I´m sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.    

   We are within a socio-economic crisis deeper than any other known so far. We are living in unusual times as in general society as in politics.
   The economic crisis is uncovering others deeper in the ideals, beliefs, thought, values and identity. To be democratically consistent, it is not sufficient simply to vote and to do nothing more; we have to collaborate in the resurgence. This is the object of this article:


   The subject of the “sub-prime” mortgages has mainly been a way to give a push to the cultural iceberg, to see how deep it is. Banks are not used to lend money to the poor men, who will not be able to give it back them.

   The present socioeconomic collapse took its more characteristic roots in crisis of petroleum in 1973. An ascent of the price of petroleum was enough, so that it was left in doubt the solidity of the western culture.

  They emerged from the deep and were discovered the aberrant consequences of western uncontrolled development policy: tensions in the demand of raw materials, uncontrolled deterioration of environment, imbalance of the world-wide population, deficiency of doctrine for the economic stagnation, etc.

   Most frightening it was, however, to verify how was rooted the consumer beast. It was preferred to die, like species, in a nuclear war before that to reduce the consumption levels. Also it was opened crisis of values; it was believed in very little. Cultural rootlessness had begun to spiral out of control.

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  The existing pessimisms among diverse investigators on ”the collapse of the world economic structure in the middle of the 21st century” are explained in my book of Macroeconomics, (first edition in 1986). That one in the meantime has accelerated even more (2001-16) because new destabilizing causes have been added. Some solutions to the problem were also suggested in the book and the following guidelines:

” Triple change is needed: technological, political and revolution in consciousness. (E. F. Schuhmacher)”.

”… change comes neither from the obtuse conservative nor from the naïve reformer, but from people who think and who are involved in the world of science and education. (J. K. Galbraith)”.

   At that time I chose Revolution in Consciousness (RC) as the way change should be brought about and was also encouraged by Galbraith’s challenge to the universities, since all political and technological changes were proving to be quite useless.

   I have been working since 1986 in this necessary Line of Investigation in order to offer it when the moment of collapse arrives.

(This reorientation supposed a cost to me that I assumed without doubts. I had to leave my representation of Spain in the “Working Commission” of the world-wide institution of “Building Economics”, in which was the elite of my professional speciality in Construction Economics. I had besides got there a great recognition).


   We are immersed in a process of Socioeconomic Collapse of the Society of High Mass Consumption (SC), considered by W.W Rostow the 5th Historic Economic Stage of the Humanity. We are seeing that its consequences are unknown and that we do not know how to solve them with the mental attitudes and the procedures we have been accumulating for many years.

   Therefore is required a new perspective of thought that guides us in the transit and setting of the next 6th Historic Economic Stage of Human History, which I name Cosmosociety (CS). That is the historic moment to achieve it, to fulfill our aspirations to a new life.

   Our current demands will have to renew, forcing the necessary Revolution in Consciousness (RC). We need a new thinking for the new society. They don´t serve policies to return to the past; still worst, they deviate more the present times.

   Cosmosociety (CS) is a deep feeling of human species; it is the new society, which we are aspiring from the bottom of ourselves and that we reject because we think that it can´t be reached. For us it will be possible, because we will have as guide the Alphabet of Thought that appears on my Website www.cosmosociedad.es It is also there the file Cosmosociety (39 pages) and RC (45 pages). If Uthopy dissapears and we only use “praxis” we´ll degenerate.


   There must be clear, that are the feelings and the thoughts of this culture that destroyed this same society that creates them. If we are still applying that same structures of feelings and thoughts to solve the problems created, these will increase exponentially, as indeed it is happening. RC is required with new thoughts and feelings to be able to emerge from this decadency into a new society.

   The RC that it is proposed here neither modifies nor improves the norms, which are rejectable in this society. That it is what the “naive reformers” usually do, when elaborating absurdly the new norms with the same system of thought that has wrongly generated them. If we act like that, the rejected norms would introduce again in the new ones, although it is with another style, and nothing would change substantially. It would happen like in the kaleidoscope, where "the same crystals turn again and again making many similar figures". 

   What this RC tries it is to change the focusing and the light of the glance that maintain your thought. The new Glance is what will transform the world later, because the world is constructed and maintained with the thought that really watches it. Your life must continue therefore equal and it will only change when your thought begins to mutate. We mustn’t precipitate and “to assault the Bastille” that changed really: peasant for proletarian and noble for bourgeois.

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These are times to generate great understandings. Don't let us fall into the error of the hares in the fable of Samaniego.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. J. Jesús Lidón Campillo.