Dear friend:

   I have offered you several articles, but this one is different. I have just finished writing a book entitled “The Alphabet of Thought and the Cosmosociety” which contains all my thinking up to the present time. I consider it the legacy I will leave for this Humanity of the “Homo sapiens” to which we belong.

   That hominid has to get back on the right path from which it has strayed in Personal, Social and Cosmic Dimensions that are manifested in its Intelligence. Then Life will recover the original purity of those dimensions and will see its own horizon.

   Its 508 pages include a full account of the deepest thoughts, sentiments and love that exists within us, but from the viewpoint of the Alphabet of Thought, which is the primordial fount of the Word or Logos that is made manifest in all we think and conceive.

   It is the essential guide for understanding each other and the world. I have had some help in making the book easy to read.

   I do hope that you will make this message yours and help to spread it around, and so you can play your part in making it belong to everybody.








   Humanity aspires to live in Happiness, Love, Justice, Peace, Truth, Communion, Liberty, etc. However, what we are actually secularly experiencing is the opposite: Bitterness, Hatred, Lack of Principles, Wars, Lies, Divisions, Oppression, etc. This means there is something that is not working in our lives and we must find out what it is.

   Our aspirations are based on basic archetypes common to the whole of Humanity in all ages and cultures. All proceed from the same universal source, which is the Alphabet of Thought. This is shown in the book and will guide us in the search for our aspirations.

   This book is not revolutionary because it has no intention of improving or modifying the cultural thought of the existing system. It is transgressor because it breaks the rules and it describes the way beyond this culture that we know, and in which we live somewhat erratically. This society is destroying itself and we must create, not a renewed, but the new society that we effectively need: the Cosmosociety.

   Many of our present demands will have to disappear, and this will need a Revolution of Consciousness. We cannot go on feeling and thinking as before. The nature of the thoughts we produce is what is driving us to decadence and these cannot be corrected by the same way of thinking, which only makes the situation worse.

   We have to see and accept that the way in which “Homo sapiens” thinks at present is both contaminated and contaminating. If we are to continue as a species there must therefore be a Purification of the Mind.

   Human life has survived all types of natural disasters throughout its history. The threats it now faces include: climate change, viruses, wars, mass exterminations, atomic weapons, contamination, bacteriological wars, and many others. There is thus an enormous difference between the past and nowadays; the present catastrophes have been produced by our way of thinking and are capable of causing global extermination.

   The solution to these problems, which are deeply rooted, cannot be by changing a few of their effects nor by restrictive laws that do not go to the root of the problem. We must go back as far as we need to get the right perspective, as can be seen in the Figure 1, below:


Figure 1. The Roots of Human Decadence.

   The main conclusion we can draw from Figure 1 is that the cosmic generating forces, by the principle of action and reaction, receive the opposing terrestrial effect. The result is a life with a duality of Cosmos-Earth opposites. The truth contained in the cosmic message is thus transformed into terrestrial good and terrestrial evil. Those archetypal human celestial aspirations thus appear with their terrestrial opposites.

   Life then has no aim and no horizon. The hominids cannot find a solution to their existential problems because their present minds, which are responsible for the situation, are unable to find one. Purification of the Mind is needed to return to the original purity and correct the errant path of our present civilisation.

   The contest between good and evil is decided, not by Earth living exclusively as Earth, but by Earth in the Cosmos, for which we must rid ourselves of our terrestrial influences. We must undo much of what we have done and go back to our beginnings.

   Only then will we be able to understand that the transformation we need in our lives cannot be based on the accepted beliefs or doctrines, because they have been contaminated. We need to drink from the original fount of the Alphabet of Thought and that is why this book has been written. Its message is summed up in Figure 2.


Figure 2. Liberty is living the message of the Alphabet of Thought.

 The real peak of the high mountain is

the effort you have to make to get there.

Prof. Dr. José Jesús Lidón Campillo.