I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.    

   They are manifested the following dimensions in the Human Consciousness: Personal, Social, Cosmic and Absolute. We'll see later: how those have appeared in human evolution, the evolutionary deviation produced by their assimilation and the necessary cultural actuations to correct the deviation.


   In an initial stage the hominids were sensible to Personal Dimension of the Human Consciosness and they conceived: patternity, relatives, family, education, stable unions, art, peace, etc.

   They were also evolving socially and, due to the Social Dimension of Human Conciousness, they created: governments, religious and social laws, war, courts and jails, to bury, etc. The hominids considered themselves thus members of a certain society.

   However they arise the following contradictions in each hominid: on the one hand it feels in its own way its personal dimension, which limits its relations with the other hominids in their environment; the same it happens with its social dimension, that it does not coincide with the one of the other hominids of its social group.

   All of that has historically led to the need for a joint social order, but also that is not assumed by all the hominids. Then arise social Governments with a large proportion of coercive elements to impose order. The Interventionist State, in all its degrees, tries therefore to classify hominids to homogenize their general demands, but just also strangling the personal feeling of freedom.


   At the present time we are in the third stage, as a result of the manifestation of Cosmic Dimension. I don´t think only about it influences me or in which occurs in my country then. The thought is now open to the set of all the inhabitants of the whole terrestrial countries, which is therefore a cosmic vision.

   They existed and exist these total ideologies Liberalism, Communism and Nationalsocialism; there have been world wars; we investigate the bottom of Microcosms and the one of Macrocosms; they exist massive destruction weapons; international organizations and organisms are created; it has appeared what it is called globalization; there has been landing on the Moon and it is tried to land on Mars; etc.

   That is an overview of the Earth and beyond it that shows the opening of the Cosmic Dimension of the Human Consciousness. That opening ought to have been wonderful for the human species; but it has not happened like that. It took place on a mental social basis deviated from the original creative and transformative forces of the cosmos.

   We are wandering abandoned on the surface of the Earth destroying us and destroying everything. The result of that opening is deeply and exponentially increasing human deviation. It is necessary to watch ourselves purely, therefore, in the new glance of Cosmic Dimension, reason why it is necessary to purify the existing socio-personal culture. The evolution of the life forces to us: either we advance or we´ll disappear.

   This is the situation: we don´t have the feeling of human species, which is the own of the Cosmic Dimension; the Personal Dimension has become into selfishness; we only go anywhere in the Social Dimension, within a general disorder, being gripped by fear within rarefied social forms, in which few believe and that nobody dares to change in depth, as it is required by the Cosmic Dimension. The solution, which is cosmosociopersonal, is offered on my Website: www.cosmosociedad.es 

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    IMAGES (Ceuta, Spain) OF THE  DIVINE-HUMAN HERCULES (Mythology, as the evangelical parable or the Eastern koan, contains false speeches through which it is tried to transmit a superior idea, to which it is being told. Mythology is not possible to be directly understood, it is necessary to intuit what there is beyond what it is read.) 

   The first image shows how Hercules is being breastfed and from the shed milk the Milky-way is born.

  In the second image Hercules is liberated from the terrestrial links.                                                           


   We have to look at ourselves purely, therefore, in the new look of the Cosmic Dimension, so we ought to purify the maintained from the past socio-personal culture. The most urgent thing on Earth is to correct the deviation returning to the purity of the original creative and transformative forces.

   It is necessary, in order to survive, to be essentially open to the mental and somatic influences of the Cosmic Dimension. If it is not made like that, the psychic upheavals were multiplied and will extend the degenerative diseases.

   The situation is aggravated even more since our opening has spread beyond our cosmic vision. We speak of branes that contain universes like ours, but our intuition has also conceived sets of branes. A step forward is the Multiverses according to scientific intuition. It is all of that what makes us to think that we are also opening recklessly to the Absolute Dimension.

   It is necessary to unify and to integrate the following topics: the personal chaos of Personal Dimension, the social order of Social Dimension and the cosmic chaos of Cosmic Dimension. The new integrated thought is cosmo-socio-personal.

   We must thus disintegrate all personal and social by-products to be purified in the individual and in the collective mind. Only so we will properly be open to the Cosmic Dimension and rightly see the Absolute one.

It is necessary to retrace the path walked and to begin again.

We can thus take the right way to the Cosmosociety.

Only those who will have the new pure emerging thought can access to the Cosmic Dimension and to be truly free.

This is not an Uthopy, it is the truth of the Cosmic Message to Earth.