I'm sorry for all the mistakes, because I´ve made myself the translation from Spanish into English.




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   Although the article may contain some biological error, I am very confident that its overall content is true. If it is true and it is, the knowledge presented here will serve to understand viruses and to assimilate their message of mutation of our species. It will then be transmitted properly to human evolution, which will work in harmony with that of the Universe.

José Jesús Lidón Campillo.
Dr. Civil Engineering.
Degree in Economic and Business Sciences.
Professor of Polytechnic University.


Objectives pursued in this article

   Dear reader, I show my academic titles, not as an ostentation, but as a way to show my original training in scientific rigor, but I will have to lay it down many times in this article, to achieve the following objectives: to know the existential foundation of Covid-19 and how to assimilate its message of mutation of the human species.

   I have received information about the biology of viruses of my son Asensio, Doctor from the Autonomous University of Madrid, and his cousin Estrella Rausell, Professor of Medicine; but if there's any mistake, it's mine. I have also collected different information from the Internet.

   This article is different from the ones I have published earlier, which concern abstract knowledge that populates the Universe of Ideas. In spite of this, I will try its writing, guided by the desire of contributing to alleviate the human pain produced by the Covid 19 and to promote the specific evolution of our species.

   To achieve those objectives we will apply the ideas contained in the Alphabet of Thought, which has already been developed in several previous articles and in the book APyCS. However, a summary of it shall be included in Section 4 for readers who do not know it; Section 6 has also been dealt with in another article.

   Section 5 reflects the influences of planetary cycles on life, which will allow us to understand the existential basis of viruses and besides their forecasting model, which will appear in Section 8.

   Sections 4, 5 and 6 therefore present the prior knowledge that is necessary to be applied to the achievement of the proposed objectives. Sections 1, 2 and 3 contain the general initial ideas, which will serve us as an introduction to better facilitate the understanding of the whole article.

By including them all in advance, I believe that the reader will be more comfortable when reading Sections 7, 8 and 9, which already specifically set out the objectives proposed. Section 10 points out the evolution of the human species, which is necessary, and carried out by the revolution of women and men who feel, think and love. All of the above is developed with the following Index:


1) Origin and motivation of this writing.

2) The article is written with the chaotic order of life.

3) Liberation of the exclusive scientific method.

4) What is the Alphabet of Thought?

5) Influences of planetary cycles on life.

6) The structure of human personality and viruses.

7) Relationships between the Alphabet of Thought and viruses.

8) Existential basis of viruses and their forecasting model.

9) The assimilation of viruses through the Purification of the Mind.

10) It is the time for the revolution of women and men who feel, think and love.

   Notice that in the title I have accepted Covid-19 as a manifestation of life and that I have not said how to fight or eliminate it, but how to assimilate its vital message. I started this article in Spanish on March 18, 2.020 at 18:09 on my PC, when the ideas that describe it were clearly "raining" on me.

Abbreviations we'll use to simplify the text

Covid-19 (C19).

Book Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety (ATyCS).

Essential vibrations (ev) and alphabetical thought (at).

Personal Dimension (PD), Social Dimension (SD), Cosmic Dimension (CD) and Absolute Dimension (AD).

Alphabet of Thought (AT), Revolution in Consciousness (RC), Purification of the Mind (PM) and Cosmosociety (CS). High Mass Consumption Society (CS). Collective Mind (CM).

The way we have to cover

   As you'll see, the article in sum has been extensive, but it is like that, I've preferred not to trim it. On our writing tour, let us remember that the Spanish poet A. Machado said: "Walker, there is no way, you make the way as you walk".

  We will therefore take several initial steps to achieve the proposed objectives. You don't reach the top of Everest if you use a helicopter:

The true summit of a high mountain

is in the effort lived in its climbing.

Let's go up together, I'll go with you.


What is the true origin of this study about viruses?

   This article, which will finally lead us to the knowledge of viruses in order to collect its message, has its true origin in 1.986 when I was preparing the opposition to the Chair of General Economy and Applied to Construction.

   It was then said by various authors that we were economically immersed in a process of Socio-Economic Collapse of this "Society of High Mass Consumption", considered by W.W.Rostow (41) as the "5th Historical Economic Stage of Humanity".

   I incorporated that prognostication into the last chapter of the Macroeconomics book, entitled "Economic Crisis" (28). It has been widely read internationally and by students for more than thirty years, as it was a teaching material.

The AT will be our key to understand viruses

   My researches on the future Socio-Economic Collapse culminated in the discovery that there is an Alphabet of Thought (AT), from which everything that exists and, therefore, our life and our thoughts come from. We will apply it to know the generation, development and influences of viruses.

   The knowledge of the AT already allowed me to communicate the crisis of the year 2,008, since 2,006 in the University and the political spheres, but no one wanted to believe it in those years of false euphoria due to the "Economic Boom". Later some colleagues expressed their sorrow to me; I hope that this new message will now be heard.

The need for Revolution in Consciousness

   The economic effect of C19 added to the Socio-Economic Collapse will imply in sum a different social model totally different from the current one, generating the "6th Historical Economic Stage of Humanity", which I have named in all my writings Cosmosociety. We will therefore have to renew our current demands, which force the necessary Revolution in Consciousness (RC).

   We cannot continue feeling and thinking as before or to resort to systems of thought that time has been eroding or making them disappear. We must then open ourselves to the purest and more original that is possible.

   The problem evidently was to find the nature of the thinking system that would have to replace the current one. On the other hand, I had also detected the evolutionary stagnation of "Homo sapiens", as it is expressed in Table 1. The search we are now doing is, therefore, very well justified.

Table 1. Evolutionary stagnation of the "Homo sapiens".

The search for the original to understand the present

   It was an unknown task to me, but they had already begun it in the scientific field G. W. Leibniz and R. Llull; it is also the foundation of religions. I didn't hesitate to meet it, although for an original search like this it was necessary a lot of independence. So I undertook that task alone, but with the knowledge of the Rector of the University.

   I was then a member, representing Spain, of the World Commission of "Building Economics", in which was the world elite of my academic speciality. It was also a gratification that some of my colleagues send me their papers for review. Despite this, I soon realized that this dedication did not fit into the search for the new thought, so I had to leave it; it was a cost I assumed.

   The result of my research is mostly poured into my latest book "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety" (APyCS), which is found with a free download on my website: www.cosmosociedad.es. I had previously published the book of Table 2, which served as a bibliography for the teaching of the AT at the University as a subject of free choice. I also taught the trunk subject of my chair, which I passed in my opposition.

Table 2. This book was the basic bibliography for the teaching of the AT.


2.1 The notion of Chaos

Beyond the lineal mind

   You know that the human mind is accustomed to understand linearly: "first one thing and then the other one as it says to itself." The articles and the books, however, are written in the order that characterizes life, which is chaotic.

   You will see it in the following manifestations: the cloud, the mountain, the sea, etc. This is also in the world of viruses; to understand them and even more to investigate them, as we will see, it is necessary to have chaotic intelligence, which is beyond the rational scientific method.

Original Chaos and Natural Chaos

   The notion of Original Chaos was used in ancient times to express what existed before this world we know was created. Creation consists precisely in generating a new substance or Natural Chaos, from that Original Chaos, which manifests itself in everything that exists.

   Beauty is an essential part of the creativity of the Original Chaos, which manifests itself in Natural Chaos as it is seen in Table 3. By entropy, however, the disorder is filtered into everything that exists increasing constantly due to the time. It lacks beauty and must not be confused with Chaos, which have it par excellence.

Manifestations of the Natural Chaos

   The Original Chaos contains irrational implicit order, which manifests itself as an explicit order in Natural Chaos. It also presents singularities that alter it, originating chaotic forms. These further increase their natural beauty, such as fractals, of which two examples are seen in Table 3. Its contemplation illustrates us about the chaotic intelligence of life.

Table 3. Examples of Chaos.

   It is demonstrable, simply by looking at Table 4, that the brain has fractal dimension, which shows in the continuous subdivisions of its folds. Also the networks of neurons are manifested with a chaotic order. Why are we then so committed to live and think with linear rationality?

Table 4. The true nature of Human Thought.

2.2 Development of the chaotic intelligence

Examples of chaotic intelligence

   The chaotic intelligence of life manifests itself everywhere. Just see, for example, how the "team" of predators attacks the ruminant herd. Of the whole set of these, to which they disperse, they know how to choose the prey and constantly to adapt themselves "without thinking" to its escape techniques.

   Chaotic intelligence is also a natural phenomenon among humans, even if they are not aware of it. Thus, for example, those who distribute the objects for sale on a large floor are partly using it; so it also happens, when the woman who looks at a large set of dresses, chooses one without knowing rationally why.

   It is more complex when a planner has to conceive some different scenarios with different strategies, but with all the respective organizations connected, so that when the plan is executed it´ll be possible to readapt it constantly and with flexibility.

   I became aware of chaotic intelligence when I prepared the opposition to the chair. In an instant, I noticed that I had 16 books open on my desk that I was consulting one after the other to perform a synthesis. I was surprised at that ability.

   I saw it clearer when suddenly an internal voice told me that that chaotic ability was preparatory for a future book I had to write, which has been the APyCS. I also remembered that what happened was not new, that it had already appeared on several occasions, although I had never been aware of it.

   To understand this document well, the reader will have to bring out its chaotic intelligence, which is essential to the researcher to understand not only the viral chaos of C19, but also to know how to synthesize the chaos of 10 elevated to 31 kinds of virus that it is said that exist.

The demands of my colleagues and students

   As I am now in retirement from the University, I have more free time to devote myself to the worldwide dissemination of the AT and its manifestations. My classmates and students told me that I had to communicate it as close as possible. Others told me that this humanity is not prepared to understand it and that it will be possible several centuries later.

   I do everything I can to get its understanding now. That is why, between my first writings and this one there is already a big difference, which has costed me a great deal of effort. Now it's your turn to collaborate: If you get tired, rest, take a deep breath and go on!

   I conceive the ideas of the writings as a "chaotic rain" that is independent of my will. My mission is to apply Discernment in an extreme way to accommodate everything, so that it can be understood well, in what I pour all my interest into.


   I initially followed the scientific method to find the AT, but it soon became clear to me that the sought-after notion would not be found by excluding other expressions of knowledge. I will also use those who are considered parascientists because everything, everything is a part of the Unique Human Consciousness.

The mythological knowledge

   The Mythology collects the knowledge of Antiquity (16). It uses a simulated language, as is the case with the evangelical parable or the Eastern Koan. What is read refers to a deep knowledge studied particularly by C.G. Jung (20). Greek and Roman mythologies are a great source of knowledge for Western culture, presenting notable coincidences with each other.

   Mythology is irrational, so it escapes from the rational scientific knowledge, although I have found that it is consulted by cutting-edge scientific researchers. F.Capra (5) relates in his book the Eastern Tao to Physics. S.W. Hawking (18) explains the electron spin using a poker card, which has two symmetrical images, as card games contain esoteric knowledge.

The previous step before the discovery of the AT

   I researched the Jewish Kabbalah and it was very interesting the idea of the Unnameable God, whose attributed number is the 22. The previous step then of my search was the discovery of the meaning of the number 22, which I found is based on the nature of the number π, as we will see later.

   I have a high regard for Jewish thought for its powerful influence on the Collective Mind (CM). Not in vain Jesus of Nazareth is worshipped as God, K. Marx inspires Communism and A. Einstein plays a fundamental role in Quantum Physics; they're all Jews.

The Collective Mind

   The notion of CM, which contains our minds and to which we are all connected, will appear on several occasions, so it is appropriate to justify its existence. We will do this from the phenomenon in L, which is treated by Parapsychology and explained in the next paragraph. From that it is also proven that scientific knowledge is incomplete to study the diversity of existing phenomena.

   The phenomenon in L is explained by an example: two people A and B are in dialogue in Spain and suddenly A tells B: "Your father who is in Brazil has just died" what proved true, how has A known it? There has been telepathic communication between B and his father, which A has kinesthetically grasped in B's brain. It then exists the MC as an aggregate of all our minds, which we also intuit from how human communication is performed.

Return to the origin of the writing

   Let us remember that my initial purpose was to find a new thought, replacing the current one, so that Humanity could emerge after the Socio-Economic Collapse. On the other hand, since 1,986 the personal and social deterioration was growing, as it is expressed in Table 5, which incentivized my search for what is the original.

   Note that Table 5, which is written before than C19 appeared, says: "Degenerative diseases proliferate and escalate further as a result of the Deflection of the Cosmos-Earth Message." This anticipation of the current topic at hand will be useful for understanding the message of viruses and particularly C19.

Table 5. Expression of the deterioration of "Homo sapiens".


4.1 Its encounter

The existence of the Jewish Kabbalah confirms our search

   I remarked in 1,990 that the Kabbalah is, as I assumed, a global thought to understand the world and that it was highly consulted in Israel, even from the political sphere. This means that there is a global thought that is particularized in each of human thoughts.

   We then wonder whether there is an Alphabet of Thought, which manifests itself as the source of all that we think, what we answer in Table 6. It is necessary to know the AT, because it will serve us to understand the C19.

Table 6. The Alphabet of Thought exists.

Scientific confirmation of the Alphabet of Thought

   According to the Superstring Theory (ST) the world as we know it is produced by the essential vibrations (ev) of a Generator Circle like the two ones appearing in Table 7. We shall later see this analogy in the symbol of Persephone. They continue vibrating and are appearing more undulatory chords, which emit ev.

   I arrived at that same worldview independently, as shown in Table 7. This coincidence reaffirms to me that there is something original, which is the source of everything that exists. It is as if there would be a great “musical instrument”, whose chords would produce the “original music” that creates the universe.

Cuadro 7. Circular image of the Alphabet of Thought.

We try to understand the AT

   It is now the matter of understanding the Original Circle to see what the AT is. All the circles generated in the Universe have as a common principle the number π. This number, by the generating and transformative principle of image and likeness, must have been transmitted to all the circles of the universe by the number π in the Original Circle. Let's then investigate the created circles, to understand the AT, as it is seen in Table 8.

Table 8. The Original Círcle of the AT and the number π.

   We afterwards move the 22 parts, in which the 3 diameters have been divided, to the circumference of the Original Circle. This is then composed of 21 arcs of rational 1/7 length and an irrational arc, slightly smaller, corresponding to the irrational part of π, which is 0.141592....

   When I drew the circumference with its 22 arcs I intuited that they were vibrating and transmitting 22 essential vibrations (ev), which originate all the waves and all the particles of the Universe. The next step was to notice that those ev then embodied in 22 alphabetic thoughts (at), which generate human thought, being expressed by 22 sonorous words, as it is seen in Tables 9 and 10.

Table 9. The generation of the human thought from the AT.

The encounter with the ev and the at

   The next step is to find those 22 alphabetical thoughts, for which we repair in the natures of music and thought. When it is written the "do" note, these two letters are not the “do” note. The true note “do” is the vibration in the mind of the note emitted by an instrument. Moreover, the original note “do” is the ideal to which it refers approximately do in any instrument.

   This is the case with the 22 sound words that appear in the arcs of the circle in Table 10. By pronouncing them for each human, they cause 22 mental vibrations, which will be different in each one, but which refer to the 22 universal at.

   There is also correspondence between the 22 arcs with the 4 Dimensions of Human Consciousness. That they are precisely those 22 sound words is explained in the book, but they correspond to the nature of our solar system, which has also been generated by the 22 ve, as well as all its circular forms by the number π.

Table 10. The mental vibrations of the 22 words are the 22 at.

   The 22 at produce all the synonymous and derived thoughts in the different cultures. Words also are different in each language, but express the same thoughts. For example, the pa “Enlace.3” in Spanish is equivalent to the at “Link.3” in English.

   When the words are pronounced, the sound vibrations are different, but both Hispanic and British will experience the same vibration in their mind. This is the case with all words in all languages, such as home, Haus, maison, dom, etc. In this English version of the article, the at in English will next appear:


Ideal.1 and Idea.2

Link.3 and Verification.4

Union.5 and Stabilization.6



Advance.8 and Limit.9

Involution.10 and Evolution.11

Retroaction.12 and Disintegración.13



Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16

Communion.17 and Detachment.18

Individuation.19 and Resurrection.20




Approaching the at by using images of some derived thoughts

   In order to achieve the worldview of the AT more properly, it would be necessary to read the 510 pages of the APyCS book and expand it with some blog articles. We represent, however, evocative images of the at, which are also in the book, but they will allow us to understand the C19. They are not the at really, but with their chaotic contemplation, without analyzing them, you can experiment the mental vibrations of the at:


   The following examples refer to the Personal Dimension of Human Consciousness. The latter is Attention.7 because between one thought and another there is an attention, which we do not perceive when we speak hastily. In addition, in front of the personal-self is the one of the other, which requires an attitude of attention to distinguish it. From at 8 and 9 begins the Social Dimension, which will be seen later.

   The Ideal.1 and Idea.2 at are shown in images in Table 11. An ideal is any prior thought you have; from it comes the various ideas that realize it. Again, any idea can become the ideal for new ideas. Thus, for example, Mars can be an initial ideal and one of its ideas is martial art; but this in turn may be ideal for new ideas, such as the katana technique in the Iaido. One more example is the headdress of the Lady of Elche, which is reproduced in the falleras.

   These two at will also manifest themselves in the energy supply that the virus needs to carry out its function, which is contained in the celestial message of mutation.

Table11. Representations of derivative thoughts of Ideal.1 and Idea.2.

   The at Link.3 and Verification.4 are seen in Table 12, which shows the transport by two links: the taxi service and the train station. The first is verified by the car and the second with the tracks and trains. The school is a link to teaching, which is verified in the classroom.

   We besides note that these two at are key to the transmission of viruses and especially if they affect the lungs such as SARS and C19, as these are a link center (3) where the purification (14) of the venous blood into arterial blood is verified (4).

Table 12 . Examples of manifestations of Link.3 and Verification.4.

   The at Union.5 and Stabilization.6 are represented by derivative thoughts in Table 13. The highway needs links to verify the incorporation of cars, for which a road is built that binds (5) them, being stabilized (6) the vehicle in the traffic of the highway.

   In the two images on the right Venus is depicted in union and stabilization; this goddess of love, beauty and art also expresses these at. Venus' love is union or disunion, which can be stable or unstable, since all at are joined in dualities with a positive at and the other negative, as is the case with vibrating waves. This happens to all the at and the followings, which we have already seen: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, but not those who are in seventh place, such as at 7, etc.

Table 13. Venus expressing Union.5 an Stabilization.6.

   The at Attention.7 is characterized in Table 14. You see 4 examples, to distinguish mental attention from chaotic one. The seagull does not know where the fish will appear, so its attention has to be chaotic, while the ship's skipper navigates through the channel mentally attending to certain visible dangers.

   In front of the two traffic signals there are two different kinds of attention. In the first one it is not known at what time or where the danger will appear, so the attention has to be chaotic. The second sign shows that the danger is 100 m. ahead, which requires mental attention.

Table 14. The chaotic attention and the mental attention.


   With Advance.8 and Limit.9 the Social Dimension starts. What was personal expands socially in the relationship with others; consciousness is now sociopersonal. Borders are generated that delimit relations between members of the same society, as well as those of different societies. These at will be essential to understand the existential basis of viruses.

   Good and evil also appear because the personal chaos of the PD has to be subjected to social order and the government that keeps it in the SD. This gives rise to acceptances and rejections in hominids that are part of the same society, experiencing terrestrial good and evil, which in Paragraph 9 we will see in more detail.

   It is with the at (8-9) that the archetypal entity Devil appears, which governs in the good and evil of the Earth, as well as in all social organizations. The Demon, on the other hand, is a human creation in the CM, when society enthrones the Devil exclusively in terrestrial issues without celestial motivation, as developed more broadly in Section 9.

   Our culture is demonized because it lives according to the terrestrial demands of hominids; there is not "beyond...", so precisely with ellipses, without saying "of what" and "to what". This is the key to the deviation of human evolution, which then rejects the message of regeneration of the sky contained in the mutation that drive viruses, thus causing, as we will see, cellular deterioration.

   The images in Table 15 are precisely of Chrono (Devil). Time is one of the great bonds of hominids to the terrestrial matters or to the objectives that they themselves plan; they end up living with slavery to the time, which we know to be unreal. It is depicted in the advance of the sand until it reaches its limit at the base of the clock. It also happens with grapes, which eventually will transform into wine.

   Another example of those at is the bridge board construction in the upper photo by successive advances in the time of the metal forward carriage. Another bridge is the one in the lower photo, which is over the Tagus River. It was a record in its time with its mixed railway and road superstructures; it is therefore a constructive limit (I was the Engineer who constructs it). The words structure and membrane, as a boundary, will be widely used when we treat all the organelles of the cell.

   Time is a great bond in which we roll more and more. It only exists in our Space-Time Universe, but it lacks reality in the Absolute Dimension, where there is only Silence. Also, for example, a piano is silence, although it "contains" 7 notes with several scales.

   It is the pianist when plays it who manifests it in times and silences; something similar happens to us. It is our time that emanates events from the Absolute Dimension, which existed only potentially in its Silence. Thus, each of us, "plays" melodies or entropic noise in the AD, depending on how personal time is lived.

Table 15. Chrono (Devil) generated in the at 8 y 9.

   The vibrations of Involution.10 and Evolution.11 give rise to the human incarnation. The at 1 to 7 describe the generation of Human Consciousness as the personal potential of man; but this one, as such, has not yet been created. These at will be present with their peculiar significance in the C19 virus.

   The Devil's contribution by the previous at 8 and 9 has been needed for this incarnation to develop through original laws, intuited in religions and attributed to God. They then evolve into human laws, such as those emitted by parliaments. All of this is represented in Table 16.

   Plants evolve by the involution of celestial vibratory energy. Also the involution of the original laws is captured by Science in the generated bodies, which influences the evolution of human thought.

   Involution.10 is therefore manifested as Religion and above all Science as Evolution.11. As the at are grouped together dually, this tells us that Religion and Science are the same flow. Religion collects by intuition or revelation the original creative forces by calling them God. Science searches for them through objects created using the scientific method, calling them, for example, Big-bang.

   The rivalry between Religion and Science, as well as between divine and scientific laws, if they are so, and the parliamentary ones if they are evolutionary to the human species, must therefore disappear.

Table 16. Celestial laws and human laws.

   Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13 present some derivative thoughts in Table 17. The ideals embodied in at 1 are reconsidered in at 12, resulting in clashes between groups with different ideals and possibly the war. They are manifested as a defense in at 12 and as an attack and death in at 13. This is not the essence of at 12 and 13, but they manifest like that in the decadent society of "Homo sapiens".

   There is also retroaction in the sexual human partner, which is eventually expressed as attraction and coupling. It would have to be that relationship with disintegration of the “I” that is believed to be, recreating so the original sexual unity.

Table 17. Human aggression and sexual disintegration.

   With Purification.14 we must eliminate what has been disintegrated in order to access to the Cosmic Dimension, but being purified of all the aberrant that has been accumulated by the deviant experiences lived in the Personal and Social Dimensions. We will see that this at is of decisive importance so that the cell mutation takes place.

    Table 18 shows several examples of purification, which are not a solution because it is the very nature of the current "Homo sapiens" thought that is contaminated, due to its deviation from the original creator forces. It is it who has to purify itself by being clean its “I” and by living from the I that it is.

Table 18. Four examples of some derivatives thoughts of at Purification.14.


   The Cosmic Dimension is currently being contemplated from the cultural residues of the Sociopersonal Plane. It's like looking at the sky being cloudy and with dirty eyes and theses full of sleep. It´s not then seen the light of the Sun, but the shadows of the clouds on the Earth, which obscure it even more.

   If there is no sociomental purification, with the social incarnation of the Cosmic Dimension they make eclosion beautiful monsters of an apocalyptic nature, as it happened in the previous centuries with the following ideologies: Liberalism (19,20), Communism (17.18) and Nazism (15,16). All of them are deviant manifestations of the Cosmic Dimension.

Eclosion.15 y Transubstantiation.16

   Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16 are present with a greater or lesser degree of purity whenever we encounter a thought, a fact or a phenomenon in which something emerges that transubstantiates; although transformation or change are derivatives. They often involve processes of destruction-construction in which deep energy is manifested. Some cases of the Table 19 are reflected below.

   An example is the magma within the Earth that breaks the Earth's crust and goes outside. On solidified materials, vegetation sprouts and diverse ecosystems emerge. Earth seemed to be waiting for that to happen, which is a new terrestrial substance. Another example is the large jet of petroleum that emerges outward and then changes the existing cultural foundation; social life has been substantially different since petroleum appeared.

   More examples are considered in the book, such as: the god Pluto that reigns in the deepest, the Grail, abductions and rapes, the continuous process of construction-destruction of the Stock Exchange, Freud's Psychology, National Socialism, Islamic Integrism, the Intelligence Centers, Plutocracy, etc.

   We add here, that these at are the initially constitutive of the virus, as they are carriers of the mutation message that induce to the cell the state of the celestial cycle. As we shall see, the impurified cell does not assume it and dies in genocidal communion (17) (15-16) with the others.

Table 19. Some derivations from Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16.

   Communion. 17 and Transubstantiation.18 express Cosmic Love, as the highest human manifestation of Love of the essential triplicity. The previous two ones (15,16) make it analogous to Cosmic Energy and the two subsequent (19,20) to Cosmic Intelligence. The “I” does not understand well the experiences of love typical of the rarefied Sociopersonal Plane, so it is completely deviate when it also hears projected expressions of Cosmic Love, which can feel like an attack on its ”I”.

   Examples of the previous at are the followings, which are represented in Table 20: international communities (17), which would have to be constituted with detachment (18) of the power of States; the mystical transit with at 17 and its detachment from the terrestrial matters with at 18; drug addiction with at 17 and detachment of order with at 18; communism with communion and collectivism with detachment are also considered; etc.

Table 20. Expressions of Communion.17 and Detachment.18.

   The at Individuation.19 and Resurrection 20 are adjacent to Communion.17 and Detachment.18, all belonging to the Cosmic Dimension. Man has detached itself from the sociopersonal terrestrial limitations and the lies of National Socialism (15,16) of Communism (17,18) and of Liberalism (19,20), thus entering into the cosmic resurrection of human species.

   With the at 19 and 20 resurrects in man the original individuality, who encouraged his life, and which was obscured by the “I” we believe to be. Then true freedom is lived when the “I” that is illuminated by the light of the Cosmic Intelligence of these at is discovered. We will see that for there will be a mutation of human species is necessary the influence of these two at. Only in this way a new cell, animated by resurrected principles of the preceding, can appear.

   The first figure in Table 21 is an example of Individuation.19, because on the characters appears a luminous tongue linking them with the upper overhead light. The following two images are false derivations of at 19 and 20, which is easy to be understood.

   The next in the bottom is of Individuation.20 because Hercules, who is a semi-divine hero of Heaven and Earth, by sucking hardly Juno´s milk, at the same time of the spilled milk is created the Milky Way, while his father Jupiter observes hidden. He can then Heracles enters in Olympus as god, fully recovering his divine origin; all of this is symbolically applicable to man.

Table 21. Those pictures are very accomplished examples of the incarnation of at 18 and 19 in the images on the left and false in those on the right.

   Consummation.21 is expressed in the examples derived from Table 30. In the first one is the tomb of Kennedy, with which the consummation of the American dream reaches the end of its cycle, because since it has been declining that dream.

   This consummation is now proven, among other global reasons, by the huge figure of its debt, which was already very great in the next photo taken in 1,996. The following two examples express respectively the cycle of the Sun with respect to the Earth and that of the virgin seed in the fruit, which contains new virgin seeds.

   In "Consummation.21" it culminates human evolution in this space-time universe. The individual being is thus consumed in the Universal Being. There are no more steps to take; if a more rational one was given in the incarnated generator circle, of value 1/7, would be crossed the irrational 22 interval, slightly less than 1/7, and the cycle would begin from at 1.

   In ancient cultures life was conceived as cycles of destruction-construction; it is as if God renewed himself as a God already manifested. The millennial cycles of renewal were improperly eliminated by Christianity, because they were associated with astrological and pagan knowledge.

Table 22. Some examples to intuit Consummation.21.


   Persephone is 22 because she is potentially mother (2) when she is in the meadow with the rest of virgins who accompany her and is effectively mother (2) after being abducted and introduced into the Earth by Greek Hades or Roman Pluto, where she will reign with him. (Everything we explain about Pluto and Persephone has to be looked at very well, because it will allow us to understand the mother cell and the mitochondria).

   Her mythological mother Demeter contemplates abduction, but does not intervene, although she later complains to Jupiter, which represents the law. He tells her that it is a matter of his brother Pluto, who reigns in the underworld in which he has no authority.

   The preceding paragraph should be well understood to alleviate the violations of hominids, which are deviated from the originality of the myth and also to understand that serve very little the hardening of laws, which many advocate, and also the manifestations of condemnation.

   The original symbolism is the mother wheat spike "Demeter" and the virgin wheat grain "Persephone". In the center Triptolemo collects the spikes given to him by Demeter and will be the demigod in charge of teaching Agriculture. Demeter wanted to make him immortal by removing his human vestiges from him, but failing to do so suits his size and eliminates old age. Triptolemo will have relevance for understanding the induced mutation in the nucleus of the cell and for his immortality.

   Also Demeter (2) and Persephone (2) joined represent the number 22; they are the infinite cycle virginity-fecundation-virginity-....They are represented in the relief of Table 23. If you look at it without analyzing it you can also see the mother cell (Deméter), the nucleus (Triptolemo) and the mitochondria (Persephone).

   It is assumed by the other example that a new seed appears in the Annunciation. The symbol adopted for Persephone or AD is represented in branas on the floor of the Sistine Chapel. If the cardinals' gaze, feeling humility, is directed to the ground for inspiration, a touch of AD attention is lifted for the honesty of their vote when they choose the Pope.

   There is no rational word for manifesting what is the Absolute Dimension or Persephone, since its content is irrational, such as the 22th interval of the numberπ. Irrational is not the opposite of what is rational, but has its own significance; there is a simple example in Table 23.

Cuadro 23.Examples of Persephone.22 and of the AD.

CANTO A LA MADRE-VIRGEN UNIVERSAL (I don´t know how to translate it)

Creo que mi vida nace en ti,

¡más allá! en la entraña del cielo,

que encubre virginal el velo

de tu sueño sideral de mí.

Me mueves sin limitación.

Me miras en mi mirada.

Sé que siente tu corazón,

mi vida de ti desviada.

Si de mí, tu semilla germina,

yo de la tierra me desprendo.

Resucita así mi alma en divina,

su fuego en tu seno consumiendo.

Eres tú Virgen de mí,

Madre de todo en ti.

4.3 Relationships between the at and the planetary archetypes

All of the above is summarized in the following two considerations:

4.3.1 The opposition of the earth wave to the skywave

   The internal table in Table 24 looks well on what we are exposing. It expresses the supremacy of the celestial wave, manifested by the solar god Apollo, on the earthly wave expressed by the terrestrial god Pan.

   There is a musical contest and it is won by Apollo with its lyre, or musical "angelic" instrument, which he carries in his hand; Pan with the flute, phallic symbol, is the loser. As a result, Pan puts Apollo a circular crown or Tropical Zodiac, which represents Apollo's generating power over life on Earth.

   However, it is well expressed in the terrestrial characters, that the result is accepted, but is not assumed. In all this resistance, in principle, from what is terrestrial to celestial penetration is where the power of the Devil is generated.

   Thus, the following duality is formed with the union between the celestial good of Apollo terrestrially embodied with that of the earthly evil of Pan with celestial influence. This duality is manifested in the Devil by the terrestrial conjunction of the lyre wave and that of the flute, thus acquiring its absolute power over terrestrial events.

   In Heaven, the Cosmic Good is therefore floating. On Earth, however, the two waves already incarnate are united. Both are relatively true, but hominids are tied to them bringing evil to Earth.

   Pure truth is therefore left in Heaven, for those who set aside the terrestrial matters and want to reach what is purely of sky and thus to open themselves to infinite Cosmos. This is what in the background beats in the space exploration we've undertaken and in the message of viruses.

   The Devil, quoted by the religions, is represented in the mythological figure of Saturn, which dwells in the Collective Unconscious, according to C.G.Jung. The god Saturn, according to his mother Gea, cuts the testicles of his father Uranus, which represents infinite Cosmos.

   The Earth is thus ruled by Gea and more specifically by the Devil. His mission is to numb the hominid in the struggle between good and evil, so that he may awaken from this deception through Discernment and direct his gaze towards the Cosmic Good.

Cuadro 24. Music contest between Apollo and Pan.

4.3.2 The incarnation of the celestial wave on Earth

   Table 25 expresses the incarnation on Earth of the celestial vibration Devil, which comes from at 8 and 9. The terrestrial wave, symbolically represented by the snake curled into the tree, which moves like a wave on the earth's ground, awaits those at to "embrace" them for generating the Devil.

   This image thus shows us that the Earth is diabolized from its beginning. As it is stated in the Table, however, there is hope of resurgence expressed by the pigeon. Everything said above and quite specifically the archetype manifest by Saturn will be relevant to the understanding of the mother cell, the nucleus and the mitochondria.

Cuadro 25. The incarnation of the celestial entity Devil on Earth.

4.3.3 Correspondence between the at and the archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

   It must be clear that essential vibrations are universal, they come from the Word, or AP, or Big-bang, or Original Circle, or Brahman, or God the Creator, etc. These ev, with the number π, embody in the circles of the solar system, resulting that their planets transmit them as the at to life on Earth.

   On the other hand, it is necessary to distinguish the planet, as a body, from the forces it sends to Earth, which manifest as at originating the planetary archetypes of the Collective Unconscious (CI). From this they are transmitted to life and to the human personal unconscious (pi) and from it to the personal conscious (pc) and to the mind. Thus also it is originated the Collective Mind formed by the interrelationships of personal minds and to which it nourishes.

AT --- ev --- Planets --- at --- archetypes --- CI --- pi --- pc --- CM

   As it is described in pages 326-9 of the APyCS book, the at that come from the ev are applied taking into account their correspondences with the significant archetypes and their derivatives, which dwell in the Collective Unconscious, as follows:

ALPHABETICAL THINKINGS AND ARCHETYPES IN PERSONAL DIMENSION Ideal.1 with Sun or Apollo; Idea.2 with Moon; Link.3 and Verification.4 with Mercury; Union.5 and Stabilization.6 with Venus; Attention.7 with Earth.

ALPHABETICAL THINKINGS AND ARCHETYPES IN THE SOCIAL DIMENSION Advance.8 and Limit.9 with Saturn; Involution.10 and Evolution.11 with Jupiter; Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13 with Mars; Purification with Earth.

ALPHABETICAL THINKINGS AND ARCHETYPES IN THE COSMIC DIMENSION Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16 with Pluto; Communion.17 and Detachment.18 with Neptune; Individualization.19 and Resurrection.20 with Uranus; Consummation.21 with Earth.


Persephone with the 4ª Dimension or Absolute.

4.4 Nuevos ejemplos del AP en el pensamiento humano

   Throughout the 510-page of the book the AT is being lived; what we are doing now is to show a few simple explanations to achieve the goal of our study, which is the approach to the knowledge of the C19 with the help of the AT. Tables 26 and 27 show how our thinking comes from the AT, adding an example of the at Purification.14.

New approach to the AT by using different examples

   Tables 26 and 27 show how our way of thinking comes from the AT. An example of the Purification.14 is also added through the koan.


Cuadro 26. The AT demonstration in human thought.


Table 27. It continues the preceding table and Purification.14 in the Koan.

   Table 28. It describes the sequential steps of human partner generation; even if some of them are not verified, they're there:


Cuadro 28. Generation of the human couple.

Table 29 shows the different cultural stages, with characteristics that come from the at of the Personal, Social and Cosmic Dimensions:


Table 29.Cultural stages.

4.5 The incarnation of the CD in “Homo sapiens”

Aberrant incarnation

   The incarnation of CD in "Homo sapiens" is being done aberrantly, because our minds are deviated from the original creative forces and because they are also only based on terrestrial themes. Almost all that hominids speak and desire are earthly matters associated with time (Devil) and only earth (Demon) without "beyond...".

   This is expressed very well in the Christian prayer of the Our Father, when it says: "Our Father (original creative forces)... your kingdom (CD) comes to us and your will be done on Earth as in Heaven (incarnation of CD without being diverted by Earth's influence)".

   As we're opening ourselves more and more to space exploration, we need a body and a mind in which CD is incarnated. Our Sky-Earth relationship is not, for example, good for the Sky-Mars one. We are the little worm, born on Earth, who has to fill with its development the snail of the galaxy.

Human life is at risk

   If you look at the planet Earth from a great height, what you see is simply the Earth. All personal and social events that take place on its surface disappear. The current vital problem is that it is necessary to see from the new gaze "beyond" the Earth. It is an imperative of the evolution of life to which it cannot be subtracted; either we move forward or we´ll disappear.

   Viruses are evolving faster than us, their laboratory-view adaptation lines clearly seem like a fractal of the most varied roots. The primordial life therefore has a purer evolutionary contact with the new ev of the CD than ourselves.

   We must dissimilate the old, so that the new can be born. It is not possible for a new society to dwell within the dilapidated dwellings of the existing one. This is, for our regret of "Homo sapiens", what viruses and especially C19 are promoting.

Relationship of at 15-16 with Mythology

   In Roman and Greek mythologies we have Pluto or Hades respectively, whose kingdoms are in Hell and rule in the more deep down. The god Idafe symbolized in a large erect volcanic stone is also a beautiful intuition of the ancient benahoaritas of the Canary Islands. Also Shiva has a huge destructive-constructive power.

   Pluto, Hades, Idafe, and Shiva are mythological expressions, intuited in a divinized way, of Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16. It is therefore these two at, manifest in the Plutonian archetype, that give the virus the potential to mutate and to destroy.


5.1 The existence of cycles

The periodic renewal of the world

   We have a direct experience of the existence of cycles, such as the followings: day and night, seasons, life, etc. In all cultures there are cyclical manifestations that link the present with the origins, in order to achieve consummation (21) at the end of the period.

   However, so that renewal to be effective, the destruction of existing had to take place, allowing the existence of a new purified order. Life was conceived as cycles of destruction-construction, as is the case with cellular mutations.

Celestial cycles

   The relationship between the galactic oscillation of the solar system and extinction levels in Earth's history is studied, for example. The "relative thinness" of the galactic disc is accused that singular terrestrial facts occur on Earth at the entrance and exit of the galactic disc by the solar system. Scientific research deals with the cyclic extinctions of terrestrial life, as is the case with dinosaurs.

   There is also a cycle in the Economy, even developing Countercyclical Policies to correct their undesirable effects. The existence of the economic cycle can be seen in my article: "The cycles of the construction of homes in Spain and the National Income", which was published in the Journal of Public Works in 1.986.

   The millennial cycle is associated with the conjunctions of the planets Saturn and Jupiter, which every thousand years return to their initial joint origin. It must be borne in mind for its interpretation, that millennialism is influenced by the celestial cycles of other planets. Those, as we shall see, are determinants in the cycle of cellular mutations also influenced by other planetary archetypes.

5.2 The discovery of the planets of the Cosmic Dimension

The discovery of planet Pluto

   “Coincidentally”, was discovered in 1,930 a small planet hidden in the confines of the solar system, although it is now not considered a planet by Astronomy. Its influence on cell mutation is to be its trigger, so we will stop to expand its understanding. It has the following features:

1) Its orbit is very eccentric to the plane of the Ecliptic, so it appears that the planet emerges from that plane.

2) From Pluto there is therefore a "substantial change in the gaze", which then goes from being solar to cosmic.

3) It can then be thought that Pluto is invisible when it leaves the earthly realm of its brother Saturn, according to Greek mythology, which also happens to viruses.

4) It is located in the margin of the solar system, although in 2,014 another planet was discovered more exterior, but its characteristics are still unknown. It may be Persephone, but this one I think is a small black hole, like the ones quoted by S.W.Hawking, which appeared after the Big-bang.

5) That Pluto is marginal to the solar system is checked because it does not comply with the law of planetary distances to the Sun, expressed by the value of "a" in the following formula:

a = 0,1 (3. 2n + 4) UA

n is the place of he planet and n = 1 for Earth.

6) Instead, Pluto performs well the 3-2-1 ratio that exists between the sidereal periods of its orbit and those of Neptune and Uranus. These periods of translation around the Sun are respectively: 247, 164 and 83 earthly years:

Uranus = 83/1 Neptune = 164/2 and Pluto = 247/3

7) I've detected that Pluto has travelled half of its ecliptic orbit in 88 years, from 20 degrees of Cancer at 1,930 to 02-2.018 in 20 degrees of Capricorn, when it should have done it in 124. This means that it will now have to slow down in 36 years in its next semicycle, 36 = 247-88, to consume its cycle in 247 years. That deceleration will have an impact on human life and viruses.

   The following facts, which are in synchronicity with Pluto's discovery, are related to the characteristics of that planetary body:

1) Nationalsocialism appears.

2) The Great Depression takes place.

3) Nuclear energy sprouts from the bottom of the microcosm.

4) The Psychology of the deep arises with Psychoanalysis.

5) The overflowing energy of the frenzied masses proclaims in Spain the Second Republic.

6) Japan emerges from its lethargy and begins an unusual imperial expansion.

7) The artist dives into the depths of the soul.

The discovery of Neptune by the planetary influence of Uranus

   There are planetary influences, such as those between the Sun and Moon that cause the tides on Earth. I therefore transcribe what Edward N. Lorenz (35), famous scientist of Chaos Theory (17-18), included in the Bibliography (p.115) says:

"What I want to do in this chapter is to present a few scenes of this drama which is our growing awareness of chaos, from the moment of the discovery of Neptune, at which point there was virtually no awareness of the matter."

   E.N.Lorentz's earlier statement is very relevant to our research on the relationship between planetary cycles and human life. The awareness of the existence of a planet and its subsequent influence on human thought are synchronous. It's surprising!

   Indeed, the planet Neptune (17,18) was discovered in 1846 thanks to the mathematical calculation. There were observed disturbances in the orbit of Uranus, which were caused by the influence of another planet. This allowed its location with the single difference of 1 degree from the calculation.

   This fact also tests interplanetary influences, which are known as planetary precession. Around that time there was also synchronicity with the Communist Manifesto (17,18) being written by K. Marx and F. Engels.

The Discovery of Uranus

   In 1781 W. Herschel discovered a new planet with the help of the telescope, which was called Uranus. This finding is very significant, because its characteristics, as a planet, resemble the essential freedom manifested by the god Uranus in the cosmic sky. It also expresses Uranus, as we know, to Individualization.19 and Resurrection.20.

   At that time, the search for freedom was also under way for the American colonies and for the French Revolution (18,19). Uranus is discovered and humanity is manifested with synchronicity as a whole, manifesting itself throughout all the planet.

   This synchronicity has also occurred similarly, as we have seen, with Pluto and Neptune. It is worth thinking in sum that this is a general rule, that it would be appropriate to investigate for the rest of the planets. The History of Humanity would be better understood, as could be seen briefly in the emergence of the cultural stages of Table 29.

5.3 The knowledge of the planetary archetypes

   At this point the knowledge of planetary archetypes is developed, as it will be necessary to know the formation of viruses. I do it in a very simple but complete way, so that it can support future researches.

My astrological investigation

   I've always come as scientifically close as I can to astrological knowledge. You can't say I believe or don't believe in Astrology, because it's not a belief. The real scientific attitude is to investigate it, which is what I have done, that will help us to know the viruses.

   Astrology has been rejected by the Church and by Science, but it is a mistake because it does not oppose them, but could even complete them. We note the following confirmations of astrological interpretation:

1) Miguel of Cervantes puts in D. Quixote words of acceptance and respect for Astrology.

2) The doctor and astrologer Michel of Nostradamus was consulted by the king of France and received by the Pope.

3) In the past the kings used to have in their courts an astrologer, who would have to be right because if it was not he would be punished. In the thirteenth century in Spain, for example, Astrology was cultivated in the court of the king Alfonso X the Wise.

4) The well-known Magi of Christianity were really astrologers who could know by the state of the sky the singular birth of Jesus of Nazareth, locating it accurately, which I can say is possible.

5) Scientifically we are a human system, which is made up of atomic systems and located within the solar system. According to the General Theory of Systems, all systems have analogies, so it can be assumed that the human system is influenced by the solar system and also by the atomic systems, and surely by these at the quantum level.

6) The Jewish menorah is a seven-armed chandelier reminiscent of the seven celestial bodies of the solar system visible with sight, which are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

7) In Judaism and Christianity is very significant number 12, which corresponds to the 12 zodiac signs. This is to such an extent at the latter that when Judas dies he is replaced by Thomas Didimo to restore the number 12. There are also 12 works of the solar god Hercules, symbolizing the spread in the Earth of the Zodiac Sun from the Ecliptic, which is similar to the function attributed to the 12 apostles.

8) The year is divided into 12 months corresponding with difference of 7-9 days with the beginnings of the 12 zodiac signs.

9) In World War II Astrology was used by Deutschland to schedule the bombings of the Luftwaffe to England.

10) There are a lot of astrologers, with great sensitivity, who can know directly, through observation, the sign of a person or place of the Sun and even the situation of the Moon in its horoscope, without knowing this. They do so simply by means of its physical traits, its behavior and how the native expresses himself, without any more.

It's been a long time since I also had that capacity with a lot of successes. I could directly know even the situation of other planets on the day of a person's birth. All this is an irrefutable proof that we are incarnation of planetary archetypes, although many people do not like to believe it.

11) The above was a direct knowledge in the Greek and Roman cultures. In art they embodied above all the communication between the gods or archetypes and these same incarnates in the hominids, being constant the relations between them.

12) We have besides the example of the light in Quantum Mechanics with the phenomenon of double slit. It is verified that the light has an undulating and corpuscular nature. We assimilate the wave to the vibration of the archetypes that embody. Its behavior as the photon corpuscle is comparable to the incarnate hominid. The tragedy is that incarnate hominids are neither human nor gods.

The Tropical Zodiac

   It is assumed in traditional Astrology, that the Tropical Zodiac in the Ecliptic begins at 0 degree of Aries and contains 12 zodiac signs. It is used for nautical calculations in uranographic coordinates and generally to make astral charts. I have been able to verify that the interpretation responds with accuracy to everything concerning the native and even the deepest personal characteristics.

   I have focused and researched empirically the Tropical Zodiac, based on the experience of the ancient sages, and I can claim that it is true. Hundreds of books have been written about it modernly, but its reading is not easy to understand, for there is little rigor and sometimes some obscurantism. The reader will then be able to see next that their basic knowledge is very simple thanks to the AT.

The Zodiac of Silence

   It is also assumed that the Tropical Zodiac begins in Leo's 0 degree, as shown in Table 30, placing the planets in the signs that are related to them and that is generally accepted for all zodiacs, according to astrological tradition. The graphic expression of both is the same as the result of their interpretation, what is different is their representativeness.

   I call it "Zodiac of Silence" (ZS) because there is then symmetry of placement of each planet located in two zodiac signs, which have different + and – signs. I warned years ago that everything disappeared from the two axes of the ZS. Only the silence of the Sun's energy remains, placed in Leo's sign, being reflected on the Moon in the sign of Cancer, as the only physical and metaphysical reality.

   Indeed, it can be seen that, for example, Venus+ in Libra disappears with Venus– in Taurus. I use it to study planetary cycles and their manifestations in life. It's the one we'll use to see celestial influences in the cell.

   I have also included the CD planets according to the distribution that is inferred from the AT, where Pluto (15-16), Neptune (17-18) and Uranus (19-20) are respectively at the top level of 7 over Saturn (8-9), Jupiter (10-11) and Mars (12-13) of the SD.

   I add, for clarity with regard to Astrology, that this distribution does not coincide with that advocated by modern astrologers, for they place Uranus in Aquarius and Pluto in Scorpio, taking away the traditional regency in those signs to Saturn and Mars respectively. Both the Sun and the Moon are unanimously considered planetary bodies with respect to Earth.

Table 30. Zodiac of Silence.

Planetary influences

   The planets are continuously varying their positions along their orbits, relatively placing themselves in the successive zodiac signs "seen" from Earth. They thus send their "messages of permanent change" that are received by earth's life, prompting it to evolve according to cosmic laws. This is what viruses in the cell intend to do.

   These are often different from the laws that hominids legislate and follow. From this is the deterioration of the "Homo sapiens" derivated. There is, therefore, a constant dialogue between the gods and hominids, which the Greeks so well expressed in all the arts.

   We will point out in Section 9 how personal and social purification is obtained to receive the benefit of the message of viruses, which is truly that of the gods. It is not a question of killing the messenger, which is what drugs do, because the message does not disappear and it is regrown.

Signs and planets

   Rather, as I said, I follow the beliefs of the ancient sages. That is why the planets have appeared in Table 30, with their traditional symbols. Each planet is positioned, according to its affinity with the corresponding sign and with the ancient tradition. Let's note that each of them has affinity with two signs, one positive and one negative. Thus, for example, Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius+ and Pisces-.

   Everything I'm saying and what follows would have to be scientifically investigated, but we can still be calm because it works. All the language I'm using is necessary to understand the message that the sky sends through viruses.


   The regency means, for example, that Mars being the regent of Scorpio, as it appears in the ZS of Table 30, any planet that in its movement is situated in that sign has its manifestations conditioned by Mars. This is always so and whatever sign Mars is in due to its movement along the ZS.

   If now in the sky is situated, for example, Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars is located in Gemini, it will manifest itself conditioned by Mars, as it is meant in Gemini. It is as if person A is in B's house, what the first person does then will be directed by the conditions determined by B.

   In general, the natures and significances of the signs coincide with those of their ruling planets, i.e. there is similarity between Mars and Scorpio negative, as well as between Mars and Aries positive.

   This greatly simplifies the joint interpretation of the ZS. If, for example, Mars is in Aries, it is said to be at home or in its domicile; then acts with fully of its meanings. On the contrary, if it were in Libra, which is the opposite sign, it is said that it is in exile, then adapting to Libra its own meaning.

Exaltations and aspects

   Another planet-sign relationship is exaltation. It occurs when a planet is in a sign that enhances its meaning. So, for example, if Mars is in Capricorn it is exalted, so its vibration is more pronounced. In Table 31 you can see the exaltations of the planets in the signs that enhance them, according to the astrological tradition.

   One last relationship between planets is what's called aspects. It occurs when the angular distances between two planets is a certain value, so their meanings are conditioned by each other. Thus, for example, they can be between signs to 180 degrees or opposition, to 120 or triune, to 90 or square, to 60 or sextile, to 0 or conjunction, etc.

   Two very special figures are the Cosmic Cross, with the planets at the vertices of a square, and the Great Trine in which the planets are distributed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. The various aspects that are significant to our research are listed in Table 31.

Table 31. Various aspects between planets.

How the at are placed in the Zodiac of Silence

   Table 32 is then composed, taking into account everything we have accumulated so far on the at and the planets. We therefore replace these by the at to which they manifest. This simplifies the understanding of ZS by interpreting it without the need of Astrology, which will allow us to know the C19 and other viruses.

Table 32. The Alphabet of Thought on the Zodiac.

The investigation of AT

   We recall, however, that the Alphabet of Thought is a personal discovery, unknown so far, but that I have contrasted for many years. It would also be appropriate for it to be investigated by the Living Science, according to T.S.Kuhn (45).

   Although it does not seem possible to conduct direct experimentation on the AT, it is possible indirect research that is conclusive, such as the followings:

1) It should be noted, for example, that there are 22 different areas in the brain, which correspond to the 22 alphabetical thoughts, which is achievable. If so, knowledge of human psychism would experience substantial advancement.

2) Another way is to demonstrate that school disciplinary instruction are based on 22 areas of experience, which is an attempt the ongoing research on Multiple Intelligences. These should be illuminated by the 22 alphabetical thoughts, which would result in a real teaching according to the nature of the Universe.

3) Taking into account the relationship between the Theory of Super Strings and the Alphabet of Thought, proposals can then be elaborated in it that are verified by the corresponding researches in the Theory of Super Strings.

4) We have seen in Tables 26 and 27 how the thought-making phases follow the successive sequence of the 22 alphabetical thoughts. We must then prepare a wide range of examples, which are presented in the form of tests to numerous subjects, verifying that they think according to that sequence.


   It is necessary before addressing in Section 7 the existential basis of viruses that we know the connoisseur, that is, ourselves. This section is very important now and also decisive for the second objective of how to assimilate the message of mutation of viruses. The question that appears is therefore the following: Who assimilates it? The immediate answer is to say "we", but who is that "we".

6.1 The nature of the “I” that I believe to be and that creates the actual human thought

(The translation from yo in Spanish into “I” in English is grammatically correct, but I don´t know if it is the appropriate. We say, for instance, in Spanish, yo escribo or I write, but in this writing, perhaps the correspondence between yo an I is not the adequate. I think, nevertheless, that you´ll catch it with the following explanation. It is the same between yo and ego or self).

The “I” (ego?) that I think I am and with which I identify

   If I ask you: “are you reading this message”? You will say yes, but take in account that, in a very subtle way, you feel in addition a personal reference in your mind, to which you call “I”. Then you can say: “I” am the reader”. Repeat it and watch that “I” always appears as identification!

   If I now ask you: do you speak English? you will say again yes, being manifested the same “I”. You yourself also can say: “I” am English” or “I” am American”, etc. In all these cases the relative “I” appears, which is identified with the relations you live. It is immaterial “I”, although absurdly it says to itself: “this is my body”. (Is it “I” which is reading now?).

   It is also possible to say: “I am young”, “I have a book”, “I do this work”, etc. In all those cases it appears “I”, on which your perception of being, having or doing is reflected. “I” only serves for your relationships; only for that reason the life has created it and not to be the abductor of the body.

   You have to see very well this “I”, so that the revolution of your consciousness can become. You can make sentences: “I........”, look well that “I” time and time again, until it is totally outstanding in your internal glance. I insist to you so much, because the nature of this “I” and the thoughts that it elaborates are causing the human deviation.

All that “I” am not is non-“I” for me

   We must distinguish now “I” from the circumstances that it lives, and that it sees them like something external that it is not “I”. You can say now: “I” have a book, “I” am in my room, “I” want water, etc. In all these cases you think that it is exterior to “I”: book, room and water. They are all for you different to ”I” and for that reason we call them non-“I”.

   In the Universe of Objects your body, with which “I” identifies when saying “my body”, is indeed separated of “book”, “water” and “room”. However, in your internal glance, where really you see them, all of them are contents of your unique mind: “I”, “body”, “book”, “room”, etc.

   Although your body and the objects are in different positions in the Universe of Objects, they really are in your own mind for you. You are used to see all of them nevertheless as non-ego. When you say then to a person “I love you”, the mental representations of ”I” and the “I” of the people or non-“I” are united in your mind and in your brain, and you experience happiness. If you say on the contrary “I hate you” you will feel bad, due to the disintegration in your own mind of your “I” and the “I” of the other person in your mind.

I (self?) who I am really

   “I” that you think you are is providing the materials to construct all the mental networks with acceptances, rejections, valuations, etc. It identifies itelf in addition with all its experiences and you feel then chained. You want to be free, but it has been “I” that you have created the one that has been produced the chains. Its nature is the linking, for that reason “I” could never be free, do not make useless revolutions! Who is really "I"?

Existence of I (self?) that you really are

   If “I” that you have created want to cross a torrent jumping between its stones, the most normal is that you fall dawn. What will you do then? You will think about nothing, being pure awareness and so jumping. In this case “I” has disappeared and has emerged internal hidden I free of agreements, that is the one that really made the jumps. If you tell it to anybody, maybe you will say this lie: “…”I” crossed a torrent jumping between the stones without falling down into the river…”.

   How can we observe the vibrations of I and “I”? In a pure awareness, see how change your internal vibrations when pronouncing the successive following sentences:

- “I” am an inhabitant of this planet Earth (There is identification of “I”).

- “I” am an inhabitant of this planet (The desidentification begins).

-“I” am an inhabitant (The desidentification is going on).

- I am (It appears freedom).

- I (An inconditionated net vibration arises).


- I am (It is watched in freedom).

- I am an inhabitant of this planet Earth (Free manifestation of I).

The shades hide to I and it is transformed into “I” chained.

The truth is: I am myself. Yahweh says to Moses: I am the one that I am.

   If you deepen in yourself you can verify that I is pure Energy-Love- Intelligence, like the radiating Sun. It is free and is not united to the circumstance, but contemplates it like something external to itself. You can see Table 33.

Table 33. You have to purify the chains of the self that you think you are to assimilate the message of viruses

6.2 The characters that “I” creates as its ideals

   Just as the novelist fuses in a plot the characters in his work, who are only psychological versions of himself, the “I”, which we have seen earlier at the other point, does something similar. He turns his life into a theatre, in which the “I” generates characters of itself, with which it also identifies. Thus begins its personal dimension to deviate from its own life.

How do “I” generate its characters?

   If, for example, I have the idea of being "a little thing" and my ideal is " to be very important", causing this to me unease, much of my objective thoughts and relationship activities will be aimed at being very important in order to be "happy", thus eliminating my unease.

   All this is lived compulsively and even aggressively, if someone's attitude reminds us that we are "a little thing". This creates within us an effective character, different from ”I”, but to which “I” dedicate its life and with which it also identifies itself by saying, "I am a little thing".

   Look very well at the character generation for your ”I”, because I'm sure it's a source of great misery. In this way we fill the mind with multiple staggered contents, which we call characters, that prevent us from feeling, thinking and loving independently of them; we become a theatrical script, the author of which is the”I”.

   If the idea of a circumstance is chained with a cholera reaction, when such a circumstance arises, “I” will identify with being choleric. Later the “I” will create the following character: "I am choleric".

   All characters are similarly generated and function as a shadow, which obscures what we really are. In addition, the “I” identifies with the character and leaves it "freeway" when the circumstance appears, as in the case of cholera that is not possible to "hold on" because it is choleric.

The child´s character

   The child's character determines everyone else very especially. When the child is very young, his educators accept him as he is; but when he begins to want to manifest his I, the educator does not correspond him with his I, because he does not live it, but imposing on him the structure of behavior of his own ”I”, with which he does live. This is also transmitted generationally as an original deviation.

   The child then begins to disconnect from his vital background, through which flows his potential of energy-love-intelligence, staying in a situation of larvish distress. Finally he adapts, in a false way, to the conditions of his educator’s ”I”.

   He can thus survive and escape from anguish and abandonment in those he feels he lives. Thus the character of the child is created, which will very much condition the “I” of the native adult. An illustrative example on the screen is the relationship between the "Rosebud" sled and the "Citizen Kane".

   When the child fully opens up to the Social Dimension, the admitted social characters are imposed on him. To falsely hide the child's character his unsatisfied smallness, he will want to reach the adult hominid the highest social heights, such as: artist, politician, etc.

   The popularity and recognition of the public then compensate him for the unconditional affection he did not have as a child. Otherwise, he can become extremely cruel when he is an adult.

   It is clear that the affectivity of his fathers and the worldview they offer influence the ideals that nurture all the characters who grow up with the child. More than mental recipes, which the child proves to be fake, educators have to pass on the search for the true, exercising discernment with him by examples.

   There is a somatic parallelism between the characters and the myelination of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. It takes place from childhood to late adolescence, because that part of the brain is "rigidized", thus becoming something structural in life.


7.1 The AT and the vibratory nature of archetypes

   We first remember the whole of the at and the nature of the archetypes that will allow us to achieve the first objective, which will be addressed in Section 8.

We collect the vibratory set of the at:


Ideal.1 and Idea.2

Link.3 and Verification.4

Union.5 and Stabilization.6



Advance.8 and Limit.9

Involution.10 and Evolution.11

Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13



Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16

Communion.17 and Detachment.18

Individuation.19 and Resurrection.20




The vibratory nature of archetypes

   Let us also note that planetary archetypes are shown in us as vibrations; we have also pointed out that our bodies and minds are vibratory. Archetypes are neither corporeal nor human, although they are thus expressed in Mythology to transmit them in a simple way.

   We have said that those dwell in the Collective Unconscious as archetypes and manifest themselves in the Personal Unconscious becoming aware in the concrete thought, which we believe we elaborate. We know that 6 seconds before we make a decision, the brain has already done it.

   We give examples of the vibratory nature of archetypes: 1) We feel the vibration of the sexual instinct (Venus) and that of the impulse (Mars) of performing it; 2) We experience with vibration the maternal affection (Moon) and the heat and parental protection (Sun); 3) The various alternatives that appear to choose one of them transmit us to Mercury; 4) As we contemplate that justice is done, we feel a Jupiterian jovial vibration; 5) When we overflow the borders (Saturn) and feel free of conditioning we experience the cosmic vibration of Uranus; etc.

7. 2 Alphabetical thoughts and archetypes in the cell

   We then collect all the at, as well as the archetypes that transmit them. They will help us to know the cell, which will then allow us to look at it with the help of the AT to see its existential foundation.

Ideal.1 and Idea.2, Advance.8 and Limit.9, Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16

   The Sun is the "ideal" of energy in our solar system, but it transforms into various "ideas" or kinds of energy. Thus, for example, most of the energy needed for cellular activity is generated by the mitochondria with ATP from the oxygen contained in the blood supplied to it by the mother cell, within which it exists.

   Specifically, the "Eclosion.15" and "Transubstantiation.16" are the ones that induce the mutation. This represents a new cellular structure, with the energy supply of (1-2). It is formed from the "Advance.8" and "Limit.9", which have structural manifestation, as we saw in the examples in Table 15, which affects:

1) To all membranes, as they are manifest borders by (8-9).

2) To the DNA of the unrolled nucleus, this emits a gene with the necessary instructions (3-4 and 10-11) to be able to synthesize a protein. It opens (not 8-9) partially its DNA to be read (3-4) and the cell creates a copy (12) inside the nucleus or RNA, which comes out of it.

3) The message (3-4) of the copy is then transmitted in a structural form (8-9) to the cell, collecting the energy, as we have said, generated from (1-2) from the ATP of the mitochondria.

4) To the DNA that is typical of the mitochondria (22) and different from that of the nucleus. It is the source of a mutation due to the close relationship, with difference 7, between (15) and (22), as well as between (16) and (22 + 1).

In this case, due to 1, a new, more evolved cell (11) and possibly, in some very significant cases, the appearance of a new hominid with a new mitochondria would be generated.

   Note that those three pairs of at are having difference 7; that is, they are in the same situation concerning the beginning of PD, SD and CD respectively, so their joint action further increases their influence on cellular changes. The first at is transmitted by the Solar archetype, the latter is by Saturn and the third by that of Pluto, which will be present in the C19.

Communion.17 and Detachment.18, Involution.10 and Evolution.11, Link.3 and Verification.4

  Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16 induce the mutation in the cell, but for it affects all cells it is necessary that they are in communion (17) and that they are detached (18) from the structures (8-9) and laws (10-11) that maintained them.

   With Communion.17 the virus affects as well all the cells of an organ or set of them. By detachment.19 it is also intended that all cells abandon their old laws (10-11) and acquire those of the mutation that is induced from the at (15-16). Its common archetype is Neptune and we saw it in Table 20.

   Therefore, the at Involution.10. and Evolution.11 are also involved, since everything it embodies does so from the celestial laws of the first at and its subsequent evolution is due to the incarnate laws of the second, as we saw in Table 16; its common archetype is Jupiter, which will be very present in the C19 generation.

   Transmission or propagation to the rest of the organism is carried out by at Link.3. There may be no Verification.4 in the future cellular host and propagation would be stopped; the same can happen among potential people that can be affected. Its transmission archetype is Mercury, which we saw in Table 12, which will also be present in the C19 generation. Also these three pairs of at are happening with the sequence of number 7 and are at the center of their respective dimensions.

Union.5 and Stabilisation.6, Retroaction.12 and Disintegration.13, Individualization.19 and Resurrection.20

   Links (3) that are verifiable (4) in the cell, such as the DNA-RNA transmitting sequence from the nucleus, can be united (5) in a stable manner (6) to produce the proteins. The same can occur with the replication instructions (3-4) of the virus in its genetic code (3-4-5-6). The archetype that transmits those at (5-6) is Venus.

   The energy of the ATP would be stopped if there is no driving force, which distributes it by acting by retroaction (12) on it. In addition to the combustion of the O, other residues are produced that must be disintegrated (13).

   In both cases, the archetype is Mars. Subsequently what is disintegrated has to be purified (14) as water in the urine that goes to the kidneys and like CO2 in the lungs. It is claimed that mitochondria is also waste store; it wouldn't have to be like this.

   Individuation.19 is shown as the ability to generate new cells by resurrection (20) from the original primitive forces; is what the significant viruses are intended. This also occurs when mitochondria is introduced into the eukaryotic cell and "resurrects" a new cell containing the original forces that created them both. The archetype that induces the liberating message of the past is Uranus, which is with 7 of difference from all of the above.


   Through Consummation.21 all those processes are consumed, as is the case with the mitochondria that is born, lives, multiplies and dies. The new process or organelle may then appear. It is (21) with difference 7 from Purification.14 and Attention.7.

   That last at is extended in a natural way, since between two phases there is a silence, as it happens between musical notes; vibration is born of silence. Still, when we look at the stars, the reality is Silence.

7.3 Persephone's vision is expanded

The Persephone´s knowledge

   We have to look good at Persephone to understand the mithochondria. Also Persephone.22 has a difference of 7 from "Eclosion.15" (Pluto), which is the confirmation that they are a mythological couple. When I saw the bass-relief of Demeter, Triptolemo and Persephone in Athens in 1.989, I was very impressed; it gave off something wonderful, which aroused something "beyond...", as you can see in the photo of the Table 34.

Table 34.Three examples of my union with the knowledge of Persephone.

   So when I had to write (1,994) about the Absolute Dimension I assimilated it to Persephone and this to the mitochondria; this is how it appears in Table 34, which is ancient. Finding its symbol, shown in Table 7, took me 30 seconds; the cost of discovering the analogous figure for the Theory of Super Strings is unimaginable, which was also seen in Table 7.

Additional information about Persephone

   In the Persephone´s myth, she has many relationships with other gods and goddesses and has been subjected to various interpretations in its time and later, because she has always aroused much interest. So let's do some additions to what we said about her before to relate them below to the mitochondria according to Science. It will also give us a great support what is manifested in Table 34.

   When Perséfone is abducted by Hades or Roman Pluto, the nymphs that accompany her do not intervene, so they are converted into mermaids; we are pointed here to her relationship with Neptune, which will be present in the cellular condrioma. Her mother Demeter sees the abduction and does not intervene, but then complains to Zeus (Roman Jupiter), as we said.

   She asks for help to the Sun (1), who sees everything. Later, however, in the face of the pleas of the mother, who conceived her with Zeus (Roman Jupiter), he intervenes, but the result is that Persephone will be 6 months with her mother and 6 with Pluto, being with him forever Queen of the Underworld or Hades. This is where the emerging energy of the Earth and the dead are; in the Jewish language is the Geena and in the Christian Hell, both with eternal fire.

   The insistence of the mother, goddess of Agriculture, to recover her daughter Persephone is justified because the wheat spike (Demeter) is inseparable from the grain of wheat (Persephone), as is the case with the mother cell and the mitochondria. It therefore agrees with the abduction for the seed to enter the Earth, but has to return to it as a new spike (Demeter) being able to remain in the Hades for the duration of the fallow.

   In ancient Greece they were considered inseparable and were called "the goddesses". They were deities of life, death (13, Mars)) and resurrection (20, Uranus), as consummation (21). They are therefore a "single entity" as is already the case with the mitochondria and the cell in which it is housed, since the eukaryotic cell and the mitochondria are already inseparable.

   That is confirmed in Table 35 by the figure of the demigod Triptolemo, located between the two goddesses, who receives the ears of wheat from Demeter. This teaches him (3-4) Agriculture, which in turn he transmits it (Mercury) to the Greeks. When he dies he remains a judge (14) of the underworld (14). It is Hades (14) where Jesus of Nazareth comes down after he dies (13); he is supposed to eclosion (15) with a new substance (16).

   It is thus explained that Demeter-Persephone represent the eternal virginity-fertilization-virginity sequence-..., manifested in Agriculture, but cosmically as well and even socially extendable to the feasts of fire in spring.

   The following archetypes have appeared: Sun (1), Mercury (3-4), Jupiter (10-11), Purification (14), Pluto (15-16), Neptune (17-18), Uranus (20), Consummation (21) and Demeter-Persephone (22). All of this will then serve us for transcription to the mitochondria and to the knowledge of C19.

Table 35. Images of the Absolute Dimension.

Persephone and the mithocondria

   The mithocondrias are cellular organelles that act as energetic plants of the cell (1 and 22). They take oxygen and compounds (derived from 1) that already have it and are contained in the blood supplied by the cell, thus synthesizing ATP. The resulting structures (8-9) need such energy input.

   Its number depends on the energy that needs the cell. All of them are called cellular condrioma. As Persephone is also accompanied by several virgins like her, it is necessary to investigate if one of the mitochondrias is different from the others.

   The mitochondrial DNA genetic code, also called RNA, is not usually the same as the genetic code of nuclear DNA; really the grain of wheat and the wheat spike are different, because their functions are. It is assimilated to bacterias, which are vegetables, such as wheat.

   Throughout the common history most of the mitochondrial genes have been transferred to the nucleus, that is, what is the grain of wheat itself, transferred to the nucleus or Triptolemo, which contains the DNA of the mother cell (Demeter).

   This is so, as we have said, that mithochondria is not viable outside the host cell and this is not usually without mitochondria. All this shows us the everlasting Demeter-Persephone relationship.

   Degenerative diseases, which are related to aging, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and heart disease may be related to mitochondrial lesions. These degenerative effects are related to Pluto (15), which is the mythological pair of Persephone (22).

   The processes through which the ovocyte passes before ovulation and fertilization require ATP, as well as the first steps of embryonic development, the effectiveness of which has been related to mitochondrial function and activity.

   It is also assumed that alterations in mitochondria could be the key factors measuring reproductive capacity. It is repeated, therefore, in both cases, the relationship Demeter-Persephone as virginity-fertilization-virginity....

7.4 Alphabetical thoughts and archetypes in viruses

   We will emphasize more frequently the representation of the AT in viruses to better understand their existential basis.

Generation of the viruses

   Viruses do not synthesize or accumulate energy (no 1), either have they structures (not 8-9) capable of generating the flow DNA-RNA-Proteins. What they do have are instructions (10-11) of replication (3-4). They generate alternatives (3-4 and 12) and duality (3-4) in its genetic code (10-11) structure (8-9) DNA or RNA; Coronavirus has an RNA structure.

   It is developed in the cell and takes advantage of the functioning of the nucleus, generating the following: 1) They duplicate (3-4) and make copies (3-4 and 12) of their genetic code (10-11); 2) Copies allow them to produce the structural proteins (8-9) of the virus; 3) The genetic codes generated in the various copies are joined (5-6) with the proteins and encapsulated (8-9).

   Thus an exact copy (3-4 and 12) of the virus has been obtained with a membrane (8-9) made of proteins. It can then penetrate the cell membrane (8-9) doing it through a door (not 8-9) and interferes the energy utilization. It thus expands (18-19) to other cells, where it is not, in principle, activated.

Appearance, extension and effects of viruses

   Epidemics caused by viruses began when humans developed more densely populated farming communities 12,000 years ago. Plant and livestock viruses also increased. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with the extension of the population and communications, new viruses have appeared and the old ones have reappeared.

   It must be borne in mind, however, that the primary function of viruses is for life on Earth to evolve; that is, its function is necessary and beneficial. The mutations that try to induce in the cell do not reach its goal, because it does not collect the message that the virus has to transmit to it.

   So, if there is no mutation, the result is the genocidal death. This is how the Plutonian archetype present in the virus works. Without changing life, on its own, it would also die because it would be stuck outside the becoming of heaven, which evolves incessantly.

Highlights of viruses for the article

1) They generate mutations (15-16), which can serve the evolution (11) of life, but also for their death (13).

2) They therefore have affinity with Pluto (15-16) and therefore with the mithochondria (Persephone) and the mother cell (Demeter).

3) They maintain structure (8-9) RNA or DNA; C19 is RNA.

4) Duplicate (3-4) and make copies of their genetic code (11-12) (8-9 and 3-4).

5) React (12) with mother cell (22).

6) Encapsulate (8-9) to propagate (3-4).

7) They are originally generated in some living beings (1-2 and 3-4) and then spread by some means of transmission (3-4).

8) They are spread by an "open door" (not 8-9) of the cell membrane (yes 8-9).

9) There are about 10 elevated to 31 viruses on Earth, which is because they have to be linked to changing exogenous factors. As we will see this is due to the influences of planetary cycles.

10) They transmit to the cell the message of sky, they are therefore beneficial, in principle, but the cell does not welcome it and dies. The message, which is already of genocidal death is transmitted to the other cells.

11) If its spread is stopped, they end up consuming (21), although they then reappear (20).


   We have already reached in this Section the first objective proposed at the beginning, after taking all the previous steps.

8.1 The great planetary conjunction of 10-01-2.020 and the cell

New encounter with the origin of this writing

   As I said at the beginning, my primary interest since 1.986 was to prepare the necessary knowledge for Humanity to emerge, after the predicted Socio-Economic Collapse for the first half of the 21st century took place.

   I had to find the approximate date on which that event would occur, which was close, since this humanity did not change its economic guidelines. However, I received the information that on January 10, 2,020 there would be a large conjunction of planets in Capricorn.

   I checked that Pluto would be present, one of whose demonstrations are in the financial field, so I thought that date was fine. There has also been synchronicity besides with the appearance of C19.

Expected effects

   It was very simple then, as we said, to foresee the crisis of the year 2,008, as it would occur when Pluto entered Capricorn on January 26, 2,008, as it did. Because it had very little collaboration from other planets, that was just a financial crisis; but surely the future of the C19 has also begun to be prepared.

   Now, I told myself with great concern, the effects of the Socio-Economic Collapse in the year 2.020 will then be massive, when the rest of the planets of the great conjunction will be in Capricorn completing and expanding the effects of Pluto.

   It is already clear that the destructive effects of C19 are enormous, which are surely obscuring those of the Collapse of the Global Socio-Economic Structure or probably incensing them to emerge together in the near future.

Other predictable effects for the future

   Owing to the nature of that conjunction, it could also be considered associated with a great war of mass destruction, with nuclear and bacteriological means. This hypothesis has been contrasted over time with the growing state of global warfare, which has not now diminished despite the destabilizing influence of C19.

   The end result would be a World Dictatorship, compatible with countries that would have National Dictatorships and with a large number of others abandoned to their fate; but it could also be the ultimate destruction of this humanity.

   I thought of a bacteriological war, but what has come is the C19, which is similar, and which may nonetheless be its preamble. In addition, the mitochondria behaves like a bacterium and has been attacked by C19. From all of the above can be inferred, given the synchronicity of the appearance of C19 with 10-01-2.020 that the joint effect of the virus and the Socio-Economic Collapse can be devastating, if the population does not know how to assimilate them.

8.2 1 The State of sky on January 10, 2,020

   According to the data of the ephemeris, the sky had the following planetary distribution that day, which coincided with an eclipse of the Moon:

Location of planets according to ephemeris

PERSONAL DIMENSION: Sun 19 degrees-10' of Capricorn; Moon 20 of Cancer; Mercury 18-47'of Capricorn; Venus 25-24' of Aquarius. North lunar nodule 08-27' of Capricorn.

SOCIAL DIMENSION: Mars 04 degrees-27' of Sagittarius; Jupiter 08-44' of Capricorn; Saturn 22-27 of Capricorn.

COSMIC DIMENSION: Uranus 02 degres-39' of Taurus; Neptune 16-27' of Pisces; Pluto 22-41 of Capricorn.

   Those planets are represented in the ZS of Table 36 in the previous locations. There is a novelty that is the lunar nodes or places where the Moon cuts to the Ecliptic. There are 2, the north and the south that are in opposite signs, but I have pointed out only the one from the north.

   It can also be seen 12 successive Roman numerals, which are in which the ZS is divided from 0 degrees of Leo; they serve to translate how planetary energy is sectorized to reach Earth and flood its life forms.

   This causes them to evolve in the different areas in which they manifest themselves. In addition, there are double-arrowed lines, which express angular aspects of relationship, which we already know, between the planets they join.

Table 36. State of the sky on January 10, 2,020.

Meaning of the C19's birth sky

   The general ideas that are set out below serve for all the terrestrial life: hominids, animals and plants (perhaps even for inanimate life), but I will refer them to C19; they are inferred from Tables 36 and 37 used together.

  The sky of 10-01-2.020, regardless of C19, affects all hominids according to the configuration of their astral charts and more significantly those they had some planets in Capricorn and/or Cancer; this added to their own personal factors. According to astrological tradition, planets and signs are also related to the different parts of the body, causing diseases depending on the native's astral chart.

   This tells us that when investigating the effects of the virus, they must be separated and differentiated from those that are typical of direct planetary influences on health. Thus, for example, if bone problems are observed, this may not be due to C19, but because Saturn in Capricorn affects bones directly. The interpretation to be made is original and simpler than that used in Astrology; so it's within everyone's reach.

   It is noted, however, that if the next interpretation is made in true attention to the meanings of planets, signs, aspects and sectors, it is then true, although it cannot be said that it will happen. There are always exogenous factors that can alter interpretation. Thus, for example, the previous possibility of world war is true, but it could be altered with the emergence of C19; especially if its message is understood.

Table 37. The at manifested in the sky of 10-01-2.020.

Personal interpretation of the C19 using Tables 36 and 37

1) Saturn at its Capricorn home has its full significance and also governs all the planets that are in the sign. As these also govern the rest of the planets on the chart, the resulting is that Saturn dominates all the influences of the sky in the cell, as well as on Earth.

That is thus except the Moon, which is at its Cancer home; but as opposed to Saturn and the rest of the planets. That is, they project on each other its characteristics, considering that the Moon is obscured by the Earth, due to the eclipse.

Because of the analogy between archetypes and at the dominant result is as follows: there is a mutual reconsideration between the ideas that animate life and the limits that maintain them. The corresponding projections are, however, eclipsed by Earth.

That tells us that the ideas that maintain the structures and membranes of the mother cell, as well as those of the nucleus and mitochondria, are affected.

2) All of the above is an interpretation of the cell, but if we remember the version of Saturn as Devil, then another interpretation would be done regarding the apocalyptic confirmation of the times we are living.

3) Now, what nature that affectation in the cell has? The answer is given to us by "Transubstantiation.16"; it is an affectation with change of substance, which affects membranes and structures, that is, a mutation.

This mutation (15-16, 8-9) specially reaches the mithochondria (22), as we said, since the relationship at 7 with Pluto (16) is 23 = 16 + 7 = 22 + 1. This tells us, initially, that the mutation tends at the beginning of a new cycle from at 1, which generates a new ideal of mithochondria.

4) "Evolution.11" is also involved, which completes the above. The laws that maintain cellular function will vary, as well as the hierarchies that govern DNA and RNA, which accompanies the variation of their structures already indicated.

"Evolution.11" (Jupiter-) and "Detachment.18" (Neptune-) have 7 of difference, which affects mithochondrias in their associative nature, so it is transmitted to the ovocyte.

5) This influence grows due to the analogy between planets and signs, since Pisces-, where Neptune is located, also has the meaning of "Detachment.18", so the effects on mitochondria will increase.

6) "Evolution.11" is in trine with "Resurrection.20", so evolution in the cell has as a beacon the resurrection of the original forces in a new cell.

7) In my proven experience, the North Nodule with the South Nodule points to the karmic experiences that must be lived. In this case, the north is also located in Capricorn, because it is governed by "Limit.9". Since the southern one is in the opposite sign of Cancer, it is governed by "Idea.2". The transcendences of those at are then karmically reinforced.

8) We add that the trend mentioned above towards the resurrection of a new cell is reinforced by the conjunction of "Evolution.11" with the north nodule, which is also in trine with "Resurrection.20". The resurrection therefore has a karmic nature; there are therefore ancestral forces that push towards a new cell.

"Detachment.20" is in sextile with the conjunction of the north nodule and "Evolution.11", which governs "Detachment.20". The cell is therefore obliged to detach itself from all that constitutes it, in order to receptively adopt the new law (11 and north nodule) that leads it to a resurrected cell.

9) Every transformation needs energy to be realized, which the Sun provides. It projects it particularly on all the planets of the conjunction. Note that the Sun, Saturn and Pluto, as manifestations of at 1, 8 and 15 (with differences of 7), are respectively the beginning of the Personal, Social and Cosmic Dimensions.

10) The presence of "Verification.4" points to the communication of all the changes to be made, as well as their great transmission among hominids. Also to the two lungs, as they are related to duality (3-4), since we know that they are a link of 2 transports: arterial blood and venous blood. This partly explains the lung influences of C19, as it is also increased by SARS, as we will see.

It is further confirmed that a new virus appears because in the AT "Verification.4" it has difference 11 with its opposite Eclosion.15, of plutonian manifestation, which causes massive deaths in order to a new substance appears.

We have already said that every two pairs of at of the Cosmic Dimension form with the other two a triad of cycles joined by the respective ratio 1-2-3. Those cosmic relationships show once again that the mutation tends to change the hominid.

11) However, the impetus for all of the above to work in a unified way is lacking. This occurred on 17-02-2.020, when Mars, according to the ephemeris, entered Capricorn. It is already all cellular machinery to produce the mutation of the human species.

12) We can further confirm all of the above by observing that the great conjunction is in sector VI, whose number 6 corresponds to the at "Stabilization.6", indicating that the mutation is performed or concrete.

13) Finally, we point out that C19 is producing a major global alarm that is unusual, because other more lethal viruses have not caused it. Thus it can be thought that the population senses that it is a significant virus.

The hominid "Homo sapiens" will finally be replaced by another known as the "Homo intelligentia", which nests in us, and which we have to take care for its eclosion from the bottom of ourselves. If it is so, we will feel fulfilled and also seized by the happiness of the Cosmic Good. Deep down we feel that what we are has to disappear and something new will have to emerge.

8.3 The appearance of viruses

Why do viruses appear then?

   Although all life is a single LIFE and all life is maintained in this, it seems clear that the cell has experienced many viruses, but does not, in principle, contain C19. Why it appears then, since the whole process described in the previous 13 points would have to function vitally on its own, thus being assimilated by the cell.

   There is, therefore, a constitutive reaction capacity (12) within the cell, which appears as a result of the message it receives from the sky, generating the virus as a transmitter or messenger. This is then manifested, with its own and decisive influence on the cell, and especially when there is some singular celestial configuration, as is the case of 10-01-20, resulting in the emergence of a significant virus such as C19.
   This is compatible with the existence of other less influential celestial manifestations that give rise to incomplete or derivative viruses. These appear slightly and disappear or are encapsulated to reappear more enhanced in the future by a more conducive sky.

   The incarnation of the sky, as an evolutionary earthly message, therefore has its intracellular translation. This motivates the appearance of the virus to transmit that message. The cell as a whole, however, is not in the right position to assimilate the celestial message that transmits the virus, but why?

The incarnation of the celestial message in the cell

   The answer is very simple, because it has been separated during its evolution from the original creative forces and therefore does not recognize them now in the case of C19. The chains of the “I” are transmitted to the body and from it to the cell, which is petrified as our mind, which also does not accept substantial changes. If they come, “I” wants to continue as it thinks it is and that the changes are to enhance what it already is.

   We are at all levels terrestrial lives deviated from LIFE. Even more, the original creative and transformative forces, acting on deviant lives, increase their deviation. Moreover, by the creative and transformative principle of image and likeness, those forces must continue to embody in the originating deviated life.

   That is not possible because life has strayed, as seen in Table 5. Vaccines are not the solution in the cell, as they only patch the evolutionary decline. In Mankind it is necessary that there is Revolution in Consciousness, which guides the Purification of the Mind to correct the evolutionary deviation and so the cell can then collect the message of the virus.

The celestial message falls between pebbles and brambles

   What happens in the cell when receiving the celestial message is very well represented in the sower's evangelical parable, which expresses how the different hominids collect the celestial message. He sows the wheat, but not everything falls into good soil.

   The grain that falls among pebbles does not bear fruit, nor does it bear fruit that falls between brambles. Only the one that falls into good soil will be consumed in a spike of wheat. The vital problem of "Homo sapiens" is that it does not have "good earth" in its body to receive the celestial message, which also falls between pebbles and brambles.

Cycles in the onset of viruses

   As we've arrived here, it's clear that I must continue my research on viruses. We then ask ourselves: do significant viruses appear cyclically? and what are its triggers? The answer to the first question is yes and the second that its main initial triggers are the joint cycles of Saturn and Pluto acompanied by Jupiter.

   With those influences it already begins to be conceived the virus, emanating even its previous phase, as an incomplete and controllable virus. It will be needed the rest of the planets, as we have seen in C19, for the virus to reach its consummation as a significant virus. Since Pluto is about 22 years in each sign and Saturn about 3, just it rests to wait for the annual cycle of the Sun and see then the relations with Jupiter, which travels through its orbit in 1 year.

Pluto's unique significance

   Surely some reader will find it implausible that a planet as small and as distant as Pluto can have those manifestations; but it´s like that. This has no direct scientific demonstration, but let’s remembers that Pluto has to exert a significant influence, as we noted above. I myself have proven its meaning through its manifestations, which I have contrasted.

   If we consider the correlation of the planetary and atomic systems, it is sufficient in this a slight alteration of its particles for a different body to appear, which is distinct to the original, as it is also the case of the influence of Pluto on the message of the solar system. On the other hand, the Greek intuition of Pluto's archetypal influences is very reliable without knowing the existence of the planet.

   It is therefore thought that even though Pluto is small and distant, it exerts great influences, since besides its orbit is not ecliptic. So we continue with the above hypotheses, which we will later confirm with other viruses.

8.4 Birth and Evolution of C19

Birth of the C19

    The C19 began to gestate on 26-01-2.008, which is when Pluto is established in Capricorn. Also on that date the economic crisis occurred, as Pluto manifests itself uniquely in the Financial Economy. Subsequently, as we will see, the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, which trigger the significant viruses, will be consummated in that sign.

   The "fetus" begins, however, to structure (Saturn) on 22-12-2.017 with the following influences from the sign of Capricorn: Saturn that has already entered Capricorn and also by the passage, although during short time, of the Sun and the Moon.

   According to the traditional astrological interpretation Saturn, which is also the Devil, is at home. It then fully governs the influences of all the planets that are placed in Capricorn. It is therefore also confirmed the apocalyptic time that we are living of manifestation and full control of the Devil in this humanity.

   Finally Jupiter enters Capricorn on 03-11-2.019, so the C19 can already begin to exercise its significant function, because the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, which we said, is already formed. We must expect, however, for the sky from 10-01-2.020 for the consummation of the cycle to take place, with the great conjunction of planets in Capricorn that appears in Table 36. The C19 then begins to operate with full significant virus identity.

   Other planetary cycles of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, generators of significant future viruses and which will be consummated in other signs after Capricorn, are projected in the future. Therefore, the next cycle should be investigated, but I cannot do so because I do not have the future planetary information that is needed. Next, however, in Table 38, I point out a very short prognosis for our immediate future, which we´ll develop afterwards.

Immediate future of C19

   The celestial process does not stop, because the sky continues its movement sending new messages, which are represented in Table 38. On 23-03-2.020 Saturn enters Aquarius (Advance.8 in the Alphabet of Thought). Having acquired the virus its own limit (9) in Capricorn (9) and since Saturn also rules the sign of Aquarius, in addition to Capricorn; it follows Saturn's absolute dominion over Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. That is why the virus continues its developing.

   Saturn and Aquarius are both + so it can be expected that by +Advance.8 in both, a mutation of the virus is prepared. It is also added the presence of Mars, which has entered exalted into Capricorn with great strength. This process will last until the 12-05-2.020 that Saturn begins its retrograde movement to be back in Capricorn on 03-07-2.020. It is already possible that starts the definitive mutation in the cellular structure.


Table 38. Future of the C19.

New advanced mutation

   The possible above process is conducive to 04-07-2.020 in which the Sun and Mercury this time are in Cancer, but the Moon is in Capricorn. It is, therefore, a situation of an "anti" nature to that of 10-01-2.020, which originated the C19. The Moon (Idea.2), which its home is in Cancer (Idea.2), then governs the influences of the Sun (Ideal.1) and Mercury (Verification.4), thus further magnifying its significance.

   Thus it appears a new ideal (1) from which a cell idea (2) is derived, which is verified (4) in the opposite conjunction of Capricorn. We add that due to the nature of the Cancer sign, the woman's reproductive system and the human digestive system would then be affected.

   We further add that Verification.4 has difference 11 in the AT with the opposite at Eclosion.15, which causes genocides for a new substance to appear. Besides similarly Mercury (4) was present on 10-01-2.020 as a factor of transmission. In addition to the mutation, a greater destructive and propagation power than the original C19 is added to the mutation.

The new strain of C19 and anti-C19

   If this is so, the new C19 is then really anti-C19, as similarly happens with particle and antiparticle in Quantum Mechanics. Thus it is not originated a new derivation of C19, but a double strain of C19 and anti-C19, which would then be very difficult to "attack" with drugs. Even more so if it were through a vaccine, as it would have to act simultaneously in the dual strain of C19 and anti-C19.

   The C19 has mainly infected the elderly people, which is in accordance with the nature of Saturn in Capricorn; let's remember that Saturn is depicted as an old man with the scythe. Older people have generally put more and more chains on their “I” that they believe to be throughout their lives and have generated in their mind a lot of characters of themselves, which is in addition a major obstacle to the evolutionary life that the virus transmits.

   C19 has not extensively affected to children, even if it has attacked the skin (8-9), as they have a fluid vitality (little 8-9) and are related to the opposite sign of Cancer; but they can have the C-19 being asymptomatic.

   Then the anti-C19 can be originated from C19 in all those, of any age, that retain the C19 and would then be transmitters of the dual strain of C-19 and anti-C19. It is strengthened from 05-10-2.020 in which Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto already have direct movement in Capricorn and reaches as far as 20-10-2.020 in which Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius.

The influence of the "Spanish" influenza and global effects

As it is seen in the previous article, the new strain is added that the conjunction in Capricorn of C19 is opposite to that of the "Spanish" flu of conjunction in Cancer, which are two opposite signs, and that it definitively took place on 07-01-1.917. It has been 100 years since then and if there are any traces of it, which spread enormously in Spain, a parallel relationship of aggregate effects can be formed between the two viruses further enhancing the C19 and anti-C19 strain with unimaginable consequences.

   Thiat parallel relationship increases because, as a result of the Historical Memory Act, corpses from the Civil War (1,936-39), belonging to people who were alive in 1,917, are being exhumed. They were therefore exposed to the USA virus that can remain in their bones, as these are related to the Capricorn sign. It is very necessary to scientifically investigate this possibility.

   We add, however, that all that has been said are true ideas (2), but may not be verifiable (4) due to exogenous factors, although the constant presence of Mercury (3-4) in all the skies considered tends to verify them. Given the serious situation that has arisen with C19, it is necessary to investigate everything said scientifically.

Mutation cycle consumption

   That process is consolidated on 20-12-2.020 in which Jupiter and Saturn decisively enter Aquarius as it is seen in Table 38. It stays Pluto in Capricorn, but reinforced by its quadrature with Mars in Aries. It continues then dominating Saturn, therefore, and they follow the advances in the mutation. However, the following two paragraphs are added only as a forecast to be taken into account because now-unknown circumstances may occur that would alter it.

   That process continues until 30-12-2.021, when Jupiter enters the next sign of Pisces, which is his domicile or home, where Neptune is located, as it appears in Table 38. Although this, related to mithocondrias, did not have much influence on the consummation of the virus on 10-01-2.020, one can think of an alteration in those organelles.

   There is, however, a simulation of what may happen on that date. In its direct movement Jupiter enters Pisces on 14-05-2.021 where Neptune stays, recoils towards Aquarius on 21-06-2.021 and enters this sign on 29-07-2.021. An evolution of the virus (alphabetical thought 11 by Jupiter) with detachment (at 20 by Neptune) from the accumulated is expected.

   A global state of alert is therefore necessary from May 2,021 showing the characteristics of the virus, which will exist in 2,022, enhanced in both cases by the influence of Neptune, which caused in the second wave the huge lethality of 1,918.

   Also when Saturn enters Pisces on 08-03-2.023 changes in the structures of existing mitochondrias can occur. They should not be significant, as Saturn and Neptune are alone, although Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, continues bringing some changes.

8.5 The appearance of other viruses

8.5.1 The virus HVI


   There was, however, a cycle of Saturn and Pluto, which predates the current one of Capricorn, culminating in the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Libra, whose regent is Venus; it began to be formed on 22-09-1.980. This other cycle of those planets will allow us to understand HIV and confirm what we already know about C19; let's see how it is formed.

   That initial conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is completed with the entry of Jupiter into Libra on 28-10-1.980; the three fundamental planets for the formation of viruses are already together.

   Now, with my attention directed to viruses, I extend that conjunction at the beginning of HIV gestation, which has a sexual nature, like Venus, which is this time who governs the conjunction. As it can be seen in Table 39, it was encouraged by the Sun and animated by the Moon, all of which are also present in Libra on 28-09-1.981.

   Mercury located in Scorpio in conjunction with Venus, being this regent of the conjunction in Libra, facilitates the transmission of the virus from the sign of Scorpio, which is also of a sexual nature. Uranus is also found in Scorpio, increasing the transmission. When a scientific paper was published in 1981 about the deaths of five gay youths, no one knew that they had died from AIDS.

Table 39. Skies of HIV, SARS AND USA FLU.

Relation with the C19

   Note that these 5 planets are also present in the conjunction of C19. They are actually the triggers of the Pluto-motivated mutation, but it needs to affect the structure (Saturn) and functions (Jupiter) of the cell. From the sexual sign of Scorpio, with Mercury, Venus and Uranus, the influence of HIV is transmitted.

   We repeat here that mutations do not appear instantly but are generated with the successive relationships of those planets. They are generally consummated in the final conjunction, but previously issuing previous versions of the definitive virus, according to certain planetary relationships.

8.5.2 SARS virus or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SARS is within the C19 cycle

   To understand the entire current cycle of the C19 I have gone back in time to see the celestial path of the planets that generate it, as shown in Table 39. I found out that on 05-06-2.001 there was a conjunction in Gemini of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. This time Pluto is not in conjunction in Gemini, but in the opposite sign of Sagittarius, reinforced by Mars and by the Moon, as seen in Table 39.

   It is when, within the cycle of the conjunction of Capricorn of C19, SARS, which is also coronavirus like C19, had to be fully manifested. SARS, due to Gemini, related to the lungs, and the opposition of Pluto in Sagittarius had devastating effects on breathing. It began to disappear on 04-06-2.003 when Saturn left Gemini, having left its viral footprint formed, as it moves on to the next sign Cancer to later generate the C19.

The C19 as SARS consummation

   This tells us that C19 is the consummation of SARS, which is when all the planets are already in conjunction. Therefore, the effects on the lungs and on the spread (Mercury) in C19 have increased.

   Within the Capricorn cycle there is, therefore, a previous virus during the Pluto-Saturn opposition. It would also be necessary to investigate whether there was another later, when Saturn was in Libra on 10-04-2.011 with opposition in Aries to Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus; the Moon was in Cancer opposite Pluto.

   There was then a very significant cosmic cross between the signs Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer, but only for about two days in which the Moon remains in a sign; Cancer in this case. It would be very interesting to know if any SARS-derived viruses appeared by that date, as I do not have the necessary information to find it out.

8.5.3 The virus known as the Spanish flu

Apperance and characteristics

   This virus was detected in the fall of 1,917 in nearly 20 military camps in the United States; it is not correct then its name of Spanish flu, although it spread a lot in Spain.

   There were 500 million confirmed cases and about 60 million deaths. A new stump of the virus sprouted in 1,218 and spread to 2,020. We will therefore see what planetary cycles tell us regarding dates and characteristics, as expressed in Table 39.

   This virus is scientifically classified as unknown and difficult to research. This is what is similarly going to happen with my explanations as well, but I will try to do my best to see if the reader can understand it, since the formation of this virus is complex and does not exactly respond to the patterns of the previous two ones.

The planetary cycles that generates the U.S.A influenza virus

   This virus begins to develop on 25-08-2.014, which is when the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Cancer begins. Now, they only get help from Neptune, also in Cancer. This planet in a negative sign is associated with "Detachment.20", so the cell begins to detach from everything that binds it.

   It is on 07-01-1.917 when a favorable situation for the virus already occurs. All the time before it has been of some advances, but with several stagnations of the future Influenza USA. On that date they are in the opposite sign of Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Mars with exaltation and the north nodule. In Cancer are: Pluto, Saturn and the Moon at home. There is already a very conducive situation for the full development of the virus, as seen in Table 39 and to produce the corresponding genocide.

   It seems that Jupiter's cooperation is lacking; but it is not thus and this will be the novelty of this virus. Jupiter is located in Aries with exact quadrature, or angular distance of 90 degrees, with Saturn. The quadrature is an aspect that causes a close relationship very obligatory between the two planets; it is like two oxen pulling anointed from the same carriage preventing it from peeling off. In addition, Jupiter's influence is further increased, since the regent of Aries is Mars, which is exalted in Capricorn that is opposed to the conjunction of Cancer.

The result as a whole

   It is therefore a very explosive global set in which this virus is now born definitively. We also note the corresponding at connotations. As Aries is +, Mars + corresponds to Retroaction.12, which has as its synonym Military Defense, which is where the virus is born and since it also develops in the Second World War.

   On 26-06-2.017 the virus strain is already isolated because Saturn enters Leo, leaving Pluto behind in Cancer. From that date a new stump can be formed, as Neptune is also in Leo and had a very prominent influence on the initial formation of the virus.

   That new strain may arise on 11-01-2018 with the Sun and Venus in the opposite sign of Aquarius. From there the second strain begins, finally extinguishing the two ones.

   In addition to all that has been said, it should be borne in mind that the cycle of this virus in Cancer, as we said, is therefore related to C19, which is that of the opposite sign of Capricorn, from which it is also separated 100 years. I believe that just as there is only one sky, which is continually shown to us with different manifestations, there is also a single virus that comes to us with different faces.

8.5.4 Design viruses

The possibility of producing them

   I believe that, given its peculiar nature, it is not possible to create a significant virus from nothingness. It is, on the other hand, to design a derived virus, from an existing one, overacting the trends that have led to its formation and particularly on its RNA and its structure. This possibility, which can be presented with different purposes, poses a serious problem to human existence.

Different purposes

   The most devastating purpose is to produce a derived virus and find its vaccine, which would serve for war purposes for the destruction of the enemy and the preservation of the own army through the vaccine. Similarly it can be done to reduce the world's population. Another purpose may only be commercial, manufacturing a virus that would infect the population and then selling its vaccine.

   Another finality may simply be of humanitarian epidemic forecasting. If the existing virus is known that will mutate, mutation trials are done to prevent its future vaccine. A commercial purpose is also achieved, as the public has to be vaccinated by necessity or preventively.

   The above purpose can be refined and, taking into account the future emergence of new viruses, more lethal ones are designed from existing ones, also getting their vaccine. This is an anticipation of the future, because before the new virus appears in the future, similar to the one of design, it is already had the vaccine. A commercial purpose is also achieved again.

Design vaccines don't solve the underlying problem

   The underlying problem remains, however, unresolved; it is the one set out in the two objectives proposed for this study. With the above solutions we are increasingly reaching an almost absolute dependence on viruses to continue surviving. Even through vaccines it can be introduced other products that condition not only life but also thought.

   In relation to all of the above, it is worth remembering that viruses are the messengers of Heaven for Humanity to evolve. They act in the most elementary and originating life in us, which is the cell. If we destroy the celestial message with drugs or vaccines, human species will enter into an increasingly decadent evolutionary path. It is not a personal (PD) or social (SD) matter, but about the whole of the human species and, therefore, of cosmic nature (CD).

   There is a very close direct relationship between decay and lethality of viruses: the greater the decline, the more lethality and the other way around. To receive the heavenly message of viruses, we must abandon the nature of the thought that makes them lethal and above all try to minimize them using the very nature that has caused them.

   Humanity needs Revolution in Consciousness that guides the Purification of the Mind to purity collect the celestial evolutionary message of viruses. You don't have to try to kill the messenger because it doesn't go away and it's regrown.

8.6 A forecast model

8.6.1 The cycles of virus appearance

   To foresee future viruses, the "strong" aspects of Pluto and Saturn, such as: conjunction and opposition must be located in time. There will also be located celestial figures such as the cosmic cross and the great trine, in which those planets are involved with the rest of which are determinants in the formation of viruses.

   That process will continue, in any case, to see when the Sun, Moon and Mercury enter at the sign where Pluto is or in the opposite, which can be completed with that of Venus. It is also necessary to include Jupiter, whose influence is decisive in order to complete the significant virus.

   Examples will be used in the paths followed in the above viruses, supplementing them with the relationships and meanings set out in Tables 36, 37, 38 and 39. It is not, for all that said, to provide for vaccines or drugs, but to interpret and follow the message of sky.

8.6.2 We have already reached the first proposed objective

   Dear reader, since I retired in 2.009, and even earlier, I am doing all this work alone that I give you; my main offer, however, is the APyCS book. I leave it to future researchers to complete this writing by doing appropriate investigations in the viral cycles.

   We´ll have in Section 9 the second objective of how to assimilate C19. Surely many readers will have realized what the way is. We've repeated the word many times. Purification is the key, although its meaning must be well understood, what we see in Section 9. We still have, nevertheless, a few last questions: What is the virus really? and What is its metaphysical essence?

8.7 Virus, Grail, Cell and Man

   To answer those questions we first begin with another question: what is the Grail? It is essential to approach it to know essentially what the virus is. We thus complete the knowledge of the first objective we set out to ourselves.

8.7.1 What is the Grail?

The Knight Perlesvaus of the Round Table and the Grail

   To explain what the Grail itself is it is impossible, but we must now refer to it to essentially understand the message from Heaven to the cell. We have said that the Plutonian archetype, as Pluto transits through the ZS, gives the cell its mutation message through the at to which it manifests: Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16. Well, Pluto and the Grail are two manifestations of the "same".

   It is the knight Perlesvaus, who is pure and chaste and who is entrusted daily to God, who is shown the Grail (9). He is then granted the golden fence, by which he can kill with the sword all those who do not want to believe in the new law. Note the parallelism with the function of the virus, when the cell does not pick up the message from Heaven.

   It is the unique and peculiar divine self-destruction through the unique sword of Perlesvaus. The ancient god incarnated is beheaded to manifest himself, as a new god. It is the same message that the cell receives from the Plutonian archetype (15-16), which is preceded by the at Purification.14.

   It should be noted to Dandrane, who is the sister of Perlesvaus. In order to this one to be shown the Grail, she has to go to the dangerous cemetery (14-15). There is an altar where a veil is stirred in the air, which at first she cannot reach, even though she looks at herself virgin and pure.

   She finally catches it up, becoming a cosmic virgin, and his brother can then be shown the Grail. Both are figures analogous to Pluto and Persephone. We then emphasize that the viral function of Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16 is exercised in union (5=16-11) with the mitochondria (22 = 15 + 7).

   Other relevant figures are the maidens of the valleys. After being shown to Perlesvaus the Grail, culture must be renewed by beheading the kings of the ancient kingdoms with his unique sword. As he overcomes them, if anyone implores him for mercy, a valley maiden appears telling him not to hesitate and to decapitate him.

   The maidens are analogous to the virgins that accompany Persephone in the meadow, when she is abducted by Pluto, but without intervening directly in the abduction; they are therefore mitochondrial figures like that. Again, Pluto's close relationship with celular condrioma is confirmed.

The Grail and the virus hear the message of Heaven

   That process of destruction-construction is not easily understood by the mind of the "Homo sapiens", which is based on the growing prominence of his “I” and does not see "beyond...". It is about purifying a culture so that a renewed one appears, which is also the message of the sky that transmits the virus.

   Moreover, this natural behavior has been usurped on many historical occasions, committing aberrant genocides by hominids. This is because they have misunderstood the message of purification and instead of applying it to themselves, they apply it on the "other" with mass destruction or genocide.

   In a natural way it is interpreted well by viruses by applying the mutation to the same cell in which they are housed, but it does not respond to change and they all die in a collective genocide; is what the C19 will surely do.

   Because the myth is timeless, that message also serves as an inspiration to renew the culture of "Homo sapiens" and to understand the message of mutation that cell hears from Pluto. Its symbol coincides with that of the Grail, as seen in Table 40, along with other manifestations of it.

Table 40. Representations of the Grail

8.7.2 Other representations of the Grail

Biologic references

   The biological image of the Grail chalice in the Objetal Universe is the female chaliciform ovary. In this case, there is the following double purification: a certain egg has been generally emitted, to which only one in a few hundred million zoosperms fertilizes it.

   It emerges (15) with fertilization something new, which is substantially (16) different from the egg and zoosperm. They appear here, then Elosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16. Thus the symbol of Pluto and the Grail has been reproduced in the Universe of Objects.

   Let us remember that it was the mitochondria that generated ATP that supplied energy to the ovocyte and subsequent embryonic development. It is not something, therefore, that to the artificial fertilization can be entrusted, which is supported by an intelligence as elementary as that of "Homo sapiens". Actually the female's ovary is the biological altar where life transubstantiates, which the male has to venerate.

Virus contains the Grail of the Cell.

Religious reference

   The institution of the Eucharist in the Christianity is a religious image of the Grail. It is assumed that in a chalice they transpose natural bread and wine and that makes eclosion something new there, which is "the body and blood of Jesus-Christ".

   To be able to eat and drink them, the hominid must be purified by the corresponding confession and penance. The Grail symbol is expressed when the priest takes the host (circle) and introduces it into the chalice (semicircle and cross).

8.7.3 Last considerations

Man, the Grail and the Earth

   It is clear, therefore, that the Grail itself is inexplicable. However, it is necessary to understand that society must seek the Grail for the social system to transcend. Also in Table 41 there is a message of cultural purification, which affects life itself.

   The Grail appears in the transit from the Social Dimension to the Cosmic Dimension, in which a new man emerges (15) substantially (16) other than "Homo sapiens". It is known as "Homo intelligentia" and nests in us hoping its eclosion. It is the one who will create Cosmosociety and who will deeply love Gaia and will create with her a New Earth.

Man contains the Earth's Grail.

Table 41. The Grail integrates and purifies culture.


9.1 Preliminary considerations

Purification of purity

   The term purity is often referred to chastity, but this is only a class of that, if it is reached in a natural, unforced way. Purifying is a very broad action; it extends to all forms of life, since it is a manifestation of the at "Purification.14". We show in Table 42 its relationship with the AT, RC and CS.

   Purity is not about being good, but about expressing in one's own life the message that comes from Heaven, as the cell has to do. In a play, a fifth-order actor may be purer with the author's script than the lead actor. Then the same thing happens in the theater of life, an "insignificant" person can live with more purity the message of Heaven than a "sublime" religious leader.

Table 42. Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety.

9.2 General features of the PM

The Revolution in Consciousness

   We have already known the AT, so we will now briefly turn to the Revolution in Consciousness (RC), which is Part 2 of the book APyCS.


Mujer, es tan encantador tu femenino,

que un dragón lo custodia, fiel cancerbero,

en una cueva con puerta en velo fino.

Si tu luz ve, que el sin par y armado caballero

lucha sin miedo a la muerte negra del dragón fiero,

pon las siete cabezas de su cuerpo antidivino

bajo la espada redentora, amor masculino,

y tu alma de alada princesa, a la que venero,

volará libre, sin límite y sin saber el camino,

que trazó el eterno destino.

Yo princesa, te quiero.

   It dwells in you the seed of a new man, who hopes to be liberated as the princess of the tale, who lies bewitched in her castle. It contains all your aspirations for a better and different life. You have to take care of it and in that effort you will find the happiness you crave. You will thus believe in yourself and in your life that you will feel it in cosmic communion with everything around you.

The proposed RC

   The Revolution in Consciousness (RC) proposed in this writing neither intends to modify nor improves the rejectable norms of this society, which is what some "naive reformers" do, because these absurdly apply to them the same system of thought that has led them precisely to be rejectable.

   The result, in that case, is that the old rules are reproduced in the new ones, which are the same, but with another style. Nothing then changes substantially and happens as with the crystals of the kaleidoscope, which "go round and round, always being all the same".

   What is intended with the RC is to change the focus and light of your inner gaze, which are the ones that generate your thinking. It will be your new thought that then transforms the world, for it is seen and built according to the thought that looks at it.

   That new thought of yours will be the one that will transform your life. You no longer want to "take the Bastille", which changed the social subjects, but keeping their differences: the peasant was replaced by the proletarian and the noble by the bourgeois.

Let's aspire to the new society Cosmosociety

   Cosmosociety is not a renewed society of the present one, but is to live the experience to which we aspire from the bottom of ourselves, as an expression of the deep feelings of our human species.

   It's what we're really aiming for, that's what we're looking for. We reject it too, because we believe it cannot be achieved. This is, nevertheless, the historic time to reach it and thus fulfill our aspirations for a different life.

   Our current demands will have to be renewed, forcing the necessary RC. We can't keep feeling and thinking like we've been feeling before. It's the kind of thinking today that's leading us to decay. If everything continues the same or if we introduce changes with the same system of present thought, that decaying deviation increases exponentially.

   We cannot therefore resort to the historical experiences of systems of thought, which time has been eroding or making them disappear. We must then open ourselves to the purest and most original as possible.

   To emerge from the current situation, after its collapse, we must already sow the original thought, which makes it possible. It is, therefore, necessary the PM to achieve CS, which will also facilitate the assimilation of the virus message.

9.3 The need of purifying the Collective Mind

   What rises from Purification.14 to the Cosmic Dimension has to do so without accumulated cultural waste, so that human evolution will be cosmic, because our life needs it imperiously.

Mental cleaning

   There is a growing, rather than linear dependence, between the contamination of the mind and the absence of freedom. Mind has to be clean of all kinds of impurities. If the mind is contaminated the thought we make cannot be free. It is similar to see through the clean crystal of a window and through another that is dirty; everything changes.

   Every decision that, for example, is made among various possible alternatives, implies that the accepted one is joined and integrated into the mind; but what happened with the discarded alternatives?

   Those remain in the mind with the label "no"; but by imperative of duality they press to integrate another time with the label "yes". There will therefore be implicit feedback in the mind that deprives us of freedom to make future decisions.

Tolerance and pollution of the Collective Mind

   We are all united in the space of the Earth and in its time, so the tolerance of one human life with the others becomes a vital axiom. We nuance the above, however, because it is also possible to minimise, on the contrary, the collective pollution generated by the misunderstood tolerance that maintain various groups of hominids.

   It is vitally necessary to preserve the purity of the CM, because it is the aggregate of the minds of earth's human life forms. It must be reacted because human groups, which evolve for the purpose of life, are at risk, as they are linked to the same flow of the CM, to which many other groups of hominids are polluting.

   We have to wonder what we really want! If we know the answer to that question with a feeling of species, then we must defend it and fight for the evolution of human life united to that of the Earth or Gaia, which has become Man on Earth.

9.4 Pollution and purification of the Collective Mind

   For the cell to receive the message of the Plutonian archetype well, the MC must be purified of all the personal and social cultural waste that has accumulated during the decadent evolution of hominids. In addition to all that said we will put well some examples of purification, which also are in the book APyCS. Moreover in the Part Three of the book are dedicated 126 pages to the Purification of the Mind.

9.4.1 Personal purification

We have to start by purifying the “I” that we think we are

   In the Consumer Society (CS) the illusory “I”(ego), which we believe to be and which represents us, is vitally repressed, because it does not manifest the essential triplicity of energy-love-intelligence that it is.

   In the CS the ideal of man is Man, without sexism, which can say I with its fullness of energy, love and intelligence. (Try to say thus: I, how does it come out when you say it? Look at it from your bottom!

   The man of the CS manifests himself as follows: "I am ......... (this or that)...". It says it freely, without chaining itself up with anything "what it believes to be", whether it is this or that; with everything.

   Really: I'm I. That's all! We represent it in Table 43.

Table 43. It is completed the purification of the personal mind.

The human species is evolutionarily distorted

   When Nature emerges we see: poppies, brambles, insects, birds, etc. Each personal element finds the social reason of its time in its group, but in reality there is a cosmic time, radiating from the Sun, attached to another that nests on Earth for each species.

   We also see that the rabbit is white at the Pole, but so is the fox that has to hunt it. Neither parliamentary laws, assemblies and intergroup consensus are needed for the social evolution of each species. It is sufficient to live linked to life, as an evolutionary group phenomenon. It should be noted, however, that there was cosmic synchronicity between the May revolutions of 1,968 in France against Neoliberalism and in Prague against Communism.

   Is something similar happening between different human societies? The answer is no. We are multidivided, so there is no single demand of the human species to Cosmos and Earth. They moreover proliferate, however, divisions and subdivisions such as: countries, religions, languages, associations, families, armies, governments, parties, teaching, flags, territories, borders, etc. We should not be surprised because of the decline of the human species.

The motivation of stage art and literary art for personal liberation

   They are evoked with the scenic art and with the literary art the own different characters of the viewer's and with which it identifies. It is not that it recreates itself in the characters, which it observes on the screen or on stage, but when it sees and hears them it has to realize that they are the same characters that populate its mind and that deprive it of freedom.

   It is truly promising, for example, the well-known play of W. Shakespeare. In the case of "Julius Caesar" you see perfectly all the cultural characters: Cesar, Brutus, Marcus Anthony and Cassius and how not the popular volubility. Higher levels are still reached by classical Greek authors, who are undoubtedly followed by many Iberian writers.

   The plays must therefore have a personal therapy fund with respect to unwanted social deviations; literary criticism has to go in the same direction as well. A play is all the more good, the more distance it creates between the characters of the viewer and those that appear in the scene so that they are reflected in them.

Misappropriation of archetypes

   One of the greatest damages that the soul of the people is currently receiving is the presentation of the great myths of humanity, deliberately altered and to the taste of the author, since those are very refined expressions of essential vibrations. Rubbish is being laid out at the connection established between the ev and the CM, which is transferred to the personal mind and to the evolution of human life.

   The problem is exacerbated because those are presented as children's works, which could not even digest very free and intelligent people. The perversion that the child's character then collects with the embezzlement of the characters of the myths is unheard and surely insurmountable.

   The reading of the exalted mythological work of the past is a wonderful mean of keeping pure the bond between the conscious and the personal unconscious with the Collective Unconscious, which nourishes of meaning to life.

The music and dancing of the frenzied masses

   The at Communion.17 and Detachment.18 belong to CD and are reached after experimenting the at Purification.14. Deviant imitations of those two at are mass concerts. In these, the many attendees believe they are in communion (17) and jump with joy by detaching (18) themselves from the ground with their impulses.

   They thus refuse the true experience of those two at, who transmit Cosmic Love. They also move away from Silence, which is an essential link in creativity. If the music is good, the notes spring from silence; so does the SD that follows the at Attention.7. Also successive thoughts are separated by silences. Silence is cultivated in the CS and all kinds of noise are suppressed.


Creador no es semejante a un pintor

y aunque yo crea que Él me pinta

sobre un lienzo concavovexo,

que no tiene la cuarta dimensión.

Por eso, mi yo real se mira,

allá, en la mirada del pintor,

aunque en Creador es solo esto:

Silencio en toda la Creación.

Human sexual duality

   Each native of both sexes is attached to Man, without sexism, through the two strings of ascending dualities seen in Table 44: Feminine-Woman-Female and Masculine-Man-Male. Those elements are scrambled in the existing social language, but we need to distinguish them.

Table 44. Sexual duality in male and female.

   Man is in the Intuitional Universe, it is not representable, only is intuible because it is not what is known as androgynous. Masculine and Feminine belong to the Universe of Ideas, they are intangible and universal ideas, oblivious to any valuation; they're not personal.

   Male and Female appear in the Mental Universe, they are a consequence of the social roles played by those; a Muslim and a Western woman, for example, dress and behave differently. Male and Female are shown in the Objectal Universe and are recognizable by their physical traits; these coincide in both women.

   When, for example, a woman joins her partner it is stimulated that virtual path and lives a double unitive circulatory experience of real and virtual nature. She will then want to stabilize the relationship to flow into that bond. It also produces the advancement of the Social Dimension.

9.4.2 Purification of the human couple and life

The Feminist Movement

   For many years I have understood that the transformations that society required had to come from the initiative and impetus of women. I'm going to present some pictures so that all women, all of them, look at them without the previous conditionings they already possess, with purity.

   Table 45 recalls that the symbol adopted by the Feminist Movement is that of Venus, but what does Venus express? It is also necessary to remember to understand it, which is virtual from that of Mars. As a sign of it, the corresponding planets are located on both sides of the Earth, in virtual relation.

Table 45. The symbol of the Feminist Movement is that of Venus, then?

   We express in Table 46 the sexual duality of women in Lunar- Feminine and Venusian-Feminine, which is represented very well integrated into her body by life. Thus, for example: the breast is nutritious and affective (Moon), but also attractive (Venus); the hip is receptive (Moon), but also attractive (Venus). The woman then has to integrate in her behavior that duality as life does.

Table 46. The integration of sexual duality into women.

Purification in the couple

  The relationship in couple allows the purification of the 2 members, but there is a basic contradiction in that relationship, which leads to the disintegration of it. Initially, the most manifest ev in both are those that have led to attraction.

   This is expressed colloquially by saying that "there is chemistry between them". Each has lived, however, before knowing each other the ev in his own way, generating on the basis of them also the corresponding characters, which can generate confrontations.

   The characters tend to permanence and if possible to expansion, so they will provoke in the couple the necessary conflicts to do so. In turn, the ev have to manifest themselves purely to express the truth contained in them, although for this the characters have to disappear.

   So here is a basic vital contradiction that can lead to the disintegration of the couple. One relationship must also be purified very well to enter with hope in the next. If this is not done, the couple and man enter into a phase of decrepitude and conformism.

Gender-based violence (it is widely treated in another specific article).

   Liberal currents (19,20) have been driving, for more than two centuries, individual development (20), which motivates to women the need to have a space of government (8.9) through their personalized work (6) in society (8-14) without dependence on man. This is something he has to accept.

   What is called gender-based violence is a couple's response to mutual disappointment. There are two kinds of violence: the one that makes the woman to the man and the one who directs him to her. The first has a vitalistic background (2) disintegrator (13= 2 + 11) and the second is more pre-eminent (1) and retroactive (12= 1+11), which then kills (13 = 1+12). This confrontation, in addition to the pain it causes, diverts Humanity from its evolution to Cosmosociety.

   We emphasize the influence of men ignorance of women's female behavior. This is not solved by educating him in childhood with the female component as it is currently lived, which is also completely deviated from the Archetypes Luna and Venus, but by fostering in him the capacity of Discernment. Let's listen to the following dialogue:

DIALOGUE VENUS-MARS: (I don´t know how to translate it)

En ella sonreía: ¿quién eres?

Él se miraba: ¡yo soy!

Y dijo él: ¿quién eres tú?

En ella calló: ¡yo-soy-tú!

Y soñaron:

Soy en ti sin mí.

El silencio se acurrucó en el aire,

cuando otra voz repetía:

Sí, y, siempre;


LGTBI movements

   It is one thing to accept and integrate homosexuals and another different is their ostentatious and exhibitionist manifestation. It damages their identity and further erodes the importance of latent reproductive life in the CM.

   This is also altered by classifying hominids in homosexuals and in heterosexuals, as there is a subliminal effect of equalization between the two, which also erodes reproductive function. An example of subliminal influence on the adoption of children by homosexuals is given in the two educators of the Lion King, because this finally turns out to be a good exponent of male with the lioness and as king.

   Besides the male maintains genetic sexual insecurity, because he has X and Y chromosomes, then exhibitionist homosexuality distorts him. Women instead have XX chromosomes, so they naturally have greater sexual stability. It must be borne in mind that procreative men and women are needed to nurture of members to society, which welcomes all of us.

   I have seen that homosexuality is foreseeable in the zodiac astral chart, so the baby can already be directed towards his or her typical sexuality. Taking into account Table 44, homosexuality occurs when the virtual branch becomes real. Thus, for example, it happens in women when their virtual branch lives as real, and its real branch is also distorted.

   An example of typical sexuality is that of the Knight of the Mancha. D. Quixote is its real branch and the Beautiful Dulcinea is its virtual one. The Knight maintains a constant male-female dialogue, to the point that D. Quixote is always entrusted to the Beautiful Dulcinea in his thought. He also knows very well that she is in the Universe of Ideas and that she is different from the villager Dulcinea of the Toboso, who is in the Mental and Objectal Universes.

9.4.3 The extension of the notion of purity

Everyday purity

   If we want to emerge at the level of consciousness of the Cosmic Dimension, purification reaches everything we think and everything we do; even to the most daily matters, such as the followings: 1) Paper that is thrown to the ground; 2) Cleaning of the house; 3) Food that is wasted; 4) The cultural shows you see; 5) Body and food care; 6) Useless words, but also those that are not said; 7) Body postures; (8) Classes that are not attended or that are not heard; 9) Time that is wasted and recovered in the car at risk of life; 10) The thought that is discarded; etc.

Purity and virginity

   These two notions can be understood from the following religious visions: 1) Karma, according to the conception of some Eastern religions is explained how the cause-and-effect relationships (8,9) that exist in the mind must be purified during the existences of the various incarnations; 2) In biblical trunk religions they are assimilated with the notion of original sin and with that of successive deviations that are made, being able to reach Heaven through purification in life.

   The virginity state in Western women is now depreciated. The assimilation of this existential reality does not have to drag with it the pure notion of virginity, for the essential creativity of the Original Chaos acts on an original virginity.

   A good evidence of the independent existence of virginal reality are various manifestations that refer to it, such as the followings: 1) When it is argued as an added value “brand new flat”; 2) Also "this dress is freshly purchased"; 3) Even more so when it is exclaimed that "it is a desert island";4) That "this book is still unopened"; etc.

9.4.4 Religious purification

Deceptive spirituality

   Many people, increasingly, seek a personal way out of the spiritual decline of Western culture and sincerely strive to find masters and purification techniques. The underlying problem, insurmountable by its own nature, is that it is the “I”, that we believe to be, the one who is distressed and this is a bad guide.

   It is the ”I”, the one that has led the hominid to decay and what it seeks is only to be taken out of it, but without changing the substance of his thinking, which allows it to be as he believes, which is what it really wants to preserve and expand.

   However, the mind of the hominid is removed for that purpose and there is then a greater mental lightness, but nothing has changed substantially in the nature of his consciousness. Even worse, he now has knowledge and acceptance of more egos in his own”I”. He thinks that he acts then as normal as possible. The “I”, nevertheless, has thus become super-“I”, with the pseudo-spiritual experience.

   “I” feels so superior, with this deception to itself, to what it initially believed to be. Over time everything will be repeated with other nuances and new masters and new techniques will be needed. Everything is then more subtle, but it is getting further and further away from real identity.

The Christ and the Antichrist

   These are two successive phases of the same cyclical process. After the Christ demonstration, a period of incarnation begins in which it becomes impure, becoming antichristical. It reaches its consummation, with the emergence of the apocalyptic beast, which has been formed in the Collective Subconscious.

   With its purification it can start a new christical period or be destroyed by the beast created by humanity itself. It is similar to what the virus intends, which needs Purification.14 to receive right the message from Heaven and originate a new cell, although similarly the old one may also die.

   The above is equivalent to the successive phases of the Big-bang and Big-crunch respectively. We also know that in light as a particle, the photon matches the antiphoton. The problem with this humanity is that it always projects its own evil on the "other". It is believed that it is "good" and that the Antichrist is the "evil", which is the other way around because if does not emerge to be purified the Antichrist, who is neither a person nor any a group, Humanity cannot receive successive Christ enlightenment.

   It is, for example, what is now being removed in the Catholic Church after 2,000 years of the appearance and preaching of its founder Jesus of Nazareth. Its beast will come afloat: ... Crusades, Inquisition, Concurrency of 4 Popes, Papal States, the Borgia, Schisms... and now their funding and pedophilia..., etc. All of the above must be purified so that a new christical vision may appear, but that it must be alien to Jesus of Nazareth; though if it doesn't, it can be destroyed.

   The book APyCS can help the Church, because the previous article shows that it is a continuation of the principle of the Gospel of John. This begins thus: "In the beginning it was the Word (AT)... became fleshv (ev)... and inhabited among us (at)...".

THE CHRIST AND THE ANTICHRIST (I don´t know how to translate it)

Di Doncella del Valle, ¿quién es Cristo?

Nadie conoce a Creador,

solo Amor en Cristo.

Siendo así Doncella del Valle:

Yo no amo a Cristo,

soy amor en Cristo.

Dime Diablo, ¿qué es Cristo?

El Cristo no es Judas y Jesús.

El Cristo no es Anás y Nicodemo.

El Cristo no es espinas y bálsamos,

el Cristo es el Anticristo.

Y tú Diablo, ¿qué eres?

Yo soy la Cruz que se rechaza,

cuando se busca a el Cristo.

Siendo así Diablo:

En el eje horizontal está el Cristo,

en el eje vertical está el Anticristo.



Centro es Mirada en Cristo.

The same life as Religion

   Religion (10), as God's pure intuition, is linked (3) to the Personal Dimension by relapse on 3 = 10 - 7, resulting in its teaching (3,4,) being necessary in the personal education of the CS. So man is thus linked at the original generator and transformer principle of life, which it is manifested from (10).

   In the CS God is not kept in a personalized character, since customizing God is a mental product deviated from the”I”. This “I” is a limitation of I, which it conceives without limits by calling Him God. It then assigns Him multiple qualities that it cannot achieve because of its own ignorance and limitation. In CS humans manifest with their lives what is now called God; organized religions are not necessary.

9.4.5 The purification of knowledge and communication

Connoisseur, known and knowledge

   When, for example, a person is studying, a trinitarian reality is noticeable. There is a connoisseur who is reading, an object of knowledge that is the content of the book and an acquired knowledge, that is there, and that is learnt by the connoisseur. The same happens with everything we perceive.

   The reality is, however, that that trinity is a false conception of the mind. It is one entity: connoisseur, known and knowledge. Consciousness is unique, but it is divided into those three components, according to our way of knowing the world. If this were seen, teaching would be simpler, for the consciousness that exists in the object would be reproduced in our consciousness.

The creation of knowledge

   It is in the creation of knowledge that the larvaes are introduced, which will subsequently grow polluting the application of initially developed knowledge. You have to ask yourself what scientists and technicians believe in and what underpins their researches. You can't answer that it's society, because we know it's contaminated.

   Almost all social leaders have become "deformed" through current knowledge taught at Universities. These institutions are those explicitly used by the system to think, but it is not done with original creativity, but rather serving the political and social intentionalities, which are also changing. The results can be seen in Table 47.

Table 47. Cosmic pollution and university thinking.

Communication and learning

   Communication (3) is verified (4) by sound languages (3,4). They do not convey the essential and are dividing, by their variety and rooting, Humanity. We will create in the CS a common language for all, which will come from the AT. As this is based on the number π and the essential vibrations of the Universe, the language will have a numerical basis and will be cosmic.

   Learning (3) is verified (4): in the family, from the environment and at school. Life learning (3,1,2) receives special attention in the CS. We have to live and think from the original life (1,2)!

   The media (3,4) faithfully express (14 = 3 + 11) the ideals (1) and ideas (2) of the CS. The information (3) transmitted (4) is a source of knowledge (10) for evolution (11) to the communion (17) of the Cosmic Dimension.

The control of human beliefs by Plutocratic Groups

   They are the beliefs that encourage human life; whatever they are. That is why the plutocrats which govern terrestrial societies, above their governments, are destroying them. They manufacture for this hominids-robot in all areas, as is the case with the abuse that is currently being done with New Technologies. It is very easy to manipulate this humanity by enchanting it with "toys" and with exclusively terrestrial needs.

   In return the Plutocracy give the hominids-robot a false superiority by checking the almost divine omnipotence they have with their all-reaching mobiles, which in their minds it is transformed as if it were a personal power of their own, which fills the empty affliction of those.
The human finger of Michelangelo's fresco of the Sistine Chapel, as can be seen in Table 5, must be straightened out so that it receives the liberating message of the power of the Universe, which is firmly expressed in the creator index finger.

The bad influences of computers

   It is had a lot of attachment to the computer by the following: it is the friend we do not have, the mother with full availability, the memory that we lack, communication at all times and at any distance, etc. We are making a profound mistake because it is not really computer science, as mechanical individuality, that has to be resurrected in us.

   Computer science is a bad embodiment of DC. In it the Plutonian archetype is shown as constant construction-destruction. The Neptunian one does so by its borderless extension creating a false communion, where pirates sail. The Uranian one is represented by his great extension, not of knowledge, but of information.

   If the AT is remembered, under the Uranian archetype in DC (19-20), with successive differences of 7, are found: in the DS the martial archetype (12-13) and in the DP the Venus one (5-6). So the joint projection of that generates Mars-Venus duality. Computer science therefore has a destabilizing effect on sexuality.

   Where this effect is not perceived with discernment, a bisexual amalgam may occur. If the sign of Uranus is remembered, it can be seen two lateral concave mirrors that confirm its duality, which is concrete in the central cross or matter.

Love and Discernment

   We have not to confuse the Discernment with the Analysis, because in this what is searched is previously known. A compound is analyzed to separate a certain element, as it occurs with ores from the mines.

   Discernment discovers what is true separating it from what it is not, but without having a predetermined knowledge of what is looked for. It clears of weeds the "mental jungle" to be able to walk. The truth finally found is free from constraints; it is so because it is so.

   Discernment is guided by the love for the truth, which is free of any mental chaining or purpose. You are discovering so that it is the truth what is looking for you really. You only have to love it; but it is only offered itself to who loves it actually.

   Love is increasingly obscuring in all its levels of expression: personal, social and cosmic. Gradually the necessary love for ourselves in the Personal Dimension is extinguished, we hardly experience the other in the Social Dimension and because we live very attached to terrestrial problems, we move away from the sublime gaze of the Cosmic Dimension.

   There is, however, something even more elementary that is disappearing, which is affectivity (2); almost no one feels affected by anybody and many times not by himself. Disaffection is an obstacle to find love.

   In this general situation with need of affection and love any movement or doctrine that offers "love" to its followers, finds echo immediately. Almost no one loves, but everyone has a great demand to be loved; the mind is then clouded to those who receive some affection from someone. It is a deceptive route of cosmic evolution that of "love"!

   Discernment loves only truth, but accepts everything in principle: what is true and what is not. He then separates what is true and rejects the false, with the truth being the natural state of Intelligence. On the free path that opens Discernment, love circulates with vital joy and what is loved is then truly loved and eternal. There are too many examples of "eternal loves" that end in disappointment!

9.4.6 Policy Purification

Political activity

   Political activity would have to contribute to the diminishing deviations and purifying the CM, but what it does is to further contaminate it with its continuous propaganda of what is good and what is bad.

   The innumerable labels of good and evil that introduces that activity into the CM and into popular sentiment are already disturbing everything. Table 48 states that Partitocracy has to be replaced by Cosmosociety.

Table 48. Partitocracy has to be replaced by Cosmosociety.

The real aid to immigrants in today's Consumer Society

   The underlying problems, which Humanity is currently experiencing, are so serious that it is necessary to concentrate the action so as not to get lost in widespread disintegration. Each man is a custodian of an innate dignity, but the legal recognition of his national rights is in the country that was born. The police have to keep the border with the proper character of the police function, not as if it were an NGO.

   Much of the barges of African immigrants are Trojan Horses, whose access to European countries is being facilitated by the same police, which subsequently, in the event of the Socio-Economic Collapse, will have to confront those in bloody urban struggle, for which Africans are well prepared.

   Actions must be taken in this situation, because if they are not adopted, the disintegrated natural population will hardly reach the CS. Considering that 30 years from now 40% of the French population will be Muslim, let's listen to this lesson given to us by the cell:

The cell membrane is a frontier that prevents foreign elements from entering, but it opens unexpectedly forr the entry of some viruses.
There is no defensive response and the genome of the virus that is already the same as that of the cell, uses its replicative machine and, because of its high reproductive rate, takes over the vital environment.

   Immigrants in their own countries must be helped and those who want to emigrate selectively must be received. They must be regularly trained and returned to their countries of origin, but provided with financial assistance so that they can boost the development of their original homeland. They are thus linked to the countries that assisted them in the common search of the CS.

The Europe Proyect

   At the level of knowledge of the DC that we are expressing ourselves now, it is absolutely absurd to speak of national culpability for the following genocides: those carried out in Germany and Austria by Nazism (15-16); the great extermination in Russia by Communism (17-18); the ones committed in France during Liberalism (19-20) by the "libertarians" during the French Revolution through the guillotine, which was their means of mass destruction.

   All those countries were particularly sensitive, even if they were wrong, to the alphabetical thoughts, on which those ideologies are based respectively. They have to be consummated and scattered their ashes so that there is no phoenix. Thus are liberated the Cosmic Energy, Love and Intelligence, which have to nourish Cosmosociety.

   If it is wanted to build the Europe Project, it is necessary to start from the following national feelings, but purified from its original roots: German and Austrian cosmic energy (15-16), Russian cosmic love (17-18) and French cosmic intelligence (19-20).

   The issues of States and the Economy must be left in the depth, properly. The past World War II, which was a cosmic fratricide, must also be released, as the energy, love and intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness embodied in those countries were confronted. In addition to the millions of deaths, it was that war, therefore, a metaphysical absurdity in which the Masses and their Rulers incurred.

   The path of the purported Europe is not what the European Union is charting for it, because it does not lead to the necessary cosmic evolution. We must go down the new path in communion (17) and with detachment (18) from believing to be German, Austrian, Russian and French.

   The corresponding states must be sublimated and disappear in order for the institutions of Cosmosociety to be generated. The rest of the European countries will then join. This is the way forward and not the one that the European Union is on.

   With such a deployment, Jihadism, currently settled in (14-15), would cease to exist. Integrism would also begin to disappear if it begins by facilitating Germany's return to the vortex (14-15) of the Cosmic Dimension, from which National Socialism has to go out when it was defeated.

9.4.7 Purification through knowledge of earth's good and earth's evil

Good-satisfaction and Evil-insatisfaction

   The “I” calls good what allows it to eliminate its needs, because it reaches so satisfaction, even if they are ephemeral. “I” calls evil, on the contrary, to everything that prevents it to satisfy its needs, experiencing dissatisfaction for that; which also remains unpleasantly. Therefore there is this basic terrestrial duality: good-satisfaction, which is completed with evil-dissatisfaction.

Good and evil are linked and also stably attached

   Good and evil are linked because they are dual elements, as it is shown in the following examples: 1) The group of subjects A from a country call their good, to satisfy their need of consuming the product v, but this is the evil of the group of subjects B, that cannot consume it because it is scarce; 2) If a girl rejects the boy A and chooses B, this will feel it as good because he thus fulfills his need of being loved by the girl, but it will be evil for the guy B that cannot satisfy his need; 3) The good of eagle is to hunt the rabbit, but for this it is evil or vice versa.

   Good and evil are also stably attached: the more advanced the good the more evil does it as well and this can produce good or vice versa. The first case is the example of the police and the organized crime, because the more scientific is the first the more is the second. The other case is the example of a serious illness; as it initially appears as evil, but once the health is recovered, the new vital perspective appears then as good.

   Good and evil are also manifested in the interactivity of the social system, because of the ideals and norms which are generated within it. There will be considered as goodies those who accept, defend or spread them; they will be baddies instead those who reject, attack or restrict them. See Table 49.

Table 49. The duality of Earth's good and evil.

   Influences of good and evil on the mental structure, formed by the “I” and its characters, makes it even more obscure and intricate. Evaluations existing in the characters are mixed with those influences, gripping to “I” even more. Mental illnesses can then appear.

The White Magician and the Black Magician

   In the personal mind and in the CM there are two archetypal principles, expressing by themselves to what is here being called good and evil. We will symbolically call them respectively White Magician and Black Magician, since they cannot have a right name.

   It similarly happens with all the archetypes that dwell in the Collective Unconscious. We can only say, for example that something is beautiful, but there is no object or word, which really is the beauty; although it actually exists.

   The Persian philosopher Zarazushtra, with great influence on Judaism, and through this in Christianity and in Islam, called them Ormuz or Principle of Good and Arihman or Principle of Evil. From their interactivity he said that it was derived the human flow.

   The 2 Magicians are not then 2 Warlocks wearing cones on their head and suggestive clothes, as they are currently represented in the films. They are 2 archetypes in the Collective Unconscious, in which it is manifested what we call terrestrial good and terrestrial evil. The 2 Magicians are actually the 2 hands of the Inner Master to shape knowledge and life.

   The representation of the White Magician in the mind of the hominid is expressed urging it to do what for it is its terrestrial good, such as: 1) To know what it is necessary to live as well as possible; 2) Enjoy what it can without doing damage to anyone; 3) To possess in an honest way what is needed; 4) To do always good on the Earth; etc. Everything we are saying is considered an accepted terrestrially good, but this is precisely what the White Magician wants we think, so that our “I” remains attached to the earthly matters.

   The Black Magician will say to the hominid the following: 1) That everything is a lie; 2) What we need to do is to live and enjoy at the expense of whatever; 3) To climb up as much as possible; 4) Steal or kill if it is necessary; 5) Don´t be worry about nothing of the others because it is their problem; etc. Pay attention nevertheless to Discernment, because although to our present notion of good the above is considered evil, it is "good" for people living it as good. This is the kind of "good," which encourages us the Black Magician.

   What the 2 Magicians try is that humans see the deception of life, with only terrestrial content, so that they get out of that by means of Discernment. This is a manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness in the consciousness of the human species, so that man evolves in the cosmos beyond the Earth.

   Something similar to what we are expressing here is written in the Koran, when Iblis (Devil) answers to God: "... Because I was lost I will embellish their evil actions on Earth and I will get lost to all of them except to those among them who are your devoted servers... ". To what God answers: "For me this is a straight path". (Azora XIII, verse 40).

The Magitians goern in the Parliaments

   The Parliament then becomes the Palace from where govern the 2 Magicians. There, therefore, they are reproduced the divine-diabolic dialogues in which the Government is “good that brings evil” and opposition is the “evil that wants to bring good”. If in addition the people assumed as of their own this charade, the power of Magicians in the CM grows.

   It is not so surprisingly, that many parliamentarians believe they are "deified" due to their omnipotent use of good and evil by means of laws that issue, despite the fact that they are based on the false principle that the social truth is what votes the consensus of the majority. It is forgotten that they are based on the false principle, as L.A. Seneca said, that truth is not what the consensual majority votes on.

   They will want then those parliamentarians to override the influence of religious laws. For what gods, masters and prophets are needed if they already are the only gods who dictate all the laws that society needs? The added problem is that people vainly expect of them almost divine exemplary behavior.

   Politicians and their voters have clearly to see, that if they are only looking for the terrestrial good, without the superior Cosmic Good, that will drag in addition to its dual the terrestrial evil; this is inexorable on the Earth. The end is that the existing goods and evils will mutate, appearing in addition new ones.

   In the past people prayed to their gods; he now manifests itself with impotence, asking for his welfare to the new gods, who thus are tolled in their possession, which they do not want to abandon. Thus they gather, in themselves, the evil they have sown.

El Bien Cósmico

   It will therefore be a manifestation of the Cosmic Good everything that removes the humanized life from its lethargy and impulse it beyond what is known on Earth. The Cosmic Good is what humanity feels as source of life beyond the Earth, although religions deify it calling it: God, Yahweh-God, Brahman, etc.

   Then, it can happen that something had as a socially good feeling, could really be Cosmic Evil, because it moves us away from the Cosmic Good or vice versa. If, for example, a subject is identified with helping those who are poor in resources, which is a relative phenomenon on Earth, and also its life is not more than that, what it does is Cosmic Evil. As the hominid has been identified with the White Magician, it will also drag the evils of the Black Magician. Thus it helps to maintain forever the rich-poor hierarchy.

The white goodies magicians and the black baddies magicians

   It is very distorted the speech of the "white goodies magicians" because they incite to believe to the "naive and vain" people who listen to them, that their problems have a solution with recipes from the terrestrial good. Precisely, they are the applications of these recipes, which have contributed to the decline of Mankind. With the promise of the terrestrial good to those who listen to them, they go away from the Cosmic Good, what is a deep Cosmic Evil.

   The deviation of the "white goodies magicians" from the Cosmic Good can even be luciferin, because the aid they offer in the present time, whose purpose is exclusively terrestrial, it will bring in the future satanic evil. This is partly reflected in the saying: "If you now nourish some crows, when they grow will draw you your eyes".

   It also exists the speech of the "black baddies magicians", who can degenerate if they preach satanic evils. They justify them making believe that in the future luciferin goods will be met as well. This is the case in the "Praxis", dismembered from the "Theoria", of the outdated ideologies: Liberalism, Communism and Nationalsocialism.

The Purification of Spain in the Collective Mind

   Spain must be purified in the CM, for it was not a Fascist State, but an anti-communist Military Dictatorship, backed by national-Catholicism. It was maintained afterwards by NATO against the Soviet Union (CCCP) during the Cold War.

   Yet, according to our study, let us look in Table 49 the Cross of the Fallen. It reminds me as a whole of the symbol of Saturn, which is seen in the cross on the profile of the mountain. There are besides the following two events: it is ruled by monks (Jupiter 10) and is built on the large cemetery (Pluto 15-16) of the fallen in the Civil War (Mars 12-13).

   The three main triggers of the emergence of viruses are therefore present: Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. It is therefore a place of viral nature, which can deeply degrade the CM of Spain if its message is altered. Today's generations of young people are obliged to purify those two Spains, which are cited by the poet A. Machado, faced in the Civil War (1,936-39); I've done it many years ago.

9.4.8 Sucide and eutanasia

   This issue of suicide and euthanasia, I think it deserves a specific article, which I will write shortly, because it is screwed with life-death and what is there after life.

9.4.9 Purification that leads to Cosmosociety

Transit and Democracy in Cosmosociety

   There are many more proposals for Purification in the APyCS book, but we will finally reflect the transition from today's society to Cosmosociety, as it is seen in the following tables:

Table 50. Transit from the DP to the CS.

Table 51. Transit from DS to CS.

Table 52. Transit from DC to CS.

Table 53. Democracy in Cosmosociety.


Freedom and Revolution

   False revolutionaries are not genuine liberators, because they are reactive to what already exists, but not creative, which is what is needed. They empathize the hominid's deep need to be free of the characters it has.

   That distortion is not understood by the “I” that we believe to be and misappropriates the false liberating message, thus deviating from its true liberation, which is to detach itself from the chains that the “I” has generated.

  The hominid thus falls into a huge deflection of its existence, for which it is even willing to die. Fake revolutionaries bring really evil! Table 54 expresses the true transgressive freedom that leads to Cosmosociety.

Table 54. The true transgressive freedom of Cosmosociety.

The Power of the Masses

    We have said that we are in the 5th Historical Stage of Humanity, known as the "High Mass Consumption Society". Here there are some problems in relation to our writing:

   The first viruses began to spread when primitive human settlements began to occur and their ability to spread has been exponentially increasing to that of current times of global overpopulation.

   The Masses dominate the becoming of the Earth, despite the control exercised by plutocratic groups. They are made up of all those who neither feel nor think nor love "beyond" the alienating information they receive. They just want land and only land.

   One thing is the necessary social integration and something very different is the constitution of the Social Mass and even more so when it is primitively violent and disordered. The masses have made almost all the revolutions so far and as the images tend to be more expressive than the lyrics, I recommend looking at some details of the following good films:

   "The Two Orphans" (1,920) by D.W.Griffith, when the first French libertarians (19) are resurrected (20) in a narrow street and when the older orphan is karmically attracted to the "carmagnole" (15,16). It is an extraordinarily representative film of the rebellion of the masses taking over with synchronicity from the incarnation of Individuation.19 and Resurrection.20.

   "The Battleship Potemkin" (1,925) by S.M.Eisenstein. It is necessary to look at the beginning of the film on how the energy of the sea (17,18) is dissipated in the scoller (8,9), which is an analogy with Bolshevism. The rest of the film is a beautiful exaltation of the nascent mass communism, which takes over with synchronicity of the at Communion.17 (Communism) and Detachment.18 (Collectivism).

   "Triumph des Willens" (decade 1,930) by Leni Riefenstahl, with the exaltation of German energy and its triumph over the masses, which take over the incarnation of Eclosion.15 and Transubstantiation.16. Despite its artistic quality, her work and she herself were reproached when Nazism lost the war.

   Almost everything is now turning according to the Masses in economics, religion and politics. To conceive Society in this way leads it to the destruction of its environment, separates it from its cosmic evolution and aborts the birth of the CS.

   This writing is not made for the Masses or those who direct them. This article is written for humans who seek true freedom, no longer being part of the Mass.

   For man and cellular purity to evolve, which must understand the celestial message represented in viruses, it is therefore necessary to attain the 6th Historical Stage of Humanity, which I call Cosmosociety, through:

The revolution of women and men who feel, think and love

   We have thus reached, after the steps taken, to achieve the two proposed objectives of knowing the existential basis of C19 and how to assimilate its message of mutation of the human species. We said at the beginning of the article:

“You don't reach the top of Everest if you use a helicopter:

The true summit of a high mountain

is in the effort lived in its climbing.

Let's go up together, I'll go with you”.

We've already crowned, it's now the time of:






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