily life. At first it requires attention, but then it becomes natural. If you lose, reader friend, this posture, you restore it without contradicting yourself, because "Purification.14" of the Alphabet of Thought helps you to purify the “I”.

Second way

   A second way is to look live at the characters, when they impersonate the “I” in any circumstance, such as when you are: scared, choleric, pious, "goodist", careful, etc. This requires full attention and discernment, because you have to continue to behave like this: "dominated" by the character, but simultaneously seeing from the inner gaze as mere mental content to the “I”, the character and the non-“I” corresponding to that circumstance lived.

⃰ Zen method

   I have verified that the previous path is very effective, which is completed with that of looking at the breathing of the Zen method. You have to be relaxed in a comfortable situation and looking at inspiration and aspiration, watching the air entering the lungs and how it goes outside. At first it is the mind that looks at inspiration and aspiration as its contents, but at a later stage it is the inner gaze that sees them de-identifying, therefore, from them.

Pay attention so that the “I” does not seize the nascent reality by dyeing it

   You have to take special care, as you know, so that the “I” does not take over the light, that it appears, and coats with it its characters, turning them into demons. This is the case for those who beautify "evil" and thus misplace those who listen to them, which is how Iblis (Devil) behaves according to the Koran. An example is the false beautiful gaze of "goodists", which needs to be recognized in order not to be deceived.

Release of all characters

   There are characters that we like them and others that are refused. Not only do we have to de-identify from the latter, but you also have to make the release of the characters that we think are good, even if it produces disenchantment. All characters have the same nature; everyone obscures the I and closes the way to Essential Liberty.

   If someone identifies with anger and dislikes being seen like this, it will put a lot of will to de-identify from the irascible character. It is usually not done as is being said here, but by forcing the ”I”, so it is re-increased with the mental energy that is applied to it.

   If after much effort, however, someone achieves some socials goals with which it is identified, it will hardly want to be free of them. It will resist and say the following: “I” will do it later, because “I” has had a hard time getting it and now that “I” is savoring it! It is in the latter case, as in all, more of the same in the mind. This is also another character that needs to be de-identified, even if it is more difficult.

Love to the characters

   The characters have been created by the “I”, with all its personal love for themselves. They are crystallized affectivity and love, which by retroaction become defensive.

   They must be understood and accepted as if they were poorly bred children, even though they can indeed become very cruel to ourselves and to others.

The transformation of the gaze

   The inner gaze changes, it becomes cleaner and the vision is more fan-free. Everything is still in the world that we observe seemingly the same, but the optics of our gaze is substantially different. We understand the whole without just doing analysis and others look at us without understanding us and without being able to typecast us as they would like, in order to reassure their minds. Possibly we can be rejected, like the ugly duckling, and also even with aggression.

   This new personal mind is reflected in that of the "other", if it is also seeking liberation, and then dialogue with sound words is not so necessary. These are now sterile, like a lie that was doubly accepted. Without being it scarcely perceived, the Collective Mind is also different.

6.3. True personal freedom: "I am I"

Silence and being

   Thus the inner gaze appears sharply, which is silence that looks away what appears in the mind, which is experienced as unreal. This gaze is not implied in what is seen in it; it is multidirectional and mental contents are seen as points outsider.

   The inner gaze is the observer that observes the observed, which is shown as Trinitarian. Finally, with a burning desire for liberation and discernment, the unreal trinity of observer, observation and observed disappears, leaving only the being itself or Atman, who is manifested by the human that is free from all that it was chained to.

   That is not understood by the “I”and absurdly believes that it is that can attain the Atman, who is also Brahman or Universal Being. It is when the master says to his disciple, "That is Brahman and that is you," but this "you" is not the awkwardly spiritualized “I” but the Atman in the disciple.

   All of the above is usually explained with an example. If we assume an amphora, what is inside (Atman) is like what is on the outside (Brahman). If the vessel "liberation from limitations" is broken, Atman agrees with Brahman.


   Everything that is being said cannot be directed by the “I”, because sometimes it will feel upset or in danger, and will even try to deceive or deter. Besides, we know that the “I” is intentional, whenever it does something it is for something; being free is not what the “I” wants, because it is made on the basis of its own chains, which it creates itself.

   Neither can it be truly directed by "anyone else", since in fact it will be its “I” that does it and will try to attract. Care must be taken for the spiritual voracity of many guides; but especially with our character of the child, who is always willing to give itself to those who care for it, even if it is a deceit.

   It looks great who is the one who leads the process, when the experience is told to someone. If the words "I" or "my guide or guru" are pronounced in the dialogue, it is normal that we are deceiving ourselves and that even the initial state is worsening. It is repeated once again that true guides are Love to the Truth and Discernment.


   The end result is Essential Liberty, although it can appears with various issues in the mind. Some characters may disappear because they are no longer needed, such as those nourished by fears; others will remain refitted, as they can be useful for survival, as is the case with certain skills that have been learned to stay in this world of objects.

   Identification always ceases, however, and the “I” becomes more and more reassured and the characters become friends for the "I", when the underline is removed. Yahweh's expression to Moses is then understood in itself: I am who I am. This final state is expressed in Table 18.

Purification of the mind through Q&A

   For the Purification of the Mind is also used the Q&A route, which appears in APyCS. Each question is overridden by its answer and there is the inner reality it is. The essential thing is not the information shown in the question and its answer, but the state of attention and release with which it is asked and answered. It is also possible, with the many examples that appear in APyCS to better understand the Alphabet of Thought.

Table 18. You have to purify the chains of the “I” that you think you are.

6.4. The viruses and the Purification of the Mind

The nature of viruses

   As I explained in three previous articles, the celestial influence acts on the cell spawning viruses, which are considered scientifically necssary and beneficial for human evolution; without them life would stagnate and disappear. Now, the cell does not recognize that as such because it has deviated from Heaven-Earth life, motivated by the decadent human mind of the “I”and its characters.

   If the virus is of significant mutation of human species, as is the case of Sars-Cov-2, which is animated by powerful cosmic forces, while the cell is animated by a mind operating on a body also in decline, then an unequal "struggle" is engaged in which the virus prevails.

How is the beneficial influence of viruses collected?

   Viruses are always there propitiating human cosmic evolution. They will not disappear whatever method hominids want to "fight" them, either using drugs or vaccines, which can be effective solutions only in the short term.

   Just as the celestial influence varies as the sky does, so does the virus, linked to the sky itself, mutates adapting to this variation. On the other hand, the cell does not, because human life works almost with total attachment to the Earth and forgetting Heaven; the cell cannot then collect the celestial influence.

   The long-term solution to assimilate viruses is the purification of the “I”and its characters, which is achieved with Essential Liberty. Life and the cell will then cleanly pick up the evolutionary cosmic impulse that is transmitted in the celestial message of viruses.


Additional information about Persephone or Absolute Dimension

   Persephone was in a meadow with other virgins. Greek Hades or Roman Pluto then emerges from Earth and abducts her by introducing her with him into the bosom of the Earth. Her mother Demeter sees the abduction and does not intervene, but then complains to Zeus (Roman Jupiter). He replies that he cannot do anything because his brother Pluto reigns in deep down. This suggests to us that the violations made by "Homo sapiens" are not solved only by laws (Zeus).

   Demeter thus agrees with the abduction of her virgin daughter Persephone, so that the seed may enter the Earth; but it has to return to her as a new spike (Demeter) being able to remain in Hades for the duration of the fallow.

   It is thus explained that Demeter-Persephone represent the eternal sequence Fecundation-Virginity-Fecundation..., which is manifested in Agriculture, but extendable cosmically. Both were assumed to be a single deity, as seen in Table 19. In this absolute phenomenon the terrestrial woman has to take up a new feminine so that human evolution continues after "Homo sapiens" with the next hominid known as "Homo intelligentia".

Table 19. Image of the Absolute Dimension.

SING TO THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER-VIRGIN (You can translate it from Spanish into your own language)

Creo que mi vida nace en ti,

¡más allá! en la entraña del cielo,

que encubre virginal el velo

de tu sueño sideral de mí.

Me mueves sin limitación.

Me miras en mi mirada.

Sé que siente tu corazón,

mi vida de ti desviada.

Si de mí, tu semilla germina,

yo de la tierra me desprendo.

Resucita así mi alma en divina,

su fuego en tu seno consumiendo.

Eres tú Virgen de mí,

Madre de todo en ti.

Inspiration in the Absolute Dimension from which Essential Liberty flows

   The symbol adopted for Persephone or DA is represented in branes on the floor of the Sistine Chapel, where Pope is elected; see Table 19. If the gaze of the cardinals, feeling humility, directs it to the ground looking for inspiration, it raises a wake-up call from the DA for the honesty of their vote in the election of pope.

   If their vote is honest, with the eyes on the image, then it absolutely will be; but if it is malicious then also absolutely will be. Here is a proof that Michelangelo left to the cardinals when they elect Pope.

Table 20. Symbol of Persephone in the Sistine Chapel.

Creative will and human purity

   In Table 21, the light of the original creative forces is transmitted by the angel or essential vibration to the purified human mind, which thus becomes open to Essential Liberty. It is possible then the generation of a new humanity, for the one that, in principle was created with Adam and Eve, has deviated from the Creative Will.

Table 21. The creative action acts on an original virginity.

The two flags of the new humanity on Earth are cosmic

   The top two figures in Table 22 are the beam and underside of a flag. The first assumes the diffraction of light by forming a black hole. In the second we have the absolute symbol of Persephone, which as we saw in Table 11, coincides with the one that the Theory of Superstrings assumes that has generated our Space-Time Universe.

   The flag that is formed with the other two lower figures already collects something now inconceivable for the current hominids. They are branes of parallel multiverses, but when superimposed forming the 2 faces of the flag they cancel each other out. NOTHINGNESS or SILENCE remains as an essential original reality, which coincides with Eastern Philosophy.

Table 22. The two flags of the Cosmosociety.

Hymn of Cosmosociety

   Having "flown" through Multiverses we take land and collect the Hymn of Cosmosociety. This one is not exultant like the patriotic hymns that exalt the Masses; it comes free from the deep. (You can translate it from Spanish into your own language.)


(Example of the Alphabet of Thought).

Marchemos todos siempre unidos,

con antorchas en los brazos erguidos,

sintiendo desde el alma sin recelo:

Viva ……, (The name of the country in which it is singen)

Viva la Tierra y

Viva el Cielo.

Brillará, en la luz del Sol lejano,

el fuego original encendido en mi mano,

prendiendo en mi corazón con desvelo:

Viva la Gente,

Viva la Tierra y

Viva el Cielo.

Soñaremos en la Cosmosociedad,

que vive en comunión y en equidad.

Gritemos hermanos y con anhelo:

¡Vivamos la Tierra mirando al Cielo!


Hay un gran silencio, acompañado por una música profunda y suave; se escucha una voz que dice:

La semilla humana así ungida

disemina en el universo su vida.

Transgressive manifesto that transmits Essential Liberty


Table 23. Manifesto of Essential Liberty.

   I end, dear reader, leaving you with the contemplation of this Picture.

   Sincerely yours, Jesús.