I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.

   We receive too much distorted and tendentious information. We have to react and to discern all what we are listening to, on the basis of our own ability to think freely.


   We have not to confuse the Discernment with the Analysis, because in this what is searched is previously known. A compound is analyzed to separate a certain element, as it occurs with ores from the mines.

   Discernment discovers what is true separating it from what it is not, but without having a predetermined knowledge of what is looked for. It clears of weeds the "mental jungle" to be able to walk. The truth finally found is free from constraints; it is so because it is so.

   Discernment is lived with genuine and bright happiness, while by walking it is discovered what is true; 1) It is recommended in the Koran: "… we have to distinguish what it is true from what it is false..." (Azora XLIX, verse 6); 2) The Hindu Vedanta Advaita teaches: "If the Discernment is not exercised we can confuse the snake with the rope that saves us"; (3) It exists Discernment in the dialogues between Jesus of Nazareth and Nicodemus in the John's Gospel (3); (4) Discernment is used in some researches of elementary particles; (5) With the scientific method of direct intuition (S.Penrose) is irrationally found the presumable looked for; (6) There is Discernment in the Alphabet of Thought and in its verbalization into 22 alphabetical thoughts, (See www.cosmosociedad.es).

   Discernment is guided by the love for the truth, which is free of any mental chaining or purpose. You are discovering so that it is the truth what is looking for you really. You only have to love it; but it is only offered itself to who loves it actually.

   Discernment is the method of knowledge to what the Inner Master exhorts to (Plato's Demiurge, Eastern Sad-Guru or guardian Angel in Christianism). His voice, which springs from inside out, advises, cares and protects us. Listen to him if you want to achieve freedom, but without excuses or pretexts; he already knows you very well.

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(1). In the painting it is symbolically represented the Inner Master (White image of the hermit staying near the cave) who is beyond what is exclusively terrestrial. On the left he is visited by a clergyman and a bird from the sky (above) brings him food.

(2). The photo is a simple and personalized caricature of humanized Inner Master, whose light is felt very tenuous at the beginning; but that leads us "slowly" (snail) towards the illumination.

   When you read this article do not take it as if it were an information more. It has had to navigate Humanity by seas of all kinds, so that you know it in this arrival. I have corrected it again and again to make it as clear as possible; now you must collaborate with your perseverance to read it. I know very well that I am not the author, I just write it; listen to it in a state of serene mind. Thus, at the end we will stay neither you nor me; there will only be original knowledge flowing, moved by the energy contained in love.


   What we present in this section will serve as a basis for the following one, directly referred to the Discernment in Society and in Politics. We will have to remember during all the time that the politicians are not some isolated phenomena, but the expression of how the society to which they represent and lead really is. They are what we all of us are. The dreaded collective guilt is projected almost exclusively on politicians, but it should be resolved in ourselves.

No more deceptions, we have to discern in order to leave as a human species the desert in which we are entering, having one´s hands tied to the politicians!

     1. The character of the child.

   We say all of us: I am, I have, I want, I can read, I suffer, I love, etc. It is always the same relative I who represents us, thus identifying ourselves with everything that feels and thinks that I-ego. The nature of the I (you also say me) that we believe we are with the thought and conduct that it creates, are leading us to the decline and to the so feared and possible extinction.

   Almost all of our vital uprooting begin in childhood. When the child is very young, its educator accepts it as it really is; but when that starts to express its own identity, the educator begins to impose it its own I, which characterizes it as it is and with what it is identified as an individual.

   The child then begins to be disconnected from its vital bottom, by which flows its potential of Energy-Love-Intelligence. It remains in situations of overt distress and thus begins to generate the deviation of his own I.

  Eventually, in order to survive, the child will do the following: 1) To adapt its nascent I, in a distorted way, to the conditions of the I of its educator; 2) Attempting also to flee from the heartbreak and abandonment in which it feels it is living. It is creating thus the character of the child that supplants us, "acting with the identity" of the being that it really is in ourselves, and that will greatly determine the adult life.

   That character is similar to those appearing in a play; they function equally. The author of the work creates a plot, which is a psychological version of himself, in which the characters that characterizes respond and intervene according to the script. So it happens with the I-ego, who we believe to be and with the characters that it creates in its mind. It is also identified with all of them; but the most important is the character of the child. The mind actually works as a play does.

   When the child goes into the social dimension, are imposed to it the supported social characters, which remain latent in the Collective Mind, and that almost everyone is pretending to accept, what the child picks up with disappointment. To escape the character of the child of its unsatisfied littleness, the adult hominid will want then to reach the greatest social levels. The popularity and the money outweigh it thus of the unconditional affection that did not have when it was a child.

   You must be aware of the characters you create in your mind and especially the character of the child that lives within you. See how all of them affect your life and how they appropriate your identity, kidnapping your freedom. Provided that, for example, you feel a lack of affection or that is not paying you the due attention, the unhappy child you carry inside will react appearing through the character of the child, which will act as if it were you, impersonating you on what you do.

   An illustrative example of the character of the child is the film "Citizen Kane". The ill-fated childhood of Kane is symbolized by the "Rosebud" sled, with what was playing when he was a child. It is obliged to quit abruptly it, forced by the dry affection of his mother, who wants for him an elevated social destination. The frustration of the "child-Kane" pushes him, when he becomes the “adult-Kane”, to reach an unlimited power and to control the affection of who are around him.

   Essential education is, on the contrary, that the educator does not transmit the child the I that it believes to be. It has to transmit, with its presence, the I who it is (Atman, Single Being or I) which is the same for all humankind; but it has to be living that I. We have to go minimizing, therefore, mental prescriptions of behaviors and valuations, although we must guide the child in the integral care of the body.

     2. The terrestrial good and the terrestrial evil.

   The self (I, ego) calls good what allows it to eliminate its needs, because it reaches so satisfaction, even if they are ephemeral. I calls evil, on the contrary, to everything that prevents it to satisfy its needs, experiencing dissatisfaction for that; which also remains unpleasantly. Therefore there is this basic terrestrial duality: good-satisfaction, which is completed with evil-dissatisfaction.

   Good and evil are linked because they are dual elements, as it is shown in the following examples: 1) The group of subjects A from a country call their good, to satisfy their need of consuming the product v, but this is the evil of the group of subjects B, that cannot consume it because it is scarce; 2) The rich country R does not manufacture (evil) product x, and it does not suffer so the contamination of production (good), but it consumes it (good) suffering then the pollution of the consumption (evil); (3) It is the opposite in the poor country P which manufactures product x, but does not consume it; 4) If a girl rejects the boy A and chooses B, this will feel it as good because he thus fulfills his need of being loved by the girl, but it will be evil for the guy B that cannot satisfy his need; 5) The good of eagle is to hunt the rabbit, but for this it is evil or vice versa.

   Good and evil are also stably attached: the more advanced the good the more evil does it as well and this can produce good or vice versa. The first case is the example of the police and the organized crime, because the more scientific is the first the more is the second. The other case is the example of a serious illness; as it initially appears as evil, but once the health is recovered, the new vital perspective appears then as good.

   Good and evil are also manifested in the interactivity of the social system, because of the ideals and norms which are generated within it. There will be considered as goodies those who accept, defend or spread them; they will be baddies instead those who reject, attack or restrict them.

   We also see some passages of Genesis (3-4), in which they believe: Jews, Christians and Muslims. In Paradise Adam and Eve were celestial, but outside of the paradise they embody in the life of the Earth. Then it happens the following: 1) They are dressed by Yahweh-God, because they already have body, and man becomes knowledgeable of the terrestrial good and of the terrestrial evil as well; 2) It is a living example their "sons" Abel and Cain, after killing Cain Abel, the duality of the good and the evil is restored with the new "son" Set.

   Influences of good and evil on the mental structure, formed by the I and its characters, makes it even more obscure and intricate. Evaluations existing in the characters are mixed with those influences, gripping to I even more. Mental illnesses can then appear.

     3. The White Magician and the Black Magician.

   In the personal mind and in the Collective Mind there are two archetypal principles, expressing by themselves to what is here being called good and evil. We will symbolically call them White Magician and Black Magician respectively, since they cannot have a right name.

   It similarly happens with all the archetypes that dwell in the Collective Unconscious. We can only say, for example that something is beautiful, but there is no object or word, which really is the beauty; although it actually exists.

   The Persian philosopher Zarazushtra, with great influence on Judaism, and through this in Christianity and in Islam, called them Ormuz or Principle of Good and Arihman or Principle of Evil. From their interactivity he said that it was derived the human flow.

   Another analogies in Physics and Biology of the 2 Magicians are: 1) The force of action and its contrary and opposite the reaction force, that are permanently united; (2) The engine tries to move the wheels of the car but the movement is due to their friction with the pavement; 3) The particle of light Photon, which coincides with its antiparticle, the Antiphoton; 4) The visible matter and the dark matter; 5) The cosmic penetration into the Earth to generate life and the earthly resistance to that penetration; 6) The two functions of the mitochondria producing energy and generating CO2; etc.

   The 2 Magicians are not then 2 Warlocks wearing cones on their head and suggestive clothes, as they are currently represented in the films. They are 2 archetypes in the Collective Unconscious, in which it is manifested what we call terrestrial good and terrestrial evil. The 2 Magicians are actually the 2 hands of the Inner Master to shape knowledge and life.

   The representation of the White Magician in the mind of the hominid is expressed urging it to do what for it is its terrestrial good, such as: 1) To know what it is necessary to live as well as possible; 2) Enjoy what it can without doing damage to anyone; 3) To possess in an honest way what is needed; 4) To do always good on the Earth; etc. Everything we are saying is considered accepted terrestrially good, but this is precisely what the White Magician wants we think, so that our I remains attached to the earthly matters.

   The Black Magician will say to the hominid the following: 1) That everything is a lie; 2) What we need to do is to live and enjoy at the expense of whatever; 3) To climb up as much as possible; 4) Steal or kill if it is necessary; 5) Don´t be worry about nothing for the others because it is their problem; etc. Pay attention nevertheless to Discernment, because although to our present notion of good the above is considered evil, it is "good" for people living it as good. This is the kind of "good," which encourages us the Black Magician.

   Something similar to what we are expressing here is written in the Koran, when Iblis (Devil) answers to God: "... Because I was lost I will embellish their evil actions on Earth and I will get lost to all of them except to those among them who are your devoted servers... ". To what God answers: "For me this is a straight path". (Azora XIII, verse 40).

   I know, I repeat what I said at the beginning, that it is not used to think about how we are doing it and that all of this is not easy to understand. It is necessary and even urgent that you see it, because the influences of the 2 Magicians are carrying to schizophrenia and mental paroxysm the I-ego joined with its characters. You have to see it, if you really want for you and for everybody to get out of the pit, which we're digging beneath our feet.

       4. What is then what life really tries by means of the 2 Magicians?

   We have seen in the various preceding examples the apparent and intentional lies that undergo the 2 Magicians to the whole Mankind. They provoke the hominids with deception so that their lives have only terrestrial manifestation; but this is not the ultimate aim of the Magicians.

   What the 2 Magicians try is that humans see the deception of life, with only terrestrial content, so that they get out of that by means of Discernment. This is a manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness in the consciousness of the human species, so that man evolves in the cosmos beyond the Earth.

   We have now to separate with the special help of Discernment to the White Magician of the demonic entity Lucifer and the Black Magician of the demonic entity Satan:

* The Magicians seek that what it came down from Sky onto the Earth return to Sky after its terrestrial experience; they are so timeless and immutable. Its action is independent of these terrestrial conditions: time, objectives, results and assessments.

* All demonic entities, both the preceding ones and which are related to them, try that what is incarnated on Earth is already exclusively terrestrial; they are therefore temporary (Cronos) and mutable (Image of the snake that change of shirt). Their actions are linked with the following dependencies: personal and social time, means and objectives, pre-assessments and control of results.

* The Magicians are archetypal realities that dwell in the Collective Unconscious (C.G.Jung). Demons are "unreal entities", linked to the previous ones, which are established in the personal mind and in the Collective Mind, nurturing of the deterioration of the human species, and also nurturing it.

* The Magicians are present in the created life for its cosmic evolution; demonic entities have been generated by self for its exclusively terrestrial evolution, so it is hided from the Magicians.

* What we are saying is symbolically that the Sun (Atman, Individual Being or I) descends from the Sky as light (Inner Master).

The light is reflected in the waves of waters generating flashes (White Magician) and luminosities (Black Magician), returning its reflection to the Cosmos (Brahman, Universal Being or Universal I). Also the light is refracted (Lucifer) penetrating deflected in dark water (Mind) and disappearing until the full darkness of the bottom (Satan).

* We can talk with the Magicians; but never ever with demons, because their power would have feed-back with the I and with the Collective Mind. A careful attention has to be paid then to the practice of exorcism.

   In every current human actions are inevitably heard the voices of Magicians and demons. To talk exclusively with the Magicians is necessary to take in account the following:

1) Keeping ardent the desire for liberation.

2) To exercise Discernment.

3) To observe the relativity of life on Earth and to believe that it is necessary to go above and beyond...

4) Whoever wants to leave the terrestrial evil, in the attempt to do it may be targeted "unexpectedly" towards Cosmic Good (Sudden enlightenment in the Christianity of Paul). On the other hand, who lives the earthly good, may not want to leave it and will remain forever in this existential error.

5) Purification of the self and their characters using known and tested methods, which are displayed on Revolution in the Consciousness on my Website.

6) To rise the glance towards Heaven and see the faint initial light of the Inner Master.

7) To love the truth itself as never before, in order to hear his voice and follow it.

8) To be aware of that light so that the I doesn´t use it, prompted by Lucifer, to deify itself by illuminating its shadows.

9) To live with faith and fullness the experiences that will be taking us the Inner Master, which lead us to the liberation.

10) To embrace the full humility without intentionality and to be expanded in the free spontaneity.

11) Not attempting to seize the multi-directional internal look that is appearing ….

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      Prometheus brings us the ardent original fire...                          The rope that saves us...

   It will happen so that the paradise and the created life on Earth will be unified and the Cherubim of the Genesis (3-24, equivalent to Magicians) will throw his flaming sword, which is no longer needed, because the track to the tree of life guarded by him remains open.

   We can return to paradise, which is the celestial I that it is actually or Cosmic Good; but the return is staying alive here, not dead. Only thus the life of the human species will be immortal. We have also to understand that the self (I) that we believe we are and the characters that it has created cannot go to any paradise, due to its aberrant mental nature. They die all of them when it dies what they call "my body", dragging also to death the mind generated into it.

   All this above is also expressed when the Master-guru says to his disciple: "... That is Brahman and that's you." Pay attention to Discernment: the second "that" and "you" are the Atman, Individual Being or I that is, who is identical to the first "that" Brahman or Universal Being or God Father; "you" is not I-ego that you believe you are.

     5. The Cosmic Good.

   It will therefore be a manifestation of the Cosmic Good everything that removes the humanized life from its lethargy and impulse it beyond what is known on Earth. The Cosmic Good is what humanity feel as source of life beyond the Earth, although religions deify it calling it: God, Yahweh-God, Allah, Brahman, etc. "...Then look for the Kingdom of God and His Justice (Cosmic Good) and all these things shall be added unto you..." (Mt. 32-33).

  Then, it can happen that something had as a socially good feeling, could really be Cosmic Evil, because it moves us away from the Cosmic Good or vice versa. If, for example, a subject is identified with helping those who are poor in resources, which is a relative phenomenon on Earth, and also its life is not more than that, what it does is Cosmic Evil. As the hominid has been identified with the White Magician, it will also drag the evils of the Black Magician. Thus it helps to maintain forever the rich-poor hierarchy.

   According to the Gospel, the aid to the poor in spirit, who are looking for and they don´t know how to find, is completely different, besides at this time they are increasing more and more; it is said in the Beatitudes (Lk. 5-3) "... theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven...". Those who are poor in resources instead receive a different treatment, as it happens: 1) In the parable of the talents (Mt. 25-28, 30) "...because to who have been given they will be abounded, but the ones that don´t have, even what they have will be removed... “; 2) When Jesus, who knows that he will soon die, respond to Judas (Jn, 12-5, 8) ".. the poors always will be among you...", because this complains to him saying that the value of ointments, with which are anointing his feet, should have been distributed among the poor.

   It is very distorted the speech of the "white goodies magicians" because they incite to believe to the "naive and vain" people who listen to them, that their problems have a solution with recipes from the terrestrial good. Precisely, they are the applications of these recipes, which have contributed to the decline of Mankind. With the promise of the terrestrial good to those who listen to them, they go away from the Cosmic Good, what is a deep Cosmic Evil.

   The deviation of the "white goodies magicians" from the Cosmic Good can even be luciferin, because the aid they offer in the present time, whose purpose is exclusively terrestrial, it will bring in the future satanic evil. This is partly reflected in the saying: "If you now nourish some crows, when they grow will draw you your eyes".

   It also exists the speech of the "black baddies magicians", who can degenerate if they preach satanic evils. They justify them making believe that in the future luciferin goods will be met as well. This is the case in the "Praxis", dismembered from the "Theoria", of the outdated ideologies: Liberalism, Communism and Nationalsocialism. It is necessary to remove and scatter their ashes so that nobody tries to stoke them, because if they “resurrect” at any grade, Mankind would suffer more degenerative experiences. Only doing like that, we will be able to achieve the new society, which we are looking forward from the bottom of ourselves.

   As a final synthesis, what 2 Magicians try is that hominids use Discernment to discover their chains with the terrestrial good and with the terrestrial evil. They do this by means of the sham deception, offering them a life in which terrestrial happiness offered by the White Magician seem desirable and attainable, but that it ends up being short-lived, insufficient and penetrated by the terrestrial evil of the Black Magician. It is tried thus that the hominids look for beyond the exclusively terrestrial matters, guiding their thinking and their life on Earth towards the Cosmic Good.

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(1). When my sister Manuela Luz photographed the statue of the fallen Angel (Madrid), the pigeon “landed coincidentally” on it. The angel or cosmic wave embodies when it falls to the ground as: 1) White Magician in the pigeon (symbol of the peace-good, but that if the countries feel it in an opposite way, drag to its dual the war-evil); 2) As the Black Magician in the snake, which represents the earthly wave (left and right).

(2). There is a musical competition between Apollo (God Sun, left) with the lyre and Pan (Earthly god at the center) with the flute (Phallic symbol that generates waves). The cosmic music of Apollo wins it and the zodiacal ecliptic crown is imposed to him. King Midas is on the right with donkey ears for having rejected the music of Apollo. The supremacy of the cosmic vibration wave (Apollo) over the earthly vibrating wave (Pan) is thus symbolized.


   We need to recover, being individuals, our responsibility and our social initiative if we truly aspire to be free. We are not the "citizenship", as we massively are called.

     1. False therapy to hide the character of the child.

   If the I needs to do itself the character of the child therapy, one way is to be a famous politician. As it took orders from anyone when it was a kid, now it can balance by ordering the others from the political power. If it has lived with the absence of happiness its childhood and with nostalgia for being important, to be compensated for it, will want to empathize the character of the child of the voters who follow and cheer it. Thus its own character of the child will feel that being a politician is a good, which has to be reached.

   The politician, driven by its libido of power, will go even further and will promise falsified liberations: such as from the social links as from dependence of other country. It empathizes thus the unconscious need of the voters of being free from the chains of their characters, which is the true liberation. Despite of this projective delusion they will follow it, with great "happiness" for all of them, until the irremediable failure appears... and so on until the next time. This is a perverse collective mirage, which moves the people away from the Cosmic Good.

   Another way may be that the child-adult projects the blame of its vital anguish and its unsatisfied affection on their parents and society. Intricate plots are then formed in the mind, which are very difficult to resolve. Its result can be all kinds of reprisals and revenges on those who the child-adult thinks are responsible for its evil, including politicians.

   To truly leave its situation the child-adult have to use Discernment among the following considerations: 1) The archetypal reality of the 2 Magicians; 2) How the 2 Magicians operate in its mind; 3) The images of them in its parents; 4) How coerce it the 2 Magicians through the rules and laws of social behavior, emanating over all from political power. All this above is possible to be discerned if the voice of the Inner Master is listened to.

   Another way of therapy, but very dangerous for the evolution of the human species, is the abuse of the new technologies, which nowadays replaced the golden calf of the Israeli desert. They are increasingly the people who are taking refuge for their affective deficiencies in those technologies. This route is besides fostered by the traditions and customs of this aberrant high mass consumption society. An analogous situation arises with the way of drug addiction.

     2. The Good and Evil in Politics.

   The applicant to politician will therefore do everything it needs to get the power:

* It will discredit the opposition parties presenting them to voters as “evil”.

* A similar approach it will adopt within its political party. It will consider that its evil is all those who hinder it to its imperious rise; it will get rid of them or will make with them fraudulent pacts, if necessary.

* Certainly the politician will have no doubt for lying to everyone and even to itself to satisfy its libido of social power, which is its "good" for it.

* It will pretend saying that it will give the voters what these consider their "good" masquerading for it of White Magician.

* Subsequently, if it wins the elections, the Black Magician that it has been hiding will be shown and then it will not fulfill its promises.

* It is being marginalized the multiple creativity of the profession set, what it is moved to the institutions of the State. This is due over all to the style of thinking and the practice of the law through Politics, which is linked to its relations with Journalism.

* The worst thing is that the confrontation of parties is a divine-diabolic endless "game" between the "party that governs as good-evil" and the "parties of the opposition as evil-good ", that perverts, even more than it is really, the entire society that is listening to them.

   The Parliament then becomes the Palace from where govern the 2 Magicians. There, therefore, they are reproduced the divine-diabolic dialogues in which the Government is “good that brings evil” and opposition is the “evil that wants to bring good”. If in addition the people assumed as of their own this charade, the power of Magicians in the Collective Mind grows.

   It is not so surprisingly, that many parliamentarians believe they are "deified" due to their omnipotent use of good and evil by means of laws that issue, despite the fact that they are based on the false principle that the social truth is what votes the consensus of the majority. They will want then those parliamentarians to override the influence of religious laws. For what gods, masters and prophets are needed if they already are the only gods who dictate all the laws that society needs? The added problem is that people vainly expect of them almost divine exemplary behavior.

   Politicians and their voters have clearly to see, that if they are only looking for the terrestrial good, without the superior Cosmic Good, that will drag in addition to its dual the terrestrial evil; this is inexorable on the Earth. The end is that the existing goods and evils will mutate, appearing in addition new ones.

   It is completely meaningless, if the man lives from its own individuality and freedom, to go to street demonstrations, because so people are deifying even more with social demands the political power. In the past the people prayed to their gods; now they manifest with impotence, demanding their welfare to the new gods, whose power is increasingly growing and that they do not want to leave it.

     3. Absence of the Cosmic Good in social aspirations.

   Politicians cannot solve the existing social problems, because the 2 Magicians are who really govern through them. The 2 Magicians bring us the terrestrial good that is desired; but also the evil, that is not wanted. It is society itself, which therefore has to discern and leave the deception of Magicians, being starred by politicians.

   It seems easy to go away the Black Magician deception since he brings us the "terrestrial evil", that creates us misfortunes; but it is not so simple, because it will be terrestrial evil while it exists the pursuit of the terrestrial good. It is difficult to leave the deception of the White Magician because we engage ourselves in the "terrestrial good" that he offers to us and it is even devoted as the true human good.

   We are not born here on this Earth to suffer forever, but we will have to retrace the path walked and begin again. To start with, exercise yourself with Discernment and checks the following:

< In Science prevails the White Magician and the Black Magician in Technique.

< The Rule of Law is a Kingdom of the White Magician supported by the Black Magician.

< The Welfare State is shown as White Magician and hides the Black Magician.

< The 2 Magicians run all earthly organizations through usually their executives; but especially through those who plan.

< Religions and even more "spiritual sects" are the Magicians favorite preserve.

< Penetrate in the droopy eyes, the forced smile and the manipulative gestures of who wants to be a leader. See very well how it moves your emotions and differentiate whether a White Magician or a Black Magician it is.

< Look carefully at the "goodies white magicians"; they are the most difficult to see.

< European culture was spread and it is expanding as White Magician veiling its Black Magician.

   To keep the aspiration towards the Cosmic Good, we will have to do the molt of the small terrestrial shell, abandoning it as it does to grow the “hermit” crab; in our case cosmically growing within the "galactic spiral". If current mind does not transubstantiate in order to do eclosion a new mind beyond the terrestrial matters, in addition it will fail the attempt to communicate us with extraterrestrial beings!

(I clarify the notions of “transubstantiation” and “eclosion” with some examples, because I remember that it was not very known by my students in the University: 1) On the Celtic myth of the Grail, the Perlesvaus Knight sees it after he transubstantiates his impure mind and do eclosion a pure mind; 2) According to the Catholic ritual, when the priest enters the host in the chalice takes place a transubstantiation of the bread and wine appearing a christic eclosion; 3) When life in the sperm enters into the feminine ovarian chalice and it interpenetrates with the life in the feminine ovum, both lives "die" and transubstantiate doing eclosion the prehuman life; 4) Food energy transubstantiates and does eclosion into the energies of feeling, thought and love; 5) The chemical element Carbon transubstantiates and will do eclosion hex strings that will be the organic life support; etc.)

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1) . We are Earth, yes; but Earth in Cosmos.

2) . <<When the Sun (self) is refracted in the water, it seems that it is not the water (Mind), but the Sun that moves. (Thus generating the crystallized mind and self or I).

When the “Atman” (Individual Being or Self) is refracted by the physical and mental bodies, the foolish say: “I act”, “I experience” or “I am going to die”>>.

(This self which we believe we are is ephemeral and diabolical but besides it believes itself to be Self owing to it receives its refracted light).

Sankaracharya says directly to us that what we feel and what we think is not real; it is imagined by the I.


   In addition to be treated the Cosmosociety in some articles of the Blog, in its file on the Website can be seen the following:

. Students are taught in the main independent subjects of Religion and Social Sciences to recognize the 2 Magicians, so that they can be aimed towards the Cosmic Good.

. In this Society of High Mass Consumption, because of its almost exclusively terrestrial nature, they grow and multiply the demonic entities in the Collective Mind. In the transit towards the Cosmosociety, oriented towards the Cosmic Good, those entities will be disappearing.

. They have social priority: motherhood and childhood.

. There is no poverty as a profession, because all the people, according to their profession and ability, receive at least enough to live with dignity.

. All the politicians and bureaucrats are meritocrats appointed, controlled and revoked by Popular Juries. The cosmosocial democracy is so affirmed from its base. The Cosmosociety is constituted in communion with equity.

. The Cosmosociety is a deep feeling of the human species; we need it to make eclosion. We yearn it inside ourselves!

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1) Cosmosocial Manifesto derived from the 22 alphabetic thoughts of the Alphabet of Thought, Cosmic Dimension and besides a sentence of Francesco of Assisi.

2) Chronos and his hourglass fall to the ground defeated by love, beauty, and hope, which we must extol.

           It is not me who is thinking about this writing,

           This writing is thought in itself.

           It is not me who has written it,

           It is it what describes itself.

           Don´t try listen to it.

           Let it vibrate in your self.

           It is Love.

…and the Inner Master, from his silence, is giving us a smile….