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   Its location is: www.cosmosociedad.es and then the Link of Blog Cosmosociedad. It is also there the previous article: WHAT IS THE EXISTENTIAL BASIS OF COVID-19 AND HOW TO ASSIMILATE ITS MESSAGE OF MUTATION OF THE HUMAN SPECIES?

   Although the article may contain some biological error, I am very confident that its overall content is true. If it is true and it is, the knowledge presented here will serve to understand viruses and to assimilate their message of mutation of our species. It will then be transmitted properly to human evolution, which will work in harmony with that of the Universe.



   The content of this new article is more widely dealt in the previous one on Covid19. I also pass this on because I have considered new data on the future of Covid19, which are very relevant and which need to be highlighted. As it is separated, it is easier to read it properly.

   The previous article is accessed with www.cosmosociedad.es and then clicking on Blog Cosmosociedad where the previous article quoted appears at its beginning: What is the existential basis of Covid19 and how to assimilate its message of mutation of the human species? 

   I have used to know and treat the future of Covid19 the influences of planetary cycles. Due to the social rejection that this knowledge has, I include below considerations about the veracity of astrological knowledge, which also appears in the previous article, although with more explanations. After that previous step, I´ll explain the text of this article.


   I've always investigated as scientifically close as I can the astrological knowledge. You can't say I believe or don't believe in Astrology, because it's not a belief. The real scientific attitude is to investigate it, which is what I have done, that will help us precisely to know the viruses.

   Astrology has been rejected by the Church and by Science, but it is a mistake because it does not oppose them, but could even complete them. We note the following confirmations of the astrological recognition:

1) Miguel of Cervantes puts in D. Quixote words of acceptance and respect for Astrology.

2) The doctor and astrologer Michel of Nostradamus was consulted by the king of France and received by the Pope.

3) In the past the kings used to have in their courts an astrologer, who would have to be right because if it was not he would be punished. In the thirteenth century in Spain, for example, Astrology was cultivated in the court of the king Alfonso X the Wise.

4) The well-known Magi of Christianity were really astrologers who could know by the state of the sky the singular birth of Jesus of Nazareth, locating it accurately, which I can say is possible.

5) Scientifically we are a human system, which is made up of atomic systems and located within the solar system. According to the General Theory of Systems, all systems have analogies, so it can be assumed that the human system is influenced by the solar system and also by the atomic systems, and surely by these at the quantum level.

6) The Jewish menorah is a seven-armed chandelier reminiscent of the seven celestial bodies of the solar system visible with sight, which are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

7) In Judaism and Christianity is very significant number 12, which corresponds to the 12 zodiac signs. This is to such an extent at the latter that when Judas dies he is replaced by Thomas Didimo to restore the number 12. There are also 12 works of the solar god Hercules, symbolizing the spread in the Earth of the Zodiac Sun from the Ecliptic, which is similar to the function attributed to the 12 apostles.

8) The year is divided into 12 months corresponding with difference of 7-9 days with the beginnings of the 12 zodiac signs.

9) In World War II Astrology was used by Deutschland to schedule the bombings of the Luftwaffe to England.

10) There are a lot of astrologers, with great sensitivity, who can know directly, through observation, the sign of a person or place of the Sun and even the situation of the Moon in its horoscope, without knowing this and  the day that it was born. They do so simply by means of its physical traits, its behavior and how the native expresses himself, without any more.

It's been a long time since I also had that capacity with a lot of successes. I could directly know even the situation of other planets on the day of a person's birth. All of this is an irrefutable proof that we are incarnation of planetary archetypes, although many people do not like to believe it.

11) The above was a direct knowledge in the Greek and Roman cultures. In art they embodied above all the communication between the gods or archetypes and these same incarnates in the hominids, being constant and enormous the relations between them.

12) We have besides the example of the light in Quantum Mechanics with the phenomenon of double slit. It is verified that the light has an undulating and corpuscular nature. We assimilate the wave to the vibration of the archetypes that embody. Its behavior as the photon corpuscle is comparable to the incarnate hominid. The tragedy is that incarnate hominids are neither human nor gods.

13) I transcribe now what Edward N. Lorentz (35), famous scientist of Chaos Theory, which has got Neptunian nature, included in the Bibliography (p.115), says:

"What I want to do in this chapter is to present a few scenes of this drama which is our growing awareness of chaos, from the moment of the discovery of Neptune (1.846), at which point there was virtually no awareness of the matter."

Around that time there was also synchronicity with the Communist Manifesto that also has Neptunian nature, which was being written by K. Marx and F. Engels. There is the same circumstance as with Neptune, between the discovery of Uranus (1,781) and the emergence of Liberalism, as well as that of Pluto (1,930), sought from years ago, and National Socialism.

They are synchronous then the following two facts: when we become aware of the existence of a planet and its subsequent influence on human thought. It's amazing!

It should be added that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto respectively make their translation around the Sun in 84, 164 and 247 terrestrial years. Their cycles are therefore linked in the ratio 1/2/3 since 84/1≅164/2≅247/3, so they form a joint higher cycle that encompasses them in a unitary cosmic consciousness.
It is therefore necessary to study their relationships in time to understand more clearly the Evolutionary History of Humanity. It is understood, therefore, that World War II, in addition to the sacrifice of 70 million people, was a metaphysical absurdity in which those three planetary archetypes that had embodied deviant from them in Liberalism, Communism and National Socialism respectively faced each other.

14) There are planetary influences, such as those between the Sun and Moon that cause the tides on Earth. We have also the case of the planet Neptune that was discovered because disturbances were observed in the orbit of Uranus, which were caused by the influence of another planet. This allowed its location with the single difference of 1 degree from the calculation. Interplanetary influences, known as planetary precession, are therefore tested.

Definively, those luminous sky dots, which seem so distant, also shine within our lives, even if we do not see them.


(If you don't see any steps or descriptions, look at Table 38 to see what's explained. Keep overall, however, the conclusions that are emerging and which I have highlighted in bold).

(It should be borne in mind that the procedure of astrological interpretation of the Covid19 followed here is very simple and direct, since it uses the Alphabet of Thought (AT), widely discussed in the Blog. It differs from the professional method usually used by astrologers).

8.4 Birth and Evolution of C19

Birth of the C19

   The C19 began to gestate on 26-01-2.018, which is when Pluto is established in Capricorn. Also on that date the economic crisis occurred, as Pluto manifests itself uniquely in the Financial Economy. I knew that it would happen well in advance and I expressed it in the political and university media; but better than listening to me was believing in the euphoria of the economic “boom”.

   Subsequently, as we will see, the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, which trigger the significant viruses, as seen in the previous article, will be consummated in that sign.

   The "fetus" begins, however, to structure (Saturn) on 22-12-2.017 with the following influences from the sign of Capricorn: Saturn that has already entered Capricorn and also by the passage, although during short time, of the Sun and the Moon.

   According to the traditional astrological interpretation Saturn, which is also the Devil, is at home. It then fully governs the influences of all the planets that are placed in Capricorn. It is therefore also confirmed the apocalyptic time that we are living of manifestation and full control of the Devil in this humanity.

   Finally Jupiter enters Capricorn on 03-12-2.019, so the C19 can already begin to exercise its significant function, because the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, which we said, is already formed. We must wait, however, for the sky from 10-01-2.020 for the consummation of the cycle to take place, with the great conjunction of planets in Capricorn that we met in the previous article and which appears in Table 1. The C19 then begins to operate with full significant virus identity.


Table 1. The 10-01-20 is definitely formed the Covid 19.

   Other planetary cycles of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, generators of significant future viruses and which will be consummated in other signs after Capricorn, are projected in the future. Therefore, the next cycle should be investigated, but I cannot do so because I do not have the future planetary information that is needed. Next, however, in Table 2 I point out a very short prognosis for our immediate future, which we´ll develop afterwards.

Immediate future of C19

   Other planetary cycles of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, generators of significant future viruses and which will be consummated in other signs after Capricorn, are projected in the future. Therefore, the next cycle should be investigated, but I cannot do so because I do not have the future planetary information that is needed. Next, however, in Table 2 I point out a very short prognosis for our immediate future, which we´ll develop afterwards.   

   The celestial process does not stop, because the sky continues its movement sending new messages, which are represented in Table 2. On 23-03-2.020 Saturn enters Aquarius (Advance.8 in the Alphabet of ThoughtT). Having acquired the virus its own limit (9) in Capricorn (9) and since Saturn also rules the sign of Aquarius, in addition to Capricorn; it follows Saturn's absolute dominion over Jupiter and Pluto.That is why the virus continues its developing.

   Saturn and Aquarius are both + so it can be expected that by +Advance.8 in both, a mutation of the virus is prepared. It is also added the presence of Mars, which has entered exalted into Capricorn with great strength. This process will last until 12-05-2.020 that Saturn begins its retrograde movement to be back in Capricorn on 03-07-2.020. It is already possible that starts the definitive mutation in the cellular structure.


Table 2. Future of the C19.

New advanced mutation

   The possible above process is conducive to 04-07-2.020 in which the Sun and Mercury this time are in Cancer, but the Moon is in Capricorn. It is, therefore, a situation of an "anti" nature to that of 10-01-2.020, which originated the C19. The Moon (Idea.2), which its home is in Cancer (Idea.2), then governs the influences of the Sun (Ideal.1) and Mercury (Verification.4), thus further magnifying its significance.

   Thus it appears a new ideal (1) from which a cell idea (2) is derived, which is verified (4) in the opposite conjunction of Capricorn. We add that due to the nature of the Cancer sign, the woman's reproductive system and the human digestive system would then be affected.También Mercurio (4) estaba presente el 10-01-2.020, como factor de transmisión.

   We further add that Verification.4 has difference 11 in the AT with the opposite at Eclosion.15, which causes genocides for a new substance to appear. Besides similarly Mercury (4) was present on 10-01-2.020 as a factor of transmission. In addition to the mutation, a greater destructive and propagation power than the original C19 is added to the mutation.

The new strain of C19 and anti-C19

   If this is so, the new C19 is then really anti-C19, as similarly happens with particle and antiparticle in Quantum Mechanics. Thus it is not originated a new derivation of C19, but a double strain of C19 and anti-C19, which would then be very difficult to "attack" with drugs. Even more so if it were through a vaccine, as it would have to act simultaneously in the dual strain of C19 and anti-C19.

   Table3 illustrates the dual strain with a poker card. Fig.1 is the original in which the two equal images that appear are not symmetrical. Fig. 2 is produced by a vertical rotation to the plane, by which the original card appears, although one image replaces the other. Figs. 3 and 4 generate images that watch differently.

   On the other hand, for example, if you look at Fig.1 from the other direction it appears again. The set of figures, which is different and equal, is not easy to understand to be investigated.

   This poker card is used by S.W.Hawking (18) to explain the spin of the electron. Surely we are finding an extremely unique strain, in which the researcher has to be knowledgeable about Quantum Physics to approach knowledge of the C19 and anti-C19 strain.

Table 3. Illustration of the C19 and anti-C19 strain with a poker card.

The spread of C19

   The C19 has mainly infected the elderly people, which is in accordance with the nature of Saturn in Capricorn; let's remember that Saturn is depicted as an old man with the scythe. Older people have generally put more and more chains on their “I” that they believe to be throughout their lives and have generated a lot of characters of themselves, which is in addition a major obstacle to the evolutionary life that the virus transmits. In a similar state are all those who have a rigidized and crystallized mind, as is the case with fans of new technologies.

   C19 has not extensively affected to children, even if it has attacked the skin (8-9), as they have a fluid vitality (little 8-9) and are related to the opposite sign of Cancer; but they can have the C-19 being asymptomatic. Nor has it spread to the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, as its population has a natural mind adapted to Earth and Heaven, with whose original forces coexist.

   Then the anti-C19 can be originated from C19 in all those, of any age, that retain the C19 and would then be transmitters of the dual strain of C-19 and anti-C19. It is strengthened from 05-10-2.020 in which Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto already have direct movement in Capricorn and reaches as far as 20-10-2.020 in which Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius.

The influence of the "Spanish" influenza and global effects

   As it is seen in the previous article, the new strain is added that the conjunction in Capricorn of C19 is opposite to that of the "Spanish" flu of conjunction in Cancer, which are two opposite signs, and that it definitively took place on 07-01-1.917. It has been 100 years since then and if there are any traces of it, which spread enormously in Spain, a parallel relationship of aggregate effects can be formed between the two viruses further enhancing the C19 and anti-C19 strain with unimaginable consequences.

   That parallel relationship increases because, as a result of the Historical Memory Act, corpses from the Civil War (1,936-39), belonging to people who were alive in 1,917, are being exhumed. They were therefore exposed to the USA virus that can remain in their bones, as these are related to the Capricorn sign. It is very necessary to scientifically investigate this possibility.

   We add, however, that all that has been said are true ideas (2), but may not be verifiable (4) due to exogenous factors, although the constant presence of Mercury (3-4) in all the skies considered tends to verify them. Given the serious situation that has arisen with C19, it is necessary to investigate everything said scientifically.

Mutation cycle consumption

  That process is consolidated on 20-12-2.020 in which Jupiter and Saturn decisively enter Aquarius, as it is seen in Table 2. It stays Pluto in Capricorn, but reinforced by its quadrature with Mars in Aries. It continues then dominating Saturn, therefore, and they follow the advances in the mutation due to the influence of Aquarius.

   The message received this time from sky is as follows: "Advances in structures and functions, driven by profound transformations of existing boundaries made with great impetus". This message is addressed to all life and terrestrial social organizations. It is particularized by the strain as advances in the membranes of C 19 and anti-C 19, being affected DNA and globalized throughout the Earth with strength.

   Previously, the 06-11-2.020 it is formed a very significant configuration in the following cross signs: Moon at his home in Cancer, Venus at his home Libra Joint to Mercury, Saturn at his home in Capricorn joint to Jupiter and Pluto, finally Mars at his home in Aries. This arrangement in the Cosmic Cross adds to the virus a redemptive capacity to generate a new humanity by destroying the existing one. The configuration of Sun, Neptune, and Uranus confirms this.

   Globally in nations their subconscious seeking peace is removed, but they prepare themselves for electronic and nuclear warfare developed at sea. That day 06-11-2.020 an unique fact of global impact can occur.

The process of mutation can continue

   However, the following two paragraphs are added only as a forecast to be taken into account because now-unknown circumstances may occur that would alter it.

   The process of mutation continues until 30-12-2.021, when Jupiter enters the next sign of Pisces as it appears in Table 2, which is his domicile or home, where Neptune is located. Although this, related to mithocondrias, did not have much influence on the consummation of the virus on 10-01-2.020, one can think of an alteration in those organelles.

   There is, however, a simulation of what may happen on that date. In its direct movement Jupiter enters Pisces on 14-05-2.021 where Neptune stays, recoils towards Aquarius on 21-06-2.021 and enters this sign on 29-07-2.021. An evolution of the virus (alphabetical thought 11 by Jupiter) with detachment (at 20 by Neptune) from the accumulated is expected.

   A global state of alert is therefore necessary from May 2,021 showing the characteristics of the virus, which will exist in 2,022, enhanced in both cases by the influence of Neptune, which caused in the second wave the huge lethality of 1,918.

   Also when Saturn enters Pisces on 08-03-2.023 changes in the structures of existing mitochondrias can occur. They should not be significant, as Saturn and Neptune are alone, although Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, continues bringing some changes.

Cosmic treatment of C19 and anti-C19 strain message

   We are repeatedly stating that the C19 comes from the message sent to the cell by the original creative forces that come, in this case, from the Capricorn conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

   It cannot be assimilated because the "Homo sapiens" is deviated from the influence of the original cosmic forces. That's the way it is! but perhaps we could dilute our gaze in Cosmos to receive the message directly and be understood in our intelligence if it is free; unconditioned.

   Let us then look at Jupiter and Saturn at night, which are very visible in the sky and appear in the Southwest of Spain. Next to them, even if we don't see it, is Pluto. It is not necessary: to ask, to be in a group, to have a guru, or to use optical media, etc. Only I that is in ourselves and the sky with those two luminous dots to which I unite myself with Cosmic Love in the vastness of the Universe.

   I'm sure the above can work, I do it every night. I marvel at the vision, when the Moon every 28 days passes in conjunction with each other. Human loneliness is the solitude of the gods; they need us and we need them. There is, however, an obstacle to that working, which is the space junk, because it can distort the celestial message, which we represent in Table 4.

Table 4. Space junk warps the celestial message

   Despite this, hope must be given, because perhaps through the space junk the cosmic message can be filtered. We care a lot about pollution on Earth, but even more dangerous is that of the sky.




(Scientifically it is claimed that viruses are beneficial, because they drive the evolution of the cell; if it did not, the cell would stagnate and die. What happens is that it cannot pick up the celestial message of the virus and then a cellular genocide is originated, as is the case with Covid19).

   In relation to all of the above, it is worth remembering that viruses are the messengers of Heaven for Humanity to evolve. They act in the most elementary and originating life in us, which is the cell. If we destroy the celestial message with drugs or vaccines, human species will enter into an increasingly decadent evolutionary path. It is not a Personal or Social matter, but about the whole of the human species and, therefore, of cosmic nature.

   There is a very close direct relationship between the decadent Collective Mind of the human species and lethality of viruses: the greater the decline, the more lethality and the other way around. To receive the heavenly message of viruses, we must abandon the nature of the thought that makes them lethal and above all try to minimize them using the very nature that has caused them.

   Truly that the "Homo sapiens" is not evolving as a human species, only the Technique and Science that it produces do, but with dubious results, as we have seen in Table 4.


Humanity needs Revolution in Consciousness, that guides the Purification of the Mind,

to purity collect the celestial evolutionary message of viruses.

We don't have to try to kill the messenger because it doesn't go away and it's regrown.







    If you want to delve into Astrology, consult the following sources: D. Rudhyar quoted in the Bibliography (42); Liz Greene; the ancient authors, such as Alli Aben Ragel in "The book composed in the Judicios of the Stars" in 8 copies, translated into the court of Alfonso X the Wise in 1.254 (There is a translation in 1,997 by Gracentro that has disappeared)."

   As the article presented here is original, it is not possible to offer a specific bibliography of it. What is then done is to point out the most significant books, which have facilitated the search and encounter of the 22 alphabetical thoughts.



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