I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made the translation from Spanish into English.

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   We are living in very difficult times on several fronts: socioeconomic crisis continuation of that of 2008, war confrontation between the superpowers and Sars-cov-2 pandemic with its effects on health and the economy. This whole situation being very serious, the psychic deterioration it is causing is no less serious. We can only say with certainty that we do not know our future.

           Nos alienta
           el sentimiento de especie humana,
           que asciende cósmico, vibrante de amor,
           desde una luciente estrella lejana.

   The article "Ideas on Structure and Expression of the Human Personality to focus and improve the psychic deterioration of these times" and all the others that I have been publishing are in the Cosmosociedad Blog of my website: . You also have at your disposal for free the book "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety" (APyCS), of 510 pages, whose cover you see in Table 1. Receive them as a Christmas gift that I make to you.

Table 1. Cover of the book "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety".

Purpose of the article

   Our personality is deteriorating and it is necessary to be focused on ourselves to assume the unbalancing effects of this situation (2.019-...). What is proposed in this article is that the reader contemplates the necessary knowledge to live this time from an integral vision, beyond the psychological recipes

   In addition, according to traditional scientific information, viruses are necessary for the evolution of life. Without them it would stagnate and die; our body and mind therefore have to change. We have before us the challenge of a profound Revolution in Consciousness!

   To achieve that I have prepared the article, which also includes scattered ideas previously exposed. The regular reader will then see that some are already known, but others will appear nuanced, expanded or simplified; there will also be other additions that make up the set.

Writing of chaotic natur

   I will do my best to express myself with the utmost simplicity. The message that, however, I am conveying requires a very specialized vocabulary and also demands a writing of a chaotic nature; but it is difficult to read, if it is also done on the basis of mental reason. Really the type of writing fits the subject matter, as it happens with poetry and prose. If a verse is passed to prose it loses its nature. Chaos contains beauty and disorder ugliness.

   Let us also remember that the brain has the form of a fractal chaos with its pleats and folds, which houses another chaos of 100,000 million neurons. Our thinking thus has chaotic genesis, which also occurs in Nature, as seen in Table 2. Despite this, we build knowledge based on reason that works linearly, which can enclose the evolution of human thought, whose very nature is multidimensional.

Table 2. Some examples of Chaos.

The development of the article is done with the following Index:




2.1. Scientific vision of the 4 Universes

2.2. The 4 Universes in Human Consciousness


3.1. Unreality of the “I” that I think I am and with which I identify

3.2. Everything else that is not “I” is non-“I” to me

3.3. I who really is

3.4. The characters “I” creates

3.5. The human deviation from the cosmic message


4.1. The Impact of I and “I” on our Hominized Lives

4.2. Love-happiness at the goal and infinite love beyond

4.3. The Devil rules in earthly good and evil

4.3. The vision of Liberation that we have from the “I” that we believe we are is wrong

4.4. My own personal experience



   We do not get entangled in psychological disquisitions, typical of specialists, but we go back to the "origin" to have perspective on the subject we are going to deal with. Later, from that contemplation, we will descend in Sections 3 and 4 to the detail of how the human personality is structured and expressed. This Section 1 is an elementary explanation of the Alphabet of Thought (AT) to make it easier to understand Sections 3 and 4.

The Origin of Human Thought

   In other writings we asked ourselves the following question: does the AT exist? and we expressed it then in Table 3. We find that it exists and that it is similar to a musical instrument of a circular nature, whose essential vibrations similar to musical notes are finally translated into human thought. We think based on the AT, as an original source.

Table 3. The Alphabet of Thought exists.

   In Table 4 we represent the circular shape of the AT and its 4 arches, which are deduced from the nature of the number π = 3.141592.... Based on this, the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness are generated, which are the following: Personal, Social, Cosmic and Absolute, which we see expressed in Table 4.

Table 4. Representation of the Alphabet of Thought.

    Taking as its origin the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness, our thought is generated, from which the nature of the Human Personality is derived. It takes place as follows:

The 4 Dimensions of Consciousness in the Human Personality:

1) The Personal Dimension contains feeling, thought and love as a concrete person.

2) The Social Dimension allows us to recognize the "other" and interact with it.

3) The Cosmic Dimension transports us to suprasocieties, beyond direct social relations, of which the international relationship or the existence of other solar systems are some examples.

4) The Irrational or Absolute Dimension, which allows us to intuit that, for example, there are multiverses.

Scientific confirmation of the AP

   The AP has scientific confirmation in "Superstring Physics Theory". In this one it is assumed that the most elementary are tiny vibrating strings, from which everything that exists is finally derived. It thus presents an analogy with the AT, since in it is assumed that there are 22 strings that generate 22 essential vibrations, from which the entire Universe is derived. You can check the analogy in the Table 5.


Table 5. The analogy between the AT and the Super string Theory.

   The AT was discovered in 1.994, independently of the Physical Theory of Superstrings, since I learned the conception of that theory in 2.005. What the AT also does is project those vibrations into the genesis of human thought. We think then as a function derived from the AT.


   The following sections explain the existence of 4 Universes, which are looked at in Consciousness, and which, therefore, generate the "Structure and Expression of the Human Personality". They are as follows: Objectal or of the objects; Mental or of mental contents; Ideas or Principles, which contains the ideas that are held above all; Intuitional, which is beyond what is directly knowable.

2.1. Scientific vision of the 4 Universes

   The first three universes are considered in the Philosophy of Science by K.R.Popper. The scientific researcher observes the Universe of Objects and, from his own mind, establishes rational relations of those, with whom the Mental Universe is populated. From there, these and principles are elaborated that nourish the Universe of Human Ideas.

   Let us see as an example of the scientific vision the discovery of the Archimedes Principle. He was commissioned by the king to know if a crown was pure gold. It happened that when he got into the bathtub the water rose; in this case the objects of the Object Universe are the crown, its body, the bathtub and the water.

   He then established the mental relationship between them by checking that an object sinks into water if its weight is greater than the weight of the volume of the liquid dislodged; the Mental Universe is thus populated. According to tradition, his wife collaborated, because when she saw him worried and tired, she told him to take a bath.

   That is fulfilled with all objects and with all liquids, so he already elaborates the Archimedes Principle, which nourishes the Universe of Human Ideas. From it, introducing the concept of density, he verifies that the crown was a league of gold and silver, which has a different density than pure gold.

The Unique Look of the 4 Universes

   Table 6 depicts the 4 Universes in the Unique Look at Human Consciousness. We also point out how it is embodying the vision of the 4 Universes in the thinking and personality of today's hominids.

Table 6. Look at the 4 Universes in Consciousness.

2.2. The 4 Universes in Human Consciousness

   We will then know our personal look at each of the 4 Universes. Thus the Structure and Expression of the Human Personality is formed.

The Look at the Objectal Universe

   There is the Objectal Universe, which contents all the objects that populate this world. It is the one we see with the eye, as in the following cases: the body, the table, the computer, the Sun, etc. It is there and it is easy for us to recognize it directly with our senses; it is easily manipulated. This is the case with the glass and with the water, which I can use to drink.

The Look at the Mental Universe

   The eye gaze in the Objectal Universe is transformed into the mental one in the Mental Universe. It is accessible and "contains" the concrete thoughts of the various objects and their relationships. It is seen in the mental gaze, for example, the car is next to the sidewalk and thus lodges itself in the mind where you look.

   The same happens to any subject who sees them, being then a common content in the Collective Mind, which integrates all personal minds. We can therefore relate to each other through dialogue, because we all have similar mental contents.

   Although the book object is in the Objectal Universe, it is looked at in the mind with the inner gaze. You don't really see the external book but its representation in the mind. Depending on how it is, this is what the book will look like; that is why we disagree with each other in what the things we see are like, even if they all come from the same source.

   The Objectal Universe is comparable to computer Hardware and the Mental Universe to Software. This one is not seen, but it is there, expressed by the Hardware, which we do see. The Mental Universe is not directly manipulable, it is as it is, although we can personally alter its contents and its relationships. The Hard Drive could be compared to the Mental Universe.

The Look at the Universe of Ideas or Principles

   Then we look at the Universe of Ideas, in which they "meet": the ideals and ideas of all objects, mathematical principles, etc. The book we know is a book and not a tree, because previously we have the idea of a book, which is different from the idea of a tree, which allows us to distinguish them.

   This Universe is neither visible nor manipulable. It is beyond our actions and thoughts and the latter exist because of it. Compared to computers, it would be the Internet. In it has been deposited, even artificially, a source of recurrence accessible to all, as is the case in the Universe of Principles.

Look at the Intuitional Universe

   Finally the Intuitional Universe incarnates peculiarly through enlightenment in Intelligence. It has manifested itself in the following humans: mystics, artists, scientists, etc. This Universe is neither seen nor manipulated and is not directly accessible. The look in this Universe does not have the article "the", because it does not materialize, since its nature is of 4th dimension.

   The Intuitional Universe also manifests itself in us spontaneously accompanied by luminosity and an orgasmic sensation in the body, more subtle than the sexual one. Although it is not the same, you have a similar experience when we intensely want to solve something and suddenly, when we do not expect it, the solution appears.

   In Table 7, "beyond" the three-dimensional gaze that encompasses the 11 characters within the sphere that encloses them, is intuited. Everyone perceives, through the luminous flame above their heads, that there is a fourth dimension from which the dove looks, but only in the character (11) who appears on the left from his "irrational lost" gaze does it seem that the Intuitional Gaze is looked at in him.


Table 7. Look at the Intuitional Universe.


   The original genesis of human thought and personality has been seen before, we will now refer to how its structure and expression are generated: how we think, what we really want, our lights and shadows, the evolutionary orientation we follow, etc.

(The translation from yo in Spanish into “I” in English is grammatically correct, but I don´t know if it is the appropriate. We say, for instance, in Spanish, yo escribo or I write, but in this writing, perhaps the correspondence between yo an I is not the adequate. I think, nevertheless, that you´ll catch it with the following explanations. It is the same between yo and ego or self).

3.1. Unreality of the “I” that I think I am and with which I identify

   If I ask to you: “are you reading this message”? You will say yes, but take in account that, in a very subtle way, you feel in addition a personal reference in your mind, to which you call “I”. Then you can say: “I” am the reader”.

   Repeat it and watch that “I” always appears as identification! Notice also that this “I” is identified with the name you have; if someone pronounces it, you will believe that it is you, which is a big mistake because you are not the sonority of your name; it's very clear that that's not your identity.

   You can also say: "I'm young", "I have a car", "I do this job" or whatever you want. In these cases and in the previous ones, this “I” always appears, in which the perception of being, having or doing something is reflected. You see that the “I” is relative; it serves for relationships with any circumstance. This “I” is generated from the Personal Dimension of Consciousness.

   Only for that auxiliary function has it been created by life and not to abduct the body, to take over it and tell it "my body", because it does not belong to “I” but to the life that formed it. Where is, for example, the “I” during pregnancy or in the functions of the organism, although it is always aimed at the pleasure of the body.

3.2. Everything else that is not “I” is non-“I” to me

   We must now distinguish the “I” from the circumstance in which it lives, which sees it as something external that is not ”I”. You can now say the following: "I have a book", "I am in my room", "I want water", etc. In all these cases you think it is external to “I”: book, room and water. They are all different to “I” and that's why we call them non-“I”. This is generated from the Social Dimension of Consciousness.

   In the Universe of Objects your body, with which “I” is identified, is effectively separated from the following non-“I”: "book", "room" and "water". On the other hand, in your inner gaze, which is where you really see them, they are all Mental Universe: “I”, "body", "book", "room", etc. Although your body and objects are in different positions in the Objectal Universe, they are really in your own mind for you. We show to see it the example of Table 8.

Table 8. The inner look.

3.3. I who really is

   “I” that you think you are is providing the materials to construct all the mental networks with acceptances, rejections, valuations, etc. It identifies itelf in addition with all its experiences and you feel then chained, even if you don't warn it.

   You want to be free, but it has been “I” that you have created the one that has been produced the chains. Its nature is the linking, for that reason “I” could never be free, do not make useless revolutions! Who is really I? We see it in Table 8 and that is born luminous when “I” disappear.

   That I is generated from the Cosmic Dimension of Consciousness, forming an integrated cosmosociopersonal gaze, as is the case with the ocular gaze in three-dimensional space, although it is rarefied in humanity.

Table 9. The “I” that we think we are and the I that is.

   A system of thought is also elaborated in that “I” that is leading us to a dead end as a species. It is characterized by the following: intentionality, because it always acts to obtain a result, dependence on the action since it is linked to what it projects, generate characters of itself with which it identifies, such as believing itself to be a man or a woman, and because its nature is to chain itself to what it wants and obtains.

   It also dwells in us I that it is, but it is obscured by the previous one as it happens with the Sun and the Moon in an eclipse of the Sun, which is seen in Table 8. This I is really the subject of our life, although the “I” has usurped it. One usually lives without being aware of it.

   It is characterized by the following: the Essential Freedom that we seek dwells in it, because there is no intentionality in the action when living from it and because it does not identify with anything. It is individual to each human, although it is subsumed in the UNIVERSAL I.

   If we assume a jar (“I”) that breaks (death of body and mind) what was inside (I) is identified with what was outside (UNIVERSAL I ). This is the secret of the true human communion of all individuals; the egalitarianisms of the hominid “I” are not. It can simply be said then: I am I and UNIVERSAL I Without further ado!

3.4. The characters “I” creates

   Just as the novelist fuses in a plot the characters in his work, who are only psychological versions of himself, the “I”, which we have seen earlier at the other point, does something similar. It turns its life into a theatre, in which the “I” generates characters of itself, with which it also identifies. Thus begins its personal dimension to deviate from its own life.

How do “I” generate its characters?

   If, for example, I have the idea of being "a little thing" and my ideal is " to be very important", causing this to me unease, much of my objective thoughts and relationship activities will be aimed at being very important in order to be "happy", thus eliminating my unease.

   All this is lived compulsively and even aggressively, if someone's attitude reminds us that we are "a little thing". This creates within us an effective character, different from ”I”, but to which “I” dedicate its life and with which it also identifies itself by saying, "I am a little thing".

   Look very well at the character generation for your “I”, because I'm sure it's a source of great misery. In this way we fill the mind with multiple staggered contents, which we call characters, that prevent us from feeling, thinking and loving independently of them; we become a theatrical script, the author of which is the ”I”.

   If the idea of a circumstance is chained with a cholera reaction, when such a circumstance arises, “I” will identify with being choleric. Later the “I” will create the following character: "I am choleric".

   All characters are similarly generated and function as a shadow, which obscures what we really are. In addition, the “I” identifies with the character and leaves him "freeway" when the circumstance appears, as in the case of cholera that is not possible to "hold on" because the hominid is choleric.

   The influence of the characters is very diverse, as they are usually related to each other, so that if one is activated so does the other. In addition, feelings of variable valuation, union or acceptance nest in the characters. The framework is, therefore, very complex and is very interconnected, so it thinks and acts independently of the “I”. This is how identity and freedom are lost!

   That interconnection is like a great fractal ruled by self-similarity, in which all the characters are “I” and in “I” are all the characters. Its appearance would be analogous to the fractal chaos of Mandelbrot's Mathematical Set, which was seen in Table 2.

The child´s character

   The child's character determines everyone else very especially. When the child is very young, his educators accept him as he is; but when he begins to want to manifest his “I”, the educator does not correspond him with his I, because he does not live it, but imposing on him the structure of behavior of his own “I”, with which he does live. This is also transmitted generationally as an original deviation.

   The child then begins to disconnect from his vital background, through which flows his potential of energy-love-intelligence, staying in a situation of lavish distress. Finally he adapts, in a false way, to the conditions of his educator’s “I”.

   He can thus survive and escape from anguish and abandonment in those he feels he lives. Thus the character of the child is created, which will very much condition the “I” of the native adult. An illustrative example on the screen is the relationship between the "Rosebud" sled and the "Citizen Kane".

   When the child fully opens up to the Social Dimension, the admitted social characters are imposed on him. To falsely hide the child's character his unsatisfied smallness, he will want to reach the adult hominid the highest social heights, such as: artist, politician, etc.

   The popularity and recognition of the public then compensate him for the unconditional affection he did not have as a child. Otherwise, he can become extremely cruel when he is an adult. Notice that behind politicians, there is usually a child dissatisfied with the power that he did not have in childhood.

   It is clear that the affectivity of his fathers and the worldview they offer influence the ideals that nurture all the characters who grow up with the child. More than mental recipes, which the child proves to be fake, educators have to pass on the search for the true, exercising discernment with him by examples.

   There is somatic parallelism between the characters and the myelination of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. It takes place from childhood to late adolescence, because that part of the brain is "rigidized", thus becoming something structural in life.

3.5. The human deviation from the cosmic message

   The celestial generating forces of the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness, always present, act on the “I”, already deviated, pushing it even further, therefore, along its divergent path. We express this in Table 10 where we see how the human finger is deviated from the creative message expressed by Jupiter, or god of Olympus, through his index finger or finger of Jupiter. Examples of some deviations of hominids also appear.


Table 10. To emerge from decadence, we must listen to the Cosmic Message.

   The “I” uses in its own way the generating message, corrupting human evolution. Even worse, the hominid is "divinized", because it feels the generating influence, although deviant, and then mistakenly believes that its path is the true one. This makes it "driving away" its great existential inferiority complex; but also generating its vital decadence.


   With the release of the shadows that obscure I appears its light, which communicates the unknown subtle happiness, which is really longed for. Liberation is reached through the Purification of the Mind; to this is dedicated the Third Part of the book APyCS and numerous articles. What we communicate below are some characteristics of that routing, which are generally new to the regular reader.

4.1. The Impact of I and “I” on our Hominized Lives

Everything is filled by “I”

   Our "Homo sapiens" culture is dominated by the “I” of its hominids; wherever you look at us there is the “I”. Parliamentary laws, for example, address an “I” supposedly deviated from them, trying to redirect it by coercion to that “I”, which is very little responsible for what is imputed to it. Also any kind of teaching is aimed at increasing the information of the “I”, which by nature identifies with it; there is also no integrative teacher.

The prisons of time

   Perhaps the worst of all are the "prisons of time" in which the “I” is eagerly messed with its characters. If we observe our becoming, we see that we are determined by our personal time and even worse by the social one.

   From the moment we get up until we go to bed, the “I” gets into successive and repetitive “prisons of time” to which it is permanently associated and even locked in them: cleaning, dressing, breakfast, etc. in the personal and transport, work, etc. in the social. Even when the hominid goes on vacation, it gets back into new prisons, although more attractive.

   Let's remember that Time is "Cronos" and that this is the best costume of the Devil. It follows from the AT that the Devil is derived from the following alphabetic thoughts: "Advance.8" and "Limit.9". As Cronus we see him represented in Table 11. I speak extensively of the Devil in other writings, but I will summarize it later.

Table 11. Chronos or Devil is derived from the alphabetical thoughts: "Advance.8" and "Limit.9"

   It is clear then that when the revolutionary leader puts in his speech the promise of freedom, almost everyone signs up. They confuse the Essential Freedom of I with the liberation of the prisons in which they live with their characters. Evidently the revolution fails at its core, because the nature of the “I” is chaining, it cannot really be free.

Look up at the sky with your feet on the ground

   When I explained all this at the University, some students asked me: "if the “I” fills everything and ourselves, what can be done then, because we are in this social world as it is?"

   "Now we are in class listening to you and everything turns out very well, but then we have to return to the outside world. One said: I'm going with the monkey to go back to class on next Thursday, but then I forget all and when Monday comes I get the monkey back."

   I replied to them with respect to the social system the following: "You have to be (stay) without being, for what is a help the Spanish language, which has separate verbs to “ser (be)” and to "estar (be)”; "you are in this world, but you do not belong to it"; "the feet are on the Earth, but the arms rise to Heaven." Faced with a theme similar to this, Jesus of Nazareth replied, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."

The happiness of liberation has its cost

   The path that those who want to go beyond “I” have to travel is not only not free but also presents difficulties and tests that can discourage those, whose determination is not firm. The hominid “I” is attached, of its own volition, to the structure of characters that it itself has created, which give it its apparent identity. This whole network will therefore resist any change, generating conflictive situations, which will test the human will.

   The hominid is further identified with its ”I”, which will want to seize any attempt and method of liberation. It will pretend that they serve itself to be super-“I”; even deceiving itself as is its custom, which is very widespread. We must also pay a singular attention to the acquisition of knowledge so that it does not become the "power of knowledge" to dominate the others. As the goal is high, the road has a slope with obstacles!

4.2. Love-happiness at the goal and infinite love beyond

Reaching that goal is like climbing a high mountain

   This ascending path is travelled in stages, but on foot; you can't go by helicopter. If a mountaineer used it to climb a high peak, "it wouldn't reach it." The true top of a high mountain is in the effort lived in its climbing.

   The good mountaineer climbs decisively feeling that the growing loneliness that is breathed is transformed into happiness. At each stage a new hope opens up looking at the summit that seems to await it. It also looks down, with love, at the obstacles and dangers that it overcomes in its ascent, even having risked its life sometimes; but "something" protects and helps it.

   When it reaches the top everything experienced is consummated, because a new cycle appears, which appears floating in an unknown and subtle love-happiness. It is different from the one it lived when it was on earth before reaching the top of the mountain, which stood "far away" before its eyes.

   It will feel much attached to other mountaineers who have also climbed alongside it. It will see them in communion with the starry sky in which they all merge into a common embrace. From there, the stars descend to the height of the lips to deliver the cosmic kiss they have always been waiting for. If mountaineers talked about the difficulties of the ascent, they would look at them smiling like a close friend.

   Someone at some moment will break the celestial charm and will say: "well we have to go thinking about going down". One will say, "yes they are waiting for me", another will remember that "it has to go back to work", but "some few"....The diabolization of the group appears like this; many of them voluntarily begin to lock themselves little by little in their “prisons of time” leaving behind the celestial experience.

A new cycle opens for mountaineers who locked themselves in the prisons of time

   Back on the mainland, the “prisons of time” are drowning too much the mountaineers who locked themselves in them. The “I” was not present at the top, but it will be it which tells the experience, attributing it, to those who do not climb the high mountains and prefer to stay in what they call "security" and "tranquility".

   They will then project a new climb, but this time it will be to a higher peak. The diabolization then grows because a new cycle of top-time opens that "jumps" from mountain to mountain. They warn when performing it that the vibration of the sky this time is no longer the same and they will interpret it resolving to go to an even higher peak in the next climb; so that the diabolization is consummated.

The return of "some few transgressive mountaineers" to the first high mountain

   .... "Some few transgressive mountaineers" will stand out from the old group's new project and return to the first mountain. There was something else that remained hidden and that will be revealed now that their mind is purified by the ascent, by detaching itself from the dangers and obstacles overcome, which brought to the surface almost all the shadows.

   They tell their experience with detachment and in a state of attention, so that the “I” does not sneak in. They also say to themselves: "Don't explore new mountains, let's go back to the first one!" Really the Sea is in a drop of water and a drop of water is the Sea.

   They feel that they have to climb it, but this time the necessary dangers are no longer and the breaks are only the essential ones. They reach the top, yes, they reach the top again, but they feel this time that they now look from an infinite height, so much so that they are the ones who from above, infinitely high, are the ones who feel "below" the ascending love that flows eternally between the stars.

   They will then slowly descend from the mountain distinguishing themselves from the flat land that is approaching, but no longer embraces them. They will find their initial companions and there will be some ones who will doubt that going up from mountain to mountain no longer attracts them, but others will persist in their deception.

   Those who doubt will notice that the former transgresive comrades are no longer the same, and when asked about their new experience they will respond with a look of silence that they will understand almost without speaking. The transgressors feel that the world no longer affects them as before; if someone, for example, mocked them they would not hear it because that chain is no longer held by the “I”.

4.3. The Devil rules in earthly good and evil

To understand the above well, we must remember that many centuries ago it was said:

Gospel according to Matthew (22-14): There are many called, but few are chosen.

Koran: When Iblis (Devil) answers God: "... For you have lost me, I will embellish the evil acts of men on Earth and mislead them all, except for those among them who are your devoted servants..." (Azora XV, verse 40).

   That is the case of those who embellish "evil" and thus mislead those who listen to them, which is how Iblis (Devil) behaves. An example is the false beautiful gaze of the "goodists", which it is necessary to recognize in order not to be deceived. Islamic Jihad and suicide bombers would disappear if they understood the previous scourge of the Koran.

The Devil exits as an archetypal entity

   Do not think that the Devil is someone with legs and tail. It is a more existing archetype in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity and from there, like any other archetype, it manifests itself in the personal unconscious of the hominid, which finally becomes personal conscious in it, which interprets it as something naturally of his own.

   The Devil is the one who rules in earthly good and evil, as well as in all existing organizations; is the Saturn (Roman) and Cronus (Greek) of ancient mythologies. In our mind it appears showing us scenarios of happiness if we follow its recommendations of good and evil. These are always a deception, which if we discover it with Discernment leads us to a cosmic reality, which is the ultimate purpose of the Devil, but which is not easily perceptible.

   The Demon is different, which separates man from Heaven and sinks it definitively into the terrestrial phenomenon with no other horizon. It dwells in the Collective Mind and has been created by hominids from the Devil; but it disappears with the light of Liberation. They are derived from him: Lucifer, which manifests itself as "goodness" and Satan, which manifests itself as "evilism". They all give terrestrial solutions to terrestrial problems, absolutely without any celestial orientation. We have not to dialogue with them!

Mythological conception of the Devil

  According to Greek mythological knowledge the Devil is manifested by the god Cronus (Greek) or Saturn (Roman), which is the last planet clearly visible from Earth, since Uranus is only very little. He is the son (proceeds) of Earth or Gaia (Gea) and the god Uranus, who reigns in the Cosmos beyond Saturn. In the sky the planet Uranus is located next to the planet Saturn.

   Gea allied with her son Cronus dethrones the god Uranus by cutting off his testicles, whose semen falls into the Sea thus giving birth to Venus, as goddess of human love. The Earth and the Devil thus become the rectors of terrestrial themes; there is in principle no "beyond...".

   There is, however, the possibility of cosmic redemption by Venus and Uranus, since Zeus (Greek) or Jupiter (Roman), god of Olympus, dethrones his father Cronus and banishes him by chaining him. Human love, symbolized by Venus, can then lift us into the arms of her father Uranus, who welcomes us into his cosmic bosom and thus frees us from the chains of Cronus or Saturn, which are ours.

   Everything that happens on Earth is ruled by Gaia and the Devil, while in the cosmic sky it is ruled by Uranus. The personality of the natives is then derived from a chained “I”, like that of the Devil, and allied to the terrestrial themes of Gaia. This is, therefore, a diabolized society, the genesis of which we represent in Table 11. The numbers that appear are the alphabetical thoughts of the AT from which the sequence of incarnation of the Devil comes.

Table 12. The incarnation of the Devil.

Almost all of this humanity is serving the Devil without knowing it and, even worse, the Demon by ignoring him.

4.4. The vision of Liberation that we have from the “I” that we believe we are is wrong

The deceptive spirituality

   There is a direct and constant communication between the “I” and the I. This projects its real nature onto “I”, which interprets it as its own spiritual need and then engages in multiple activities that satisfy it, such as doing yoga, attending courses, looking for a guide, etc. The “I” feels better and believes it is on the right track. It tells its achievements to others pretending to even be a guide for those who listen to it.

   All those activities are only auxiliary or complementary to true liberation or spiritual fulfillment. This is only achieved when the hominid is freed from its chains through the Purification of the Mind and then the Essential Freedom of I begins to appear.

The Eastern View in Sry Sankaracharya

   What Master S.Sankaracharya tells us in Table 12 is that the “I” is not real. This is difficult to accept and even less to assimilate, it is to see that we, as we show ourselves, have no real existence; we are just a mental product. It is as if a part of the brain has stood out as an area of reception, elaboration and response of everything that is felt, thought and loved; everything would be Mental Universe without any more.

   Indeed, if the “I” looks at itself and recognizes itself in the movement of light over the waters it experiences the swaying of life, but I (Sun) does not move, since the Sun is still in the sky. It also happens with the mobility of all our perceptions, which although they affect the “I” with which we live, they do not affect I (Sun), which is our identity.

   I understand very well, that if someone listens to it with penalties, they will not understand it; it's like saying, "You're not sick or you're not hungry." This is true, however, for the deviant “I” created by us; but it is unreal in I. The unreality of “I” is therefore expressed in Table 11.

Table 13. The projection of I onto the unreal “I”.

4.5. My own personal experience

   I think it is convenient now to communicate my personal experience about what we have been saying, because otherwise it would be all too much paper. My situation a few years ago was that of the eclipse state on the right of Table 8. There is in that a luminous beginning, although also a large surface of shadows, but these little by little are fading.

The singular importance of the State of Consciousness

∞ It is essential to be aware of what you think and even what you are feeling, although this seems more complex and difficult, since I have verified that the State of Consciousness is the master key to spiritual evolution. It is one thing to realize something, which is a mental act, and quite another to be conscious.

   The mental representation of what is felt, thought or loved is then seen separately; it is as if it were at a distance, so it is not possible to identify with it. If you are in a State of Consciousness, the characters that appear in the mind are also drawn perfectly, from the dim light that appears from I.

   When it is seen from an inner gaze, separately from the “I”, in this one their shadows are clarified. You have to contemplate simultaneously and differently the “I” and the character. The “I”, which is still present, feels more full of something it did not know, so it perseveres in the State of Consciousness.

My Experience of Discernment and Love of Truth

∞ All of the above is done thanks to Discernment and Love of Truth, which I distinguish as I say below:

   The word truth is used a lot in the common dialogue when referring to facts that we want to explain with certainty and surety. We say, for example: "what I tell you is true", because what is told is done with the intention that it coincides what is experienced with.

   I experience Love of Truth as truth in itself, without objects of reference to constitute or determine it. Discernment is the intelligent function that looks at one or the other of a multiplicity of events and discovers the "intuited", but that was unknown.

   Love of Truth and Discernment are inseparable. The first one flows thanks to Discernment and in this one the Love of Truth is needed. It is different from the Analysis by which the searched is already known, such as the one that is done to a stone to separate the gold in a mine.

Zen Method Help

   The Zen method with its practice of looking at inspiration and expiration I do every day. This calms the mind and decreases its projectivity. At the beginning of this initiation it is the mind that looks at the breath, so that everything remains in a mental act.

   If you persevere it is the inner gaze that sees the breath. There is thus a separation between what is seen and what is looked at; I intuit that later there is only a look. It is necessary to go through, however, an initial preliminary phase in which the mental gaze is dispersed going on to look at other contents, which distract attention. I believe that this is a natural phenomenon that must be accepted and that disappears if one lives from the State of Consciousness.

Presence of a determining desire for transcendence

∞ Really what is needed is a determining desire for transcendence, even if it begins by projecting itself onto the “I”. It is not necessary to look for a guide or perform auxiliary activities, because they can generate a mirage when feeling their possible relief.

   I have received the invaluable help of Sry Sankaracharya's book of the eighth century: "The Supreme Jewel of Discernment". I was reading it very slowly for 8 years. I was also experiencing what was said there.

The encounter with the Inner Master

∞ If you persevere in the Purification of the Mind, soon the Inner Master or Sad-Guru appears, who was seeing us and waiting for us. From that moment on, you have to listen to its voice that is distinguishable from other influences.

   Then there is no longer to continue searching, because what is really sought is what seeks you, because it needs to incarnate in you to manifest itself in our plane of existence. Then you feel the company of something vibrant that makes you vibrate.

Impact on human relationships

∞ As we detach ourselves from the characters and others do not, there is a serious problem in human relationships. I cannot follow the usual dialogues because their motives do not reach me. I also see each other's characters; with whom I can converse, but without accepting them, because they would reproduce virtually in my mind and the social dimension of my consciousness would suffer.

It can put at risk the life, in my case, of writer of this message

∞ To be able to write some writings I have sometimes had to overcome serious obstacles and even risk my life, like mountaineers, since they are a firm and necessary proof of adhesion for several reasons: to illuminate intuition and pacify the mind, to mold the body and to feel the protection of Heaven, which always accompanies you.

   For many years I have not traveled for tourism but I am on my way for some reason that I only later know. Despite the problems and dangers that are experienced, you go safe because you feel protected; nothing has ever happened to me and it is gratifying. I cite two cases:

- I had to experience a volcano to write the book "Homo sapiens and Grail Search", so I went to Mount Teide. There was a big wind and the cable car did not work, so my girl-friend and me went up on foot with the clothes and shoes we wore to go to the beach later; but when we got to the top there was no one there. I climbed only 200m. more very dangerous and it was necessary for me to enter the mouth of the volcano, with obvious risk if gases came out.

- To continue my writings, I had to turn it around by "charter" sailboat to Cape Horn. The previous week there were winds of 220 km / h. and the following week the volcanoes of Chile exploded. On a magical night of the journey I spoke to my companions in French and German about the Alphabet of Thought, alternating successively both languages, and they were ecstatic. The next day a German doctor unexpectedly told me: "we are safe because we are going with you."

- I end up falling back on the present times. My inner freedom and happiness increase as I free myself from my chains. I live, however, within urbanization in a villa that borders the countryside, where in addition to being isolated I am humanly alone; but I feel good because I receive the direct company of the Sun, the Planets, the Stars and the Tree with its Mountain.

- That cost in the strictly human is necessary to receive purely the "voice" of the Inner Master that I transcribe in my writings; I am not their author, I only write them as best I can. I have him represented in my garden, as seen in the figure below in Table 13. The absolute search begins with him slowly, like the snail next to his feet, and from the dim light of his lamp, but looking at the elevated light of the photo above.

Table 14. The true master is the Inner Master.

Sincerely yours, Jesús.

Thanks for the help provided by my sister Manuela Luz Lidón Campillo for her review to facilitate the reading of the article.