I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.


Belief in God and even his rejection have created conflicts of all kinds throughout History. It is currently causing a situation of confrontation between religions, which can lead to a 4th World War. We will therefore deal with this subject, so extremely subtle and abstract, with the primary objectives of contributing to Religious Unity, to the Evolution of Human Thought and also to World Peace. We must understand well what God is called to, whether we believe in Him or not!

The basics of everything we will say are found in the book "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety", which appears in Pdf with free download on my Website: www.cosmosociedad.es where this Blog is included with numerous articles derived from the book, as well as an illustrative lecture about it in Power-point Pdf.

The book Alphabet of Thought

How that book began, whose ideas underpin all my writings. I think it started to turn out after my academic trip to the Soviet Union in 1.980, for which I had to learn Russian. For teaching reasons I wanted to know the Marxist Economy. I certainly felt free and well treated there, even though I was critical of them in my speeches, as a representative of the group.

Despite this, my overall induction from what I saw there, it was that this system was against human evolution and would have to disappear within 10 years; of all of which I gave a lecture at the University. I often was thinking about what would become of the Marxist professors when such an event happened.

I was surprised by that prognosis when the Berlin Wall actually fell in November 1,989. I also made a trip with similar motives to the USA in 1,996 and, without setting then a date, it was clear that Capitalism would also fall, what is possible to be culminated in this time.

All of the above was confirmed when I prepared in 1.986 the opposition to the chair of "General Economy and Applied to Construction". There was a widespread view then that "if structural reforms were not undertaken, the Global Socioeconomic Structure would collapse in the first half of the 21st century." All of which I took to the book of Macroeconomics, which I was then writing.

That's why I began to warn in various forums that a socio-economic collapse was coming, but, as it is often the case with these notices, almost no one wanted to accept it. Actually, the 2,008 crisis is just the preamble of something deeper.

Recognition of all of the above led me to reorient teaching. It was clear that, after what really happened in the Soviet Union that had Western stability to recover, it was necessary to create a new thought for a new society, since in a global collapse everything is unstable and one can’t find almost any help of other countries.

As you're checking, I keep writing, even when I'm 80, so that the book's message arrives; I think it needs to be. It must be clear that if our way of thinking and feeling has led us to the current decline, by trying to correct it with the same system of thought, what will happen is its exponential increase, as it is in fact happening.

A new original thought, not renewed or modified from the current one, but new, is therefore necessary. Some teachers and students told me that I had to bring the new thought closer, but it is not possible to do it more than I have already done, because it would be destroyed by current thinking; you have then to look at this writing as it is.

We will give the following steps:

1) We will refer to the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness, whose knowledge is necessary for understanding in God, and which appear more broadly in another blog article.

2) We will show the belief in God in various mythologies and religions with their divergences and convergences, as well as we´ll refer them to scientific knowledge.

3) We will present a summary of the article "What is the Alphabet of Thought" in order to relate it to God in Part 4.

4) Thus we arrive to Part 4, in which we can really see what is intuited as God through the Alphabet of Thought (AT), also verifying its relationship with the various mythologies and religions considered in Part 2.

5) Finally, a global horizon will be established to achieve the proposed objectives.

God is neither a subjective nor objective reality

We begin by saying that it is not possible to speak of what is understood as God-in-self; there is no subject or anything in the objective reality that can be said: it is God. We therefore only have knowledge of God as intuition: Intuition God. There are not any objective attributes to be able to refer to Him. God is neither righteous, nor almighty, nor omnipotent, nor great, etc. All of them are attributes that do not become the self (ego or I)that we believe to be and with whom we identify as a subject, even putting it first and last names.

As an example of the above, it can be quoted that in the Bible, when Moses asks God on Mount Sinai that who he is, he replies thus: I am the one I am. It therefore lacks references; nothing can be said objectively of God, if it really exists. On the contrary, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are three biblical trunk religions, fill him with attributes, which contradicts that supposed divine answer to Moses.

It is necessary for the "Homo sapiens" to have a sense of species to "go beyond" the exclusively terrestrial matters so that its evolution will be cosmic; only then will the human species remain on Earth. Intuition God transcends precisely the self we believe to be and impels us to go "beyond..." and so precisely, with ellipses, without saying from what or towards where. In Table 1 it is observed "figuratively" in the photo, that the "Homo sapiens" does not walk within its evolution; it is almost detained and disoriented in time.


Table 1. The human deviation really.

Some human deviations from considering God a subject and an object

We historically check that we kill and die in his name. The two armies that will face are entrusted to God, according to their objective beliefs to obtain victory, believing even the one who wins that God is on his side and that it is the bearer of divine truth. Let us remember, for example: the Christian Crusades, the Christian Inquisition, the Holy War of Islam, etc.

It is thought that devout believers attain supposed paradises, but they are truly mirages of the imaginary oasis existing in the transit through the human cultural desert, which has created the self (ego or I)that we believe to be. It is very necessary, therefore, to refer us to God in the various religions with the help of Discernment, which separates that what-is-not, to be free through the vision of what-it-is.

The control of human beliefs by Plutocratic Groups

They are the beliefs that encourage human life; whatever they are. That is why the plutocrats which govern terrestrial societies, above their governments, are destroying them. They manufacture for this hominids-robot in all areas, as is the case with the abuse that is currently being done with New Technologies. It is very easy to manipulate this humanity by enchanting it with "toys" and with exclusively terrestrial needs.

In return the Plutocracy give the hominids-robot a false superiority by checking the almost divine omnipotence they have with their all-reaching mobiles, which in their minds it is transformed as if it were a personal power of their own, which fills the empty affliction of those. Thus, Intuition God is destroyed, which is necessary for human evolution to go "beyond" everything that is tying us to Earth.

The human finger of Michelangelo's fresco of the Sistine Chapel, as can be seen in Table 2, must be straightened out so that it receives the liberating message of the power of the Universe, which is firmly expressed in the creator index finger. All of this is independent of whether or not the reader believes in God; that's why I say finger creator and not divine finger.


Table 2. The Human Deviation of the Initial Creative Forces.

Some backgrounds of my personal search for God

This article is not something improvised, in reaction to the decline that is increasingly happening over human life, but has been brewing since my childhood. The search for God on a personal level and the transformation of Humanity has always been the guiding ideas of my life.

Since I was very young and while I was growing, I perceived and judged the deviation of human behavior. I was also distracted by games that simulated God as a companion; it was very entertaining to dialogue with God through my own mind.

I was born in a "house" surrounded by rubble by the bombs of the Spanish Civil War of 1.936-39; then I knew hunger, fear and humiliation, because my family was one of the losers of that war.

I went to a nuns' school next to my house. I just loved them and they loved me; I was their child bearer of the Honor Band. When my mother was pregnant with my sister, the Superior Mother of the school said to her, "Miracles (the name of my mother), you have to bring us another child like Jesusito (it was my name)".

I was saddened because the nuns did not listen to me when I complained to them about how the priests prepared us for the First Communion. The worst thing was that those, by relying on in the Mysteries of the Rosary, they wanted to show that the Virgin Mary was more relevant in Heaven than God himself, which perverted the image of God in my companions. That's why I protested.

Everything changed with more hope at the beginning of the secondary education at the age of 10, because the priest of the subject of Religion was a very honest man, whom I argued in class constantly with, especially when he wanted to prove the existence of God by reason. Despite my heterodoxy I always had 10 with the Honor Distinction.

For study problems I had to defer the reading of the Bible and the Gospels to age 20. I did this in contradiction with the prevailing doctrine, which coactively conveyed the following: "to believe and to shut up". I expected much from those readings, and even more from the Gospels, but above all these were a great disappointment, for they were full of contradictions and lacked a coherent, clear and definite doctrine. Of all this is an evidence the number of religions and sects that have appeared.

I continued in a state of search and at the age of 40 I attended to some talks given by Jesuits, in which they weighed the Eastern Religions. I had previously read the two books of Teilhard de Chardin S.J. quoted in the Bibliography. I followed that new path somewhat disoriented, but soon found help in the Hindu Vedanta-Advaita with the book of S. Sankaracharya that appears in the Bibliography.

Finally, the discovery of the Alphabet of Thought (AT), in the year 2.002, already completely alone and regardless of any religion or scientific influence, has allowed me to understand what is called God. I offer that understanding in this article for the transformation that is necessary to human life, or better than "transformation", "transubstantiation", that is, that Human Consciousness has a new substance in its three components of Energy, Love and Intelligence.

As a first step it is needed a new substance in the human mind, which originates a new thought, as it is offered in this article. For a better understanding of it, we must then refer to the existence of 4 Levels of Consciousness.


We will go on referring us to the Human Consciousness, which is unique itself really, but that is expressed through four levels or universes. Then we will explain them and are represented in the Table 3.


Table 3. Glance in the 4 Universes of Consciousness.

The 4 Universes of the Human Consciousness

1) There is the Objective Universe, which contains all the objects that appear outside us. It is the one that we see with our eyes, as in the following examples: the table, the book, the tree, etc.

2) That one is linked with the Mental Universe, which is accessible from the mind, and that "hosts" the specific thoughts, that we have about the different objects and their relationships. Although the object book is in the Objective Universe, is seen in the mind with the internal look. Actually is not the external book, but its representation in the mind what we see. Depending on how the mind is, so the book will be seen; that is why we disagree with the other people in how are the things that we see.

3) Then we look at the Universe of Ideas, in which "are": the ideals and ideas of all objects, mathematical principles, etc. We know that a book is a book and not a tree, because we previously have the idea of book that is different from the idea of tree, which allows us to distinguish them.

4) Finally the Intuitional Universe is peculiarly accessible by illumination in the intelligence. It is manifested in the following people: believers, mystics, artists, scientists, etc. It can be sensed in the Fig 1 "beyond" the three-dimensional look that includes the characters within the sphere that encloses them. All of them perceive that there is a fourth dimension where the Dove looks from, but only the character that appears on the left with his "lost" look it seems that he sees in the Intuitional Glance.

Table 4. Glance in the Intuitional Universe.

Scientific and religious visions in the Human Consciousness

The first three universes are considered by K.R.Popper in the Philosophy of Science. Scientific researcher observes the Universe of Objects, and from his own mind, establishes rational relations with what the Mental Universe is so populated. Then theses and principles are elaborated, which nourish the Universe of Ideas.

According to Eastern Religious Philosophy, the four universes are fictitious; everything is Brahman or the unique light of knowledge, which is refracted then four times through on those. This also happens in the simple example of the stick inserted into the water, which appears deviant, because the unique light that the cane projects, is refracted when going from air to water.


We now refer to how the following mythologies and religions conceive God: 1) We will first do so to Greek and Roman mythologies; 2) We will then treat the Eastern religion and more specifically the Vedanta-Advaita of Hinduism; 3) Finally it will be done to the three biblical trunk religions, which are: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Guiding ideas

We will be particularly helped by some guiding ideas, which underlie with more or less clarity in mythologies and religions, although they are sometimes not perceived above all by their believers. These ideas will allow us to approach the principles on which Religious Unity should be founded. The guiding ideas are the followings:

1) The idea of Far God (FG) is not directly accessible or cognitive in this phase of human evolution, but it is perceived with various names in some mythologies and religions.

2) The idea of Near God (NG) is the one that religious writings and teachings usually refer to, by generally manifesting itself as the Trinitarian God (TG).

3) The  TG is the one who is supposed to dialogue with man and who is generally prayed.

4) Other subjects we will refer to are also those of the following entities: Devil and Angels.

Distinction between the self I think I am and self that it is

We will also use the denominations the self that we believe to be and self that it is, to which an article has already been dedicated; but that we will briefly remember. The self we think we are is the one we identify with permanently, we say like this: I read the article, I am a man or I am a woman, I am an Engineer, I like to walk, I play football, etc.

Instead self that it-is has no references and does not identify with anything; it's simple and essentially: I'm I. The believing of the hominids that their self is self is a widespread identity error. That identification is only true when self is detached from its chains and its underlining disappears. Then I'm free from the dark of self.

Note that I do not say self I´m, but that it is, because the reader's self might believe that self belongs to him, as when he says possessively and inappropriately "my body". Self is darkness really and self is luminous, as it is abbreviated explained in the Table 5, which will also be nuanced later.

Table 5. Images of self and self.


The principles existing in Mythologies tend to predate those of religions, these being generally an adaptation of the beliefs of the former. It can be said for sure that mythological language is a sublimated expression, which expresses with great fidelity the communion of thought, which is neither usually the case with religions and nor with Science.

Its reading parks the mind and leads intelligence to a higher vision. Now, the self that we believe to be and who represents us cannot understand it, because it has evolved greatly on the basis of misunderstandings and limitations depending on himself and the concrete Object Universe. They are analogous to Mythology, the evangelical parable and the eastern koan, which also convey essential thoughts in a non-rational and mindless manner.

Greek and Roman mythologies are similar; they have even the same gods, although with different names. Therefore, let us basically consider the Greek one; but only the gods who are meaningful to our purpose of approaching God's Intuition.


Uranus represents the global fecundity of the firmament without limits. According to legend he is the husband of Gea or Earth, because the sky "covers" her to her measure. As she was tired of the numerous births and as well as some of her children were monsters, she asks them for help to protect her against Uranus.

It is precisely the youngest son Cronus (Roman Saturn) who with a sickle cuts his father's testicles; but his semen falls into the sea and Venus or goddess of love, art, etc. is born. Uranus is then god of the cosmic sky and his son Saturn (Devil) is the one who then reigns in the solar sky that envelops the Earth. All this is an expression of how the ancients saw the firmament, but that they moved to human manifestations; see Table 6 of Venus' Birth.

Table 6. Venus' Birth.

Scientific aspects of the planet Uranus

The planet Uranus is not usually visible to the naked eye, as it only reaches the edge of Saturn with its rings. In its translation movement it has a retrograde turn, which also happens to some of its moons and the planet Aphrodite (Roman Venus). This turn has its axis practically contained in the Ecliptic, which do not have the rest of the planets. It is therefore an unique planet beyond the terrestrial government of his "son" Cronos or planet Saturn, which are precisely contiguous in the solar system.

We see that it is very fine, almost without instruments, the Greek astrophysical intuition that concretes the planetary characteristics in what they called gods and that we now call archetypes. Uranus is therefore a Far God (FG), who "rests" in the cosmic sky. It is expressed in the Intuitional Universe symbolized in Table 4 by the dove or symbol of his heavenly daughter Venus, who is conceived without a mother.


Saturn is therefore the god who rules the earthly matters. He is described as a civilizing god, who teaches social organization and farming practices to hominids, but fate prepares him for an end similar to that of his father Uranus.

It was predicted that one of his sons will dethrone him, so he kills them all. Their mother, however, manages to save Zeus (Roman Jupiter) who fights his father Cronus and defeats him, banishing him with chains on the edge of the Earth's solar sky. We can overcome the Devil with Love, Beauty, and Hope, as seen in Table 7.


Table 7. The Devil is overcome with Love, Beauty and Hope.

We see that the mythical version matches the scientific characteristics of the planet Saturn. This is not therefore a god properly said, for he will be considered the Devil who rules in the Earthly Good and Evil, to which the Persian philosopher will call Himrude and Armagnet. This conception had a great influence on Judaism, which was transmitted later to Christianity and Islam. Their social manifestations are shown in Table 8. It then acts between the FG Uranus and the NG Zeus (Jupiter), which we then deal next.


Table 8. Saturn or Devil who governs earthly Good and Evil.


According to scientific knowledge, Jupiter is a protostar in the solar system, for if its mass were about 200 times greater it could be a star; then marks hierarchy with the Sun. Having banished, as we have said, his father Saturn (Devil) with chains, he is deservedly the king of Olympus or heavenly abode of all the gods. Olympus is equivalent to what we now call Collective Unconsciousness, from which archetypes or planetary gods emanate, according to C.G.Jung.

According to Mythology, Zeus (Jupiter) issues are divine, religious and human laws; but the Devil locks them inside their chains. This is what actually happens between Parliament (Jupiter) and the Government (Saturn or Devil) with the society that governs it. This also explains the supremacy of law in the Rule of Law.

No wonder, then, that parliamentarians believe they are gods and that politicians are diabolic. Now, our decadent society is becoming the Dictatorship of Law. Almost everything wants to be solved by parliamentary laws, which are not the solution, because they do not correct the causes, but act on the effects.

The Conception of Hercules

As the generator of life, Jupiter joins even with countless mortals, as is the case with the virgin Alcmena, the Anfitrion´s wife, with which she had not consummated the marriage. That union is very significant for our article, because, as we shall see, it is analogous to the conception of Jesus of Nazareth. It is narrated as follows:

"... Still virgin Alcmena, married to Anfitrion and in his absence, taking his appearance the god Jupiter (understood as heavenly energy) Alcmena is pregnant by him, which will give birth to Hercules... knowing it her husband wants to burn her, but the fire is extinguished and he is informed of the divine origin of his son Hercules..". In childbirth Hercules had a twin brother, Ificles; being this son of Anfitrion.

Pluto and Persephone

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and of his sister Demeter (Ceres), goddess of fertility and cultivation, especially wheat. We clarify that this language is mythological and therefore should not be interpreted as an union of the gods in the Object or in theMental Universes, but rather in the Universe of Ideas.

The words father, mother, son, etc. are only symbolic to express someone's provenance. These are always heavenly energies that come from the sky, under certain conditions, and they manifest on Earth. So let's look at the meaning of Persephone, deduced from the myth, because it will be very significant to understand the FG, according to the AT.

Persephone's abduction

While the virgin Persephone was in a meadow with a group of virgins, it arises from the terrain Hades (Pluto), which "rapes her against her will" introducing her with him in the Hades or Hell, where she will reign with him forever. Hades is understood to be the deepest and unknown within the Earth, which is depicted in Table 9. Let us observe in it the coincidence between the symbol of Pluto and the one of the Grail.


Table 9. Some representations of Pluto.

Demeter contemplates the abduction; but does not object it, although she later complains to the god King Zeus. He replies that he cannot do anything because it is his brother Pluto who reigns in the Hades. The myth explains that the virgin grain of wheat has to die and to be fertilized under the "strength" of the Earth, so that the spike of new virgin seeds emerges, symbolizing Demeter, and thus eternally. The symbol adopted for Persephone is a figure of four circular peaks, which we will later see when explaining the AT. We now represent her in Table 10.


Table10. Symbol and sculpture of Persephone.

All this, moreover, although it is not the subject of the article, can illustrate to us about the effective violations of some deviated hominids of the pure and essential Plutonian energy. The myth also explains that parliamentary laws (Zeus) have little effect in combating violations (Hades). They are similarly destructive-constructive energies of cosmic nature, which also serve, for example, to generate a new society.

Scientific aspects of the planet Pluto

Even though astronomers have taken Pluto out of the planet hierarchy, it's still there for us, as in ancient times. To understand these phenomena, at least some scientific conceptions must be taken into account.

According to the planetary precession there are gravitational influences between the planets, as shown in these cases: the tides that cause the Sun and Moon on Earth; that the planet Neptune was discovered because deviations had been observed in Uranus' orbit, which were supposed to be caused by the gravity forces of another contiguous planet.

Pluto is also a planet whose orbit is not ecliptic, like the rest of the planets located before it. This may explain the god reigning in the deepest. If we "climbed" into it, we would have a perspective that immerses us in the cosmos, which is different from the one of the other planets.

Also we note that in the atomic world a slight change, such as a further distant electron or a spin change, is enough to make a different element appears. We can then think, as the ancients did, that although the planet Pluto is small and distant, it influences as an archetype in the Collective Unconsciousness of Humanity, associated with Persephone, whose effective meaning we will see later when referring to the AT.

General Principles deduced from Mythology

In relation to the references adopted for our study, we have inferred the following:

1) The FG is the inconceivable Uranus, whose kingdom extends to the cosmic sky. There he "rests" leaned out of Earth's surface, but without intervening directly in the terrestrial matters. Uranus is Cosmic Intelligence united to Earth by the cosmic love of his daughter Venus.

2) Saturn is what is understood as the archetypal entity Devil, which rules in the earthly good and evil. In vain it is intended to achieve it by advancing towards it in good or evil or both. We always find its limit, which pushes us to advance to a new limit and so on forever, until its sickle destroys us, as is often the case in the job promotion. He is the one who drives, among others, politicians and athletes to push to their limit of incompetence.

3) Jupiter is the NG and king of Olympus or abode of the gods. It is the one that directly generates life on Earth and is mainly entrusted with the Roman and Greek people with their counterpart Zeus.

4) Jupiter in both mythologies is not a Trinitarian god, as we will see that NG is in some religions.

5) Although they recognized that the gods dwelled in the Universe of Ideas, in fact, they objectified them in the Objectal Universe through rituals, statues, and monuments.
6) The angelic entities do not appear, but they can be assimilated to the god Mercury, who was the messenger of the gods.


We find ourselves here with a clear and coherent doctrine, which pursues human liberation through the way of knowledge, especially with the help of Discernment, which separates what-it-is-not and is then liberated what-it-is. Here there are not multiple gods, but only one Brahman or Universal Being, as we would call it in Western Philosophy.

It is also a very abstract doctrine that requires a lot of attention to understand it well. I was reading the book of S. Sankaracharya, "The Supreme Jewel of Discernment" very slowly for eight years, repeating the reading over and over again to live its contents.
Brahman y Atman.

This philosophy brings a very outstanding conception of the divine matters and it is that it discovers that in every man beats the Atman or Individual Being. Now, Brahman and Atman are the same entity. This can be intuited when considering a clay jug, in which what is inside is outside, is the same. If the jug is broken, as is the case with the death of the human body, there remains the Atman, who was always there, as it is the case in man.

Why is this not directly intuited by man as natural and commonplace? The cause is Maya or Ignorance, who covers the Atman and disconnects it from the Reality that it is. Man, if it really it is, has to abandon the chains of the self it thinks it is, and so the Atman will shine as the reality it is. The 4 Universes therefore do not exist, but are Light in Brahman, only Brahman.

Brahman's duality and its illumination

Although Brahman is in itself unique and universal, it is coated with the following duality: Nirguna-Brahman, which is unimaginable, not manifest and absolute; Saguna-Brahman that is qualified, trinitarian and expressed as Sat-Chit-Ananda. Sat is the Self, Chit is Knowledge and Ananda is Love, happiness, etc. It is a trinity that is analogous to the one we will see in the Alphabet of Thought.

All of the above is not only left in the abstract plane of knowledge, but is achievable by the disciple who is discovered in Brahman. When he reaches that degree, his Guru tells him, "That's Brahman and that's you." Now, Discernment must be applied to that expression, because "you" is not the self who believes himself to be, but the Atman in the disciple, who is freed from all the chains to which the self has submitted it.

It is not self, who is free, because its nature is being chained, but self or Atman who is. Therefore, all the purposes of freedom that "invents" the self and so are all the social revolutions in which the hominid awkwardly participates, are nonsenses. Those are only mirages that revolutionary leaders project to satisfy their libido of power, but thus deceiving the people, for in the nature of the people dwell vain illusion and receiving collective deceptions.

The way for the liberation

We have to leave Maya or Ignorance for what we start by contemplating all mental contents as the Object Universe. In the mind everything is objective, both what satisfies us and what we reject because we believe it is bad. In principle, it is the mind that contemplates its mental contents, but without the involvement of the self.

With the help of Discernment, it is distinguished with detachment what-it-is-not. That's how the way to what-it-is or Atman is opening up. It is neither necessary to have a guru, nor to go to India, because if the desire for liberation is real, the Sad-guru or Inner Master immediately appears, who is perfectly recognizable in consciousness and who frees the disciple from his shadows. The Discernment is the voice of the Inner Master.

The previous mental posture must be maintained patiently. If it is so, in the mind there is a need not to address to the mental contents anymore, because it has become clear that it is not what is sought. The inner mental look is being replaced by another gaze that comes from "beyond...". Being still subjects who keep looking for, it is seen that there is a Glance that observes the whole search scenario.

The Transubstantiation of the Consciousness

Initially, as we think today, the following components are distinguished in the human inner gaze: the connoisseur, the known and the knowledge. As the way of liberation progresses, the known and the knowledge are unify, until finally the connoisseur disappears and only knowledge remains. All this leads to Transubstantiation of Consciousness with a purified mental substance.

Scientific reference

We add the comment that all of this we're saying is very different from how Science investigates. It strives to understand the Object Universe; but since the scientist's mind is separated from the reality it is, what it does is to create a false mental universe. He then makes a scientific revolution that it-is-not and that ends up leaving things substantially in the same relative place.

Science thus emphasizes the Object Universe, which is false, seeking its truth through experimentation in the object of research. It thus contributes to the human deterioration, which subsequently is rooted only in what is terrestrial and strives and sees nothing but the ephemeral happiness of objects.

Spectator, Maya, Atman, Glance and Devil

Already without direct intervention of the disciple, the Atman's Gaze guides him to himself. The Atman then discovers itself as Brahman and that is when the guru says to the disciple: "That is Brahman and that is you." There's only Glance on Brahman.

It is not directly quoted in this doctrine the archetypal entity Devil, who tries to bind us to the terrestrial matters to awaken in ourselves our true reality of being free of them by seeing the chains, and so to be oriented towards the sky beyond Saturn. With the help of Discernment the human gaze thus abandons what-it-is-not and evolves cosmically with a feeling of species. An image of the Devil may, however, be Maya. In Table 11 we represent the ignorance of self and the reality of self.


Table 11. The irreality of self and the reality of self.

General principles deduced from Hinduism

11) The FG is Brahman, which is still unique in itself. It is presented, nevertheless, with the following duality: Nirguna-Bahman, which is not causal, absolute, that is not born or never will be born, that it is not accessible to knowledge and that it is really the FG that we are considering here.

2) Saguna-Brahman is then the NG, the qualified Brahman present in consciousness, which manifests itself trinitarian as Sat-Chit-Ananda.
As we can see, Brahman's duality is not representative in either the Mental Universe or the Object Universe.

3) Brahman's identification with the Individual Atman is a transcendent recognition of human reality. It is to consider, in Western language that in man there is in addition to human nature the divine one. It can be said that, after his initiation, the disciple, who it is not yet, is god or "son" of Brahman. This may be the justification for saying that Jesus of Nazareth is the son and envoy of God, then he can be called himself Christ or better Jesus-Christ.

4) It is not defined what we mean by Devil, but it can be assimilated to Maya or Ignorance. The angelic entities also do not appear.


Jews believe in the Bible, Christians also agree and besides in the Gospels. Muslims are especially based on the book Koran written by the Prophet Muhammad and also believe in the Bible especially quoting Abraham and Moses. All of them have the common trunk of Abraham and everyone then believes in the God of Genesis. We will see later how this common belief in the biblical God is manifested in each religion.

2.3.1. God in the Bible according to Genesis

God manifests himself as God creator of the Universe by the successively 7 “days” or steps. He creates the following: 1) Heaven and Earth with Light and Day separating it from Darkness or Night; 2) The Firmament or Sky; 3) Grass, seas and dry or earth; 4) The Sun, Moon, Stars; 5) Animals in the waters, Birds in the Sky, Animals, Livestock and Reptiles on Earth; 6) Man in the image and likeness of God, being male and female; 7) Rest God from what He had done by sanctifying the seventh day.

Man is created with earthly mud

He is no longer God, but is later called Yahve-God and it is this who forms man from the mud of the Earth and putting him in the Garden of Eden, forbidding him to eat of the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil because he would die. Sue Adam in a deep torpor and being asleep takes one of his ribs, closing its place with flesh, thus forming Yahweh-God to the woman. When he introduces her to Adam, this exclaims, "This is already bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh". Let's note the astronomical image, because the Sun sleeps at night and that the Moon resembles a rib.

Expulsion from Paradise and appearance of Good and Evil

The woman was tempted by the serpent, and to be like God, ate from the fruit of Good and Evil. He fed Adam and their eyes were opened seeing that they were naked. God asks Adam if he has eaten the fruit of Good and Evil, to which Adam replies that Eve has fed him, and she answers by saying that the serpent has fed her. Yahweh-God dresses them and "expels" them from paradise, placing at its entrance a cherub with a brand new sword to keep the way of the tree of life. Then they became connoisseurs of the terrestrial good and evil.

If we want to reconcile those two creations of man, we can think that the Sixth Day Man is the Intuitional Universe, containing the potential sexual duality of male and female. Later in paradise are already Universe of Ideas, with the names of Adam and Eve, intuited respectively of the alphabetical thoughts of the AP Ideal.1 as Sun and Idea.2 as Moon, which we will see later.

The dialogues in paradise are already Adam and Eve in the Mental Universe and are finally in the Object Universe by being "expelled" from paradise and besides they have to cover their naked bodies.

I believe that the word "expelled" is not correct, since it is all about how the human incarnation with divine origin takes place. For this reason it is Eva, as a female, who has to take the first step by eating the apple offered to her by the Devil or earth power.

The Offspring of Adam and Eve

Eve give birth to Abel and afterwards Cain. This kills his brother and Yahweh curses him, he gives him a sign so no one will kill him. Good and Evil are now terrestrial, which indicates that the Devil also leaves paradise with Adam and Eve after being expelled.

Eve subsequently conceives Set, thereby it is restored the unity of the duality of earthly good and evil. Both brothers have wives and have offspring, but it is not said in Genesis how the corresponding women appear, unless they are their sisters, which casts doubt on the truthfulness of all biblical creation.

It can be thought, however, that Adam and Eve are not unique, but are symbolic, that is, many Adams and many Eves appear on Earth, in various places and times, which is in correspondence with scientific knowledge. Thus their sons could find some spouses for having the offspring. We illustrate all of the above in Table 12.


Table 12. The Incarnation of Adam and Eve.

General Principles Deduced from Genesis

So let us see in the God who Jews, Christians and Muslims initially believe:

1) Creator God creates the Universe in 7 days or stages, resting on the 7th day. It is therefore separated from what it has created, so it resembles FG, but that creative description is not typical of FG.

He creates in his image and likeness to the man, being male and female. Adam and Eve are not quoted, but the two sexes have the same original nature.

2) The one who appears in paradise is already Yahweh-God, who is properly like NG. With him are: 1) Adam and Eve, who now do have a name; 2) The Devil as a serpent, as it moves simulating a terrestrial wave; 3) Good and Evil in paradise, who move to the terrestrial phenomenon with Abel (good) and Cain (bad) and who is restored with Set (good) at the death of Abel.

3) He forms Adam from the mud of the Earth and Eve from Adam's rib. A solar image of Adam and a lunar image of Eve are thus created.

4) Two sex versions appear: 1º) Full equivalence as male and female in the image and likeness of God, which could be realized in the Mars and Venus archetypes, the latter being used as a symbol by feminist movements; 2º) Of hierarchical difference such as Sun and Moon, the latter being assimilated by the Muslims. Approximately the 4 Universes of Human Consciousness are simulated.

5) I add that differences between previous sexes disappear when the woman rests her head, forgetfulness, on the shoulder of the man and flows between them a common feeling of love. If so, the terrestrial ideas of Feminine and Masculine vibrate unified in the Absolute Dimension.

6) Approximately the 4 Universes of Human Consciousness are simulated.

Then we will refer to God in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions, seeing how each of them has adapted the notion of God that they separately have of Genesis.

2.3.2 God according to the Jewish religion

The God to whom the Jews address in their writings of the Bible is Yahweh, who is practically NG, for he is the one who dialogues with them and whom they are entrusted to. He is the only God of the Jewish people, who are his chosen people to which he leads and protects. In all these relationships, the prominence of the angels and the Devil, which is given different names to, is very significant. There are also numerous names of God besides that of Yahweh.

There is, however, a significant contradiction that is realized in the Menorah or candlestick of the seven arms. These represent the 7 traditional planets considered by Astrology. In this one all the planets behave like gods, there is no existence in this case of the unique God.

Pythagoras said that "the world is built on the power of numbers", which has current scientific confirmation, for there is supposed to be a Numerical Universe from which the ideas of numbers arise, which we represent by signs and which serve us in the mathematical world. Thus, the Jewish alphabet has 22 letters associated with successive numbers, which have a deep meaning. In addition, number 22 is associated with the Unspeakable God, which can therefore be considered FG.

General principles deduced from Judaism

1) Although they believe in the unique God, he receives various names, which blurs its uniqueness. Yahve associated with number 10 is, however, the NG we are considering in all religions. He has as opponent to the Devil, who also receives multiple characterizations.

2) Although the God Creator of the Genesis could be considered the FG, the Unspeakable God is most evidently the Unnamable God with his number 22, which is in the AT its final number representing the inaccessible Absolute Dimension.

2.3.3 God according to Christianity

New meanings are added here to the notion of God, but by keeping the Creator God of Genesis. It is trinitarian expressed and it is stated that each member is also God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Despite this, the Father relates directly to Jesus of Nazareth, so he cannot be considered FG. The FG entity is not really well-collected in Christianity.

The Trinitarian God

There are almost no references to the members of the Trinity and when it is made doctrine is not created. Let's look at two examples:

Baptism of Jesus: (Matthew 16-17) "After Jesus was baptized came out the water and he saw the heavens opened to him and that the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming upon him, while a voice from Heaven said: This is my very beloved son in whom I have all my complacencies." As we can see, it's a passage full of contradictions.

That is not FG but NG, since it is said to descend like a dove. This statement is reminiscent of the conception of Venus, which is born from the semen of her father Uranus or mythological FG, coming out the waters where the semen had fallen, and whose symbol also is the dove. She is the bearer of the Father's love, which will also be affirmed of Jesus.

God does not speak, so the following phrase is absurd: "While a voice from Heaven said, this is my much beloved son...". We add, however, that when Paul preached Christianity in Athens he said that the god Uranus was equivalent to the Christian Father God.

The coming promise of the Spirit of Truth: (John 23-13 and 14) "..."The Spirit of Truth will guide you to the whole truth, for it will not speak of himself but will speak of what he will hear....All that the Father has is also mine and it will make you aware.

There is inaccuracy again because the following questions can be asked: When is the coming of the Spirit of Truth? Will there be until then darkness? How is it recognized as Truth? Is discernment needed to separate what-is not-true? I understand, however, that the least acceptable of that sentence is the word "mine" in this case; in God there is neither yours nor mine, this is a human language of possessiveness.

The divinity of Jesus

The divinity of Jesus is an unusual fact, which neither Jews nor Muslims recognize; for Muhammad is a prophet. Truly it is absurd to say "this man is God", because we neither know what man is nor what God is; they cannot therefore be identified. Let us now look at some considerations that call into question that divinity.

Conception of Jesus: (Matthew 1-18) "Being married Mary, her mother, with Joseph, before they lived together, she found to be conceived of the Holy Spirit. Joseph, her husband, being righteous, did not want to denounce her and decided to repudiate her in secret. An angel of the Heaven tells him in his dreams, Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to receive Mary in your house, because what is conceived in her is the work of the Holy Spirit...".

We note that this conception substantially coincides with the one of Hercules (Heracles) by Jupiter (heavenly substance) and the virgin Alcmena in Mythology. We even said that Alcmena also had Ificles, Hercules' twin, from her husband. Although it is claimed in Christianity that Mary remained a virgin, other sources say he had at least his brother Santiago. Let´s think that the myth is before the conception of Jesus, so this should be just an appropriation of the Hercules one.

Birth and Life of Jesus: The date of Jesus' birth is not exactly known. Despite this, it has been attributed to Christmas Day, which coincides with the entrance of the winter solstice. This date is considered the one of the birth of the gods in ancient times, because it is when the sunlight begins to lengthen, which is interpreted as the light gaining to the shadow and then god can be born on Earth.

Let us also note that in the past it was very common to consider god to people who have been relevant. This circumstance, together with the previous one of the solstice, were perhaps united in the case of Jesus of Nazareth to be considered god by the believers of Christianity. That is, if Jesus, so relevant, was really God should have been born, without further ado, in the winter solstice.

It's very significant in his life, his relationship with the Devil. In many passages besides, his role as an exorcist is collected, by expelling demons from many possessed people. The most relevant is how the three temptations presented to him by the Devil are overcome. It is very decisive that the Devil tells him that if he prostrates before him, he will give to him all the kingdoms of the Earth, which confirms the earthly power of the Devil; he is finally assisted by angels. All the above spirituality contradicts his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where he is hailed as King of the Jews; a few days later he will be crucified.

Crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus: These phrases spoken by Jesus on the cross are not typical of divine nature: "My Father, why you have forsaken me?" and "In your hands I entrust my spirit". Before his setting on the mount of olive trees he had also said: "Father, if it is possible that it passes this chalice from me, but not my will is done but yours".

The matter of his resurrection is also unclear, for there is a character on the mount of olive trees, dressed in a white robe, who flees. Later when the stone of his tomb appears removed there is also another character dressed in white robe. Moreover, neither Mary Magdalene nor his disciples recognize him when he is resurrected, so it may be thought that his possible resurrection is not in the Object Universe.

Just as Hercules accedes to the Olympus of the gods after carrying out his mission, so too does Jesus go up to the Kingdom of Heaven next to the Father's throne, but let us remember that the myth predates Jesus, so his case is surely an adaptation.

In fact it is said that he goes down to the hells or kingdom of Pluto and from there it is not entered or left with physical body. Resurrection can only be in the Universe of Ideas, of what is a test the subsequent dissemination of the evangelical ideas. We can also ask ourselves: what was Mary Magdalene doing alone near the tomb? This doubt is confirmed and answered in the book.

The singular visions of St. John the Evangelist and of St. John of the Cross

At the beginning of the Gospel of S.John it is read: "At first it was the Verb (Word) and the Verb was in God and the Verb was God. He was at first in God and all things were done by Him. Without Him nothing was done of what has been done… and the Verb became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory as the Only Begotten of the Father… grace and truth came for Jesus Christ… No one ever saw God... Only Begotten God, who is in the father's bosom, has made it known to us…".

I marvel at this vision of St. John of the divine subjects. What he calls the Verb, we will later call it Word or Alphabet of Thought, which we will see how it embodies. It assumes, however, that the incarnation takes place in Jesu-Christ, but we say that it takes place throughout the Universe.

His distinction between God that will never be seen, reminds us of Nirguna-Brahman and Only Begotten God to Hindu Saguna-Brahman. In fact, in the disciple the Atman or Individual Being, which coincides with Brahman or Universal Being, is recovered; so the divinity of Jesu-Christ could be considered, as we have said, with his Atman identical to the Father.

A singular approach to the Word or AT is that of the Spanish Catholic mystic St. John of the Cross. His poetry is a true ecstasy, but it must be read neither by the self nor with spiritual voracity and nor intentionally, just take a walk through what is "beyond...". His verse "In principle erat Verbum" is a marvel of the Absolute Dimension.

I advance to the AT's later explanations when saying that both Mysticism and Communism are manifestations of the AT's Cosmic Love. Therefore, if the Communists want to succeed, they would have to be inspired as Master, not by Marx or Engels, but for St. John of the Cross.

Jesus and his doctrine of the Love

In Christianity, the universal message of Love of Jesus is believed as unique, but we will nuance it. Before him, the ravine Hillel the Wise already preached love saying: "Do not do to your neighbour what you don´t want that the others do to you; everything else is a comment», but Jesus introduces the novelty of extending love to enemies.

All of this, in fact, is a recommendation for psychic balance. The self we think we are sees the other with the eyes, but represented in his mind as what is not he or not-me. If me and not-me hate each other in the hominid's mind, a psychic disturbance is generated.

It is understood, on the contrary, that if love for one's neighbour is a well-lived experience, it is as if me loves non-me, which is a way for the psychological harmonization of the mind and for human evolution.

Today besides there is a great absence of affectivity, this being the greatest cause of the decline of the human species. Therefore, the recipient, whether it is false or imagined, is caught and is almost blindly hooked by the one who offers it. It is therefore more recommended for human evolution, Discernment, which separates what-is-not-love. Through the open channels then circulates free and eternal love-that-yes-it-is.

All of the above can happen in the relationship between the hominid and God. Initially it experiences that there is "beyond" the terrestrial matters and has God Intuition. This remains in the mind as a non-me and eventually crystallizes, being represented God only as an image in the mind, unrelated then to God's Intuition.

The hominid then thinks he believes in God, but it is false, because it only believes in his mental image. It is in vain then that it prays to God because it is as if me speaks to a part of the mind that is that of the non-me that corresponds to God.

I do not know Jesus, but I profess him a natural love, without cause or purpose. I would like his memory will be free of so many things that have been poured upon him and his mother Mary, so that their souls would rest free and in peace.

General principles deduced from Christianity

We show then the relationships of Christianity with FG, NG, Divine Trinity, Devil and Angels:

1) As we have already said, the idea of FG in Christianity appears confused, although according to Paul's comparison with the mythological Uranus, he would then approach God the Father. So does the Father who invokes Jesus on the cross.

2) Instead NG is profusely spread by the Gospels referring to Jesus on numerous occasions.

3) The Trinitarian conception of NG is clearly shown as follows: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Christian singularity is to affirm that Jesus of Nazareth is equivalent to the Son.

4) The Devil does play a singular role, especially in the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness, as well as in his numerous exorcisms. Angels often accompany some events in Jesus' life.

There are some doubts about the existence of Jesus in the Object Universe, but it is a fact his reality in the Universe of Ideas, what is a proof the ideas existing and transmitted in the Gospels.

2.3.4 God according to Muhammad

In this case we have two concrete references of existence contrasted: Muhammad and his book the Koran. In this is in detail the doctrine of Islam and we will refer to it in order to highlight the aspects of the study we are conducting on: FG, NG, Trinitarian God, Devil and Angels. First, however, we refer to Muhammad, for he is a prophet of universally recognized existence, which does not happen, as we have said, with Jesus of Nazareth.

Some historical facts about Muhammad

Muhammad was born in the end of S.VII into a powerful family coming unless. His father dies at a very young age of him, taking care of his upbringing his uncle. He also married Jadicha who doubled his age, with whom he had several children, but all died except Fatima. It is for this time that he begins to have divine inspiration and writes already the first ayahs of the Koran.

He starts to preach in Mecca the belief in the unique God; he doesn't want to create a religion but to be the most prominent Arab prophet. He succeeded at first, but soon after is widely rejected. His psychological state will also be affected by the deaths of his uncle and of his wife Jadicha.

Subsequently he undergoes a transformation and gives the new doctrine political content, coinciding with his moving from Mecca to Medina. In the Koran we are therefore faced with ayahs of pure divine inspiration and others of social and political contents.

It was then at that time that the Islam we now know was born. Initially he creates a tolerant state with Christians and Jews, but the latter strongly oppose his doctrine. His relationship with Christians was of mutually acceptation, even Muhammad shows great regard for Christianity, the prophet Jesus and his mother.

What Muhammad initially wanted was to restore Abraham's pure religion, but the other two branches of that trunk did not see it with good eyes. He considered himself the last prophet, already appointed by Jesus, to come after this prophet of God, according to Muhammad (Azora 61–ayah 6). He entered into various wars during his political period and eventually died preparing one of them.

Characteristics of the Koran

The Koran has been inspired and written at various stages. Muhammad believed that what is revealing to him comes from a Heavenly Book, accessed only by pure people. God was gradually revealing it to him through His Spirit and descending through the Lord of the Worlds, also making it the Faithful Spirit (26-392,393). There are also transmissions made by the angels, presumably Gabriel.

The whole Heavenly Book has not been revealed to Muhammad; the Koran is only a fraction of it. It was not written while it was being revealed, but was kept in the memory; so when an ayah was forgotten it was replaced by another. A chronology of revelation was therefore not written, so it has some of its parts fragmented and out of place.

General principles deduced from the Koran

In the Koran, Azora xv, between the ayahs 30 to 42 it is completed the following:

... I'm creating a human being from moldable clay. When I have finished it I will inspirited in it part of my Spirit, fall down prostrated before him.
All the angels prostrated therefore except Iblis.
The curse falls upon you until the Day of Judgment...
Iblis (Devil) said Lord of Mine!
Because you misplaced me, I will beautify their evil deeds on Earth and misplace them all, except for those who, among them, are your devoted servants.
God said, for Me this is a straight way.
Against my servants you will have no power, except with those, from the lost who follow you…

There are many people then who believe that they are doing the good, when what they really are doing is to serve to the Devil. We have to see very clear, that the current society of "Homo sapiens" is diabolized and even demoniac, because it is attached exclusively to Earth. This will always be had into account taking it as a starting situation in order to understand the society and to achieve then its evolution.

Unknowable God and Trinitarian God

The Heavenly Book that inspires Muhammad has two "parts". The Heavenly Koran that comes directly from the Heavenly Book; it is the one which is originally revealed to Muhammad through the Spirit and the angel Gabriel. The Heavenly Koran revealed to Muhammad would be what we are interpreting as NG, since it communicates directly with man. It will have the Devil as a "rival", because it accompanies the incarnated man.

The part of the Heavenly Book Not Revealed approaches the idea of FG, but it can only be reached by the pure people, although in fact it remains undisclosed. If any modern Muslim were pure, that part of the Heavenly Book could be opened to him, which would profoundly transform Islam.

That purity is analogous to when the disciple's Atman is seen in Brahman. The creation of the Atman in man incarnation is when God says, "... I will inflate on him part of my Spirit..." Since the Atman is Brahman, Iblis has the "obligation" to prostrate before the Atman in man.

In Islamism, Allah as the unique God also manifests Himself as Trinity: Heavenly Koran, Faithful Spirit, and Lord of the Worlds. This Trinity is very similar to the Christian one; not in vain Muhammad considers Jesus, the prophet of God. The whole book of the Koran is not therefore Heavenly Koran, because it also contains political ayahs, which are not considered revealed.

General Principles deduced from the Heavenly Koran

1) The Heavenly Book Not Reveled is assimilable to FG, although if it can be reached by the pure people it is essentially not FG.

2) The Heavenly Koran revealed to Muhammad is originally NG, although it is not the political and social side.

3) Although Allah is unique, it is expressed trinitarian as Heavenly Koran, Faithful Spirit and Lord of the Worlds.

4) The importance of Iblis (Devil) is very significant, especially in the creation of man and in its incarnation, as well as the one of angels.

Despite his divine inspiration, Muhammad considers himself not divine, but the Prophet of Islam.


We have seen the remarkable coincidences of divine general principles in some religions; it is possible, therefore, the Religious Unity. Those principles are also well suited in different cultures to their social and political circumstances. That even provokes warfighting, because everyone believes himself to be the Messiah of God.

Now let's see how those general principles: FG, NG, Unique God and Trinitarian God, Devil and Angels are accommodated in the Alphabet of Thought (AT). To do this, the reader would have to know the AT; if it is not it can rely on the following: the book "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety" found at my Website, the conference that is also there and the various articles published in the Blog.

However, for the reader who will continue reading, I will then show it a set of slides and comments, with which it can understand what the AT is, to get to see in Part 4 "that" to what is called God. We must, however, start from the present cultural state.

To solve this Neoliberal collapse an original pure fount is needed.

Table 13 shows the state of the current culture that has generated the thought of the "Homo sapiens". The crisis that emerged in 2,008 will increase because it is a part of the process of a deep decline that we are already experimenting.


Table 13. An original source is needed to generate a new culture.

Existence and origin of the AT

We then wonder whether there is that original source of thought, which will be answered in Table 14.


Table 14. The existence of the Alphabet of Thought.

According to the Superstring Theory (ST) the world as we know it is produced by the essential vibrations (ev) of a Generator Circle like the two ones appearing in Table 15. We shall later see this analogy in the symbol of Persephone. They continue vibrating and are appearing more undulatory chords, which emit ev.

I arrived at that same worldview independently, as shown in Table 15. This coincidence reaffirms to me that there is something original, which is the source of everything that exists. It is as if there would be a great “musical instrument”, whose chords would produce the “original music” that creates the universe.


Cuadro 15. Circular image of the Alphabet of Thought.

We try to understand the AP

It is now the matter of understanding the Original Circle to see what the AT is. All the circles generated in the Universe have as a common principle the number π. This number, by the generating and transformative principle of image and likeness, must have been transmitted to all the circles of the universe by the number π in the Original Circle. Let's then investigate the created circles, to understand the AP, as seen in Table 16.


Table 16. The Original Círcle of te AT and the number π.

We then move the 22 parts, in which the 3 diameters have been divided, to the circumference of the Original Circle. This is then composed of 21 arcs of rational 1/7 length and an irrational arc, slightly smaller, corresponding to the irrational part of π, which is 0.141592....

When I drew the circumference with its 22 arcs I intuited that they were vibrating and transmitting 22 essential vibrations (ev), which originate all the waves and all the particles of the Universe. The next step was to notice that those ev then embodied in 22 alphabetic thoughts (at), which generate everything existing and human thought, being expressed by 22 sonorous words, as it is seen in Tables 17 and 18.


Table 17. The generation of the human thought from the AT.

The encounter with the ev and the at

The next step is to find those 22 alphabetical thoughts, for which we repair in the natures of music and thought. When it is written the "do" note, these two letters are not the do note. The true note do is the vibration in the mind of the note emitted by an instrument. Moreover, the original note do is the ideal to which it refers approximately do in any instrument.

This is the case with the 22 sound words that appear in the arcs of the circle in Table 18. By pronouncing them for each human, they cause 22 mental vibrations, which will be different in each one, but which refer to the 22 universal at.

We have also corresponded to the 22 arcs with the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness. That they are precisely those 22 sound words is explained in the book, but they correspond to the nature of our solar system, which has also been generated by the 22 ve, as well as all its circular forms by the number π.


Table 18. The mental vibrations of the 22 words are the 22 at.

The 22 at produce synonymous and derived thoughts in the different cultures. Words also are different in each language, but express the same thoughts. For example, the Enlace.3 at in Spanish is equivalent to Link.3 in English. When the words are pronounced, the sound vibrations are different, but both Hispanic and British will experience the same vibration in their mind. This is the case with all words in all languages, such as home, Haus, maison, dom, etc. In the English version of this article, the at in English will appear.

Approaching the at by using images of some derived thoughts

We then represent evocative images of the at. They are not these really, but with their chaotic contemplation, without analyzing them, you can experiment the mental vibrations of the at:


The following examples refer to the Personal Dimension of Human Consciousness. The latter is Attention.7 because between one thought and another there is an attention, which we do not perceive when we speak hastily. In addition, in front of the personal-self is the one of the other, which requires an attitude of attention to distinguish it. From at 8 and 9 begins the Social Dimension, which will be seen later.

The Ideal.1 and Idea.2 at are shown in images in Table 19. An ideal is any prior thought you have; from it comes the various ideas that realize it. Again, any idea can become the ideal for new ideas. Thus, for example, Mars can be an initial ideal and one of its ideas is martial art; but this in turn may be ideal for new ideas, such as the katana technique in the Iaido. One more example is the headdress of the Lady of Elche, which is reproduced in the falleras.


Table19. Representations of derivative thoughts of Ideal.1 and Idea.2.

The at Link.3 and Verification.4 are seen in Table 20, which shows the transport by two links: the taxi service and the train station. The first is verified by the car and the second with the tracks and trains. The school is a link to teaching, which is verified in the classroom.

undefinedTable 20 . Examples of manifestations of Link.3 and Verification.4.

The at Union.5 and Stabilisation.6 are represented by derivative thoghts in Table 21. The highway needs links to verify the incorporation of cars, for which a road is built that binds them, being stabilized the vehicle in the traffic of the highway.

In the two images on the right Venus is depicted in union and stabilization; this goddess of love, beauty and art also expresses these at. Venus' love is union or disunity, which can be stable or unstable, since all at are joined in dualities with a positive at and the other negative, as is the case with vibrating waves. This happens to all the at and the followings, which we have already seen: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, but not those who are in seventh place, such as at 7, etc.


Table 21. Venus expressing Union.5 an Stabilization.6.

The at Attention.7 is characterized in Table 22. You see 4 examples, distinguishing mental attention from chaotic one. The seagull does not know where the fish will appear, so its attention has to be chaotic, while the ship's skipper navigates through the channel mentally attending to certain visible dangers.

In front of the two traffic signals there are two different kinds of attention. In the first one it is not known at what time or where the danger will appear, so the attention has to be chaotic. The second sign shows that the danger is 100 m. ahead, which requires mental attention.


Table 22. The chaotic attention and the mental attention.


With Advance.8 and Limit.9 the Social Dimension starts. What was personal expands socially in the relationship with others; consciousness is now sociopersonal. Borders are generated that delimit relations between members of the same society, as well as those of different societies. Good and personal evil are also generated, as well as good and social evil. This is where the archetypal entity Devil appears, which governs earthly good and evil, as it is explained in the book.

The images in Table 23 are precisely from Cronus (Devil). He is depicted in the advancing of the sand to its limit at the base of the clock; it also happens with grapes and wine. It is another example of the at now by considering the construction of the bridge board by successive advances in the time of the upper metal forward carriage, which reaches its limit on the finished bridge.


Table 23. Cronus (Devil) generated in the at 8 y 9.

The vibrations of Involution.10 and Evolution.11 give rise to the human incarnation. The at 1 to 7 describe the generation of Human Consciousness as the personal potential of man; but this one, as such, has not yet been created. The Devil's contribution by the previous at 8 and 9 has been needed for this incarnation to develop through original laws, intuited in religions and attributed to God. They then evolve into human laws, such as those emitted by parliaments. All of this is represented in Table 24.

Plants evolve by the involution of celestial vibratory energy. Also the involution of the original laws is captured by Science in the generated bodies, which influences the evolution of human thought.

Involution.10 is therefore manifested as Religion and above all Science as Evolution.11. As the at are grouped together dually, this tells us that Religion and Science are the same flow. Religion collects by intuition or revelation the original creative forces by calling them God. Science searches for them through objects created using the scientific method, calling them, for example, Big-bang.

The rivalry between Religion and Science, as well as between divine and scientific laws, if they are so, and the parliamentary ones if they are evolutionary to the human species, must therefore disappear.


Table 24. Celestial laws and human laws.

Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13 present some derivative thoughts in Table 25. The ideals embodied in at 1 are reconsidered in at 12, resulting in clashes between groups with different ideals and possibly the war. They are manifested as a defense in at 12 and as an attack and death in at 13.

There is also retroaction in the sexual partner, which is eventually expressed as attraction and coupling. It would have to be that relationship with disintegration of the self that is believed to be, recreating the original sexual unity.


Table 25. Human aggression and sexual disintegration.

With Purification.14 we must eliminate what has been disintegrated in order to access to the Cosmic Dimension, but being purified of all the aberrant that has been accumulated by the deviant experiences lived in the Personal and Social Dimensions.

Table 26 shows several examples of purification, which are not a solution because it is the very nature of the current "Homo sapiens" thought that is contaminated, due to its deviation from the original creator forces. It is it who has to purify itself by being clean his self and by living from the self that it is.


Table 26. Four examples of some derivatives thoughts of at Purification.14.


The Cosmic Dimension is currently being contemplated from the cultural residues of the Sociopersonal Plane. It's like looking at the sky being cloudy and with dirty eyes and theses full of sleep. It´s not then seen the light of the Sun, but the shadows of the clouds on the Earth, which obscure it even more. 

If there is no sociomental purification, with the social incarnation of the Cosmic Dimension they hatch beautiful monsters of an apocalyptic nature, as it has been seen to happen in the previous centuries with the following ideologies: Liberalism (19,20), Communism ( 17.18) and Nazism (15,16). All of them are deviant manifestations of the Cosmic Dimension.

Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16 are present with a greater or lesser degree of purity whenever we encounter a thought, a fact or a phenomenon in which something emerges that transubstances; although transformation or change are derivatives. They often involve processes of destruction-construction in which deep energy is manifested. Some cases are reflected below.

An example is the magma within the Earth that breaks the Earth's crust and goes outside. On solidified materials, vegetation sprouts and diverse ecosystems emerge. Earth seemed to be waiting for that to happen, which is a new terrestrial substance. Another example is the large jet of petroleum that hatches outward and then changes the existing cultural foundation; social life has been substantially different since petroleum appeared.

More examples are considered in the book, such as: the god Pluto that reigns in the deepest, the Grail, abductions and rapes, the continuous process of construction-destruction of the Stock Exchange, Freud's Psychology, National Socialism, Islamic Integrism, the Intelligence Centers, Plutocracy, etc.


Table 27. Some derivations from Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16.

Communion. 17 and Transubstantiation.18 express Cosmic Love, as the highest human manifestation of Love of the essential triplicity. The previous two ones (15.16) make it analogous to Cosmic Energy and the two subsequent (19.20) to Cosmic Intelligence. The self does not understand well the experiences of love typical of the rarefied Sociopersonal Plane, so it is completely deviate when it also hears projected expressions of Cosmic Love, which can feel like an attack on his self.

Examples of the previous at are the followings, which are represented in Table 28: international communities (17), which would have to be constituted with detachment (18) of the power of States; the mystical transit with at 17 and its detachment from the terrestrial matters with at 18; drug addiction with at 17 and detachment of order with at 18; communism with communion and collectivism with detachment are also considered; etc.


Cuadro 28. Expresiones de Comunión.17 y de Desprendimiento.18.

The at Individuation.19 and Resurrection 20 are adjacent to Communion.17 and Detachment.18, all belonging to the Cosmic Dimension. Man has detached himself from the sociopersonal terrestrial limitations and the lies of National Socialism (15,16) of Communism (17.18) and of Liberalism (19,20), thus entering into the cosmic resurrection of human species.

With the at 19 and 20 resurrects in man the original individuality, who encouraged his life, and which was obscured by the self we believe to be. Then true freedom is lived when the self that is illuminated by the light of the Cosmic Intelligence of these at is discovered.

The first figure in Table 28 is an example of Individuation.19, because on the characters appears a luminous tongue linking with the upper overhead light. The next in the bottom is of Individuation.20 because Hercules, who is a semi-divine hero of Heaven and Earth, by sucking hardly Juno´s milk, at the same time of the spilled milk is created the Milky Way, while his father Jupiter observes hidden. He can then Heracles enters in Olympus as god, fully recovering his divine origin; all of this is symbolically applicable to man. The following two images are false derivations of at 19 and 20, which is easy to be seen.


Table 29. Very accomplished examples of the incarnation of a 18 and 19 in the images on the left and false in those on the right.

Consummation.21 is expressed in the examples derived from Table 30. In the first one is the tomb of Kennedy, with which the consummation of the American dream begins as the end of its cycle, because since it has been declining that dream.

This consummation is now proven, among other global reasons, by the huge figure of its debt, which was already very great in the next photo taken in 1,996. The following two examples express respectively the cycle of the Sun with respect to the Earth and that of the virgin seed in the fruit, which contains new virgin seeds.

In "Consummation.21" it culminates human evolution in this space-time universe. The individual being is thus consumed in the Universal Being. There are no more steps to take; if one more rational one was given in the incarnated generator circle, of value 1/7, would be crossed the irrational 22 interval, slightly less than 1/7, and the cycle would begin from at 1.

In ancient cultures life was conceived as cycles of destruction-construction; it is as if God renewed himself as a God already manifested. The millennial cycles of renewal were improperly eliminated by Christianity, because they were associated with astrological and pagan knowledge.


Table 30. Some examples to intuit Consummation.21.


Persephone is 22 because she is potentially mother (2) when she is in the meadow with the rest of the virgins who accompany her and is effectively mother (2) after being abducted and introduced into the earth by Hades. Also Demeter (2) and Persephone (2) united represent the number 22; they represent the infinite cycle virginity-fecundation-virginity-....They are shown in the relief of Table 31. It is also seen the seeds that will not arrive to be a fruit.

There is no rational word for manifesting what the Absolute Dimension is, because its content is irrational, such as interval 22 of the number. Irrational is not the opposite of what is rational, but has its own significance. There are two simple examples of it in Table 31.


Table 31. Some examples of Persephone.22 and of the Absolute.

New approach to the AT by using different examples

Throughout the 510-page book the AT is being lived; what we are doing now is to show a few simple explanations to achieve the goal of our study, which is the approach to what is called God with the help of the AT. Tables 32 and 33 show how our thinking comes from the AT, adding an example of the at Purification.14. Table 34 describes cancer with the help of the 22 alphabetic thoughts, demonstrating once and again its universality.


Table 32. The AT demonstration in human thought.


Table 33. It continues the preceding table.



Table 34. The cancer is described with the 22 at of the AT.


We have arrived to the Part 4 of our study, in which we will see how God is represented in the Alphabet of Thought. To do this we will handle, in addition to the same at, some of its derivatives and synonyms by adding, if necessary, the corresponding at number.


Visions of Judaism and Islam

Its representative number is 22, which even coincides with the 22nd of the Unspeakable God of Judaism. Creator God of Genesis approaches the Personal Dimension, coinciding the at Attention.7 with the 7th "day" of God's rest, for rest (7) is derived from attention (7). Creator God is not therefore Far God (FG). 

Muhammad's intuition of the Undisclosed Heavenly Book, however, approaches Persephone 22, for it is not recognizable; but it is for the pure people, Muhammad claims. For this to happen, the pure person has to go through the at Purification.14 and thus access to the Cosmic Dimension. Then, if possible, it has to live the at from 15 to 21 with extreme purity, to be penetrated by the Absolute Dimension and be read then in the Heavenly Book.

Intuitions close to the Absolute Dimension

The most direct intuition to the FG is that of John the Evangelist, when he says: "At first it was the Verb and the Verb was in God". Verb is Word or Vibration, which matches with the nature of the AT and, therefore, with the Supersring Theory. By later asserting that the "Verb became flesh and dwelt among us", it is matching the essential vibrations that spring from the AT with "it became flesh". Alphabetical thoughts are equivalent to "habited among us".

Nirguna-Brahman is the deepest intuition of FG. For the incarnation of the Word or Atman is "known", Hinduism describes the path that has to be traveled by whom was only a disciple to see from the Spectator or Atman.
About that intuition, what St. Francis of Assisi said is very definitive: "What we are looking for is what looks at." So is the phrase I propose: "Glance is not seen, it is seen in Glance", so without the article "the" and symmetrical with respect to the comma. They are equivalent: "Spectator" "What looks at" and "Glance".

Current Manifestation of the Absolute Dimension in Science

The Absolute Dimension is manifesting itself today, as is proven in the scientific world, whose language goes "beyond" the strictly cosmic and speaks of branas and multiverses. The purposes of globalizing the Earth are besides an aberrant manifestation of that by Humanity.
What seemed far away for Religion is becoming close to Science; the Fourth Dimension is therefore being projected on human life. This which would have to be a source of joy is really of concern.

As there was no purification of Humanity in its transit to the Cosmic Dimension, the great wars of the twentieth century were originated. Because its deviation is now increasing exponentially, its openness to the Absolute Dimension can result in absolute devastation, if purification is not nearly absolute, as described in the book in its Third Part "Purification of the Mind".

I believe then that the book “Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety” is a contribution to the development of those phrases of S. John, that is, how embodies the Verb or Word in 22 essential vibrations and how it dwells among us or 22 alphabetic thoughts. Cosmosociety is described in the book as the society, not renewed or modified from the present one, but new.

I add that about the year 1.992 already was the eclosion into me of the inspiration in Persephone, so that finally the Mankind reach Cosmosociety, which is widely explained in the book. That society is the next stage of the current one defined by W.W.Rostow as " Society of High Consumption in Mass".

Let us remember, in relation to the millennial cycles that 500 years ago, in 1,492, the New World was discovered and that about 2,000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth was born. We are therefore at a critical stage in the History of Humanity in which the book I present fits.


Correspondence with the AT

Its correspondence is with at Involution.10, but the relationship of this at with religions is incomplete and deviated. According to the AT it is in Involution.10 when the creative incarnation takes place, having passed the corresponding at 8 and 9, which correspond to the Devil. Table 35 symbolizes the triumph of the creative celestial wave, symbolized by Apollo as a near solar god, on Pan or Earth wave, which imposes on him the ecliptic crown, which supposedly generates life on Earth.


Table 35. The supremacy of the Heavenly wave over the Earth wave.

The creator action

According to the above there is then a great coincidence in how the creative action of Yahveh and Allah is performed, as we have already seen. In particular, Yahweh is entitled to number 10 in Judaism that coincides with Involution.10. The coincidence with Jupiter is extreme because in the search for the at, according to the characteristics of the solar system, it follows that the Jupiterian archetype is a manifestation of at 10 and 11. The relationship with Hinduism is with Saguna-Brahman.

In the AT the divine manifestation extends to the consummation at 21, as it is symmetrical to Involution.10 since they have 11of difference between each other: 10 + 11 = 21. This means that what is considered by God is something that is finally consumed or ends, what is confirmed in the Apocalypse of S. John.

The AT in the NG of the Christianism

The consummation of God in the Christian Religion has a great affinity with the AT, because the Apocalypses of John the Evangelist is precisely the consummation of the divinity incarnation on Earth; it even has 22 sections, as there are also 22 at.

The affinity between the Christian Religion and the AT would be incomplete only with the Apocalypse, because the consideration of at Persephone.22 is missing. This omission was closed by the Church by pontificating that the "Virgin Mary" was always virgin, before childbirth and after childbirth, also ascending in body and soul to the Kingdom of Heaven or Absolute Dimension. It thus makes of her an imitation of Ceres-Persephone, because the myth predates it.

Christianity also has a great affinity with the AT due to the presentation of the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. As there were 12 disciples he was number 13, which represents Disintegration.13, one of whose derivatives is precisely death (13), to which he felt called. Go down to hell (14), which is derived from Purification.14, and "resurrects" on the third day, which is derived in this case from the Eclosion.15.

Assimilating then the term "resurrect" to eclosion, there is thus correspondence with the at Eclosion.15. It does so with a new substance, as it is not recognizable, which coincides with Transubstantiation.16 The numerical difference between pa 13 and pa 16 is precisely 3, as the 3 days between the death of Jesus and his eclosion.

The affinity between the AT and Jesus does not end there, but continues. Christian communities (17) are created after his death, which is derived from the at Communion.17. These are detached of their properties, the action of which derives from at Detachment.18.

Finally, even on Earth he is transfigured, which is derived from Individuation.19 and ascends or resurrects in the Heaven, which corresponds to Resurrection.20. Its final phase is in the Apocalypse, derived from Consummation.21, in which it is depicted on the Throne of God.

It is not Jesus, but his mother Mary, that relates to at Persephone.22. This completes the AT Circle without reincarnation, as the Church affirms. It would be different if the 22nd at were passed, because a new cycle of reincarnation would begin from Ideal.1, which coincides with the beliefs of Hinduism.

A new coming of Jesus could not therefore happen, although Christ can manifest himself to destroy the work of the Antichrist, generated by the evolutionary deviation from Humanity. It is a phenomenon similar to that conceived by Science as the creative phase of the Big-bang and the destroyer one of the Big-crunch, so that there would be a new universe with another Big-bang.


We have before seen that God, although it is unique, is Trinitarian in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. In the first it is with Sat-Chit-Ananda, in the second with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and in the third with Heavenly Koran, Faithful Spirit, and Lord of the Worlds.

The Trinitarian manifestation of the Unique God it is corresponded with the AT. In all its Dimensions there are 7 at, being the 7th of Silence and being the other 6 grouped in couples, resulting in a total of 3 dualities. Each of them corresponds to Energy, Love and Intelligence, as the trinity component of the Consciousness, which even though it is unique contains that trinity.


The manifestation of the Devil is notorious in Islam; here his nature is defined as an angel opposed to Creator God, which is justified in the AT, for we have said that Creator God corresponds to the at from 1 to 7 and the Devil with the following at 8 and 9. Then the incarnation (10), which manifests itself with pa 10, continues. There is also a coincidence with Genesis, in which the opposition between Yahve-god and the Devil, which is before the incarnation of Adam and Eve, is clear.

Table 36 expresses the Devil's nature as an essential vibration in the fallen angel. The snake in the tree will be threaded into it, as it is a symbol of the Earth's wave, because of its rolling motion attached to Earth. Precisely with the mud of the Earth, to which the Spirit is imprinted, will be incarnate man.

It is also symbolized the Demon in Table 36, which is only a later human creation. It has no reality; it is as if the serpent is curling up in the Devil and attracts him only to the earthly events, oblivious to the celestial origin of Yahweh and the Devil. Demon then has not a real identity and dwells in the Collective Mind of this humanity, but it disappears in Cosmosociety. Devil is, on the contrary, a permanent archetype in the Collective Insconscious.


Table 36. The Fallen Angel (Park of Retiro in Madrid).

I understand that what this humanity calls angels are the essential vibrations of the Alphabet of Thought. Those are on the throne of God, as is also the case with the ve in the AT. We have previously pointed out that through at 8 and 9 the essential vibrations which correspond to the "angel", which is called Diablo, are manifested.


The dual nature of light as wave and particle, as it is evidenced in the quantum experiment of the double slit, can explain the divine and human natures embodied in Adam and Eve, which are transmitted to the human species. Essential vibration is comparable to light as wave, while the human body is to particle. That is very well explained in the Koran, because the Spirit of God an Iblis (Devil) will dwell in the incarnated man.

The light itself would be comparable to the Atman who watches as a Spectator how light is "transformed" into a particle, The thought of Francis of Assisi and my own on Glance are also understood with this example.

As we act like a particle, we do not see, even though we feel, the essential vibrations of the Alphabet of Thought and call them like that: Far God, Near God, Trinitarian God, Devil and Angel. It is a secular error, from which we have to leave.


I do not like to say conclusions, because this term is like a prison for the evolution of thought. So what we will do next is to propose, from the entire above, how Religious Unity can be achieved, which is much needed for world peace. This leads to the substantially new human thought, which will also lead to a Living Science.


We have seen the proximity between mythological and religious thoughts, sometimes confirmed by Science, in the following fundamental basic principles that we have considered in our study: Far God, Near God, Trinitarian God, Devil and Angel. Although when those are adapted to each society, has originated significant discrepancies between the corresponding religions.

The first step for Religious Unity is to set aside what is socially adapted in those, but without qualms, recovering the originality of the AT. The second step is to obtain, not the rapprochement, but the unique interpretation of the basic religious principles that we have considered. This is not a consensus in which the parties renounce to this or that, because that is the way the truth is hidden. We must accept only what is unanimously intuited as Truth. This is always possible with the help of Discernment and the Inner Master.

As it is expressed in the Alphabet of Thought, in the conception of the Verb or Word according to St.John the Evangelist and in the Vision of Moses, God is neither this nor that. God is God, he is Presence of God or as He says through Moses: "I am who I am".

Just as the human Atman is Brahman, man also has simply to say: "I am myself", without references, without identifying with this or with that. It is worth reading the book of mystical poetry of St. John of the Cross, who by the way was not understood when he spoke with the Pope.

We must only identify with Intuition God, who leads man "beyond..." exclusively terrestrial life. In Cosmosociety we live with the Presence of God and the name of God is not pronounced in vain for terrestrial purposes. Discernment is maintained, which separates what-it-is not being free what-is. This is how love is lived and vibrates free in Human Consciousness.

On the way that must be followed we must live from the purification of all that is decadent accumulated in the Sociopersonal Plane throughout the History of Humanity. To this end, the most appropriate way is that of Vedanta.Advaita, as shown in the book, but taking great care not to be deceived by Iblis (Devil), as Muhammad tells us in the Celestial Koran.


I propose as a global perception of everything said in order to go “beyond..." what appears clear from Tables 37, 38, 39 and 40:

To obtain the Religious Unity of the three religions of the biblical trunk is Table 37. It shows the Grail Symbol, which is present in the domes of the significant buildings of Islamic countries, on whose flags there are a star that is entering into the Islamic Moon. It is also the symbol of the Eucharist in Christianity. It is worth remembering for the Religious Unity that it also is the symbol of the planet Pluto in Astronomy and the god Pluto.


Table 37. The Grail Symbol integrates Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Table 38 shows the Social Manifesto of the 22 at composing the essence of Human Nature, and besides the Absolute Dimension is also visible. This also happens in the photo with the two expressions of Glance. Its contemplation would have to be sufficient for Religious Unity; it fits neither more nor less there.

What we are looking for is what it is looking at

Glance is not seen, it is seen in the Glance



Table 38. The openness of Humanity to the Absolute Dimension.

In Table 39, the Persephone Symbol harmonizes at 10, which is represented in religious and parliamentary laws, with at 11 in which scientific laws evolve.

We have to remember that Science is derived from Evolution.11, which has 11 of difference with Persephone.22. That´s to say, Science has the way open to access to the Absolute Dimension. It is an intuition knowledge beyond the scientific method, what I wish to it.


Table 39. The integration of Religion and Science.

With the 4 extreme symbols in Table 40, that come from the Persephone one, the two flags of the Cosmpsociety are formed, as it is noted in the flag and hymns file on the Web page: www.cosmosociedad.es 

We finally give in the yellow rectangle of the Table 40 an additional guide for this humanity to evolve by purifying itself towards the Cosmic and Absolute Dimensions.


Table 40. The roots in the life of the woman like a mother.

I realized at the end of this article in Spanish and English that it has been on the Winter Solstice, it is when the light of the day begins to win to the darkness of the night. It is when, according to ancient cultures, the incarnation of the gods takes place, which we now call the message of the Verb or Word.

This coincidence has filled me with joy because I see that I am not alone. SOMETHING is guiding us!






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